INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter (10 MegOhm/UL)

INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter (10

The INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter is the pros choice for a high quality multimeter. The pro quality features help pinpoint engine problems while the 10 MegOhm impedance prevents damage to the ECU. Includes temperature probe to measure temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Use the inductive pick up to vehicle RPM (including coil on plug vehicles). This unit provides hands-free testing and includes test lead holders. Additional features includes auto-ranging, auto shut-off, over-load protection, automatic zero adjustment and reverse polarity protection. The min/max and hold buttons save retrieved data and the rugged corner guards provide drop protection. The INNOVA 3340 is great for testing alternator diodes, duty cycle, solenoids, breaker points, wiring, switches, and more.

  • Brand: Innova
  • UPC: 042173033409

Fluke 88V 1000V Automotive Multimeter

Fluke 88V 1000V Automotive

Fluke digital automotive multimeter is designed to help automotive professionals solve problems faster. This digital multimeter has the measurement functions, troubleshooting features and accuracy to solve virtually any problem with conventional and hybrid vehicles. The automotive test functions include dc and ac voltage, resistance and current. There is a min/max recording for logging the highest and lowest readings overtime automatically storing them for later use. With the autohold feature you can capture stable readings with one touch of the leads.

  • Color: Automotive Multimeter
  • Brand: Fluke
  • ASIN: B000WTB67K
  • UPC: 095969012447

Fluke 88 V/A KIT Automotive Multimeter Combo Kit

Fluke 88 V/A KIT Automotive Multimeter Combo

The Fluke 88 V/A KIT Automotive Multimeter Combo Kit comes with the 88 Series V automotive multimeter, silicone test leads, alligator clips, test probes, inductive RPM pick-up probe, ToolPak magnetic meter hanging kit, temperature probe, two automotive backprobe pins, insulation piercing probe, and a durable carrying case. The digital multimeter (also known as a multitester) is designed for use in high energy environments such as those found on hybrid vehicles and measures AC/DC voltage up to 1,000V, AC/DC current to 10 amp (20 amp for a maximum of 30 seconds), frequency to 200 kilohertz, resistance to 50 megaohms, capacitance to 9,999 microfarads, temperature from -200 to +1090 degrees C (-328 to +1994 degrees F) and includes continuity and diode tests. The 6,000-count resolution, 3-3/4 digit digital display has a bright white backlight for readability in low-light conditions with a 4-1/2 digit mode for precise measurements and displays an analog bar graph which is useful for fast-changing or unstable signals. The meter performs millisecond pulse width measurements for fuel injectors and has Min./Max.-Average recording as well as a Min./Max. Alert to automatically capture variations. A duty cycle indicates the percentage of time a signal is above or below the trigger level durin...

  • Color: Automotive Multimeter Combo Kit
  • Brand: Fluke
  • ASIN: B005T5G38E
  • UPC: 601000676761

Multimeter Voltage Tester Digital Battery Circuit Automotive Temperature Frequency Continuity Capacitance Resistance True rms 6000 Counts Ohm Volt Amp AC DC NCV Measurement Live Line detector Non-Cont

Multimeter Voltage Tester Digital Battery Circuit Automotive Temperature

MD22V Digital Multimeter tester is advanced multifunctional, high precision voltage detector with True RMS and 6000 counts LCD backlit display. This multimeter effectively and accurately measures AC/DC Voltage, Current and Resistance, Continuity and Diode, Temperature and Capacitance, Inductance Battery and many more! If you want to test any switch, voltage or a power supply, battery, harmonic current or distortion, or maybe you are looking for wires or other connections that may be corroded or broken, then high precision multi tester is exactly what you need! Check out the list below for full multimeter specifications and features. Product Specifications: DC Voltage: 600mV/6V/60V/600V/1000V AC Voltage: 6V/60V/600V/750V Resistance (Ω): 600/6k/60k/6M/60MΩ Capacitance: 6nF/60nF/600nF/6uF/60uF/600uF/6mF/100mF Frequency: 60/600/6k/60k/600k/6M/10MHz Duty: 5% ~ 95% ℃/℉: -20℃~1000℃/-4℉~1832℉ ACA: 60mA/600mA/20A DCA: 60uA/60mA/600mA/20A HFE: 0-1000 Product Features: Display: 6000 counts ACV/ACA TRMS Hz: 10 MHz Capacitance: 100 mF Continuity: Sound and LED Alarmed Diode Test, HFE, Live Line Test Sound and LED Alarmed, Work light, Low Battery Indication, Auto Power Off, Auto Ranging. General Specifications: Power supply: 4 x 1.5V AA Weight: 380 gr Size: 190mm x 89mm x 50mm Th...

