Creating Textured Landscapes with Pen, Ink and Watercolor

Creating Textured Landscapes with Pen, Ink and

Capture the Rich Textures of Nature, Step by StepCapture nature's beauty as you never have before. Beloved artist and teacher Claudia Nice leads you on an inspired journey through the great outdoors. With paints in hand, she shares with you her best techniques for creating landscapes that come alive with richness, depth and textured detail.Open this guide and start painting right away. As you follow engaging, step-by-step demonstrations and exercises, you'll learn to recreate the textural elements of a range of terrains and landscapes. Chapters include:Creative clouds and skiesMajestic mountains, hills and mesasTexturing trees, trunks and foliageRugged rocks and gritty gravelTransparent textures for rivers, falls and lakesFlowers of the fieldIn a special section, Claudia covers basic texturing techniques with mini demos using lines, dots, bruising, scribbling, spattering, blotting, printing, stamping and more. From paints and pens to sponges, leaves and facial tissue, you'll explore all kinds of fun and inventive ways to create amazing textures.And to help you put it all together, Claudia includes her masterful advice for creating compositions using reference photos, field sketches and your own creative license. Each demonstration features a large image of the completed landscape...

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Painting with Watercolor, Pen & Ink

Painting with Watercolor, Pen &

Create worlds of incredible pen, ink and watercolor art with Claudia Nice!Let best-selling author and artist Claudia Nice show you how to create incredible art in pen, ink and watercolor. She makes it easy by covering all the drawing and painting basics—everything from materials and texture techniques to color theory and special effects. It's a one-of-a-kind course in making extraordinary art, from mastering value, contrast and definition to getting your surface techniques just right.You'll never run out of ideas or challenges. Claudia provides guidelines, advice and techniques for rendering hundreds of your favorite places, environments and animals with the kind of detail you've only dreamed about. In fact, this incredible volume—a compilation collection some of the finest instruction from Claudia's best-selling books—contains enough instruction, inspiration and gorgeous art to keep you drawing, painting and enjoying the outdoors for years to come.

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Discover Your World in Pen, Ink & Watercolor

Discover Your World in Pen, Ink &

Achieve exciting effects with minimal effort and maximum "wow!"Pen and ink adds a whole new dimension to the loose, lovely look of watercolor. In this book, popular artists and bestselling author Claudia Nice shows you how to combine the best of both mediums, using pen and ink to turn up the texture and resonance in your paintings.Using straightforward techniques like bruising, spatter, stippling and pen blending, you'll discover an easy, expressive approach to painting. Learn how to add age to a quaint cottage. Invite viewers down a country lane. Evoke and owl's mottled feathers, the shine of fine china, the neon lights of the city, and more.Explores a multitude of favorite subjects, including country scenes, cityscapes, wildlife, skies, water and still life.Features expert advice on how and when to add pen-and-ink enhancements.Contains dozens of demonstrations and annotated paintings for fast, fun learning. Filled with the charm and passion of an artist's personal sketchbook, Discover Your World in Pen, Ink & Watercolor will inspire you to turn your everyday surroundings into fresh, heartfelt art.

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Creating Textures in Pen & Ink with Watercolor

Creating Textures in Pen & Ink with

Claudia Nice shows you how to turn ink and watercolors into the coarse-barked trunk of an oak, or the burnished smoothness of brass, or the verdant velvet of moss. Or any of many other things. She shows you how to use dots, fine lines, brushstrokes, black and white, color—a mixture of mediums and techniques—to suggest:glass cast iron adobe and brick sunrise and sunset driftwood leaf textures basketry surf and ocean waves enamelware rainbows wood grain distant trees eggs and onions animal hair and dozens of other textures! You'll learn how to use materials, from technical pens to paint brushes, colored inks to liquid acrylics. You'll discover ways to blot, spatter, stamp and otherwise alter and combine ink and watercolor for exciting texturing effects.


