Source Naturals Pomegranate Extract 500mg Complete Whole Fruit Ellagic Acid Antioxidant & Added Fiber - 240 Tablets

Source Naturals Pomegranate Extract 500mg Complete Whole Fruit

Pomegranates are native to the area between Iran and northern India. They are a rich red fruit loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, potassium, folic acid and iron.

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  • Brand: Source Naturals
  • ASIN: B001FWXU1I
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BlueBonnet Super Fruit Pomegranate Extract Supplement, 60 Count

BlueBonnet Super Fruit Pomegranate Extract Supplement, 60

Bluebonnet's Super Fruit Pomegranate Whole Fruit Extract Capsules offer a pomegranate extract from the whole fruit instead of just the seeds and skin where the most well researched and bioavailable active constituents - punicalagins - are most abundant. In fact, this unique whole fruit extract provides one of the highest levels of punicalagins on the market (160 mg/serving), which is responsible for its potent antioxidant activity and health benefits. Although punicalagins metabolize into smaller polyphenols, such as ellagic acid, the latter is not soluble in water and therefore poorly absorbed. That is why this formula offers inherently high amounts of punicalagins that are more bioavailable, better absorbed into the bloodstream, and more efficiently utilized by the body. Available in easy-to-swallow vegetable capsules for maximum assimilation and absorption.

  • Brand: BlueBonnet
  • ASIN: B0025PZJOA
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Jarrow Formulas PomeGuard, Supports Cardiovascular Function, 425 mg, 60 Veggie Caps

Jarrow Formulas PomeGuard, Supports Cardiovascular Function, 425 mg,

Jarrow Formulas PomeGuard, derived from 100% California Pomegranates, contains a wide range of polyphenolic compounds including ellagic acid, anthocyanins and ellagitannins. Contains only pomegranate fruit extract from 100% California Pomegranates - NO synthetic ellagic acid. PomeGuard: Supports cardiovascular function* Protects against the negative oxidative effects of free radicals* Supports healthy cell replication and function*

  • Brand: Jarrow
  • ASIN: B0013OXA5Y
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Natural & Pure Pomegranate Supplement For Women & Men - Powerful Antioxidant Pills + Immune System Booster - Best Energy Booster Supplements + Blood Pressure Control - Pure Capsules By Natures Craft

Natural & Pure Pomegranate Supplement For Women &

This natural and potent Pomegranate supplement is a powerful antioxidant that can help to boost the immune system and fight against the causes and symptoms of ill health - by Nature's Craft. These pills for women and men can help to lower cholesterol in general, but specifically LDL cholesterol, as well as aiding to bring down blood sugar levels that can be harmful to your health. Pomegranate can also help to improve cardiovascular health as well as controlling the symptoms of a poor heart. As well as the benefits to your health, these Pomegranate supplements can also be used as natural male enhancement pills and can boost libido for women and men. This large, 500 mg serving within the natural capsules provide enough punicalagins and punicic acid to make a real difference to your overall condition. These supplements for men and women are produced and packaged in a facility that may also handle shellfish, milk, fish, soy, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts and egg. The suggested use is to take one capsule one to three times a day, with meals, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

  • Brand: Natures Craft

Neocell Pomegranate from The Seed 90 Capsules

Neocell Pomegranate from The Seed 90

Pomegranate from the seed 90 capsule has three times the antioxidant benefits compared to the similar amounts of green tea or red wine, formulation: pomegranate from the seed is a natural pomegranate extract standardized to 70% ellagic add. Contains no sucrose, starch, yeast, wheat, corn, cholesterol, fat or other dairy products. Utilization: works as a strong antioxidant and anti-inammatory agent. Benefits: pomegranate's legendary health date back over 5,000 years, spreading throughout the far East, near East, Mediterranean, India, Africa, China, Europe, and the Americas. Modern scientic studies reveal pomegranate extract as one of the most active and superior antioxidants, higher than red grapes and green tea. Neocell uses pomegranate extract standard- ized to 70% ellagic add, a powerfully protective nutrient found in pomegranates. Suggested use as a dietary supplement take 1 caplet twice daily preferably with food. Or as directed by your healthcare professional. Supplement facts serving size: 2 vegetarian capsule, servings per container: 45 amount per serving% daily value, pomegranate extract (seed), (70% ellagic acid), 1000 mg. Daily value not established.

