NATURSUTTEN Pacifier Small 6-12 Mo Orthodontic, 1 EA

NATURSUTTEN Pacifier Small 6-12 Mo Orthodontic, 1

delivers the full dose through a soft, familiar paci that sends medicine to the side of the cheek, as recommended by doctors, bypassing baby's taste buds to prevent spit-ups so baby swallows full dose.

  • Brand: Natursutten
  • ASIN: B005BUDLN2
  • UPC: 894654002639

Natursutten BUTTERFLY Ortho Small Natural Rubber Pacifier, Butterfly Orthodontic, 0-6 Months

Natursutten BUTTERFLY Ortho Small Natural Rubber Pacifier, Butterfly

Having led the way with BPA-free pacifiers, Natursutten is the safest choice for your baby because it contains no BPA, phthalates, or PVC. ItÕs made of 100% natural rubber, from the tree Hevea Brasiliensis. And it features a patented, one-piece design, with no joints or cracks where bacteria can hide or accumulate. Natursutten is made in Italy by a family-run business thatÕs been making rubber baby-products for three generations.It takes 7 weeks and more than 20 handheld steps for Natursutten to go from liquid sap to finished pacifier. Natursutten means Ònatural pacifierÓ in Danish. Anne-Dorthe Shroeder, the Danish mom behind the brand, started her company when she couldnÕt find a healthy option for her newborn son. ÒThe media is full of stories about toxic baby gear, recalls and harmful plastics. As a new mother, I thought about how many hours my son was going to have a pacifier in his mouth, and I was determined to find a truly safe alternative. I felt I owed that to my child and other babies around the world Ð to do better.Ó

  • Color: Butterfly Orthodontic
  • Brand: Natursutten
  • ASIN: B005YT9Q66
  • UPC: 894654002400

BIBS BPA-Free Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier | Made in Denmark (Baby Blue/Iron, 0-6 Months) 2-Pack

BIBS BPA-Free Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier | Made

Time with your new little one is a gift, and we want you to experience and treasure every moment. We truly believe introducing bibs pacifier is a key to inviting calm into your home, as your baby learns to self-soothe and allows you to enjoy every moment of watching them grow. Gazing into baby's eyes, taking in little toes, breathing that heavenly new baby smell and eagerly awaiting the sight of their first tooth, the pacifier bestows parent and baby with the gift of calm. Bibs pacifier brings you the highest quality product, doctor and orthodontist approved, fully natural with the most similar feel and shape to real life mamas' breast -- more than any other pacifier in the market.Made in Denmark, the bib pacifier has been a favorite for parents, doctors and of course babies for over forty years! A classic baby product, a parent might even recall using bibs when they were small. And now bibs is making a reemergence as many new parents are craving time to slow down, breathe, and return to the simple uncluttered gift of childhood. The bibs pacifier is stylish, coming in chic vintage inspired colors that complement natural wooden beads and woven fibers, that bring to mind a peaceful simplicity for a time of the past. You can choose from thirty-six magnificent colors and trust us you...

  • Color: Baby Blue/Iron
  • Brand: Bibs
  • ASIN: B07DVQFC78

Modern Pacifier Clip for Baby - 100% BPA Free Silicone Beads (Natural) Binky Holder for Newborn - Infant Baby Shower Gift - Universal fit MAM - Philips Avent

Modern Pacifier Clip for Baby - 100% BPA

Your baby simply deserves the best pacifier holder available anywhere, which is why we went to great lengths to create one that meets your expectations. We use soft food grade silicone that is CPC approved & tested, and perfectly safe for your little one. Our stainless steel clips are sturdy -- yet, they won't damage clothing because of the soft teeth where the clip makes contact with your baby's clothing. We recommend that you clip the pacifier clip near the shoulder, this helps to keep your little one's teething toy or pacifier off of the ground and away from germs. Use soapy warm water to clean, rinse, and dry before next use. If you run into any issues -- never worry, because you have a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. We stand behind our products and we are here to help you anytime.

  • Color: Natural
  • Brand: Ali+Oli
  • UPC: 648499876104

HEVEA Star & Moon Orthodontic Pacifier 3-36 months

HEVEA Star & Moon Orthodontic Pacifier 3-36

The original HEVEA pacifier is made from 100% Natural Rubber and is completely PVC-Free, BPA-Free, phthalate-Free, plastic-Free and without artificial colors. Featuring the ergonomical Butterfly-shaped shield allowing space for baby's nose and chin for a comfortable fit. The Orthodontic shaped ventilated teat fits naturally in babies mouth between tongue and palate. The "Star & Moon" ventilation holes are more than just a Twinkly feature, they are there for safety and allows easy distinction. Safe by Nature, and Beautiful by Design.