Painting Weathered Buildings in Pen, Ink & Watercolor (Artist's Photo Reference)

Painting Weathered Buildings in Pen, Ink & Watercolor

Capture the beauty and charm of wonderful weathered buildings!Paint may fade and iron may rust, but the character of buildings strengthens with age. Join Claudia Nice as she shows you how to portray the mellow hues, weathered wood, cracked windowpanes and other imperfections that make old buildings perfectly wonderful subjects to paint.Using the exciting combination of pen, ink and watercolor, Claudia will help you discover the joy of painting barns, farmhouses, painted ladies, southern mansions and other beautiful, classic buildings. Like a treasured artist's journal, this book is filled with art, inspiration and handwritten notes, along with Claudia's friendly, step-by-step instruction.

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Down By the Sea: Draw and Paint with Watercolor, Acrylic, Pen & Ink

Down By the Sea: Draw and Paint with

Nobody captures seascapes quite like Claudia Nice. In this guide, she shares her approach to creating dynamic watercolor compositions textured with pen & ink, acrylics and gouache. More than 60 step-by-step demos, simple enough for beginners, teach how to create all sorts of beach scenery, from waves crashing, to people relaxing while the sun slowly sets, and more.

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Complete Guide to Drawing and Painting: Pencils, Charcoal, Pen & Ink, Watercolors, Oil, Acrylic, Pastels

Complete Guide to Drawing and Painting: Pencils, Charcoal,

With more than eight hundred full-color illustrations and step-by-step demonstrations, this artist's guide provides thorough coverage of the materials and techniques of all the most popular drawing and painting media, including charcoal, pen and ink, watercolor, pencils, oil, acrylics, and pastels. Reprint.

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Down by the Sea with Brush and Pen: Draw and Paint Beautiful Coastal Scenes

Down by the Sea with Brush and Pen:

Capture the Magic of the Sea with Claudia NiceNobody captures the misty splashes and weathered details of seascapes quite like Claudia Nice. In this step-by-step guide, Claudia shares her special approach to creating dynamic watercolor compositions textured with pen and ink, acrylics and gouache.Claudia starts with the basics, so you can advance at your own pace as you follow along through more than 60 step-by-step demonstrations ranging from short mini demos to full-scale paintings. Take a look inside to see how simple and inspiring Claudia's instruction can be.Each chapter focuses on a different element of coastal scenery, including crashing waves against rocky bluffs, wide sandy beaches and gently rolling surf, colorful boats and harbors, luminous ocean sunsets, and warm tropical scenes with kids and dogs at play.You'll find complete instructions for mixing the colors of active and still water, as well as creating the textures of sand and rock. Claudia also features her own reference photos and field studies to show you how to build solid compositions from a variety of sources. Dozens of quick tips teach you the details that add drama and realism to your seascapes, and 30 complete paintings will inspire you to create your own beautiful coastal scenes. With Claudia Nice, learni...

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Rendering in Pen and Ink: The Classic Book On Pen and Ink Techniques for Artists, Illustrators, Architects, and Designers

Rendering in Pen and Ink: The Classic Book

Arthur L. Guptill's classic Rendering in Pen and Ink has long been regarded as the most comprehensive book ever published on the subject of ink drawing. This is a book designed to delight and instruct anyone who draws with pen and ink, from the professional artist to the amateur and hobbyist. It is of particular interest to architects, interior designers, landscape architects, industrial designers, illustrators, and renderers. Contents include a review of materials and tools of rendering; handling the pen and building tones; value studies; kinds of outline and their uses; drawing objects in light and shade; handling groups of objects; basic principles of composition; using photographs, study of the work of well-known artists; on-the-spot sketching; representing trees and other landscape features; drawing architectural details; methods of architectural rendering; examination of outstanding examples of architectural rendering; solving perspective and other rendering problems; handling interiors and their accessories; and finally, special methods of working with pen including its use in combination with other media. The book is profusely illustrated with over 300 drawings that include the work of famous illustrators and renderers of architectural subjects such as Rockwell Kent, Char...