  • Brand: GoLIFEuP
  • ASIN: B074JLPJ61
  • UPC: 656165326495

Actron CP7677 AutoTroubleShooter - Digital Multimeter and Engine Analyzer for Automotive Professionals

Actron CP7677 AutoTroubleShooter - Digital Multimeter and Engine

Actron's AutoTroubleShooter professional level meter is a highly versatile tool that performs all standard and automotive specific electrical tests for on-car and on-bench troubleshooting, including: tach, dwell, volts, ohms, and diode tests on both 6V and 12V systems. Perfect for testing starting and charging systems, ignition and fuel delivery systems, and helps locate faulty wiring and components. The extra-large, easy-to-read digital LCD display features an on-screen test leads connection reminder, automatic reverse polarity indication, and low battery indicator. UL and ETL listed tool has automatic zero adjust, overload protection on all ranges, 10 MΩ impedance, is switchable between 4, 6, 8 cylinder modes, and hold button to retain display data. Includes: protective boot, fold-out stand, detachable color-coded test leads, alligator clips, quick start guide, and detailed downloadable instructions with test procedures, diagrams and more in English, Spanish, and French. Requires one 9V battery (not included).

  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: Actron
  • ASIN: B0002LZU7K
  • UPC: 021467076773

Proster 24pcs Multimeter Test Lead Kit Electrical Multitester Leads Automotive Multimeter Probe Alligator Clips Replaceable Volt Clamp Meter Leads Electronic Test Leads

Proster 24pcs Multimeter Test Lead Kit Electrical Multitester

Specifications: Leads: CAT III 1000V, 20A (Max) Test Probes: CAT III 1000V, 20A (Max) Big Alligator Clips: 1000V, 32A (Max) Small Alligator Clips: 300V, 15A (Max) Package Included: 2 x Mini Spring Test Hook Clips 2 x Mini Test Leads; 2 x Small Alligator Clips 2 x Big Alligator Clips 8 x Special Tip Probes 2 x Test Extension Line 2 x Spade Plug 2 x Test Probes 2 x Probes

  • Color: 24 PCS
  • Brand: Proster
  • ASIN: B07DW6Q2J3

Carfidant milPRO Professional Paint Meter Thickness Gauge for Automotive Car Use - Works on Steel and Aluminum Panels F NF - Detailers, Auto Body, Paintless Dent Repair, & Car Dealers PDR Tools

Carfidant milPRO Professional Paint Meter Thickness Gauge for

The Carfidant milPRO is a sophisticated and precise car paint meter that will electronically measure the paint thickness on a vehicle's surface. It was specifically designed to meet the needs of automotive dealers, car enthusiasts, detailing professionals as well as any car shopper. Developed exclusively in USA by fellow automotive professionals and enthusiasts, the milPRO is an essential tool that will help identify previously wrecked and repainted vehicles. It is a secret weapon in any car shopper's arsenal. It is also essential to anyone who is serious about detailing his or her vehicle without damaging the paint. Finally, it is an absolute must for any auto dealer. - Designed in USA exclusively by Automotive Professionals & Enthusiasts - Pre-calibrated for steel & aluminum car body panels - Ideal for any automotive dealer, car enthusiast, detailing professional or a regular car shopper - Modern design with aluminum base - Large Backlit LCD Display - LED Reading Confirmation Light - Integrated Probe for an easy to use design - Does NOT require calibration under normal operating conditions - Calibration Accessories included - Thickness Range of 0-1250µm (0-50mils) - 2 year warranty What's included? - Carfidant milPRO Paint Meter - Calibration Foils - Substrate ( Steel ) - S...

  • ASIN: B072J5W7C8

Autoranging Multimeter Test for Temperature AC/DC Voltage, Current, Resistance, Continuity, Capacitance, Frequency,Diodes Transistors

Autoranging Multimeter Test for Temperature AC/DC Voltage, Current,

  • Brand: Thsinde
  • ASIN: B075WRQYX5
  • UPC: 699747921176

INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital

The INNOVA 3320 is a Auto-Ranging Multimeter designed to safely and accurately troubleshoot a variety of automotive and household electrical problems. It's auto-ranging scales eliminate the need to dial in the correct range when making electronic measurements. The 10 MegOhm input is safe for automotive and household uses (i.e., household outlets, fuses, wiring, general-purpose batteries, vehicle battery and charging system, automotive circuits and more). The color-coded LEDs allow you to quickly check household batteries (green = good, yellow = weak and red = replace). Includes attachable test leads, holders and stand for hands free use and features protective rubber corner guards for drop protection. The INNOVA 3320 has a single setting resistance function for AC and DC voltage.

