Rain Gardens: Sustainable Landscaping for a Beautiful Yard and a Healthy World

Rain Gardens: Sustainable Landscaping for a Beautiful Yard

Rain gardens are at the forefront of the green revolution. This environmentally friendly landscaping captures rainwater runoff rather than redirecting it into storm drains. The result is less erosion, less water pollution, and a beautiful, low-maintenance, sustainable garden. This is the first rain garden handbook for the backyard home gardener. Co-authors Robert Domm and Lynn Steiner draw on hands-on experience to help homeowners build beautiful rain gardens in their own yards. Illustrated with color photography, this instructive book offers specific advice about planning, building, planting, and maintaining your garden. Learn about city grants, how to calculate runoff, rain barrels, attracting wildlife, gray water recycling, and much more.

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Creating Rain Gardens: Capturing the Rain for Your Own Water-Efficient Garden

Creating Rain Gardens: Capturing the Rain for Your

Homeowners spend hundreds of dollars watering their yard, but there is an easy way to save money and resources—rain gardening. But what is it? As simple as collecting rain to reuse in front and backyards. Creating Rain Gardens is a comprehensive book for the DIY-er, covering everything from rain barrels to simple living roofs, permeable patios, and other low-tech affordable ways to save water in the garden. Water conservation experts Cleo Woelfle-Erskine and Apryl Uncapher walk homeowners through the process, with step-by-step instructions for designing and building swales, French drains, rain gardens, and ephemeral ponds—the building blocks of rain-catching gardens. From soil preparation, planting, troubleshooting, and maintenance, to selecting palettes of water-loving plants that provide four-season interest and a habitat for wildlife, Creating Rain Gardens covers everything a gardener needs to create a beautiful rain garden at home.

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Rain Gardens For the Pacific Northwest: Design and Build Your Own (Design & Build Your Own)

Rain Gardens For the Pacific Northwest: Design and

Rain pounds the Pacific Northwest, gushing through dirty downspouts, across chemically treated lawns, over oily streets and through public storm drains into bays, rivers, lakes, streams, and wetlands where nature struggles to survive among the pollutants. It’s a problem caused by population density and it’s one that you can help solve. Rain Gardens for the Pacific Northwest shows you how to trap and filter dirty water safely in your yard―and how to do that with a beautiful addition to your home. Zsofia Pasztor, a Certified Professional Horticulturalist, shares what she’s learned over the years experimenting with rain gardens in the challenging clay and hardpan soils of the region. The book answers questions that Zsofia regularly encounters in her workshops, including: • Can I build a rain garden myself?• Can a rain garden be too big or too small? • Can I create a low-maintenance rain garden? • Will my rain garden attract mosquitos?• How do you know if your infiltration system is in a “safe” location? • If my rain garden isn’t working (e.g., not draining), how can I fix it without starting over?With photos and illustrations throughout, lists of best plants, and a comprehensive resources section, this easy-to-use guide shows Northwest gardeners, homeowners...

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Rain Gardening in the South: Ecologically Designed Gardens for Drought, Deluge and Everything in Between

Rain Gardening in the South: Ecologically Designed Gardens

The first book directed at the consumer/home gardener market on this important new gardening movement, Rain Gardening in the South is a colorful, readable how-to guide on creating beautiful gardens that capture and use water that runs off roofs, driveways, and other hard surfaces in our landscape. Written by horticulturists Helen Kraus and Anne Spafford, Rain Gardening in the South helps gardeners use our most precious resource wisely. Rain gardens maximize rainwater, enhance the landscape, and promote environmental stewardship. Runoff from out yards, roofs, and driveways contributes more than a third of the pollution that ends upin our nation's waterways. Rain gardens, which function as miniature water reservoirs and filtrations systems, offer effective and visually pleasing solutions that dramatically reduce toxic runoff, resulting in cleaner rivers, lakes, and oceans. Ironically, rain gardens are more drought tolerant than most conventional gardens. Because of plant selection and their ability to store water, rain gardens flourish during dry spells as well as rainy seasons, making them particularly conducive to the South and its unpredictable rainfall. This four-color book addresses the specific environmental circumstances of southern gardeners, including climate issues, plant...