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Pen & Ink with Watercolor

Pen & Ink with

Capture the details of life in pen and ink!Using the classic method of drawing with a crow quill pen and India ink, artist George Olson introduces you to the art of pen-and-ink drawings accented with watercolor. The appeal of these exquisite gems lies in their very simplicity. You'll learn how to create one-of-a-kind works of art using minimal tools, straightforward inking techniques and the easiest of watercolor washes.Hands-on exercises start you on your way to mastering the pen by drawing various line qualities and textures. Next, learn how to add soft glazes of color to build depth and evoke that loose, lyrical feeling ... the kind of sparkle that cannot be achieved using ink alone. Nine step-by-step demonstrations teach you everything you need to know to create enchanting landscapes, flowers, portraits, animals, buildings and interior scenes.Based on Olson's four decades of experience with this charming art form, Pen and Ink with Watercolor will help you achieve happy results quickly, easily and joyously.

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Painting Nature in Pen & Ink With Watercolor

Painting Nature in Pen & Ink With

A renowned artist shares her special techniques for capturing nature's boundless beauty in this new book that offers step-by-step instructions for painting a range of subjects. 116 illustrations, 100 in color.

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Painting Country Gardens in Watercolor, Pen & Ink

Painting Country Gardens in Watercolor, Pen &

A guide to creating country garden art reviews basic watercolor techniques including glazing and texturing as well as basic pen-and-ink techniques for producing a variety of line textures, in a volume complemented by demonstrations on how to add country scene details.

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Painting Your Favorite Animals in Pen, Ink & Watercolor

Painting Your Favorite Animals in Pen, Ink &

Paint lively and lovable animals of all kinds!Capture all the natural charm and personality of your favorite animals. Bestselling author and beloved teacher Claudia Nice makes it fun. With step-by-step guidance, Claudia shows you just how easy it is to paint a menagerie of lively creatures in her trademark pen, ink and watercolor technique.Follow along and see for yourself. Whether you are a beginner attempting to paint your first animal subject, or a more experienced artist looking to broaden your skills, you'll find this book to be both entertaining and instructive. It features:14 complete step-by-step demonstrationsA range of delightful animal subjects, including dogs, cats, horses, pigs, sheep, bunnies, birds, and more60+ mini demos and quick studies that focus on getting the details right, such as fur, feathers, feet, facial expressions and backgroundsTechniques for painting from photos, sketches and memoriesKey tips for working with ink and watercolors successfullyClaudia starts by simplifying the animal subject into basic shapes and diagrams. She then shows you how to refine these shapes into drawings. From there, you'll gently add color in simple washes and finish the details with pen and ink.Discover the versatility and satisfaction of painting with pen, ink and watercol...

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Drawing in Pen & Ink (First Steps)

Drawing in Pen & Ink (First

Got a yearning to pick up a pen and see what you can do? Go for it! But don't sketch alone—let popular artist and teacher Claudia Nice be your guide. She'll make your first steps fun and successful!In her trademark style—friendly and encouraging—Claudia will show you how to do a sketch of a subject that actually ends up looking like the subject. And she shares her secrets for turning simple lines and dots into all kinds of lifelike textures, including leaves, glass, hair, fruit, water, clouds, wood grain, grass, fur and feathers.Easy (and fun!) exercises get you started. Step-by-step projects teach techniques as you draw trees, flowers, barns, animals and other subjects—even people! And demonstrations show you how to put all that you've learned together to create a finished picture.So go ahead—grab that pen and have fun! Just follow along with Claudia to get the hang of it, and before you know it you'll be making your own, original pen-and-ink drawings!

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Artistry: Pen & Ink: A creative exploration of a time-treatured drawing technique

Artistry: Pen & Ink: A creative exploration of

Pen & Ink combines practical instruction with inspirational artwork to awaken a new generation of pen-and-ink enthusiasts.Drawing with pen and ink has been a celebrated art form for centuries. In addition to ballpoint pen, today's pen-and-ink artists use a variety of tools, including fountain pens, graphic pens, and brushes to create photorealistic drawings. Pen & Ink, the premier title in Walter Foster's new Artistry series focusing on specialized fine-art mediums, combines practical instruction with inspirational art and photographs for a comprehensive guidebook designed to awaken a new generation of pen-and-ink enthusiasts. Professional pen-and-ink artists take readers on a creative journey through each of their distinct techniques, from learning basic pen techniques to stippling portraits and adding watercolor washes. Instructions for rendering each technique, as well as beautiful finished artwork across a variety of styles, give aspiring artists a contemporary look into working with pen and ink.

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  • ASIN: 1633221784
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