HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder with HD Color Virtuview Display

HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder with HD Color

The FishTrax 1C is a full color high definition fish finder with 100-Level sensitivity adjustment, multi-level depth ranges and auto-zoom bottom tracking that intensifies prey targeting. The FishTrax 1C has three operating modes that help you catch more fish no matter what environment you fish in. This handheld unit has two operating frequencies (200 kHz and 83 kHz) to fine tune sonar readings in shallow or deep water. The audible depth and fish alarms gives you a chance to continue fishing without having to constantly watch your fish finder. 

  • Brand: HawkEye
  • ASIN: B016O5IDBW
  • UPC: 190283680379

Norcross Hawkeye H22PX Sonar System

Norcross Hawkeye H22PX Sonar

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Norcross
  • ASIN: B000781CY8
  • UPC: 818800229213

HawkEye Portable Fish Finder w/WeedID®

HawkEye Portable Fish Finder

Portable Fish Finder With WeedID®Absolute Portability... With dozens of exclusive features including WeedID® mountable and side-scanable sonar sensor and 4 user selectable sensitivity settings the F33P is guaranteed to produce even bigger fish stories. The compact palm-sized design fits in your tackle box gear bag or even in your pocket. It displays depth fish and bottom structure readings from 1.5 to 99.9 ft on a no glare polarized VirtuView™ liquid crystal icon display. Fish are clearly revealed with an integrated fish identifier depth scale and 2 stage audible fish alarm. The multipurpose transducer can be tossed from the shoreline dock bridge boat or can be transom mounted or placed in-hull on a boat kayak or canoe; Fish From Anywhere No Boat Required Backed by HawkEye's industry leading 2 Year Warranty.To Use: Simply turn the power on toss the unique floating sonar sensor from the shoreline bridge or boat and instant depth fish weed and bottom contour readings are now in the palm of your hand.Features:Compact Palm-Sized Design - Fits in Your Tackle Box Gear Bag or Even In Your PocketDepth Fish and Bottom Structure Readings from 1.5 to 99.9 Feet (.5 to 30.4 Meters)Instant Depth Updates to the Nearest 1/10th Foot or Meter Updated Four Times Per SecondUser Selectable Feet o...

  • Brand: HawkEye
  • UPC: 031113263037

HAWKEYE NORCROSS Portable depth sounder 0.7-60m built-in transducer Boat Marine

HAWKEYE NORCROSS Portable depth sounder 0.7-60m built-in transducer

Item Name: Portable depth sounder with built-in transducerPart Brand: NORCROSSPart Number: 29.028.01 Size mm: 178x50x50mmImportant: Range 0.7-60 metres (possibility to select 2.5-200 foot scale). Display of water and air instantaneous temperature. Waterproof up to 61 metres under water (it can also be used by scuba divers). 200-KHz transducer with 20 degrees cone. LCD backlit display. PINPOINTS system for fish detection. Float with shock resistant rubber cover. Automatic system of display of the last screen. Power: 4 AA batteries with 10-hour continuous capacity.

  • Brand: HAWKEYE
  • ASIN: B00DOE77RS

HawkEye FT1PXi FishTrax 1X IceShack Kit

HawkEye FT1PXi FishTrax 1X IceShack

HawkEye FishTrax 1X Ice Shack Kit- The FishTrax 1x is structured for midway anglers looking for cutting-edge features to locate the most advantageous fish dwellings. It features a VirtuView Dot Matrix LCD that can be tailored to display natural sonar data, or Fish Target program design that shows fish as icons with numeric depth details. This version additionally combines auto switching; dual-beam FishTrax Intelligent Sonar along with a 10 level acuteness modification, various level depth ranges, and auto zoom base tracking that strengthens prey targeting.

  • Brand: HawkEye
  • ASIN: B019Z3P7JQ
  • UPC: 818800003097




  • Color: Black
  • ASIN: B0012KBWU4

HawkEye ACC-FF-1536 FishTrax Fish Finder Carrying Case

HawkEye ACC-FF-1536 FishTrax Fish Finder Carrying

HawkEye FishTrax Hard Carrying Case fits perfectly in your tackle box or pocket. Keeps your FishTrax Fish Finder safe and undamaged.

  • Brand: HawkEye
  • ASIN: B016O5IBRS
  • UPC: 818800001536
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