Ohio Steam Spectacular - Greg Scholl Video Productions [DVD] [2003]

Ohio Steam Spectacular - Greg Scholl Video Productions

If you enjoy great looking steam action, and hard-working steam sounds, this is the tape for you. In 2002, the Ohio Central Railroad, renowned for its restoration of steam engines, sponsored some photo specials that were the first for former Grand Trunk Railway 4-8-4 #6325. In June, the big 4-8-4 sported the Grand Trunk front Number Plates, and authentic logo on the tender sides, for the first time in over 40 years. This immaculately restored(by the Ohio Central steam crews), has been a hit with steam fans in the United states since its first trips in the fall of 2001.

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Great Trains of America: Eastern Railroading

Great Trains of America: Eastern

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The History of American Railroads: The Years of Steam

The History of American Railroads: The Years of

The Years of Steam explores the rise and fall of America's steam trains from the glory days of the 1920s through their final twilight in the 1970s. The Golden Age In this chapter, we look at classic American steam trains from the 1920s through the 1940s. Journey on such historic railroads as the Central Railroad, the Reading Railroad, the Delaware and Hudson, and the Ontario and Western, exploring the legacy of the golden age of steam. The Years of Transition, Part 1 We look at steam in the transitional years of the 1950s as we journey on some fourteen different railroads throughout North America, including the Canadian Pacific, Pennsylvania Railroad, the Baltimore and Ohio, and the New York Central. The Years of Transition, Part 2 This section further examines the great steam trains of America during their years of transition in the 1950s. Included are some of the historic lumber trains of the far west, the iron ore trains of the Messabi Range in Minnesota, Canadian steam in western Canada, and many others. Twilight of Steam During the 1960s, steam trains began to disappear from the American landscape, and by the early 1970s they were virtually extinct. In this chapter, we look at the twilight of steam as the history of American steam trains comes to a close. Color/B&W. Approx ...

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British Steam: Rare Archive Footage - The A to Z of Steam/Railways

British Steam: Rare Archive Footage - The A

THE A TO Z OF A presentation showcases the varied aspects of steam railway operation, not only as it was in the past, but in our present day on the main lines and along our preserved railways. STEAM RAILWAY A comprehensive look at the development of the railways begins with the mighty Stephenson’s Rocket and follows the continual advancement of the British steam locomotive. B&W/Color Running Time: 108 min.

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Baltimore & Ohio [DVD] [2007]

Baltimore & Ohio [DVD]

Rare film, all color, of the B&O. Railroading, exactly as it was: More than 200 run pasts, pacing shots and double headers. Captured in gloriously clear color by a world class cinematographer Guy Bryant, this film features streamlined Pacifics, switchers, Q-4's and both B&O and C&O mallets, but it concentrates on the culmination of B&O steam locomotive design: the T3 Mountain. Bryant was up in time to catch the Capitol Limited when it came racing through the golden haze of summer dawn. It was well below zero when he captured a volcano plume of winter exhaust against a steely blue sky.This feature paces the streamlined "Cincinnatian" under steam, and shows branch lines, wrecks, and EM-1 mallets. EM-1s are then contrasted with the C&O's giant 2-6-6-6s.

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Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, C&O Railroad Wreck Crane Diagram Book, on CD [CD-R...

Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, C&O Railroad Wreck Crane

"Locomotive Type Cranes" diagram book from the C&O Railway on CD-ROM. Large format, 7x16 inch pages. Updated to 1964, 28 cranes diagrams, 12 additional pages of index, crane locations, disposition and technical data. The book is divided into Wreck Cranes, Shop Cranes and Road Cranes. This is high resolution scan of a Chesapeake & Ohio Locomotive Type Crane Diagram Book, as an easy to access PDF file on CD. 41 pages. Updated to 1964. Use the PDF zoom function to zoom in close to any area of the diagram. Reproduced as high contrast black & white pages for easier printing. Requires free Acrobat Reader, or other PDF reader.

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Ohio Rail Diamonds on DVD by Greg Scholl

Ohio Rail Diamonds on DVD by Greg

Our day of shooting Ohio Rail Diamonds begins in Fostoria, where we see CSX trains primarily, including ones from Toledo connecting to the east-west mainline, and trains on that line going both directions. Then we move east to a rural diamond at Attica Junction where the same CSX mainline toward Pittsburgh and Cleveland crosses the Norfolk Southern's line that goes between Columbus and Belleview. Then we return to Fostoria to see some action at the western Diamond where NS crosses CSX at the old B&O depot. The former Baltimore and Ohio Line crosses the former Nickel Plate here. Then we head west to Deshler Ohio where the east-west line toward Chicago crosses the Toledo Subdivision that runs from Cincinnati to Toledo. Trains also connect to the east-west line here as many trains head east from Cincinnati or south from the east. Our next stop is at Leipsic Junction located south of Deshler. This is the crossing of the former B&O Toledo-Cincinnati line, with the former Nickel Plate(now NS) line between Fostoria and Ft. Wayne. An abandoned Tower guards the diamond. We see a nice variety of motive power and trains for this day long shoot which takes us back to Deshler to end the day, as we see a transcontinental container train that is two miles long cross the diamond as another train...

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Railroads: Tracks Across America

Railroads: Tracks Across

A Timeless Journey Riding the Rails! This comprehensive documentary collection is composed of 36 fascinating features chronicling the development of the railroad industry from the first transcontinental line, freight and Pullman cars, to modern diesel engines. See the people and machines that built the Tracks Across America which is sure to please train enthusiasts old and new.

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Articulateds in Appalachia

Articulateds in

A fascinating look at the monsters that ruled Eastern United States for almost a generation. It opens with scenes from Sunday River's "Baltimore and Ohio" and closes with Archie Julian's "Battle for the Blue Ridge". It features - in spectacular sync sound - the last and most efficient Main Line articulateds built in America, the B&O 2-8-8-4 "Yellowstone" locomotives. See the rigid frame 2-6-6-6 Allegheny of the Chesapeake & Ohio, the world's most powerful steam locomotive, as well as the President Class 4-6-2s on the crack B&O limiteds, "Cinncinnatian" and "Washingtonian". C&O streamlined Hudson's haul "The Sportsman" and "The George Washington". A single 2-6-6-6 westbound from Covington with 100 loaded hoppers creeps to the summit at barely 5 MPH and in contrast fast freights race thru White Sulfur and B&O articulateds pound thru Confluence and New Castle. A definitive study of these powerful articulated engines!

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Steam in the Spring

Steam in the

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