Charcoal Companion Nonstick Circle Kabob Skewers, Set of 4

Charcoal Companion Nonstick Circle Kabob Skewers, Set of

Unique shape of Circle Kabob Skewers from Charcoal Companion fits right on the plate and makes a delightful presentation. Nonstick coated metal. 3-inch

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Charcoal Companion
  • ASIN: B0000CGDYL
  • UPC: 050016750000

Sorbus Kabob Barbecue Skewers 17" Long with Portable Carry Case, Reusable BBQ Sticks, Non-Stick Stainless Steel Metal Skewers for Grilling, Great for Picnics, Parties, (Set of 10)

Sorbus Kabob Barbecue Skewers 17" Long with Portable

Grill and serve the perfect kabobs! Get ready for grilling season with the Sorbus Barbecue Skewers! Ideal for piercing meat, seafood, and vegetables, these skewer sticks are perfect for your next kebab recipe. Each skewer features a non-stick, stainless steel surface with loop handle for an easy grip while the flat design prevents food from slipping and spinning. The long 17" handle is the ideal length for safe cooking, helping you keep a safe distance from the heat. Once cooked to perfection, simply slide your grilled delicacies off with ease or transition to any dinner plate for a delicious meal presentation. From picnics to parties, this skewer set is ready to feed the family during your next outdoor gathering. Perfect for outdoor entertaining. Whether you're a beginner cook or the ultimate grill master, make your next barbeque the party of the season! This BBQ tool makes grilling for family and friends simple and easy. Pierce into large chunks of chicken, beef, pork, fish, and vegetables like tomatoes and mushrooms. Prepare any signature dish from Japanese grilled chicken meatballs, pineapple pork teriyaki skewers, lightly charred beef kabobs, to shish kebabs over a bed a rice. For a sweet tooth, you can add fruit, marshmallows, brownie bites, and other goodies as dessert ka...

  • Brand: Sorbus
  • ASIN: B07SC3G5HS
  • UPC: 192405011573

UNICOOK Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Barbecue Skewer Shish Kabob Set, 6pcs 13"L Skewer and Foldable Grill Rack Set, Durable and Reusable, Bonus of 50pcs 12.5"L Bamboo Skewers for Party and Cookout

UNICOOK Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Barbecue Skewer Shish

Best BBQ Shish Kabob Set! Bonus of 50pcs Bamboo Skewers!Unicook shish kabob set is especially useful when grill delicate meat kabobs that are easy to stick to the grill grate. No mess for Your Grill! Features Unicook shish kabob set is built from food-grade stainless steel to ensure strength and durability, unlike the black painting version, no need to worry about the coating coming off the skewers and get into your food, easy to clean. It is reusable to saves money, environment friendly and long lasting. 50pcs of 100 % natural bamboo skewers as a bonus! Perfect for parties and grilling! Includes: ► Foldable Kabob Rack allows to rotate the skewers so food cooks evenly on all sides. It can be folded in half to save space; ► 6pcs stainless steel skewers is perfect for meat kabobs. The pointed tip of skewers makes sliding on meat, fruits and vegetables easily; ► 50pcs 12.5"L Bamboo Skewers are made of eco-friendly 100% natural bamboo, no chemicals and coating. The perfect size of 12.5"L skewers can be used individually, or constructed with the kabob rack as set. It is multi-purpose, perfect for grilling, serving cold appetizers, fondue & more.Care and Use►Grab both opposing sides of rack when lift the skewers along with rack;►Oil the stainless steel skewers surface be...

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: UNICOOK
  • ASIN: B00U7AU48G
  • UPC: 713179825557

Charcoal Companion 13-Inch Nonstick Grilling Kabob Skewers, Set of 6

Charcoal Companion 13-Inch Nonstick Grilling Kabob Skewers, Set

Reusable, nonstick coated metal Kabob Skewers are handy to have when kabobs are served frequently. Package of 6.

