Making Simple Model Steam Engines

Making Simple Model Steam

This book details the construction of a range of simple miniature steam engines and boilers. The projects, each of which can be completed with only a basic workshop, range from a single-acting oscillator to more sophisticated twin-cylinder double-acting engines and a variety of boilers. A final project brings together engine and boiler for a simple steam railway locomotive. These projects are a perfect introduction to model engineering and an enjoyable exercise for the more experienced engineer or those who wish to pass on their hobby to a younger generation. Stan Bray is an experienced craftsman in engineering and metalworking; among his previous books is Metalworking: Tools and Techniques.

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Building Simple Model Steam Engines

Building Simple Model Steam

This book features detailed instructions on building four different, fully functional steam engine models. Designs and methods of construction are clearly detailed, with instructions that even a beginner will be able to follow.

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Jim Shaughnessy Essential Witness: Sixty Years of Railroad Photography

Jim Shaughnessy Essential Witness: Sixty Years of Railroad

A comprehensive survey of master railroad photographer Jim Shaughnessy’s images of the railroad in North America in the transitional era from steam locomotives to diesel- powered engines Jim Shaughnessy is an essential witness to six decades of change in North American railroading, from the late 1940s into the twenty-first century. His photographic achievement is one of the pinnacles of railroad photography as a genre, which he, along with others of his generation, raised to the level of art, worthy of consideration beyond the world of trains and the interest of rail fans. The early years of his career coincided with the dramatic shift in the railroad industry from the steam locomotive to the diesel engine. During those transition years of the 1940s and 1950s, Shaughnessy was there to record every nuance and every detail with uncommon insight and unrelenting dedication. Shaughnessy loved steam, but he also embraced diesel. It was a period of transition, and it would only happen once, and he made the most of it, for he understood that he was a witness to history. Born and raised in Troy, New York, a city with a deep industrial heritage rooted in iron and steel, Shaughnessy began by documenting the railroad scene in the Northeastern United States. His interests and travels also t...

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American Steam Engine Builders

American Steam Engine

Here is the companion volume to Ken Cope's previous works on machine tools, carriage making machinery and cooperage machinery. Factories filled with the machinery described in the previous works, from the smallest drill presses to giant planers, could not have existed without a reliable and sufficient power source. The steam engine was that source, from the start of the industrial revolution to the general availability of electric power distributed from large, central generating stations in the early 20th century. Smaller size engines, made for farms and small industries such as cheese factories, greatly reduced the manpower required and therefore the cost of the final product to the consumer. The nearly 1000 illustrations show the development of the steam engine from 1800 to 1900 in a great variety of sizes, styles, and designs. Many designs shown proved impractical and were soon discarded; other designs such as the Corliss engine were made by scores of firms for scores of years. Along with the illustrations is a brief history of the individual maker, chronicling the various engines that each made.

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Locomotive Building: Construction of a Steam Engine for Railway Use

Locomotive Building: Construction of a Steam Engine for

Originally created in 1911 by the publishers of Machinery Magazine, Locomotive Building details the construction of a steam locomotive for railway use. Written by famed mechanical engineer Ralph E. Flanders (who later became a U.S. Senator from Vermont), the book remains one of the definitive works on the subject. Aside from a wonderful descriptive text, the book contains dozens of illustrative diagrams and rare photographs of the Pennsylvania Railroad's Juniata Machine Shops at Altoona, AKA the Altoona Works. Originally published in the for of six pamphlets, this complete edition represents the first new edition of this important book in nearly 100 years. In its pages you'll find descriptions of all locomotive systems and their functions, including side rods, boiler, wheels, axle and driving boxes, frames and cylinders, valve motion, shop practice and more.

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Where Do Steam Trains Sleep at Night?

Where Do Steam Trains Sleep at

Take the train to dreamland with this board book version of the chugging bedtime tale, the perfect companion to Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night? and Where Do Jet Planes Sleep at Night? Have you ever wondered what little trains do when it’s time for bed? Same things you do! Steam trains, freight trains, subways—and more!—wash up, have a snack, load their teddies for storytime, and get rocked to sleep by mommy and daddy trains beneath a blanket of stars. Little one-track-mind train lovers will be tickled to see how bedtime is just the same for their favorite vehicles as it is for them.   “Train lovers will be sure to take this bedtime read for a ride.” —School Library Journal

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NYMB Steam Engine Bath Curtain, Train on Railroad Track Doormat, 69X70in Watercolor Polyester Fabric Train Shower Curtain for Bathroom Set with 15.7x23.6in Flannel Non-Slip Floor Entrance Mat

NYMB Steam Engine Bath Curtain, Train on Railroad

Package Included: 69 X 70 inches shower curtain+15.7x23.6in Entrance Mat Materials: 100% polyester waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain and 15.7x23.6in Flannel Non-Slip Door Mats, Soft and comfortable! Easy washing, just enjoy it freely! About the pattern: High Resolution Digitally printed pattern.Make your room attractive.We have various themes for you to fields,forests,animals, plants and all that fantastic,popular,classic,crazy,symbolic paintings,famous landmark and all like that patterns.You can find any themes,styles in our Amazon store,The product designs of Shower Curtain.You can find them in our collection. Reminds: The pattern is printed by digital machine,which may cause difference from the objects.So pictures above are for reference only.We will make our best to ensure the best effect. If you have any questions or adoubts, please feel free to contact us at any time

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The Little Engine That Could (Original Classic Edition)

The Little Engine That Could (Original Classic

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Penguin Books
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Bachmann 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive & Tender - DCC Sound Value Equipped C&O Kanawha #2718 - HO Scale

Bachmann 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive & Tender -

2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive & Tender -- DCC Sound Value Equipped. C&O KANAWHA #2718 - HO Scale. This DCC sound-equipped locomotive includes our Sound Value Soundtracks steam package that includes authentic prototypical chuff, short and long whistles, bell, air pump, steam release and blower. Precision motor, die-cast chassis, details and tender style per prototype, brass-machined flywheel, metal handrails and stanchions, LED headlight and tender backup light, die-cast marker lights, see-through underframe, metal wheels and E-Z Mate Mark II couplers.