  • Brand: Neocell
  • ASIN: B001U2KLX8
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BulkSupplements Pomegranate Extract Powder (250 grams)

BulkSupplements Pomegranate Extract Powder (250

Ellagic Acid is found to occur naturally and has immensely important uses as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are important because they are able to protect healthy cells from damage by free radical molecules that seek to do damage to healthy cells. Ellagic Acid is found to be concentrated mostly in such foods as grapes, nuts, pomegranates, cranberries, and strawberries. This particular extract is derived from pomegranates and contains at least 40% Ellagic Acid.

  • Brand: BulkSupplements
  • ASIN: B00O3AFUW6
  • UPC: 849720013552

Life Extension Pomegranate Extract, 30 Vegetarian Capsules

Life Extension Pomegranate Extract, 30 Vegetarian

Life Extension Pomegranate Extract, 30 vegetarian capsules

  • Brand: Life Extension
  • ASIN: B000KI8R34
  • UPC: 737870956037

Navitas Organics Pomegranate Powder, 8 oz. Bag - Organic, Non-GMO, Freeze-Dried, Gluten-Free

Navitas Organics Pomegranate Powder, 8 oz. Bag -

Pomegranate Powder. It is a high quality healthy product. This product is good for health. This product is manufactured in united states.

  • Brand: Navitas Organics
  • ASIN: B001TNW23U
  • UPC: 078433420825

Puritans Pride Pomegranate Extract, 250 Mg, 120 Count

Puritans Pride Pomegranate Extract, 250 Mg, 120

Pomegranate contains important polyphenols (plant chemicals) that help promote antioxidant health and help fight cell damaging free radicals. This Pomegranate Extract is standardized 40% for ellagic acid, so you receive all of the goodness the pomegranate is famous for! Use as part of your healthy aging program.

  • Brand: Puritan's Pride
  • ASIN: B004R66REG
  • UPC: 025077135677

Sahale Snacks Pomegranate Vanilla Flavored Cashews Glazed Mix, 1.5 oz., Pack of 9 - Resealable Pouch, Nut Snacks with No Artificial Flavors, Preservatives or Colors, Gluten-Free Snacks

Sahale Snacks Pomegranate Vanilla Flavored Cashews Glazed Mix,

When you’re on the go to your next adventure, finding protein snacks can be difficult. Sahale Thai cashews glazed nut mix features the perfect blend of whole, dry-roasted cashews and peanuts mixed with sweet pineapples, toasted sesame seeds, sake, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, and lemongrass. The nut mix snacks are in a resealable pouch that helps keep them fresh, so you can enjoy a delicious nut mix in your home, office and more. These delicious peanuts and cashew mixed nuts are made with simple ingredients and are great Non-GMO* snacks. Plus, they’re made with no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, are Kosher and gluten-free** snacks. It all started on a mountain. It was back in August 2003, and two best friends were mountain climbing. They had excellent weather, beautiful views and great company. But one thing was missing - wholesome great-tasting snacks. They had no formal experience in the food industry, but that didn't stop them. They went back to their kitchen the very next day and created combinations of nuts, dried fruits and exotic spices. Many were inspired by a personal memory. While others were influenced by a culinary tradition from somewhere around the world. And so Sahale nuts mixes sprang into being. Pure ground Madagascar vanilla beans and all. W...

  • Brand: Sahale Snacks
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Neuro SLEEP Tangerine Dream, 14.5 fl oz Bottle (Pack of 12) (Packaging May Vary)

Neuro SLEEP Tangerine Dream, 14.5 fl oz Bottle

neuro SLEEP helps with the one thing we all love and probably don't get enough of: SLEEP.We all require different amounts of sleep. Anything less adds to a running total referred to as a sleep deficit. But with active lives and active minds (usually in the middle of the night), it's not always easy to get the rest we require.Melatonin-based neuro SLEEP offers a gentle push toward sleep, providing for some, the momentum needed for that highly coveted state known as restful sleep. Caution: Neuro SLEEP provides 3 mg of melatonin per bottle. Melatonin is not recommended for children or women who are pregnant or nursing without the advice of a physician. For more information on the safe use of neuro SLEEP.*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.

