Pig Ear Slivers- 1 lb THICK CUT, All Natural Dog Treat, Healthy Pure Pork Ear, Easily Digested, Best Gift for Large & Small Dogs from Brutus & Barnaby

Pig Ear Slivers- 1 lb THICK CUT, All

Premium, Non Chemically treated Pig Ear Slivers. Strips of THICK pig ear, all the meat- nothing else. USDA approved, hand selected, washed in water, not chemicals. Stored in climate controlled third party warehouse for your freshness.

  • Brand: Brutus & Barnaby
  • ASIN: B01MEFJ822

GigaBite Pig Ear Slices (2.5-Pounds) - USDA & FDA Certified All Natural Pig Ear Strips, Piggy Sliver Dog Treat - By Best Pet Supplies

GigaBite Pig Ear Slices (2.5-Pounds) - USDA &

ALL NATURAL PET TREATS FOR YOUR PUP TO CHOMP ONFull of FlavorOur animal ear treats come packed with a rich flavor and mouth watering chewiness that will have your pup doing little imaginary cartwheels! We slowly roast the animal ears to lock in theflavor and create a treat that is simply delish. But these aren’t just any animal ears; they’re 100% natural. NO preservatives. NO hormones. NO chemicals. We exclusively source our cow and pork ears from the healthiest free range, grass fed animals from Brazil, and process them in an ultra-hygienic facility. Treat your furry friend to nothing but the best. Great for your PupIt’s not just about flavor; these cow and pig ears are some of the healthiest treats you can give toyour cherished canine. As your doggie merrily chews away, the animal ears help remove lodged food particles that cause bad breath, and reduce dangerous plaque and tartar buildup. The treats are also a great source of protein! They treat your dog to essential amino acids required for growth, and help develop healthy skin and a beautiful coat. Here’s why you and your pup will love these treats:  Made in a FDA certified facility that is regularly USDA tested. Fully digestible and packed with healthy protein. Irradiated to safely kill microorganisms and ...

  • Brand: Best Pet Supplies, Inc.
  • ASIN: B079FX44SZ
  • UPC: 842637103576

Unified Pet - All Natural Premium Thick Cut Pig Ear Strips Treats for Dogs - American Made - Maple Smoked Pork Chew Healthy for Clean Teeth (Strips - 12 oz)

Unified Pet - All Natural Premium Thick Cut

Unified Pet Bones, Chews and Treats are proudly Made and Sourced in the USA. Why Pig Ears?  ✅ Activates salivary glands to clean teeth and freshen breath✅ Natural Pig Ears are fully digestible for dogs, much less risk of choking or digestive issues✅ Ears sourced and made in the USA have more strict diets and regulations✅ Maple Smoked flavor will have your pup completely occupied with these ears!✅ We recommend whole ears for larger dogs and Pig Ear Strips for smaller dogs We offer a variety of dog treats to help satisy your pet's unique needs. Each item is carefully selected and slow-roasted to ensure optimal quality and hold in all of those meaty flavors your pup will love! Our dog bones and chews are all-natural, single ingredient dog treats so you know your pup is getting the highest quality product on the market! We offer bones, chews and treats for all types of pups.  Aggressive Chewers:   Marrow Bones (3"" and 6"") Hock Bones Knuckle Bones Knee Caps Foreshank Bones Tendon Chews Turkey Tendons Beef Backstrap (6"" and 12"") Bag O' Ligaments Pig Ears Whole Ears Pig Ear Strips Jerky Snacks for Dogs Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky Hackberry Smoked Chicken Jerky Hackberry Smoked Turkey Jerky

  • Brand: Unified Pet
  • UPC: 732940937367

Smokehouse 100-Percent Natural Piggy Slivers Dog Treats, 40-Count

Smokehouse 100-Percent Natural Piggy Slivers Dog Treats,

Smokehouse Piggy Slivers for dogs are natural hand-cuts that preserve the flavors of the finest quality pork. We naturally enhance their color and flavor by slow-roasting them in their own natural juices for up to 53 hours. They are 100% natural; just as nature intended, with the natural flavors and textures dogs love.

  • ASIN: B0006344DK
  • UPC: 078565840935

Downtown Pet Supply Pig Ear Strips for Dogs, 100% Natural Pigs Ears Treats - 1 LB

Downtown Pet Supply Pig Ear Strips for Dogs,

100% Natural, Free-Range, No Additives, No chemicals, USDA and FDA Certified Pig Ear Strips. Human grade processing, free of hormones & antibiotics. Pig Ears offer a long-lasting, satisfying chew. Pig Ears help to reduce tartar and maintain your dog's healthy teeth and gums. They are fully digestible, low fat, high protein, vitamins and minerals. Please allow for natural variation. Low moisture content reduces odor when chewed. Please allow for natural variation in dryness, chewiness and crunchiness. Supervision is recommended when giving your dog any treat. Always provide plenty of fresh water.

