EasyPro PCT1014 Pond Garden Cover Protective Net Tent Dome Netting 10ft by 14ft

EasyPro PCT1014 Pond Garden Cover Protective Net Tent

A complete pond protection option!When leaves & other windblown debris get into your pond, they add unwanted nutrients to the water, causing algae & other unwanted plant growth. Pond nets offer good protection until the leaves get wet & heavy and end up in the water.In the garden, creates a quick protective dome that keeps deer, birds, and other pests away from your vegetables. Easy to get into for weeding or harvesting - just lift up, no need to take it down or remove it.The heavy duty fiberglass poles provide support for the net, allowing leaves to run off. Also works great for protecting fish against unwanted predators - raccoons, birds, etc.Available in both 8ft x 10ft (PTC810) and 10ft x 14ft (PTC1014) - larger than other common covers.Extra sturdy fiberglass poles are larger diameter than current models for increased strength. Strong 3/8" nylon mesh will last for years and is finer than most other brands to keep out more debris. Full 12" wide band around the bottom with tie down loops for extra strength and durability. Mesh netting is securely held to frame by full length sleeves rather than cheap plastic clips. Simple two person assembly can be completed and installed over pond in just a few minutes. Dark mesh allows easy viewing of pond even with cover in place. These cov...

  • Brand: EasyPro+
  • ASIN: B073QX5V4Y
  • UPC: 812506016542

Nycon KK-01 Koi Kastle (Aluminum and Mesh) 18 x 12 x 5.5 Inches

Nycon KK-01 Koi Kastle (Aluminum and Mesh) 18

Pond fish hide inside the Koi Kastle for protection from predators. It also provides fish shade on sunny days. The Koi Kastle has an aluminum frame with a fiberglass mesh cover. It measures 18 inches long, 12 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall.

  • Brand: Nycon
  • ASIN: B000P6EH3K
  • UPC: 722543440104

Agfabric Garden Bird Netting Anti Bird Protection Net Fruit Vegetables Flower Garden Pond Netting, 25x100ft, White

Agfabric Garden Bird Netting Anti Bird Protection Net

Agfabric Bird Net Garden Netting Specialize in netting field over 10 years, Mr. Garden has a professional team to provide you the best designed and high quality products at competitive prices. Excellent service and fast delivery guaranteed. 1. Customization accepted. 2. Reusable, last long. Easy to install and put away. 3. A must for gardeners, keep your fruit away from birds. 4. Suitable for grape trees, apple trees, orange trees, berries, kiwi, etc. Material: Nylon, UV resistant Color: White Width: 6', 7', 10', 14', 25'... Lifetime: 3-10 years Advantages Easy to install-Cover it directly against the fruit tree or any frame. High quality -Knotted desing, eco-friendly, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet and anti-pulling. Wide application -Widely used for garden and agricultural purpose, keeping out birds and insects, and enhancing plants. Mainly used for fruit and vegetables such as radish, eggplant, melons, beans, etc.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Agfabric
  • ASIN: B071RR6ZPD
  • UPC: 651989063519

Dewitt PN302030 Deluxe Pond Protection Net, 20 X 30 Foot

Dewitt PN302030 Deluxe Pond Protection Net, 20 X

DeWitt Deluxe 20' x 30' Pond Netting is an environmentally safe polypropylene material similar to DeWitt's knitted shade fabric used by many greenhouse growers. Deluxe Pond Netting is constructed with 1/4" mesh knitted strands that are bonded together. It is much stronger and more durable than the old 3/4" mesh net that this product replaces! It is also UV-treated for long life in the sun. Helps keep leaves, debris, predators and children out of ponds.

  • Color: black
  • Brand: DeWitt
  • ASIN: B000B7MWEE
  • UPC: 042579815227

Koi Kastle 12"x24" (Aluminum and Mesh)

Koi Kastle 12"x24" (Aluminum and

Tired of blue herons and other pond predators snacking on your fish. The Nycon Koi Kastle Fish Shelter is the perfect solution for ponders looking to provide refuge for their koi and other pond fish. This pond fish shelter comes in an aluminum frame with fiberglass mesh. The Koi Kastle is 24" L x 14" W x 9" H and makes a great retreat from intense summer sunlight.

  • Color: black
  • Brand: Nycon
  • ASIN: B000P6D7HC
  • UPC: 722543440029

EasyPro+ PCT1317 Deluxe Pond & Garden Cover Tent Dome Netting 13x17 Feet, 3/8 Inch Mesh -Protection from Debris and Pests, Includes Sturdy Poles & Zipper, UV Resistant

EasyPro+ PCT1317 Deluxe Pond & Garden Cover Tent

IDEAL NET COVER FOR PONDS & GARDENSThe EasyPro PCT1317 Deluxe Pond and Garden Cover Tent Dome Netting is perfect for protecting a water garden or vegetable patch. Covering an area that is 13 feet by 17 feet, it keeps out fallen leaves, other debris, pets and wildlife.SMALL MESH OPENINGSThis netting features openings that are only 3/8 inch wide. Made of strong, black, nylon, the netting is designed to resist degradation from ultraviolet light.INCLUDES NETTING, POLES & MOREThe tent dome netting, fiberglass poles, stakes and storage bag are included. The provided full length sleeves hold the netting to the frame.Protect your water feature or garden with the EasyPro PCT1317 Deluxe Pond and Garden Cover Tent Dome Netting.Click "Add to Cart" now!

