ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor - A601X Stopwatch, Clock, Extra Large Display (Lemon)

ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor - A601X Stopwatch, Clock, Extra

Perfect for sports, training and more, the Accusplit® Pro Survivor stopwatch offers everything you need to keep time. The million-cycle switches promise easy, long-lasting use, and the time, split time and date are displayed in large digits for simple viewing. Plus, the durable "X" case is both water and shock resistant.

  • Color: Lemon
  • Brand: ACCUSPLIT
  • ASIN: B0007ZGZYI
  • UPC: 093866160179

ACCUSPLIT AX725 Dual Line 16 Memory Pro Stopwatch

ACCUSPLIT AX725 Dual Line 16 Memory Pro

Product Functions The AX725 Pro Memory series of Stopwatches in our Exclusive, Professional “X” Case. It works on the ACCUSPLIT Exclusive AOS 4.5 Operating system Twin Left-Right button operation will let you start, split and reset using the fingers you want. 16 Memory Dual Split (Cumulative/Lap) Memory recall (LIFO-Last in, first out) Recall and take splits during operation 1, 2 Fast Finish 1-Button Rapid Split and Fail Safe Reset (2 sec) Split Counter (to 99) 10 Hour Timing Event timing Product Features Cased in ACCUSPLIT’s Exclusive “X” Case, with its distinctive, ergonomic design. The “X” Case is immediately recognizable to anyone involved in elite sports Million cycle No Fail Buttons (No beep) 5 Year, DUAL No Proof of & Proof of Purchase Limited Warranty Dual Display for easy viewing (Lap) Water resistant up to 100 feet Shock resistant Now with 5 year lithium (CR2032) battery Expected battery life of 5 years Available in 5 solid (Black, blue, red, yellow, green) Case colors. RESOLUTION & ACCURACY LIMIT: The internal Quartz and IC controller LOOKS AT SWITCH CLOSURE every 1/256th of a second, so that nearest 1/100 is captured. ACTUAL ACCURACY: Tested and calibrated to be within 0.04 sec/hour for 12 months. Only shocks and aging of the quartz cryst...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: ACCUSPLIT
  • ASIN: B00166ESDW
  • UPC: 093866187251

Sper Scientific 810033 60 Memory Digital Stopwatch, Water Resistant

Sper Scientific 810033 60 Memory Digital Stopwatch, Water

60 Memory Stopwatch with two 1/100th second displays. Counts up or down to 10 hours. Ideal for multiple and simultaneous processes. In stopwatch mode current lap time shown in upper display, cumulative total in lower one. Memory stores last 60 lap times so there is no need to look away from a test to make notes. It shows fastest, slowest, and average lap times, alarm clock function. In timer mode upper display shows original setting while lower one counts down. Countdown cycles repeat upon completion. 30 second shuttle timer for use during timeouts. Lap counter shows number of laps (up to 99) in stopwatch mode and number of cycles repeated in timer mode. Pacesetter function can be set to beep continually from 10 beeps per minute to 320 beeps per minute. Shock resistant, superb hand grip. Water resistant. N.I.S.T. traceable certificate of compliance available. Dimensions: 3¾" x 2¼" x ¾" Weight: 2.3 oz.

  • Brand: Sper Scientific
  • ASIN: B001EUES26
  • UPC: 816366021739

Extech HW30 Humidity/Thermometer/Heat Index Stopwatch

Extech HW30 Humidity/Thermometer/Heat Index

This multi-function stopwatch displays a digital up/down timer, temperature, humidity and heat Index. The heat Index measurement shows how hot it feels when humidity is combined with the actual temperature. Ideal for use in hot weather conditions. Additional features include a 12/24-hour clock, stopwatch, 30 lap/split memory and programmable alarm. What's included: 39” neck cord and button cell battery. User settable heat Index alarm. Stopwatch/chronograph mode with 1/100 second resolution. Fastest/slowest/average lap recall. 99 lap counter with 30 lap/split memory. 10 hour countdown timer with audible beeper warning for the last 5 seconds. Programmable alar.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Extech Instruments
  • ASIN: B00023RYPO
  • UPC: 885520990709