  • Color: standart
  • Brand: Innova
  • UPC: 001910645411

BlueDriver Automotive Multimeter (Auto Ranging)

BlueDriver Automotive Multimeter (Auto

Automotive Multimeter (Auto Ranging)

  • Brand: BlueDriver
  • ASIN: B07CQ5PD2W
  • UPC: 822195000142

Digital Multimeter, Morpilot Auto-Ranging 6000 Counts DC/AC Voltage & Current, Resistance, Frequency, Continuity, Capacitance, Diode, Temperature, 3.0 Inch Backlight Large LCD Display & Test Leads

Digital Multimeter, Morpilot Auto-Ranging 6000 Counts DC/AC Voltage

  • Color: Digital Multimeter
  • Brand: Keenstone
  • ASIN: B078JDL61X
  • UPC: 697691168500

Linkstyle DC 12V 24V Car Voltmeter with LED Digital Display Panel, Waterproof Voltage Gauge Meter with Terminals for Boat Marine Vehicle Motorcycle Truck ATV UTV Car with Blue Light

Linkstyle DC 12V 24V Car Voltmeter with LED

Specification:Type: 12V Digital Voltage Gauge for Car Material: Copper + ABS Plastic Display: LED Measuring Range: 8V-26V DC Dimension: 2.36x1.73x1.18in(60x44x30mm) Net weight: 0.91oz(26g)

  • Color: Blue with panel
  • Brand: Linkstyle
  • UPC: 738944208717

Voltcraft Current Clamp Meter VC330; CAT II 600 V, CAT III 300 V, 2000 Counts, Compact and Robust, AC/DC Current Reading, Multimeter Functions, True RMS Readings, Resistance Reading

Voltcraft Current Clamp Meter VC330; CAT II 600

Description These ultracompact entry-level clamp meters feature state-of-the-art ergonomic technology and represent excellent value for money. It enables non-contact current readings & additional multimeter functions. The clamp attachment makes separating circuits completely unnecessary. It is also perfect for all things automotive and solar energy as the meter comes with a DC reading function. Robust and handy The shock-proof device features a composite enclosure including a protective rubber layer and it also provides lots of grip. Clamp meter for no-break current readings The clamp meter enables non-contact AC and DC readings, it takes current readings without the need to switch off and separate power circuits, preventing plant downtime. True RMS readings ensure accuracy True RMS measurement enables reading of asymmetrical voltage and amperage with wave forms other than a sinus. Factory calibration ensures accurate readings Calibration according to manufacturer standards is part of Voltcraft Quality Assurance. Ensuring high quality products and compliance with tolerance limits as outlined in the user manual. This does not include certification. Features Reads: AC/DC current (range: 2 A, 20 A, 100 A) AC/DC voltage Resistance Capacitance Acoustic continuity tester Diode testing...

  • Color: Grey, Red
  • Brand: Voltcraft
  • ASIN: B00X3RS59U

AstroAI Digital Multimeter, TRMS 6000 Counts Volt Meter Manual and Auto Ranging; Measures Voltage Tester, Current, Resistance, Continuity, Frequency; Tests Diodes, Transistors, Temperature, Red

AstroAI Digital Multimeter, TRMS 6000 Counts Volt Meter

The AstroAI True RMS Multimeter is designed to be safely and accurately used by professionals in a commercial setting or weekend DIYer's that need a little more power utility from their standard digital multimeter. It's easy and safe to operate with advanced features built for measuring seemingly everything. Run tests on diodes and transistors while being able to measure voltage, current, resistance, continuity, capacitance, and frequency, all on one device. This multimeter is designed to be used in commercial settings, but can also be brought home to use with automotive or household electrical problems. SpecificationsDigital Display: 5 ¾ , 6000Sampling Speed: 2 times per secondRange Selection: Auto or ManualPolarity IndicationOverload IndicationLow Battery IndicationPower: 1 x 9V 6F22 Battery IncludedTemperature Test: YesTransistor Test: YesDiode Test: YesContinuity Test: YesExternal Current Test: YesCapacitance: YesFrequency: YesSafety/Compliances: EN61010-1 CAT III 600V, CATII 1000VDC Voltage: 600mV/6V/60V/600V ±(0.8%+3), 1000V (1%+5)AC Voltage: 600mV ±(1.2%+8); 6V/60V/600V ±(1.2%+6); 750V ±(1.2%+8)Temperature: -40°C~1370°C; -40°F~2000°F (1-5%+4 depending on temp)DC Current: 600μA/6000μA/60mA/600mA ±(0.8%+5); 6A/10A ±(1.5%+3)Transistor hFE: PNP & NPN (lb≈2μA; V...

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: AstroAI
  • ASIN: B071JL6LLL
  • UPC: 759974998225

HUSUKU 48V LED Digital Volt Meter Battery Gauge for Golf Cart Club Car EZGO Yamaha (Blue)

HUSUKU 48V LED Digital Volt Meter Battery Gauge

Description: 100% New & High Quality This voltage meter will give you a real time voltage reading from your batteries. You will never have to risk being stranded from your batteries going dead. Display Color: Blue/Yellow Dimensions: 1.6" x 1" x 0.79" Refresh Rate: 0.5 Second Design: Waterproof, Dust-proof, Shock-proof Voltage Range: Up to 48V Installation: This is an extremely easy process with its 2 wire setup. We provide general installation instructions to guide you through the installation process. Package Contents: 1x 48V Blue digital volt meter

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: HUSUKU
  • UPC: 710654721946
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