Encyclopedia of western lawmen & outlaws (Paragon House true crime library)

Encyclopedia of western lawmen & outlaws (Paragon House

With over 1000 entries and 400 illustrations, this volume is the most fact-packed history of the West ever assembled. Crime historian extraordinaire Jay Robert Nash has left no stone unturned in his search for the gunmen, train robbers, gangs, desperadoes, range warriors, gamblers, and lawmen that roamed the frontier. Contrary to popular myth, the Wild West was not a glamorous land where chivalry and courage were the custom and a man died with his boots on. It was a land of incredible hardships—brutal weather, hunger and disease, and the constant threat of violent death. Everyone carried a six-shooter, neutrality was impossible, and violence unavoidable; lawmen and outlaws lived side by side, and often there was no telling one from the other. Into this land came pioneers lured by promises of great fortunes, ex-Confederate soldiers embittered by the outcome of the war, greedy cattle barons, and merchant princes. It was truly an explosive mixture.Included in this volume are all the great Western legends—Billy the Kid, Jesse and Frank James, Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Judge Roy Bean, ”Wild Bill” Hickock—and a host of lesser-known figures who, though they may have missed notoriety, were equally lethal. And while the West was very much a ma...

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The Paragon Fairy Garden Planter House, Resin Fairy Forest Mulit Layer Decroative Flower Pot for Succulents, Cactus or Small Flower

The Paragon Fairy Garden Planter House, Resin Fairy

This highly decorative and detail planter is sure to add charm to any room. With the detailed staircase, doors, window and bark accents this planter bring nature right inside. Create your own fairy garden using the 2 different sized planter pots and the wide bottom tray. Fill with different mosses, ferns, succulent and small flowers to create a whimsical garden. 13" wide, 10" deep, 11" high.

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Sacred Mirror: Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy (Omega Book)

Sacred Mirror: Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy (Omega

How is modern psychotherapy impacted when it is approached from the presence and understanding of the unconditioned mind? What happens when therapists are able to function as a sacred mirror for their clients' essential nature, reflecting back not only the contents of awarenessùthoughts, feelings and sensationsùbut awareness itself? Informed by their direct experience as well as by nondual teachings from both eastern and western wisdom traditions, the authors take a fresh look at what psychotherapy can be. These seminal essays will challenge and inspire readers to approach psychotherapy in a new wayùas a potential portal for experiencing their deepest nature as free and joyful beings.Seasoned clinicians, Dan Berkow, Stephan Bodian, Dorothy Hunt, Sheila Krystal, Lynn Marie Lumiere, Richard Miller, John Prendergast, John Welwood, Jennifer Welwood and Bryan Wittine, and innovative western spiritual teachers, Adyashanti and Peter Fenner, explore critical issues at the interface of psychology and spirituality from a nondual perspective.

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Clip: Mansion Tycoon

Clip: Mansion

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7805 Paragon Lock & Safe ParaGuard Premiere Electronic Digital Safe Home Security

7805 Paragon Lock & Safe ParaGuard Premiere Electronic

If you are considering a new safe, look no further. We are pleased to Introduce the 7805 ParaGuard Premiere Safe by the Paragon Lock and Safe Co. Easily store and keep valuables safe at home or office with this digital safe; works with included key or your own customized digital code you program. For added security, we've made the hinges concealed so they're tamper-proof. It is perfect for the home, office, or work place. Full 10 year warranty!Features:Digital entry eliminates the need for making multiple key copiesEasy to operate and programLarger and More Robust than the competitionIncludes 1 Interior Shelf. Counting the bottom, that makes 2 unique compartmentsOpens with secret PIN code or included keys (2 FREE KEYS)Simple programmable Electronic Lock with buzzer and LED. 3 to 8 numbersRuns on AA SIZE(1.5V) batteries (Included)Constructed with solid steel to resist hand and mechanical tool attacksPre-drilled holes inside the safe with fixing bolts allowing anchoring.Powder coated interior and exteriorConstructed of extra thick 11 gauge solid steelGrey carpet mat padding on inside bottomAnchor bolts are includedDimensions and Weight: External Dimensions:17.75" H x 13.75" W x 13.5" D Internal Dimensions: 17.5" H x 13.5" W x 10" D Weight: 34 lbs Color: Dark Grey