  • Brand: Downtown Pet Supply
  • ASIN: B01NH02E9W
  • UPC: 713869095574

123 Treats - Pigs Ears Strips for Dogs 8 Oz Dog Treats Bag - 100% Natural Pigs Ear Slivers Chews Full of Protein Snacks Made in Brazil

123 Treats - Pigs Ears Strips for Dogs

Our pig ears trips are 100% natural. These oven baked treats are rich in omega 3 and 6, improving quality and health of your dog's skin and coat. Our pig ears trips are rich source of protein and essential nutrients, providing natural and heath energy to your dog, while being easy to digest. Recommendations: Only use as treats. Recommended for adult dogs. Make sure that the dog has fresh water at all times. Our pig ears strips come from Brazil.

  • Brand: 123 Treats
  • ASIN: B0773YT8BW
  • UPC: 656554037889

ZMF Dog Dog Cat Pig Ear Strips - a Delicious Chewy Treat Dog's Love, it Isn't The Whole Pig Ear in one Piece and Includes The Base of The Ear in Random Sizes.

ZMF Dog Dog Cat Pig Ear Strips -

If your dog has had a pig ear this is a variation of the whole pig ears that include the base of the ear, and different size pieces. Very similar to a pig ear however some pieces are thicker, and none of the pieces are the whole ear. A great value way to get a lot of "pig ears" with many more pieces in the bag. The pieces are baked product. Each bag includes 10 oz of irresistible dog chews.

  • Color: N/A
  • Brand: ZMF
  • ASIN: B07RHB8C8D
  • UPC: 753970925070

Pig Ear Strips for Dogs by Patriot Pet, Pig Ear Slivers Made in USA are Great for Dogs That Love to Chew. Piggy Dog Treats 16OZ Bag is All Natural, USDA/FDA Approved with No Harmful Additives.

Pig Ear Strips for Dogs by Patriot Pet,

The Most Delicious And 100% Healthy Pig Ear Sliver Treats For Dogs Are Now Available On Amazon! Have you been looking for the most flavorful treat that will make your dog go crazy? You quest stops here! Patriot Pet presents you with the best pig ear Strips chews on the market! Premium Quality, Additive Free Dog Treats That Are 100% Safe For Your Furry Friend Protect your pets and stop offering them snacks and treats of questionable quality. These pig ears for dogs are made in the USA, in a USDA approved facility. What is more, they are all-natural and free of hormones and antibiotics. These grade A, hand-inspected and hand-picked pig ear treats are nothing less than your dog deserves! Generously Sized Strips, Featuring A Rich, Delicious Taste The Patriot Pet natural pig ear treats feature a unique, Perfect size that makes them ideal for small dogs! Furthermore, they are slowly and carefully dried at optimum temperature that assures a juicy, meaty, smoky flavor that dogs love! These long lasting chews with the quality pork taste are meticulously prepared so as to remain hard and flavorful. The Patriot Pet pig ear strip treats are ideal for training and rewarding your best buddies, keeping them happy and safe! Your Satisfaction Is Our Number One Goal Meeting all your demands...

  • Brand: Patriot Pet Products
  • UPC: 647409720070

Sancho & Lola's Pig Ear Strips for Dogs (1LB), Slow Roasted Grain-Free, Rawhide-Free, Natural Healthy Dog Treats, Loaded with Collagen (30-38 Count), Made in USA

Sancho & Lola's Pig Ear Strips for Dogs

FARMED & MADE IN NEBRASKA: Pig Ear Strips from the same butcher who custom-makes our thick-cut, maple-smoked pig ears.Most pig ear strips sold in big box stores are basted and contain artificial flavor enhancers, and preservativesAll our pig ear products contain 100% pork - that's it. They are made in a USDA certified 'human grade' commercial kitchen that smokes meats for some of the best restaurants. They are great for small to medium Dogs, or dogs on Calorie Restriction. All our Products Come with Money Back Guarantee if your Dog Does not love as much as we do. We are Family Owned and Operated. Growing up on a goat farm in Marfa, Texas, our Grandma did not let anything go to waste, she found a way to use everything--often making the organs and feet into tasty treats for our dogs. We feel proud to be able to carry on that tradition with our single-ingredient "farm to table" pork treatsHugs from Texas, Sancho & Lola, German Pointer ExtraordinairesOur Mantra is "Pet Products with a Purpose" because Sancho & Lola's Closet was founded on the belief that Every Dog Deserves a Forever Home. We've donated to canine rescue since 2015.

