Pan American World Airways Aviation History Through the Words of Its People

Pan American World Airways Aviation History Through the

"Pan American World Airways - Aviation History through the Words of its People is a tribute to the legacy of one of the world's great airlines and the men and women who for six decades were the soul of the Company. James Baldwin and Jeff Kriendler have created a compelling book, which through the words of its contributors, captures much of the joy, adventure and spirit which was Pan Am. - Edward S. Trippe, Chairman, Pan Am Historical Foundation "Fathered by the legendary Juan Trippe, Pan American was the leader in international aviation exploration and development. A relentless risk-taker, Trippe was an innovator and ultimate entrepreneur...and this book captures many of Pan Am's most memorable events from personal accounts of the employees who were there." - Sir Richard Branson, Chairman Virgin Group "Once upon a time, not so long ago... flying on Pan American Airways was every bit as exciting as your destination. We miss your style Pan Am!" - Erik Lindbergh, Founder, Lindbergh Electric Aircraft Prize (LEAP), and Grandson, Charles Lindbergh "Pan Am...Queen of the Skies and pioneer around the world...shrunk the globe through innovation, and daring and glamorous service in its day. This anthology takes the reader into a coveted position, learning from the people who actually exper...

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Pan Am at War: How the Airline Secretly Helped America Fight World War II

Pan Am at War: How the Airline Secretly

Pan Am at War chronicles the airline's historic role in advancing aviation and serving America's national interest before and during World War II. From its inception, Pan American Airways operated as the "wings of democracy," spanning six continents and placing the country at the leading edge of international aviation. At the same time, it was clandestinely helping to fight America's wars. Utilizing government documents, declassified Freedom of Information Act material, and company documents, the authors have uncovered stories of Pan Am's stunning role as an instrument of American might: The airline's role in building air bases in Latin America and countering Axis interests that threatened the Panama CanalCreating transatlantic and trans-Africa supply lines for sending Lend-Lease equipment to BritainCooperation with Chiang Kai-shek and the Chinese nationalist government to pioneer the dangerous "Hump" route over the HimalayasThe dangerous seventeen-thousand-mile journey that took President Roosevelt to the high-stakes Casablanca Conference with Winston ChurchillThe daring flight that delivered uranium for the atomic bomb. Filled with larger-than-life characters, and revelations of the vision and technology it took to dominate the skies, Pan Am at War provides a gripping unknown h...

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Hunting the Wind: Pan American World Airways' Epic Flying Boat Era, 1929-1946

Hunting the Wind: Pan American World Airways' Epic

Take your seats, and by all means, fasten your seat belts! Come on a journey back in time to aviation's most daring and innovative era. Travel back nine decades, when for the first time, airplanes determined the victors of global wars―a time that altered the course of the world. Hear never-before-told true stories penned by still-living flight crewmembers and passengers. Learn about the remarkable men, women, and aircraft builders who launched an aviation phenomenon. Thrill to the romance, adventure, and danger air travelers encountered flying to far-flung, exotic lands. Marvel at art deco air terminals, the world's only flying boat museum, and onboard luxuries rivaling five star hotels. Like mythical Camelot, it was a brief, shining moment. But this was no myth. It was an extraordinary point in global history when Pan American's quintessentially magnificent flying boats ruled the skies.

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The Longest Line on the Map: The United States, the Pan-American Highway, and the Quest to Link the Americas

The Longest Line on the Map: The United

From the award-winning author of American Canopy, a dazzling account of the world’s longest road, the Pan-American Highway, and the epic quest to link North and South America, a dramatic story of commerce, technology, politics, and the divergent fates of the Americas in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.The Pan-American Highway, monument to a century’s worth of diplomacy and investment, education and engineering, scandal and sweat, is the longest road in the world, passable everywhere save the mythic Darien Gap that straddles Panama and Colombia. The highway’s history, however, has long remained a mystery, a story scattered among government archives, private papers, and fading memories. In contrast to the Panama Canal and its vast literature, the Pan-American Highway—the United States’ other great twentieth-century hemispheric infrastructure project—has become an orphan of the past, effectively erased from the story of the “American Century.” The Longest Line on the Map uncovers this incredible tale for the first time and weaves it into a tapestry that fascinates, informs, and delights. Rutkow’s narrative forces the reader to take seriously the question: Why couldn’t the Americas have become a single region that “is” and not two near irreconcilable ha...