  • Brand: Neuro
  • ASIN: B00H1QG6FE
  • UPC: 899407015003

Garden of Life mykind Organic Plant Collagen Builder - Vegan Collagen Builder for Hair, Skin and Nail Health, 60 Tablets

Garden of Life mykind Organic Plant Collagen Builder

There are many collagen products on the market, but my kind organics organic plant collagen builder is certified usda organic, non-gmo project verified, made only from organic plant foods-and can build the body's own natural production of collagen. You can't build collagen by eating collagen. Collagen is a protein that is broken down by the digestive system. What you can do is feed your body the necessary co-nutrients needed for building collagen, such as those found in organic plant collagen builder. Made from over 30 real, nutritious organic, family-farmed whole foods, with specifically chosen ingredients to help support the body's own collagen production-organic plant collagen builder can help restore and maintain youthful levels of collagen, keratin and elastin-three proteins which promote the body's healthy, natural glow. Organic plant collagen builder contains silica from certified organic all natural bamboo extract which is a key co-nutrient for collagen production. Also included is high polyphenolic pomegranate to support skin health and protection from uv damage. Organic rooibos and organic green tea are known to fight free radicals which can support healthy, glowing skin, healthy teeth and bones. Then there's "beauty-boosting biotin" to support healthy hair, skin and na...

  • Brand: Garden of Life
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CLIF BAR - BLOKS Energy Chews 8 Flavor Variety Pack, 33 Calories Per Cube, Easy-to-Digest, Energy Boost, Fast Fuel, Vegan-Friendly, Non-GMO (2.12 Ounce Per Pack, 8 Count)

CLIF BAR - BLOKS Energy Chews 8 Flavor

CLIF BLOKS Energy Chews provide quick, chewable energy to athletes while training and racing. BLOKS come in 33 calorie cubes with a sleek and portable packaging that makes it easy to customize and track caloric and electrolyte intake during long outings and races. Perfect for running, hiking, biking, and other endurance sports. Take before or during your activity for fast fuel. CLIF BLOKS contain no animal-based ingredients so they are vegan-friendly.

  • Brand: Clif Bar
  • ASIN: B014HN21DY
  • UPC: 635665959525

Sanpellegrino Pomegranate and Orange Sparkling Fruit Beverage, 11.15 Fl. Oz Cans (24 Count)

Sanpellegrino Pomegranate and Orange Sparkling Fruit Beverage, 11.15

Tart and refreshing with a delicately sweet finish, Sanpellegrino Melograno e Arancia (Pomegranate & Orange) Sparkling Fruit Beverage combines the bold flavor of pomegranate with sun-ripened oranges. This traditional Italian Beverage is made with orange juice, a splash of pomegranate juice, and delicate sparkling water. Melograno e Arancia has a revitalizing flavor that truly embraces the bubbly, carefree lifestyle of Italy. Simply peel back the foil cover on the can and enjoy the Life Deliziosa. Since 1932, Sanpellegrino has crafted sparkling fruit beverages inspired by homemade Aranciata, a traditional Italian beverage made with fruit juice, carbonated water and real sugar. With this inspiration, we’ve created a variety of non-alcoholic citrus flavored sparkling beverages featuring fruit juice and authentic ingredients. Our sparkling fruit beverages have no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. Sanpellegrino Melograno e Arancia is perfect on a hot summer afternoon, it is delicious on it's own and can also be paired with fresh fruits and spices to create a unique cocktail experience. Open a can and with one sip of Sanpellegrino Pomegranate & Orange, you’ll be transported to the sun-drenched citrus groves of Southern Italy, allowing you to enjoy the Life De...

  • Color: Purple
  • Brand: San Pellegrino
  • ASIN: B00R1F3XFQ
  • UPC: 041508511810

Capri Blue Volcano Candle, 19 oz (503)

Capri Blue Volcano Candle, 19 oz

Capri Blue has become the destination for unique fragrances and vibrant vessels. Pulling inspiration from fashion and home, they take striking visuals and twist them with complex fragrance to create a truly engaging combination for your senses. Immerse yourself in unique flair and personality - let Capri Blue infuse your space with color and bring a touch of style to your day!

  • Color: Capri Blue
  • Brand: Capri Blue
  • UPC: 885471795286
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