Tseoa Manicure, Pedicure Kit, Nail Clippers, Professional Grooming Kit, Nail Tools with Luxurious Travel Case, Set of 12

Tseoa Manicure, Pedicure Kit, Nail Clippers, Professional Grooming

This nail kit including high quality nail clippers, cuticle pusher, cuticle nipper and other usefully accessories. They are manufactured by super careful processes of cutting, polishing, corrosion, laser engraving, plating, screen printing etc. Every product has been checked by strict quality inspection, packed in a beautiful portable case and a protective outer case. All of these ensure they would be in a perfect condition while your received it. It is suitable for all ages and unisex. This is a perfect Christmas gift or daily surprise gift to your families and friends. Package including: One toe nail clipper one nail clipper one diagonal nail clipper one multi purpose scissors one cuticle trimmer one ear pick one single edged double sided push stick one eyebrow tweezer one peeling knife one nail file one blackhead needle and loop remover one v shaped push stick one pu case.acked in a beautiful and portable case, including everything you need for your personal manicure, it is a surprise gift for both women and men.

  • Color: o12nail Clippers
  • Brand: Tseoa
  • UPC: 717630170637

Electric Nail Drill Set, Ophanie 11 in 1 Portable Professional Manicure Pedicure Acrylic Nail Kit with 26 PCS Nail Sand Bands for Acrylics Gel Nails

Electric Nail Drill Set, Ophanie 11 in 1

How to use this nail drill Step 1: Plug in Step 2: Control the FORWARD/OFF/REVERSE button in the middle of the electrical cord to turn on/off. Step 3: Control the SPEED SWITCH in the middle of the electrical cord to adjust speed. WHAT YOU GET 1 x Pink Nail Drill Machine 5 x Carbide Drill Bits 6 x Original Drill Bits 26 x Nylon Wheel 1 x Nail Cutters Set 1 x Brush 1 x AC Adapter(51in long) 1x English Manual 1 x Warranty Card About the product: 1) High speed and portable 2) Easy to operate and low noise 3) Speed adjustable and forward reverse switch 4) Efficient heat dissipation FEATURES: Advantages: Professional imported ball bearings and fast motor, low noise Forward & Reverse: Two-way switch Quiet & Safe: Smooth operation and low vibration. Low Heat: Great aluminum body for efficient heat dissipation Fashion & Portable: Light design, easy to operate and change the bits

  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: Ophanie
  • UPC: 696177812715

Beurer 10-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure Home System, 10 attachments & 10 sanding bands - Powerful Electric Nail Drill Kit, MP62

Beurer 10-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure Home System,

Nailed It.  The Beurer MP62 Manicure & Pedicure Kit achieves professional nail care in the comfort of your own home, without the salon costs. The MP62 includes 10 sanding bands, 10 high-quality attachments & a premium storage case. With a sleek, easy to hold device & an integrated LED light for a highlighted view during use, you can achieve the perfect nail. Our Powerful Electric Nail Drill is easy to use & effective on both the fingernails and toenails. Adjust the speed of your device to control the rotations per minute (2,000 – 5,600 +/- 20%). When switching on the device you can select either clockwise or anti-clockwise rotations - use the dust shield for a clean file.  The kit includes 10 sanding bands & 10 high-quality attachments that are made from durable sapphire & felt. Attachments are easily added & removed. Both the device & attachments can be easily stored into the included premium storage pouch.    TIPS: When filing, always work from the outside of the nail towards the tip!  This instrument is intended only for the treatment of hands (manicure) & feet (pedicure).  Select an attachment and push it onto the instrument spindle using a slight pressure.  To remove: pull the attachment and instrument apart in the axial direction (straight).  Start every applicat...

  • Color: Generic
  • Brand: Beurer
  • UPC: 852547004580

Manicure Set, ESARORA 18 In 1 Stainless Steel Professional Pedicure Kit Nail Scissors Grooming Kit with Black Leather Travel Case

Manicure Set, ESARORA 18 In 1 Stainless Steel

ESARORA is a leading factory which has specialized in many kind of beauty tools for more than ten years ESARORA only makes high quality and good reputation products , so we can responsibly tell you that ESARORA is your best choice Pedicure Tools Small size case and light weight make it convenient to carry,great for travel and daily life Leather case to protect all your tools well reserved and protected Manicure Pedicure Set it is suitable for all ages and unisex This is a perfect Pedicure Set (18 in 1 multi-function Tools - Hand Care,Facial Care,Foot Care) ESARORA offers premium quality Manicure, Pedicure Kit. All of our products with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - 100% money refund, No questions asked and no hassles.

