3 Karl Foerster Feather Grass in 4 Inch Containers (3 Pots of Plants)

3 Karl Foerster Feather Grass in 4 Inch

All orders Daylily nursery brand and are grown here. All orders are shipped with Daylily nursery branded packing material, and Daylily nursery copyrighted growing instructions.

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PAMPAS GRASS BLUE ornamental seeds


Pampas grass blue cortaderia selloana seeds Sow surface after all danger of frost in well drained soil. It''s a good idea to start them in pots. Seeds are very tiny. The plant can be transplanted when 3 inch tall. If you start later than spring, you would need to keep the plant the first winter inside to protect from frost. Easy to grow.

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Liriope 'Variegated' Grass (Liriope muscari 'Variegata') 3'' in. pots - 18 Count Tray

Liriope 'Variegated' Grass (Liriope muscari 'Variegata') 3'' in.

The Variegated Liriope has long and narrow green dense foliage with contrasting yellow stripes. In late summer this Liriope will develop spikes with purple/lavender spikes that will be followed by dark blue berry like fruits. This ornamental grass has a clumping growth habit, and once mature can reach 12-15in. tall. Liriope is very adaptable and can thrive in poor soils and dry conditions. Once established it is recommended to mow/trim back your liriope in fall so new fresh foliage can emerge in spring. Variegated Liriope is great when planted as a ground cover or border planting along a flowerbed or side walk.

  • Color: Multicolored
  • Brand: Plants by Mail

Iekofo Seed house - 50pcs Rare Black Lamprey Grass Seeds Ornamental Grass Bunny Tail Grass Seed Grass Seeds Hardy Perennial for Garden Balcony/Terrace

Iekofo Seed house - 50pcs Rare Black Lamprey

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Iekofo Seed house - 200pcs Exotic Ornamental Grass Seeds Bearskin Grass Groundcover Seeds Hardy Perennial Japan-Sedge Broomwort Seeds

Iekofo Seed house - 200pcs Exotic Ornamental Grass

  • Color: blue
  • Brand: Iekofo Seed house
  • UPC: 618911442446

Outsidepride White Ornamental Pampas Grass Plant Seeds - 1000 Seeds

Outsidepride White Ornamental Pampas Grass Plant Seeds -

Fresh green foliage reaches 8 to 12 feet tall, topped by long, thick silky-white "featherdusters" that bloom in late-summer and last for months! Pampas ornamental grass grows fairly fast, so is an ideal choice for filling in large, barren landscapes. It will also grow thick creating an effective privacy screen, wind break or sound barrier. Its long, graceful blades and delightfully fluffy pannicles (flower plumes) are beautiful. Unsurpassed for glorious texture and color in the landscape, this classic White Pampas Grass (Cortaderia Selloana) is the star of any garden it graces! The sturdy, fresh-green bloomstalks reach anywhere from 8 to 12 feet tall, capped by enormous snowy "featherdusters!" Like most ornamental grasses, pampas grass is pest-resistant. It is also highly drought-resistant and, once established, never needs watering. It will grow in most soils with hardly any work. Low to no maintenance. You can shear ornamental grasses each winter so that new growth comes out clean in Spring. You can do this every other year or less often if you like. However, you don't need to do any of that if you don't want to. The worst that will happen is your pampas grasses will look a little unkept and won't have a manicured look.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Outsidepride
  • ASIN: B0092UV4S6
  • UPC: 678482952386

Delaman 600Pcs Rare Pampas Grass Seeds Ornamental Plant Flowers Grass Seeds (Purple)

Delaman 600Pcs Rare Pampas Grass Seeds Ornamental Plant

Specifications:Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality ! Package included: about 300Pcs Pampas Seeds Season: PerennialHeight: 80 inchesWidth: 48 inches Growth Rate: ModerateSoil Requirement: Well-drained soils, pH 5.5 - 7.2 Environment: Full sunTemperature: (20-22c) 72F Depth: These are very tiny seeds which should be mixed with finest sand or talcum for an even sowing.Do not cover with compost, only press them in gently. Sowing Rate: 5 seeds per plantMoisture: Keep seeds moist until germinationPlant Spacing: 80 inchesHow To Grow Pampas Grass From Ornamental Grass SeedsCortaderia selloana seeds can be started indoors.Using a seed starting tray filled with a pre-moistened seed starting medium that drains well, place the ornamental grass seeds on top of the soil and gently press the seeds in.Keep Pampas Grass seeds moist until germination occurs. The ornamental grass plants will need to be re-potted into larger pots as they grow.Some gardeners start the Pampas Grass seeds directly outside in the spring after danger of frost has passed. Prepare a seedbed, and press the seeds into the soil that has been worked into a fine tilth

  • Color: Purple
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PURPLE FOUNTAIN GRASS pennisetum ornamental patio garden seeds

PURPLE FOUNTAIN GRASS pennisetum ornamental patio garden

purple fountain grass pennisetum seeds To grow fountain grass, plant it from seeds sown directly outdoors after the last expected frost. If growing from seed, water the soil frequently to keep it evenly moist. Plant fountain grass in an area that gets full sun for best results, although it can tolerate partial shade.