  • Brand: HEVEA
  • ASIN: B003XBJD5G
  • UPC: 885530262919

Ryan and Rose Cutie PAT Pacifier Grey Stage 1

Ryan and Rose Cutie PAT Pacifier Grey Stage

Cutie PAT | Pacifier And Teether | Stage 1: For babies without teeth | Made with 100% medical grade silicone SAFE | Non-toxic | No BPA, PVC, phthalates or latex | US CPSIA compliant | FDA approved | Neutral Colors: Matches babies outfits | Designed in the USA | Made in China | Pacifier ROUND soft nipple | ONE piece design | LARGE round shield | LARGE breathing holes | Teether DESIGN feels good on baby's gums | NIPPLE pops in while being used as a teether | HANDLE makes it easy for baby to hold and place in mouth Our Cutie Pat comes in two stages Stage 1: recommended for babies without teeth Stage 2: recommended for babies with teeth DIRECTIONS Before first use, remove product from packaging. Wash with soap & water. Let air dry. Dishwasher safe, top rack only. Inspect before each use, especially once baby has teeth. Discard at immediate sign of damage. Nipple should be sucked on, as a means to soothe, not chewed. While using as a teether, pop nipple in before use. For safety and hygiene, it's recommended to replace after 4 weeks of use. Do not use without adult supervision. Do not tie around a child's neck. Colorful foods, dyes and/or other liquids may cause discoloration and staining. PATENT PENDING WARNING: To avoid a choking hazard, inspect before each use, especially once baby...

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Ryan & Rose
  • ASIN: B07C3C7L4C
  • UPC: 606345776589

PaciPixy Organic Cotton, Soother Holder, Comforter, Lovey

PaciPixy Organic Cotton, Soother Holder, Comforter,

  • Brand: Natursutten
  • UPC: 894654002912

Calmies Teether for Babies Without BPA, Natural 100 Percent Rubber Toy for Infants, Plant Based, No Parabens, PVC or Phthalates, 1 Unit

Calmies Teether for Babies Without BPA, Natural 100

Eco Piggy - Eco Calmies Teether Ball 0+ MonthsEcopiggy is excited to launch the Eco Piggy Eco Calmies Teether Ball 0+ Months, 100% natural rubber teething toy designed by Calmies. CALMIES is an all natural rubber infant teething toy. Easy to grasp ball shape is a functional toy and developed by a doctor to provide relief while teething. Fun and functional. Ecopiggy's natural rubber teeth

  • Brand: Calmies
  • UPC: 040232014253

NUK Sensitive Orthodontic Pacifiers, Boy, 0-6 Months, 2-Pack

NUK Sensitive Orthodontic Pacifiers, Boy, 0-6 Months,

Having a difficult time finding the right pacifier for your baby? NUK Sensitive pacifiers feature the original NUK orthodontic nipple shape. Invented over 60 years ago by pediatric dentists and doctors, the NUK pacifier is modeled after the natural shape of mom's nipple while breastfeeding. This makes for an easy transition from breast to pacifier and back. The NUK heart-shaped shield fits perfectly under baby's nose for easier breathing and prevents irritation. Now all NUK pacifiers are available in a reusable storage case that allows for easy cleaning in the microwave. Featuring a 100% silicone design that gently contours to baby's face preventing marks on their sensitive skin, this pack of 2 sensitive orthodontic pacifiers is ideal for your baby aged 0-6 months. (Based on Market Research, 2017, tested with 307 pacifier users)

  • Brand: NUK
  • UPC: 885131692054

Philips Avent SCF190/01 Soothie 0-3mth Green/Green, 2 count

Philips Avent SCF190/01 Soothie 0-3mth Green/Green, 2

Distributed by hospitals nationwide, the Philips Avent Soothie helps calm and soothe newborns. It has a unique shape that comfortably fits newborn mouths without inhibiting normal development.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Philips AVENT
  • ASIN: B0045I6IAO
  • UPC: 798256269707