  • Brand: Esarora
  • ASIN: B078JCCGB8

Upgraded 6Pcs/set Ingrown Toenail Tools Kit, Premium Nail Treatment Foot Tool, Ingrown Toenail Removal Correction Clippers, Surgery Grade Ingrown Toe Nail File and Lifter, Professional Pedicure Tools

Upgraded 6Pcs/set Ingrown Toenail Tools Kit, Premium Nail

Many people suffering the pain of ingrown toenail, they think it's just a small problem. However,it will not recovery if you ignore it, and will cause many big problems, such as: 1. The pain of onyxis make people facial expression distortion, movement distortion when people walking and playing sports, will destroy person's temperament; 2. Nail will got inflammation repeated , easy to cause abscess, lead to nail root rot; 3. It will cause toenail serious deformation, nail loss and foot odor; 4. It can lead to a decrease in immunity of fingernails and infection of fungal diseases, such as onychomycosis. I recommend this ingrown toenail set to treat DIY. How to use? 1. Soak feet for 15 minutes with warm water; 2. Disinfect toenails, fingernails and tools; 3. Hook both sides of the ingrown toenail with the two hooks on the tool; 4. Use one hand hold the middle fulcrum of the tool, twisting the nut to fix the tool on the toenail with the other hand. (Fulcrum towards two directions for different sizes of the nails, you can find somebody to help you); 5. Slowly intensify till there is a sense of expansion (no pain). Intensify slightly for every 10 minutes; 6. Take your feet out of the water after 30 minutes, wait for 15 minutes to make your feet dry; 7. Remove the equipment, the toen...

  • Brand: Bcabo
  • ASIN: B07FGG7W7P
  • UPC: 192802190833

Manicure Pedicure Set Nail Clippers - 10 Piece Stainless Steel Manicure Kit - tools for nail, Cutter Kits -Perfect gift for women, men Includes Cuticle Remover with Portable Travel Case

Manicure Pedicure Set Nail Clippers - 10 Piece

HAVE YOU BEEN LOOKING FOR A COMPLETE MANICURE AND PEDICURE NAIL CLIPPER SET THAT IS BOTH AFFORDABLE AND HIGH QUALITY? BEAUTY BON® HAS IT ALL AND MORE! What's the easiest way to come across as neat, clean, and professional? It's right at your fingertips. Keep your nails stylish and ready with a quick clip or a nice mani-pedi with Beauty Bon®'s 10 Piece Manicure and Pedicure Set! This beautiful 10 piece set comes in anintricately adorned decorative box with a super easy to open lid, so you don't have to worry about messing up your manicure when you reach for your nail tools! All you have to do is press the convenient button located on the box and it opens very easily. This professional grade manicure set has all the tools you need to make an Instagram-worthy manicure and pedicure. Treat yourself to a home spa day today, complete with a mani-pedi! WHAT YOU RECEIVE WITH YOUR PURCHASE This is a 10 Piece Manicure and Pedicure Nail Clippers Collection • 1 x Cuticle Scissors • 1 x Nail Scissors • 1 x Nail Nippers • 1 x Cuticle Nippers • 1 x Tweezers • 1 x Splinter Tweezers • 1 x Nail Cleaner • 1 x Sapphire Nail File • 1 x Toe Nail Clipper • 1 x Cuticle Remover All of our beauty nail products are made of 100% Stainless Steel. This is important because stainless steel...

  • Color: red, black
  • Brand: Beauty Bon
  • ASIN: B01M5ILVL6
  • UPC: 678542947482

15-Piece Manicure Set for Women Men Nail Clippers Stainless Steel Manicure Kit - Portable Travel Grooming Kit - Facial, Cuticle and Nail Care - by Utopia Care

15-Piece Manicure Set for Women Men Nail Clippers

Professionally Tailored Grooming KitUtopia Care's professionally tailored grooming kit is your go-to care kit when it comes to hygiene and personal care. Its lightweight design makes it a brilliant choice as it allows you to carry the kit with ease and comfort while traveling. The kit is suitable for both, male and female, making it highly versatile. Now, enjoy soft manicure and pedicures every day at home by with this skillfully made kit in your possession for a personalized experience. From Brows to Nails, All Hail! Our 15-piece grooming kit is designed to take care of all your manicure, pedicure, and facial care needs. Packed with elegance in our travel-friendly case, this kit includes:- 3 x Nail Clippers: Used for trimming fingernails, toenails and hangnails- 3 x Peeling Knives: Used for peeling off cuticle- 1 x Cuticle Trimmer : Used for cutting off cuticle- 1 x Cuticle Pusher and Nail Cleaner: Curved flat end perfectly pushes the skin back flawlessly and sharp end cuts or scrape away dead cuticle- 1 x Toe-Nail Nipper: Used for safely clipping off ingrown nails- 1 x Nail File: Used for refining and strengthening sharp and rough nail tips- 1 x Dead Skin Fork: Used for trimming cuticles with ease in no time - 1 x Tweezer: Used for shaping up brows flawlessly by removing all un...

