Pre-Columbian Architecture in Mesoamerica

Pre-Columbian Architecture in

An authoritative and magnificently illustrated survey of Mesoamerican architecture from pre-Olmec times to the Spanish conquest. Pre-Columbian Architecture in Mesoamerica is destined to become a standard reference for the serious student and an intellectual delight for the interested amateur. This authoritative yet accessible study begins with an overview of the aesthetics, meanings, functions, and techniques of Mesoamerican architecture, and then proceeds to survey the historical development of the builder's art in each of the region's cultural areas. As readers travel from the the Maya heartland of Guatemala and the Yucatan to the Aztec stronghold of the Valley of Mexico, and all the way to the northern hinterlands of Mesoamerica, they will gain an appreciation of both the unity and the diversity of the region's architecture. The concluding chapter is devoted to the descriptions of architecture that have survived in Mayan and Aztec texts; it includes a unique and valuable glossary of the relevant glyphs. The main text is illustrated with color photographs of the spectacular remains of pyramids, palaces, and plazas, while a scholarly appendix presents maps, plans, and drawings of the most important sites and structures.

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Precolumbian Architecture in Eastern North America (Florida Museum of Natural History: Ripley P. Bullen Series)

Precolumbian Architecture in Eastern North America (Florida Museum

"An invaluable, splendidly illustrated overview of the grand construction projects of the precolumbian inhabitants of eastern North America."--Eduard F. Sekler, professor emeritus of architecture, Harvard UniversityWilliam Morgan, one of the nation's renowned architects, analyzes prehistoric architecture beginning more than 6,000 years ago and continuing through two periods of stunning creativity before Columbus’s arrival in the New World. Magnificently illustrated with scaled drawings and aerial and eye-level photographs, it is the most comprehensive overview to date of ancient eastern North American monuments. Morgan organizes the book in three periods: the beginnings of architecture dating from 4000 B.C., at such sites as Watson Brake and Poverty Point in Louisiana; the first extraordinary era of architectural achievement near the beginning of the Christian era, at the ceremonial centers of the Ohio Valley; and the period just preceding Columbus's arrival, at the remarkable temple towns of the Mississippi Valley.    In a clearly and concisely written account, Morgan describes architectural characteristics of 96 precolumbian sites and offers razor-sharp graphics and supplementary information about each. In addition, 12 well-known sites--such as Stonehenge, the Acropolis,...

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Pre-Columbian Architecture of Mesoamerica (History of World Architecture)

Pre-Columbian Architecture of Mesoamerica (History of World

A pictorial and descriptive study of styles and ornamental elements representative of Mesoamerican architectural achievements from the Olmec civilization to the Spanish Conquest

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The Art & Architecture of the Incas

The Art & Architecture of the

This is the story of the ancient Andean art, exploring the development of fine and applied art and architecture. Site plans, maps and over 250 illustrations represent the very finest buildings and artworks of these cultures. It is the perfect introduction to the subject for anyone who wishes to find out more about these extraordinary peoples who have helped shape the cultural development of our world.

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Urban Planning in Pre-Columbian America (Planning & Cities)

Urban Planning in Pre-Columbian America (Planning &

Book by Hardoy, Jorge E.

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Pre-Columbian Architecture: The Great Ages Of World Architecture

Pre-Columbian Architecture: The Great Ages Of World

Format Paperback Subject Literary Collections

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Pre-Columbian Architecture


Book by Robertson, D.

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The Art of Urbanism: How Mesoamerican Kingdoms Represented Themselves in Architecture and Imagery (Dumbarton Oaks Pre-Columbian Symposia and Colloquia)

The Art of Urbanism: How Mesoamerican Kingdoms Represented

The Art of Urbanism explores how the royal courts of powerful Mesoamerican centers represented their kingdoms in architectural, iconographic, and cosmological terms. Through an investigation of the ecological contexts and environmental opportunities of urban centers, the contributors consider how ancient Mesoamerican cities defined themselves and reflected upon their physical—and metaphysical—place via their built environment. Themes in the volume include the ways in which a kingdom’s public monuments were fashioned to reflect geographic space, patron gods, and mythology, and how the Olmec, Maya, Mexica, Zapotecs, and others sought to center their world through architectural monuments and public art. This collection of papers addresses how communities leveraged their environment and built upon their cultural and historical roots as well as the ways that the performance of calendrical rituals and other public events tied individuals and communities to both urban centers and hinterlands. Twenty-three scholars from archaeology, anthropology, art history, and religious studies contribute new data and new perspectives to the understanding of ancient Mesoamericans’ own view of their spectacular urban and ritual centers.

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Maya Art and Architecture (World of Art)

Maya Art and Architecture (World of

“In addition to serving as an introduction to Maya art, the book communicates enthusiasm for the art’s aesthetic power and grace.” ―Choice Rewritten and updated to include the discoveries and new theories from the past decade and a half, this classic guide to the art of the ancient Maya is now illustrated in color throughout. World expert Mary Miller and her co-author Megan O’Neil take the reader through the visual world of the Maya, explaining how and why they created the paintings, sculpture, and monuments that intrigue and compel people the world over. With an array of new material, including the newly found La Corona panels, Waka’ figurines, and the Dz’ibanche’ staircase; studies of the monuments at Palenque, Zotz, and elsewhere; and paintings discovered in recent years; this new edition will be essential reading for students and scholars―and for travelers to the cities of this mysterious civilization. 254 illustrations, 191 in color

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Function and Meaning in Classic Maya Architecture (Dumbarton Oaks Pre-Columbian Symposia and Colloquia)

Function and Meaning in Classic Maya Architecture (Dumbarton

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