Radical Frontiers in the Spaghetti Western: Politics, Violence and Popular Italian Cinema (International Library of Visual Culture)

Radical Frontiers in the Spaghetti Western: Politics, Violence

Ever more popular in the age of DVDs and online fandom, the Spaghetti Westerns of the 1960s have undergone a mainstream renaissance which has nevertheless left their relationship to the troubled politics of 1960s Italy unexamined. Radical Frontiers in the Spaghetti Western reappraises the genre in relation to the revolutionary New Left and the events of 1968 to uncover the complexities of a cinematic milieu often dismissed as formulaic. Establishing the backdrop of postwar Italy in which the Roman studio system actively blended Italian and American culture, Austin Fisher looks in detail at the works of Damiano Damiani, Sergio Sollima, Sergio Corbucci, Giulio Questi and Giulio Petroni, revealing how these directors reformatted the Hollywood Western to yield new resonance for militant constituencies and radical groups. Radical Frontiers in the Spaghetti Western identifies the main variants of these militant Westerns, which brazenly endorsed violent peasant insurrection in the 'Mexico' of the popular imagination, turning the camera on the hitherto heroic colonialists of the West and exposing the brutal mechanisms of a society infested with latent fascism. The ways in which the films' artistic failures reflectthe ideological confusions of the radical groups is examined and the genre'...


A History of Italian Cinema

A History of Italian

A History of Italian Cinema, 2nd edition is the much anticipated update from the author of the bestselling Italian Cinema - which has been published in four landmark editions and will celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2018. Building upon decades of research, Peter Bondanella and Federico Pacchioni reorganize the current History in order to keep the book fresh and responsive not only to the actual films being created in Italy in the twenty-first century but also to the rapidly changing priorities of Italian film studies and film scholars.The new edition brings the definitive history of the subject, from the birth of cinema to the present day, up to date with a revised filmography as well as more focused attention on the melodrama, the crime film, and the historical drama. The book is expanded to include a new generation of directors as well as to highlight themes such as gender issues, immigration, and media politics. Accessible, comprehensive, and heavily illustrated throughout, this is an essential purchase for any fan of Italian film.

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Italian Cinema: From Neorealism to the Present

Italian Cinema: From Neorealism to the

  • Brand: Brand: Continuum
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Popular Italian Cinema

Popular Italian

Exciting new critical perspectives on popular Italian cinema including melodrama, poliziesco, the mondo film, the sex comedy, missionary cinema and the musical. The book interrogates the very meaning of popular cinema in Italy to give a sense of its complexity and specificity in Italian cinema, from early to contemporary cinema.

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Voluptuous Terrors: 120 Horror And SF Film Posters From Italy (Art Of Cinema)

Voluptuous Terrors: 120 Horror And SF Film Posters

Classic Italian film poster art is renowned as being among the most accomplished, creative and dynamic of its kind. From the post-war period through to the 1980s, Italian artists consistently produced posters with sumptuously stunning designs and imagery ― not least in the science fiction and horror genres, for which compositions almost invariably included curvaceous female figures in jeopardy, juxtaposed with the iconography of fantasy and terror."Voluptuous Terrors" collects 120 film posters by a wide range of acclaimed Italian artists, created for both indigenous and foreign-language film productions. Classic science fiction, pulp horror, and giallo movies all figure in full-color, full-page reproductions showcasing some of the world's most innovative and seductive poster design.Art of Cinema is a new series of high-quality art and design publications.

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Radical Frontiers in the Spaghetti Western: Politics, Violence and Popular Italian Cinema (International Library of Visual Culture)

Radical Frontiers in the Spaghetti Western: Politics, Violence

Though 1960s European cinema frequently reflected the shifting ideological tides which now characterise the era in the popular imagination, the complex and extensive relationship of the Italian - or 'Spaghetti' - Western to these political ferments has gone almost entirely unnoticed. Radical Frontiers in the Spaghetti Western fills this gap as the first in-depth analysis of militant political trends in the Italian Western. Providing a detailed, historically-grounded examination of the films of Damiano Damiani, Sergio Sollima and Sergio Corbucci, Austin Fisher reveals how and why these filmmakers responded to international and national events by inscribing Italian Far Left revolutionary doctrine, and a legitimacy of violence, into the genre. Offering fresh perspectives across the Western genre while recasting the Spaghetti's influential position in exploitation cinema, Fisher brings the genre more firmly into the tradition of European political filmmaking.