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The Pan Am Clipper - The History of Pan American's Flying-Boats 1931 to 1946

The Pan Am Clipper - The History of

The flying-boat represents an important chapter in this history. Used in modest numbers at the outset, this beautiful craft was later to be developed and exploited significantly by Pan American - indeed, no airline company made more of the water-based aircraft, nor used it to greater effect, than this world-renowned company in the first twenty years of its operational life. This book is testament to that use. Through the carriage of mail and then passengers, Pan American built an ocean-crossing network using a fleet of flying-boats which became famous as the Pan American Clipper Ships. In the process of this development, aviation records were constantly set, ranging from the first airline to cross the Pacific, the first to encompass South America in its routes, and the first to offer fare-paying, scheduled services across the North Atlantic. The new service offered travelers, government officials, and even heads of state, unparalleled levels of comfort and luxury, and such innovations had to be accompanied by a good share of business acumen, promotional skill and high regard for passenger comfort. Revealing portraits are presented here of the key pioneering figures who pushed the technology ahead, and ultimately laid the foundations for the global air transport network and passen...

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Airlines of Pan American since 1927: Its airlines, its people, and its aircraft

Airlines of Pan American since 1927: Its airlines,

Much has been written about Pan American Airways, the most influential airline in the history of air transport. There have already been upwards of two dozen Pan Am books, not counting autobiographies, and hundreds of magazines articles and monographs. But there has never been a book like this. While covering the aircraft operations, the route development and the political wrangling, the emphasis here is on the people of Pan Am.

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Pan American's Pacific Pioneers: The Rest of the Story, A Pictorial History of Pan Am's Pacific First Flights 1935-1946, Vol. 2

Pan American's Pacific Pioneers: The Rest of the

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Pan Am: An Aviation Legend

Pan Am: An Aviation

"This book celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit that launched the world's most famous commercial airline, Pan American World Airways."

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Pan Am: History, Design & Identity

Pan Am: History, Design &

"The best book ever written on any airline, Pan Am or otherwise." Jeff Kriendler, former Pan Am vice president for corporate communicationsPan Am's famous jet age logo, the blue globe, has remained in our collective memory up to the present day, long after the airline's demise in 1991. A symbol of American belief in economic, technological and social progress has turned into an everlasting icon of global popular culture.Pan Am: History, Design & Identity is the captivating story of a company that refused to consider anything impossible and single-handedly revolutionized air travel. It comprises an important chapter in the cultural history of 20th century America and in the history of travel - from the 1920s when passenger flight was very prestigious and exclusive to the time of mass tourism when flying became the most conventional and most important means of long distance travel. After it foundation in 1927 Pan Am rapidly developed into the world's best known and first truly global airline, continually delivering ground-breaking innovations the airline industry still benefits from today.Its rapid rise was accompanied by proficient publicity and advertising conveying its services and many achievements. The company's iconic designs have left an indelible imprint and bear witness to...

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Hard Landing: The Epic Contest for Power and Profits That Plunged the Airlines into Chaos

Hard Landing: The Epic Contest for Power and

In this updated paperback edition of a "rich, readable, and authoritative" Fortune) book, Wall Street Journal reporter Petzinger tells the dramatic story of how a dozen men, including Robert Crandall of American Airlines, Frank Borman of Eastern, and Richard Ferris of United, battled for control of the world's airlines. 416 pp. Radio drive-time pubilcity. 20,000 print.