Oslo Dual Stopwatch/Countdown Timer (Red)

Oslo Dual Stopwatch/Countdown Timer

The best choice for reliability at the most economical price. Combines a multi-mode stopwatch with an easy-to-use countdown timer.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Oslo
  • UPC: 021096879455

Sper Scientific Water Resistant Stopwatch

Sper Scientific Water Resistant

Water Resistant Stopwatch - Decimal Display. When decimal resolution is selected the timer can display results in increments of 1/1,000 of a minute or 1/100,000 of an hour as well as the usual 1/100 second mode. 500 memories of split and lap times. This Sper Scientific Stopwatch will count up or down to 20 hours in 1/100 second resolution and offers many advanced features. The large 3 line display simultaneously shows total elapsed time, split time, current lap time, lap counter and indicates low battery. This Stopwatch also has a unique LCD contrast adjustment and touch tone selectable buttons. The sonically welded case insures excellent water resistance. Button cell battery included. N.I.S.T. traceable certificate of compliance available. Features 5 timing modes: • Stopwatch: Recalls split and lap times as well as the slowest, fastest & average laps.• Timer: With 3 modes: count down and stop, count down and repeat, count down and then count up. • Clock: Selectable for 12 or 24 hour format, with alarm clock, calendar and hourly chime modes. • Stroke: Calculates average strokes, beats or pulses per minute based on the timing of 3 sample strokes. • Pacer: Set from 5 to 240 beeps per minute. Dimensions: 3¼” x 2½” x ¾” Weight: 2.8 oz.

  • Brand: Sper Scientific

Timex Men's T5K824 Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size Gray/Black/Green Resin Strap Watch

Timex Men's T5K824 Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size Gray/Black/Green

The undisputed favorite in sport watches crosses nearly every finish line in the world. Built to be lightweight and sealed for water resistance, the iconic five-button design gives you direct access to all timers, alarms and of course our Indiglo night-light.

  • Color: Gray/Black/Green
  • Brand: Timex
  • ASIN: B00LW3QZL2
  • UPC: 753048551453

Extech 365535 Decimal Stopwatch/Clock

Extech 365535 Decimal


  • Brand: Extech
  • ASIN: B004WN5FUG
  • UPC: 793950365359

Sper Scientific Electro-Luminescent Digital Stopwatch, Water Resistant

Sper Scientific Electro-Luminescent Digital Stopwatch, Water

Electro Luminescent Water Resistant Digital Stopwatch. Electro-Luminescence is a new technology which provides a clearer display than back-lit LCD while at the same time using less power. The result is a stopwatch easy to read in the dark which will provide about 4 hours of continuous illumination. Excellent for HPLC, TLC, electrophoresis, dark rooms, and nocturnal behavioral studies. A sonically welded case ensures excellent water resistance. Large 5/8" high display for good visibility. Counts up to 24 hours with resolution of 1/100 second for the first 40 minutes and 1 second resolution thereafter. Has a lap function, alarm clock and a calendar. Button cell battery included. Comes with a N.I.S.T. traceable certificate of compliance. Dimensions: 3¼" x 2½" x ¾" Weight: 2.4 oz.

  • Brand: Sper Scientific
  • ASIN: B007PD3JVM

Sper Scientific 810022 Stop Watch, Large LCD Display

Sper Scientific 810022 Stop Watch, Large LCD

Large Display Digital Stopwatch. Large LCD for good visibility. Rugged ABS plastic case. Built-in stand. Counts to 24 hours in 1/100th second resolution for the first 30 minutes. Split interval, clock, and calendar functions. Comes with leatherette case and a "AA" battery. N.I.S.T. traceable certificate of compliance available. Dimensions: 3¾" x 2½" x ¾" Weight: 2.6 oz.

  • Brand: Sper Scientific
  • ASIN: B001EUES1C
  • UPC: 815867016220
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