  • Brand: Sancho & Lola's Closet
  • ASIN: B01N949HBG
  • UPC: 635983761343

Premium All Natural USA "Pigzearz" Pig Ear Slices Dog Chews - 1 Pound Package

Premium All Natural USA "Pigzearz" Pig Ear Slices

Made in the USA from 100% USA sourced and USDA certified pork, these premium natural pig ear strips are roasted to perfection for a delicious chew full of flavor your dog will love. These healthy rawhide free chews consist only of skin and cartilage with no bones that can break or splinter. They are the perfect all natural grain free treat, containing NO wheat, NO corn, NO gluten, NO soy, NO chemicals, NO preservatives, and NO fillers. Our pig ears are sliced into 1-3" slivers, making them ideal for portion and calorie control, training treats, or everyday snacks for dogs and puppies of all breeds and sizes. The irresistible chewy texture helps satisfy your dog's natural chewing instinct, and also supports dental health by removing plaque and tartar build-up from your dog's teeth. Feeding instructions: Supervision is always recommended when giving your dog any treat or chew; always provide plenty of fresh water. These pig ears should not be used as a replacement for your dog's regular diet. Recommended quantity is 1 pig ear strip per day. Not Intended For Human Consumption.

  • Brand: Pet Center, Inc.
  • UPC: 727348158117

100% Natural Whole Pig Ear Dog Treat, Brutus & Barnaby's Healthy, Pure Pork Ear is Easily Digestible with no Added Colorings, Chemicals or Hormones

100% Natural Whole Pig Ear Dog Treat, Brutus

Brutus & Barnaby's purpose is to provide healthy, all natural, additive free dog treats, that dogs LOVE and are convenient to give These treats are made up of only one ingredient: pig ear, and are harvested in South America from pigs that have not been subject to synthetic hormones or other chemicals - Pork will not crumble or splinter so no crumbs left behind, one of the safest dog chews - Brutus & Barnaby's pig ears are received in small quantities so you get the freshest possible pork treats - Zip-Loc sealed bag convenient for you so no worrying about bugs getting inside or smells getting out - If you or your dog are unsatisfied with Brutus & Barnaby's pig ears, a money back guarantee is offered Click on the buy button, give these to your dog as dessert after a meal, when he's been good or as midday fun

  • Brand: Brutus & Barnaby
  • ASIN: B01C35LACQ
  • UPC: 042768369388

FLASH SALE!!! 1 lb. bag Petite Pig Ear Strips & Curls for Smaller Dogs EXTREMELY LIMITED OFER!!!

FLASH SALE!!! 1 lb. bag Petite Pig Ear

1 lb. bag Petite Pig Strips & Curls for Smaller Dogs High Protein Crunchy Pig Ear Treats

  • Brand: Pet Treats Place
  • UPC: 816944029300

Top Dog Chews - Thick Cut 1 lb. Pig Ears Strips for Dogs - 100% Natural Bulk Dog Chews (1LB)

Top Dog Chews - Thick Cut 1 lb.

Top Dog Chews Pig Ear Strips are 100% all Natural. These are a rich source of omega 3 & 6 to help your dog maintain a healthy coat. These treats are easy to digest. Like with any treat, please supervise while chewing and make sure your dog has fresh water at all times.

  • Brand: Top Dog Chews
  • ASIN: B01FWK6XX0
  • UPC: 735255237115

Carolina Prime Pet 12111 Pig Ear Strips Treat For Dogs ( 1 Pouch), One Size

Carolina Prime Pet 12111 Pig Ear Strips Treat

Your dogs are sure to love Carolina Prime Pet dog treats. They are made in the USA, Lenoir NC specifically, and only contain top of the line, responsibly sourced ingredients.

  • Brand: Carolina Prime Pet
  • ASIN: B07DFM5158
  • UPC: 637255121107

Jumbo Pig Ears for Dogs Made In USA | Natural & 100% Whole Chews | Premium Bulk Pork Treats | Supports Dog Dental Health | Free Of Artificial Ingredients, Colors, Flavors | Thick Cut Ears | Prime Gnaw

Jumbo Pig Ears for Dogs Made In USA

Our pig ears for dogs aren't just artificial chews with a funny slang name, they're actual pig's ears from real pigs, making each a treat your dog can digest. You won't find any unusual ingredients that sound like the names of Star Wars characters in any of our pig ear products, just the tastiest, all-natural pork on the market today. Buy the gift that keeps tails wagging. Treat your pup to a pig's ear today! It can be pretty overwhelming to shop for dog chews and other dog treats. Your eyes start to glaze over as dozens of different kinds of brightly colored, stiff-looking dog chews stare back at you. They look made of plastic and less like they're edible, which makes picking out that perfect dog chews a task. Fortunately, our pig ears are the real deal, made without any artificial additives or flavors. We take the time to carefully slow roast each pig ear in its juices, making these yummy options that provide hours of chewing time to your beloved furball.

  • Brand: Pawstruck
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