  • Brand: Charcoal Companion
  • ASIN: B001BNAM5S
  • UPC: 500167504200

KUMOOM Barbecue Skewers, 14" Stainless Steel Kabob Shish Skewers Flat Metal Grilling Skewers,Reusable BBQ Sticks Set (Set of 15)

KUMOOM Barbecue Skewers, 14" Stainless Steel Kabob Shish

KUMOOM Skewers provide the perfect mix of simplicity and appealing presentation. Try out a mix of your favorite skewer and kabob recipes with the set of 15 Stainless Steel Skewers. No Slipping Design The non-slip design of these skewers helps keep food securely in place. For optimal efficiency, the flat and wide blade hold steady to prevent slipping and spinning. Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel Design Makes cleanup a breeze unlike wooden or bamboo skewers. Simply put it in the dishwasher on the upper shelf like a mug or guacamole bowl. Easy to Carry and Storage: BBQ skewers set come with a nice portable storage pouch. The durable pouch make this BBQ grill skewers to be easy to carry and transport for outdoor picnic tailgate camping. Durable and Solid Stainless Steel Construction This BBQ grill skewers is mainly made of stainless steel which will give you many years of dependable use. And with the stainless steel construction, they'll keep you grilling for the long-haul. It can be used for any outdoor activities. Smooth edges with long length up to 14" The skewers' long length up to 14 inches keeps your hands away from the heat source. This safety feature creates smooth edges around the skewers, making the can safe to touch and preventing injuries. But the pointed end, a...

  • Brand: KUMOOM
  • ASIN: B07Q2LD1PP
  • UPC: 693128046465

Harold Import Co. 43113 HIC Reusable Nonstick Barbecue and Grilling Shish Kabob Skewers with Ring-Handle Top, 15-Inches Long, Set of 4, 15 Inch, Black

Harold Import Co. 43113 HIC Reusable Nonstick Barbecue

HIC’s Nonstick Skewers are versatile cooking accessories and grill tools for an effortless outdoor lifestyle. Specially designed with a square profile to hold food securely in place and prevent it from spinning while on the grill. A pointed tip and ring-top handle makes loading and removing foods easier. Perfect for outdoor cooking and barbecue with electric grill, charcoal or gas grill, BBQ smokers and campfires. Make and serve kabobs, grilled chicken and easy grilled salmon, steak or chicken satay, or use them as campfire skewers for hot dogs or marshmallow roasting sticks for smores or hot chocolate around the fire. Easy to use. Simply hold the ring-top handle and pierce food with the pointed end of the skewer, slide food to the center, and cook according to the recipe. HIC’s Nonstick Skewers are reusable, durable, food safe, oven safe, and flame safe. Nonstick and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Set includes 4 nonstick skewers.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Harold Import Co.
  • UPC: 781723431134

MojiDecor BBQ Skewers for Grilling Kabob Grilling Baskets BBQ Skewers Metal Skewers for Grill - 15 Inch Flat Stainless Steel Non Stick Barbecue Skewers Flat Shish Kabob Skewers - Set of 10

MojiDecor BBQ Skewers for Grilling Kabob Grilling Baskets

Description:These kabob skewers makes it easy to grilling anything you want. kabob skewers which are made of high quality stainless steel that is sturdy and durable. The flat, sturdy extra wide barbecue skewers make your food won't slip or spin. No matter it's veggies or meat. You don't need worry about losing food any more when you're grilling. Each bbq skewers measures 15" in length and 0.4cm in width, which is long and wide enough. There comes with 10 kabob skewers in each pack. Please be careful when handling these kabob skewers. You'd better wear a pair of gloves as they will get hot. This is a must have item in every family. kabob skewers make your life will be more wonderful. Packing: 1 set of 10 grilling kabob skewers

  • Color: 10 pcs
  • Brand: MojiDecor
  • ASIN: B07CYFN82Q
  • UPC: 700381396692

Outset QD90 Non-Stick Skewers

Outset QD90 Non-Stick

No more fighting to bite. Slide pieces neatly off your kebab skewers due to their high quality nonstick PTFE/PFOA free coating. These 6 non-stick skewers take the fight out of your bites, and their flat design prevents food from spinning on the skewer when turned over the grill, giving you a nice, even cook all around.

  • Brand: Outset
  • UPC: 876824008474

Mr. Bar-B-Q 02007X Nonstick Shish Kabob Set

Mr. Bar-B-Q 02007X Nonstick Shish Kabob

  • Brand: Mr. Bar-B-Q
  • ASIN: B00021FHO6
  • UPC: 076903020070

Charcoal Companion Nonstick Marshmallow Grilling Kabob Skewers, Set of 4

Charcoal Companion Nonstick Marshmallow Grilling Kabob Skewers, Set

Reusable marshmallow skewers from Charcoal Companion for the urban camper or the always prepared campfire kid in everybody. Nonstick, extra-long skewers are a dramatic 25.5-inches.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Charcoal Companion
  • UPC: 050016750666
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