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Pan American World Airways: Images of a Great Airline

Pan American World Airways: Images of a Great

"...a carefully constructed timeline of Pan Am's incredible record of fi rsts and aviation achievements... chock full of rare and nostalgic collector's memorabilia... a veritable time capsule into which any reader may be gently transported...back to a time when fl ying was gracious, glamorous and eagerly anticipated by passengers and crew alike!" - Susanne (Strickland) Malm, Flight Attendant, JFK, 1968-1978 "With Pan American World Airways - Images of a Great Airline, author Jamie Baldwin has given us a treasure trove of Pan Am lore. Here is something for everyone - a concise history of the pioneering airline, a rich potpourri of Pan Am memorabilia, and, best of all, a nostalgic journey back to an age when the mighty Pan American ruled the skies." - Robert Gandt, Pan Am pilot 1965-1991, author of Skygods: The Fall of Pan Am and China Clipper "...a fine chronology of Pan Am's pioneering history, with wonderful pictures to match - valuable to student or aviation afi cionado alike, and browsing will bring back fond memories for employees or passengers, of air travel Pan Am style..." -Pete Runnette, President, Pan Am Historical Foundation "An interesting presentation of Pan Am's colorful history and the leadership role it played in the development of international air transportation....

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Boeing 707 Owners' Workshop Manual: 1957 to present - Insights into the design, construction and operation of the American designed and built jet ... face of 1960s air transport (Haynes Manuals)

Boeing 707 Owners' Workshop Manual: 1957 to present

Built by Boeing Commercial Airplanes, the 707 narrow body jet airliner first flew in 1957 and entered revenue service with Pan American World Airways in 1958. Versions of the aircraft have a capacity from 140 to 219 passengers and a range of 2,500 to 5,750 nautical miles. Developed as Boeing's first jet airliner, the 707 is a swept-wing design with podded engines. Although it was not the first jetliner in service, the 707 was the first to be commercially successful. Dominating passenger air transport in the 1960s and remaining common through the 1970s, the 707 is generally credited with ushering in the age of jet travel. It established Boeing as one of the largest manufacturers of passenger aircraft and led to the later series of airliners with ‘7x7’ designations. The later 720, 727, 737, and 757 share elements of the 707's fuselage design.

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An American Saga - Juan Trippe and his Pan Am Empire

An American Saga - Juan Trippe and his

Juan Trippe, the first and last aviation tycoon in history, learned to fly in the rickety machines of World War I, when he sky appealed only to daredevils, and his life expectancy could have been counted, probably, in days. He was as star struck as any of the other young aviators of the day, but he was also a Yale educated banker’s son who believed the world was crying out for air travel but didn’t yet know it. In 1927 Pan American had only one route, 90 miles from Key West to Havana. Within eight years at great risk and against fantastic odds Pan Am had crossed the Pacific, and after that Trippe thrust his tentacles into all of Latin America, into Europe, Africa, Australia--even into China. He was a nerveless, sometimes vicious competitor who bought up or drove out of business anyone who got in his way—President Roosevelt once referred to him as a “Yale educated gangster” until he had built Pan Am into the mightiest airline in the world.

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The Long Way Home

The Long Way

The story of how a Pan American Airways B-314 flying boat, caught in the South Pacific, made an unplanned flight around the world following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Flying in total secrecy and radio blackout, Captain Ford and his 10 man crew flew over 31,500 miles in six weeks, avoiding enemy action in their effort to return safely to the United States. An astounding feat in 1941!

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Fasten Your Seat Belts! History and Heroism in the Pan Am Cabin

Fasten Your Seat Belts! History and Heroism in

Fasten Your Seat Belts! is the first history of an airline told from the viewpoint of its cabin crew. Through hundreds of interviews, Valerie Lester has encouraged Pan Am's flight attendants to recount their dramatic, tragic, comic, and heroic stories. She records the courageous deeds of the cabin crews in the 1947 crash in the Syrian desert; the terrorism in Cairo and Rome; the last flight from Saigon; the holocaust at Tenerife; and the siege at Karachi. And she shares tales of the first stewards and their experiences during World War II; Pan Am's brave and resourceful first stewardesses; the first round-the-world flights; the White House Press charters; the advent of jets; and Pan Am's final, heart-rending flight. Here at last is a book that draws attention to the crucial role that flight attendants have played in the history civil aviation.

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