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Genocide in Rwanda: Complicity of the Churches (Paragon House Books on Genocide and the Holocaust)

Genocide in Rwanda: Complicity of the Churches (Paragon

In 1994, genocide put Rwanda on the map for most of the world. It also exposed one of the most shameful scandals of the Rwandan churches-the complicity of the Christian churches in the genocide. Rwanda is the most Christian country in Africa. More than 90% of its people are baptized Christians, with the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches having the greatest number of adherents. According to Archbishop Desmond Tutu: "The story of Rwanda shows both sides of our humanity. The churches were sometimes quite superb in what they did in the face of intimidation and at great cost to themselves. But there were other times when [they] failed dismally and seemed to be implicated in ways that have left many disillusioned, disgruntled and angry." Genocide In Rwanda provides a variety of perspectives through which to assess the complex questions and issues surrounding the topic, and, even raise some new questions that could provide some new insight into this historical event. They are questions we must ask - otherwise, how can the Church begin to make moral restitution, change structures and behaviors, and once again reveal the human face of God in our fragile world?

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Her Father's House (Paragon Softcover Large Print Books)

Her Father's House (Paragon Softcover Large Print

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TUSA M-2001 Paragon Scuba Diving Mask, Black/Metallic Dark Red

TUSA M-2001 Paragon Scuba Diving Mask, Black/Metallic Dark

UV 420 Lens Treatment protects against harmful high-energy visible (HEV) light and its potential to damage the Retina. HEV light is not just present on sunny days, but overcast days as well. Therefore, it is extremely important to protect your eyes against UV and HEV light in all weather conditions when diving.

  • Color: Black/Metallic Dark Red
  • Brand: TUSA
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The Paragon Deck Mounted Bird Bath, Songbird and Wild Bird Spa, Lightweight Detachable Unheated Polypropylene Bird Bath Bowl and Heavy Duty Sturdy Iron Clamp

The Paragon Deck Mounted Bird Bath, Songbird and

A perfect addition for a bird lover's patio, porch or deck. This unique birdbath features an adjustable clamp that fits railings up to 2 inches thick. Easy no tools instillation. Simply attach the clamp to your deck and tighten it to form a strong and secure mount for your bird bath. The bowl detaches from the steel ring for easy cleanup.

  • Color: Terra Cotta, Black
  • Brand: The Paragon
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Grand Expressions - 5" x 7" Distressed Wooden Frame with Leather Hanger/Accent - Farmhouse Decor Inspired Sign for Grandmothers - "Being Grandma Doesn't make me old..It makes me Blessed!"

Grand Expressions - 5" x 7" Distressed Wooden

5" x 7" Distressed Wooden Frame with Leather Hanger/Accent - Farmhouse Decor Inspired Sign for Grandmothers -"Being Grandma Doesn't make me old..It makes me Blessed!" by Grandparents Gift Co. Grandma's house has always been a warm and wonderful place to be. Give her the perfect frame to adorn her home with a heartfelt message she can look at every day. Grandma gifts let you remind your grandmother how much you care even on the days that you can't see her and are the perfect way to celebrate your growing family. Grandparent Gift Co. thoughtful gifts for grandma are perfect for birthdays, holidays, family reunions, or to celebrate a new grandchild. Turn your grandma gift ideas into a reality with these beautiful 5" x 7" distressed frames. Whether your grandmother has playful or classic décor, you're sure to find something they will love to hang on their walls or sit on their mantle for years to come.. Designed with our family to yours to make finding good gifts for grandma easy as apple pie.

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: The Grandparent Gift Co.
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