  • Brand: Utopia Care
  • UPC: 754207399183

ONME 15 Pcs Nail Clippers Set Pedicure Kit Stainless Steel Nail Clipper,Professional Nail Scissors Grooming Kit Manicure Includes Cuticle Remover Tools With Portable Travel Case (Black)

ONME 15 Pcs Nail Clippers Set Pedicure Kit

Weight:320g Size:7.28in*3.35in Material: 304 stainless steel + PU leather case ONME pedicure tools package include: 1* Large nail clipper 1* Medium nail clipper 1* Oblique nail clipper 1* Manicure plier 1* Knife knife 1* Oblique knife 1* Acne needle 1* Scraper 1* Nail file 1* Double-headed pick 1* Eyebrow clip 1* Dig ear spoon 1* Spiral Ear spoon 1* Dead skin fork 1* Eyebrow cut 1 * Leather Case About ONME: We promise to offer good quality products to make you satisfied. We make every effort to provide quality services. Please contact our customer service if there's any problem. 100% satisfaction or contact us to get your money back. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: ONME
  • ASIN: B073ZGQ2RX
  • UPC: 761330235974

Manicure Set Professional Nail Clippers Kit Pedicure Care Tools-Stainless Steel Men Grooming Kit 20Pcs With Black PU Leather Case for Travel or Home (Black/Blue)

Manicure Set Professional Nail Clippers Kit Pedicure Care

With development of more than ten years, Keiby Citom became a first-rate company which has specialized in kind of manicure tools that are made of quality carbon steel material, polishing grinding for many times and sharp and durable.  The small package, multi-function, easy to carry, is suitable for travel and home use.  The professional nail clipper kit is the preferred choice of people seeking exquisite, high-quality life. It's an excellent quality gift for Christmas, birthday, anniversary and marriage. Besides, we offer you 30 days replacement and lifetime warranty services, so you can buy it assured!  Package Including: 1* Larger Nail Clipper: For trimming hard and thick toenails  1* Small Nail Clipper: For trimming finger nails  1* Diagonal Nail Clipper: For trimming the corner of nails 1* Dead Skin Fork: For removing agnail, callus, dead skin, etc 1* Peeling Knife: For removing scrape nail polish 1* Nail Cleaner: For cleaning dirt in nail 1* Nail File: For making nails smooth 1*Eyebrow Tweezers: For shaping up brows flawlessly by removing all unwanted eyebrow 1* Cuticle Nipper: For trimming cuticles 1* Eyebrow Scissors: For trimming eyebrow  1* Vibrissae Scissors: For trimming the excess nose hair 1* Ear Pick: For removing earwax from ear canal 1*Spiral Ear Spoon...

  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Brand: Keiby Citom
  • ASIN: B07F68KJ25

Nail Art Drill KIT, Aooher Professional Finger Toe Nail Care Electric Nail Polishing Machine Manicure Pedicure Kit Nail

Nail Art Drill KIT, Aooher Professional Finger Toe

Operation: 1.This tool is design for carver, engrave, rout, grind, and sharpen, sand, polish, drill and more. 2. Unplug the tool from electrical outlet before loading a bit. 3. Press shaft lock button, rotate the collet nut anticlockwise (but do not take the nut out) insert the bit, and tighten the collet clockwise securely. But avoid excess tightening of the collet nut in case of damage in the nut. 4. Slide the on/off switch to find the speed needed between 3000-13,000RPM. Slide the switch to the black dot for complete stop. 5. When finished, unplug the tool, take the bit out and store the set in dry place. Safety Rules: 1. Always unplug the tool when you change accessory/collet or finish using the machine. 2. Do not engage the shaft lock button while the tool is running. 3. Never use a damaged bit. 4. The machine is not waterproof. Please keep away from water. If the machine falls into water, unplug it immediately and do not touch the water. 5. Do not touch the bit or collet after using it because the bit and collet are too hot to be touched by bare hands. 6. Keep dust out of your eyes and lungs by using a protective eyewear or a dust mask. 7. When not used, tool must be stored in a dry place and kept beyond the reach of children. Package contents: 1 x Electric Pen-Shape Nail D...

  • Color: red
  • Brand: Aooher
  • ASIN: B0171UR798
  • UPC: 714838185791
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