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A Companion to Italian Cinema (Wiley Blackwell Companions to National Cinemas)

A Companion to Italian Cinema (Wiley Blackwell Companions

Written by leading figures in the field, A Companion to Italian Cinema re-maps Italian cinema studies, employing new perspectives on traditional issues, and fresh theoretical approaches to the exciting history and field of Italian cinema. Offers new approaches to Italian cinema, whose importance in the post-war period was unrivalled Presents a theory based approach to historical and archival material Includes work by both established and more recent scholars, with new takes on traditional critical issues, and new theoretical approaches to the exciting history and field of Italian cinema Covers recent issues such as feminism, stardom, queer cinema, immigration and postcolonialism, self-reflexivity and postmodernism, popular genre cinema, and digitalization A comprehensive collection of essays addressing the prominent films, directors and cinematic forms of Italian cinema, which will become a standard resource for academic and non-academic purposes alike

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Comedy Italian Style: The Golden Age of Italian Film Comedies

Comedy Italian Style: The Golden Age of Italian

This book explores the work of Dino Risi with The Easy Life (1962), The Monsters (1963), The New Monsters (1977), and Scent of a Woman (1974), Mario Monicelli with Big Deal on Madonna Street (1958), The Great War (1959), and Amici miei (1975), also Pietro Germi with Divorce Italian Style (1961), as well as filmmakers as disparate as Federico Fellini with Amarcord (1973), Ettore Scola with Down and Dirty (1976), Lina Wertmüller with Swept Away (1974), Luigi Comencini with The Scientific Cardplayer (1972) and many others. In addition the volume explains how the genre was able to reveal during two decades (1960s and 1970s) many acting talents and confirmed the future legacy of picturesque icons such as Alberto Sordi, Nino Manfredi, Vittorio Gassman, Stefania Sandrelli, Claudia Cardinale, Monica Vitti, Giancarlo Giannini and Ugo Tognazzi, all of whom depicted the Italian resilience in the utmost idiosyncratic manner.

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Stardom, Italian Style: Screen Performance and Personality in Italian Cinema (New Directions in National Cinemas)

Stardom, Italian Style: Screen Performance and Personality in

Marcia Landy examines the history of Italian celebrity culture and ponders the changing qualities of stardom in the 20th and 21st centuries. She considers the historical conditions for the rise of stardom in the context of various media, from the silent era to contemporary media, tracking how stardom shapes national and international identities. The phenomenon of the diva in the early European cinema, the invention of new stars in the sound cinema, the postwar impact on stardom through the introduction of changing forms of narration in popular genres, and the contributions to the changing faces of stardom through the films and the personas of such auteurs as Rosselini, Visconti, Fellini, and Pasolini are examined in Stardom, Italian Style. Landy's genealogy of Italian star images identifies their connections to social history, landscape and geography, conceptions of femininity and masculinity, the physical and virtual body, regionalism, technology, and leisure.

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Popular Italian Cinema: Culture and Politics in a Postwar Society (International Library of Visual Culture)

Popular Italian Cinema: Culture and Politics in a

With its monsters, vampires, and cowboys, Italian popular culture in the post-war period has generally been dismissed as a form of evasion or escapism. Here, four international scholars re-examine and reinterpret the era to show that popular Italian cinema was not only in tune with contemporary political and social trends, it also presaged the turmoil and rebellion of the 1960s and 1970s. Their analysis of peplum (or “sword and sandal”) films, horror films, spaghetti westerns, and comedy Italian-style shows how genre cinema reflected the changes wrought by modernization, urbanization, consumerist culture, and the sexual revolution. With striking insights into the links between popular culture and politics, this book will be indispensable for specialists in film and media studies, Italian and cultural studies, as well as social history.

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