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(18 Count Flat-3.5" Pots), Ophiopogon Japonicus 'Nana' Dwarf Mondo Grass. (Ground Cover), Short, Dark Green Foliage, Tiny White Flowers Turn to Blue Berries in Fall

(18 Count Flat-3.5" Pots), Ophiopogon Japonicus 'Nana' Dwarf

THE PLANTS ARE SHIPPED IN TRAY of 10/18 Please contact us within 7 - 10 days in case of any problems with your plant Cannot be shipped to AZ,CA, NV,OR, WA.' (Shrubs, Trees, Groundcover, Flowering Plants Rose of Sharon, Hydrangea, Hedges)shipping for orders received from California might be delayed, and cant ship any 3 gallon plants to California. The plants maybe shipped in smaller pots/plastic bags for the safety of the plantsMost plants go dormant in Fall and winter and will loose most of their leaves- looking dead and dry- VERY NORMAL. They will flush out in spring

  • Brand: Pixies Gardens
  • ASIN: B00T9S288G

Outsidepride Blue Fescue - 5000 Seeds

Outsidepride Blue Fescue - 5000

A traditional ornamental grass, Festuca cinerea glauca varna, or Blue Fescue, is a perennial that can often be seen spaced in landscaped beds where it complements flowering plants nicely. It can also be grown with wildflower mixes and as a turf grass as well. Where a low-maintenance turf is desired, Blue Fescue is well-adapted, and it can be used for lawns, gold course roughs, roadsides and commercial sites. It can be mowed, or not at all. It only reaches 10 inches in height and is one of the shortest ornamental grasses. Where it is stressed, the blue-green color intensifies. It requires little care and is cold hardy providing winter color. It is also very drought and shade tolerant as well. Start the seed indoors 4 - 6 weeks before the end of frost season, or directly sow seed outdoors after frosts have passed. Press the seed into the soil and do not cover it. Germination is usually in 21 days with temperature of 68F.

  • Color: Blue, gray
  • Brand: Outsidepride
  • ASIN: B004MTZTV0
  • UPC: 678482952430

Outsidepride Lemon Grass Plant Seeds - 1000 Seeds

Outsidepride Lemon Grass Plant Seeds - 1000

Cymbopogon flexuosus, or commonly referred to as Lemon Grass, is a tropical perennial that is a well-known herb for Asian foods. It forms a clump, reaching 36 - 60 inches in height and 24 - 36 inches in width. It is very much like an ornamental grass with strap-like leaves reaching 36 inches and arching. It has a strong lemon aroma, and is used in making Lemon Grass oil. It is used in fish and chicken dishes, soups and sauces, and in hot teas. Start the seed indoors 6 - 8 weeks before the last expected frost date. Press the seed into the soil, lightly cover it and keep the seed moist. With a temperature of 70 - 75F, germination is usually in 21 days. Transplant the young plants outdoors after danger of frost has passed. Lemon Grass prefers full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil. Space plants 36 - 48 inches apart. Lemon Grass will grow as an annual in cold areas. It also will do well planted in a container so that it can be brought indoors during the winter.

  • Color: Blue-green
  • Brand: Outsidepride
  • ASIN: B006NOGWZ4
  • UPC: 678482952416

Grasses: Versatile Partners for Uncommon Garden Design

Grasses: Versatile Partners for Uncommon Garden

From the dazzling orange leaves of Flame Grass to the feathery purple haze of Switch Grass, ornamental grasses can add a vibrant and colorful dimension to any garden. Nancy J. Ondra shows you how to use grasses on their own or in tandem with perennials, annuals, and shrubs to add visual interest and texture to your outdoor space. Insightful profiles of dozens of varieties of ornamental grasses enlivened by Saxon Holt’s stunning photography will inspire you to create your own dynamic, grass-filled gardens. 

  • Color: Other
  • Brand: Storey Publishing, LLC
  • ASIN: 158017423X

Boston International Decorative Grass in Cement Container Pot, Purple

Boston International Decorative Grass in Cement Container Pot,

Simple and refreshing purple tipped faux ornamental grass measures 4-inches in diameter x 19-inches tall and works great as a centerpiece or tablescape or mixed with your real plants on the patio or porch. Wherever you place them they will be carefree and easy to maintain. Look for more of the Grasses line from Boston International including Lavender Grass, Sunny Flower, Reed, Plume and Sunny Grass. Boston International is the exclusive importer and distributor of design-led, superior quality paper products, giftware, and decorative accessories for more than a quarter century. We combine the very best design with the highest quality materials and manufacturing, then add outstanding distribution and unmatched customer service. An innovative company, we introduced our own brand of decorative gift table top accessories. We invite you to celebrate the home with Boston International.

  • Color: Purple
  • Brand: Boston International
  • UPC: 704266032347

Mexican Feather Grass 100 Seeds STIPA TENUISSMA, Ornamental, Hardy Perennial

Mexican Feather Grass 100 Seeds STIPA TENUISSMA, Ornamental,

UP FOR SALE IS Mexican feather grass, Stipa Tenuissma. 100 seeds. Mexican feather grass is delicate with graceful, 12' - 20' tall leaves and airy, feather-like flowers that sway gently with the slightest breeze. they look delicate but can withstand drought and hot conditions and get as cold as -10f. in winter and very hot in summer. these splendid plants are very low maintenance, just comb out the old leaves and you are done. these grasses are different from turf grass, which has heavy nutrient and water needs.

  • Brand: kakroz
  • ASIN: B07P2M6XMW
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