Ecopacifier Orthodontic Natural Pacifier (1 Pack) - 0-6 Mos

Ecopacifier Orthodontic Natural Pacifier (1 Pack) - 0-6

This is a single pack of an orthodontic 0 to 6 month pacifier. Ecopiggy Ecopacifier is the preferred natural rubber pacifier. Sustainably made from 100% natural rubber, from the tree Hevea Brasiliensis, ecopacifier is softer and more natural than artificial silicone. Our round shield lightly touches the child's nose, simulating the soothing feel of breast feeding. Ecopacifier's single-piece design ensures no small pieces to gather dirt and germs, and no small pieces means no choking hazards. Ecopiggy natural rubber pacifiers are made without chemical softeners or colorants, and are BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free, PVC-Free, and Paraben-Free. Children love the natural soothing effects of Ecopacifier, offered in two styles; Orthodontic and Rounded. Due to the soft quality of Ecopacifier, our natural rubber pacifier will not leave marks on your child's face. Child happy. Parents happy. Ecopiggy's Natural Pacifier, Ecopacifier, is made of 100% pure rubber from the rubber tree, Hevea brasillensi. These trees are sustainably grown in plantations in Malaysia. The rubber tree exudes a latex sap, the world's primary source of natural rubber, which is tapped in a similar manner to maple syrup from a maple tree. After about 20-25 years the tree stops producing latex sap. The trees are then harvest...

  • Brand: Ecopiggy
  • ASIN: B003LW4J6A
  • UPC: 795569813825

Ecopiggy, Eco Binky Rounded Pacifier 0-6 Months, 1 Count

Ecopiggy, Eco Binky Rounded Pacifier 0-6 Months, 1

Ecopiggy's Natural Pacifier Is Made From 100% Natural Rubber From The Rubber Tree, Havea Brasillensi. They Are Made Without Chemical Softerners Or Colorants. The Natural Choice For Your Child! European Standard En 1400. Depending On Use, Replace Pacifier Every 6-8 Weeks. Sustainably Made In Malaysia.

  • Brand: Ecopiggy
  • ASIN: B003LVXSQ8
  • UPC: 885724491552

HEVEA Crown Round Pacifier 3-36 Months

HEVEA Crown Round Pacifier 3-36

Natural rubber pacifier with the cute design, orthodontic / round teat 100% natural rubber latex - people and planet friendly production. No pvc, bpa, phthalates and artificial colours. Soft and gentle on baby's face. Uniquely designed ventilation holes - the crown design is ideal for both boys and girls. Hygienic solid design - eliminates bacteria. The ergonomically butterfly shape gives space for nose and chin

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: HEVEA
  • ASIN: B00EZMDS80

nanobébé Flexy Baby Pacifier for Newborn, 2-Pack - Orthodontic, 100% Silicone Pacifiers for Infants, 0-3 Months - Baby Soother Binky - Baby Essentials Perfect Baby Registry Gift, Gray

nanobébé Flexy Baby Pacifier for Newborn, 2-Pack -

Nanobébé's Flexy pacifier will calm and soothe your newborn from their very first day. Flexy pacifiers are made from safe BPA-free silicone. This pacifier is both durable and extra soft - and thanks to its lightweight and ergonomic design; it will easily stay in your baby's tiny mouth. The one-piece construction meets the standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines. Its unique nipple shape promotes healthy oral development and discourages nipple confusion when breastfeeding. Choose from four distinctive frame colors.

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: NANOBÉBÉ

OXO Tot Waterproof Silicone Roll Up Bib with Comfort-Fit Fabric Neck

OXO Tot Waterproof Silicone Roll Up Bib with

Make mealtime messes manageable with the OXO Tot Roll Up Bib. The soft, food-safe pocket is wide enough to catch virtually any stray pieces of food that miss baby's mouth. The fabric portion of the bib provides ample coverage to protect baby's clothes, and is shaped for comfort during mealtime. When you're out and about, simply roll the bib's fabric into the silicone pocket, secure closed and tuck into a diaper bag. The silicone pocket keeps the messy bib away from the contents of the diaper bag. Easy-To-Use Velcro closure is secure enough to resist tot's tugging (really!) and is adjustable as your little one grows. The bib's length and soft pocket won't interfere with the high chair tray or table. Both the fabric and silicone materials are easy to wipe clean. BPA, PVC, and phthalate free. OXO’s Roll Up Bib is Patented in the US (D698,130) and in China (201330287771.)

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: OXO Tot
  • UPC: 796629098091
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