  • Brand: EasyPro+
  • UPC: 812506017051

Submersible Water Pump Ultra Quiet with Pre-Filter and Dry Burning Protection 210GPH for Fountains, Hydroponics, Ponds, Aquariums & More

Submersible Water Pump Ultra Quiet with Pre-Filter and

Product Advantages ☑Dry running protection:We have better dry running protection that could cut off the power supply. so you do not need to worry about the pump will burn out when there is no water or forget to cut off the power supply when you out for a trip. ☑Easy:with the buckle design, you could assemble and disassemble product easily and clean it easily. ☑Ultra Quiet Design &Ceramics Shaft Rotor: The reliable and durable Rotor insures long pump life and does not produce much noise, and giving you quiet environment. Product Parameter Dimension: L3.8*W2.75*H2.8(in) Voltage: AC 120V Outlet Diameter: 13mm Power:17W Max Flow Rate:300 GPH Max Head:6.3ft Tips 1.Please read the User Manual before using 2. Please use socket with stable voltage and keep the motor running within rated power to ensure long lifespan.  3. When changing water, please disconnect power supply.  4. Please clean it regularly in case of debris blockage, the pump would make noises if blocked.  5.Please note if the water level, layout of the water tank match the bump power before purchasing. If the water is too little and do not complete overlay of the water pump, it will reduce the pump's life time seriously.  Package 1*Pump 1*Instruction manual 4*nozzles

  • Color: Black-210GPH
  • Brand: yuanhua
  • UPC: 692232018580

Custom Pro Heavy Duty Pond UNDERLAYMENT for Liner Protection - 15x20 Feet / 300 Square Foot Lightweight Fabric Barrier Mat Protects EPDM, Plastic and PVC Liners from Holes, Tears and Animals

Custom Pro Heavy Duty Pond UNDERLAYMENT for Liner

PREVENTS POND LINER TEARSCustom Pro Heavy Duty Pond Underlayment for Liner Protection gives your pond liner superb protection against rips and holes. Underlayment, or underliner, increases a pond liner's puncture resistance by 415 percent compared to pond liner used alone. This black underlayment fabric protects pond liner from sharp objects, such as rocks and glass. The padding even protects it from burrowing animals. STRONG YET LIGHTWEIGHTEven though this underlayment is heavy duty protection against punctures, it is lightweight. The material is easy to install in a water feature. It is a tough, thick, non-woven, 60 mil geotextile.VERSATILE AND SAFEThis underlayment is effective in any kind of pond, water garden or other waterscape. It is also safe for use in a water feature where koi, different types of fish and plants live.Use Custom Pro Heavy Duty Pond Underlayment for Liner Protection in your pond or other water feature.Click "Add to Cart" now!

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Custom Pro
  • ASIN: B076X7VL2Y
  • UPC: 719239687332

Pond H2o Blue Heron Decoy with Legs & Stake 30'' (76cm) Tall

Pond H2o Blue Heron Decoy with Legs &

The most common and widely used koi fish pond and water garden decoy is the Blue Heron Decoy.  Herons are generally the biggest natural problem for koi fish ponds.  Usually because ponds are generally clear filtered water with brightly colored goldfish and koi, its no wonder why they can be treated like the local sushi restaurant.  The popular Blue Heron Decoy helps to keep Herons away from your pond by using the herons desire to fish alone against them. Herons are solitary creatures so the idea is they see a heron from above already at the pond and carry on to another place to feed.  Heron decoys are more effective if moved around the pond every 3-4 days and removed in the Spring mating season. This heron deterrent can be used in conjunction with our other products, if desired, to increase the chances of protecting your fish should a heron land by your pond.   Easy to Use: Place the heron deterrent near the pond. Comes complete with legs and a ground stake for added support.  It is recommended that one heron decoy should be used every 50 feet of shoreline. Bear in mind that the Blue Heron decoy may actually attract the birds during the mating season so it may be best to remove the decoy at this time of year. This heron deterrent can be used in conjunction with our other p...

  • Brand: Pond H2o

AEO Dry-Run Protection 12V-24V DC Brushless Submersible Water Pump, 410GPH, for Solar Fountain, Fish Pond, and Aquarium

AEO Dry-Run Protection 12V-24V DC Brushless Submersible Water

AEO WP50D Dry-run protection brush-less water pump can be used for both indoor and outdoor, powered by using any DC (Direct Current) Power Source, i.e. DC Battery, Solar Panel, etc. The pump is designed with latest brush-less with locked rotor protected motor technology along with Dry-run protection feature; The advantages of this technology is the long life, easy maintenance and high efficiency. Dry-run protection automatic deactivate motor when no water running through the pump prevent impeller damaged. Water Pump could be operated continuously 24/7 for more than 20,000 hours without worry parts wear out; Motor has no seals by tapes or glue, does not require oil for lubrication, safe for pond fish and aquatic plants. Pump works for fish ponds, fresh and saltwater aquariums, fountains and in filter, hydroponic or aquaponics systems. When connect to Solar Panel, the performance of the pump varies based on sunlight intensity and the incident angle.

  • Brand: AEO
  • UPC: 675595763175
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