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Steam, Soot and Rust: The Last Days of British Steam

Steam, Soot and Rust: The Last Days of

The disappearance of the steam locomotive in the land of its birth touched the hearts of millions, but when the government announced the Modernization Plan for Britain's railways in 1955, under which steam was to be phased out in favor of diesel and electric traction, few people took it seriously. Steam locomotives were an integral part of our daily lives and had been for almost one and a half centuries. Furthermore, they were still being built in large numbers. It was popularly believed that they would see the century out and probably well beyond that. But the reality was that by 1968 – a mere thirteen years after the Modernization Plan – steam traction had disappeared from Britain's main line railways. It was harrowing to witness the breaking up of engines, which were the icons of their day, capable of working long-distance inter-city expresses weighing 400 tons on schedules faster than a mile a minute. Top speeds of 100mph were not unknown.This book chronicles the last few years as scrap yards all over Britain went into overtime, cutting up thousands of locomotives and releasing a bounty of more than a million tons of scrap whilst the engines, which remained in service, were a shadow of their former selves; filthy, wheezing and clanking their way to an ignominious end. The...

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Locomotives of the Victorian Railway: The Early Days of Steam

Locomotives of the Victorian Railway: The Early Days

In the quarter of a century between 1830 and 1855, the railway locomotive developed from the small sisters of Rocketto the broad gauge monsters of Daniel Gooch, with a boiler pressure nearly three times that of Rocketand weighing in at nearly 40 tons (eight times the weight of Rocket). There was a marked increase in loads, speeds and reliability as the railways spread across the country from their cradle in the North West, with several thousands of miles of track being laid.In this book, Anthony Dawson charts the rise and development of the steam locomotive in this crucial period in the development of the railways. Drawing on first-hand accounts, and using case studies based on specific classes of locomotive and their working replicas, he charts the development of the locomotive from Rocket, through the Planet and Patentee classes of Robert Stephenson, Edward Bury's 'coppernobs' and finally Firefly and Iron Duke on Brunel's broad gauge. This is a fascinating and well-illustrated insight into a period of engineering ingenuity and genius.

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The Majesty of Big Steam

The Majesty of Big

Relive the romance and power of the steam locomotive era, the product of a century of continuous research and development. In the United States, the final decades of steam power were characterized by very large and capable locomotives. Beginning in the 1920s with Alco's three-cylinder types and Lima's "Super Power" concept, steam locomotive design crossed new thresholds of power and efficiency. A host of new wheel arrangements combined with innovative technology and new materials to create a final generation of refinement. Lima's Berkshire of 1925 demonstrated the value of the four-wheel radial trailing truck in its ability to support a firebox large enough to supply high power and fast running. Within a few years the 2-10-4 Texas, 4-6-4 Hudson, and 4-8-4 Northern had led the way, and by the late 1920s, large modern articulated types were taking shape. The Majesty of Big Steam is full of these late-era locomotives, the last generation of steam power before the diesels took over. Dramatic photos show Berkshires, Hudsons, and Northerns at work, as well as massive articulateds at their finest. Witness New York Central's Great Steel Fleet being whisked along behind some of the most refined American-designed engines. See Southern Pacific's cab-forward oil burners crest the California ...

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Guide to North American Steam Locomotives

Guide to North American Steam

This book has the fascinating history and development of steam locomotives in North American. Tells the stories behind the locomotives, includes rosters, and explains wheel arrangements, streamlining, and more with photos, summaries, and specifications for hundreds of locomotives.

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A Short History of the Steam Engine (Cambridge Library Collection - Technology)

A Short History of the Steam Engine (Cambridge

A Short History of the Steam Engine, first published in 1939, remains one of the most readable and clear explanations of the topic for the non-specialist. H. W. Dickinson limits himself to stationary engines and boilers, and only touches on the beginnings of locomotive and marine engines. He puts the stages of development in their context, showing how economic and social factors were involved in the evolution of the steam engine. The illustrations are plentiful and the text, while technical, never becomes impenetrable. The successive improvements to the simple engines of the seventeenth century, as new materials or purposes arose, are developed chapter by chapter to the twentieth century. Each engineer was building on the work of his predecessors, rather than there being any single inventor of genius. Dickinson also wrote biographies of key figures of the Industrial Revolution, which are being reissued in this series.

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All Aboard!: Elijah McCoy's Steam Engine (Great Idea Series)

All Aboard!: Elijah McCoy's Steam Engine (Great Idea

In the second of Tundra's Great Idea Series, biographies for children who are just starting to read, Monica Kulling presents the life of an extraordinary man. There were few opportunities for the son of slaves, but Elijah McCoy's dreams led him to study mechanical engineering in Scotland. He learned everything there was to know about engines - how to design them and how to build them. But when he returned to the United States to look for work at the Michigan Central Railroad, the only job Elijah could get was shoveling coal into a train's firebox. Undaunted, he went on to invent a means of oiling the engine while the train was running, changing the face of travel around the world. With playful text and lively illustrations, All Aboard! Elijah McCoy's Steam Engine may be the first biography a child discovers, and it will whet the appetite for many more.

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