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Rain Gardens: Managing Water Sustainably in the Garden and Designed Landscape

Rain Gardens: Managing Water Sustainably in the Garden

Rain gardens encompass all possible elements that can be used to capture, channel, divert and make the most of the rain and snow that fall on a property. Using the innovative and attractive approaches described here, it is possible to enhance outdoor spaces and minimize the damaging effects of drought, stormwater runoff, and other environmental challenges. Nigel Dunnett & Andy Clayden have created a comprehensive guide to water management techniques for the garden and built environment. Filled with practical, manageable solutions for small and large-scale implementations and utilizing authoritative research with state-of-the-art case studies from all over the world, Rain Gardens is the first book on sustainable water management schemes suitable for students and professionals.

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The Rain Garden Planner: Seven Steps to Conserving and Making Water in the Garden

The Rain Garden Planner: Seven Steps to Conserving

Encourages the homeowner to conserve water by restoring natural processes that filter and return water to groundwater reservoirs. Learn the installation and maintenance of rain gardens. Provides garden plans and plant lists for different conditions and styles, including wildlife habitat, a pretty cottage border, and a formal garden. Discusses community gardens, ways that individuals can do their part in conservation, and provides many resources for further information. Rain gardens to suit any style or size of property are within the reach of anyone. Create a beautiful and enjoyable home garden while saving water and the natural environment.

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Rain Garden : How to Build and Install a Rain Garden

Rain Garden : How to Build and Install

A guide showing how to build and install a Rain Garden,the tools needed,plants,cost,site prep,and more.A great how to guide for anyone wanting to build a Rain Garden

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A Garden In The Rain (MacLeod series Book 8)

A Garden In The Rain (MacLeod series Book

New York Times bestselling author Lynn Kurland tells the story of Patrick MacLeod—the first MacLeod to discover the secrets of his ancestral land…   Patrick MacLeod is haunted by his past, by events he had no control over and wishes desperately he could change. He hasn’t the heart for love, nor the time for rescuing maidens in distress of their own making. Until he sees a woman who touches his heart and stirs his soul…and makes him believe love might be possible again after all.   For Madelyn Phillips, Scotland is the land of dreams, filled with magic, romance, and handsome Highland lords. Unfortunately, the reality of her dream vacation is no car, no luggage, and a pesky ex-fiancé determined to shadow her every move. She thinks her dreaming is in vain.   Until she sees a man standing on a windswept moor, a Highlander full of secrets and longing, and knows she has seen her destiny.   But the past isn’t through with either of them, and it will take all the love both of them possess to make their dreams come true…


The Gift of Rain: A Novel

The Gift of Rain: A

The recipient of extraordinary acclaim from critics and the bookselling community, Tan Twan Eng's debut novel casts a powerful spell and has garnered comparisons to celebrated wartime storytellers Somerset Maugham and Graham Greene. Set during the tumult of World War II, on the lush Malayan island of Penang, The Gift of Rain tells a riveting and poignant tale about a young man caught in the tangle of wartime loyalties and deceits.In 1939, sixteen-year-old Philip Hutton-the half-Chinese, half-English youngest child of the head of one of Penang's great trading families-feels alienated from both the Chinese and British communities. He at last discovers a sense of belonging in his unexpected friendship with Hayato Endo, a Japanese diplomat. Philip proudly shows his new friend around his adored island, and in return Endo teaches him about Japanese language and culture and trains him in the art and discipline of aikido. But such knowledge comes at a terrible price. When the Japanese savagely invade Malaya, Philip realizes that his mentor and sensei-to whom he owes absolute loyalty-is a Japanese spy. Young Philip has been an unwitting traitor, and must now work in secret to save as many lives as possible, even as his own family is brought to its knees.

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The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel

The Art of Racing in the Rain: A

NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE FROM FOX 2000 STARRING MILO VENTIMIGLIA, AMANDA SEYFRIED, AND KEVIN COSTNER MEET THE DOG WHO WILL SHOW THE WORLD HOW TO BE HUMAN The New York Times bestselling novel from Garth Stein—a heart-wrenching but deeply funny and ultimately uplifting story of family, love, loyalty, and hope—a captivating look at the wonders and absurdities of human life . . . as only a dog could tell it. “Splendid.” —People “The perfect book for anyone who knows that compassion isn’t only for humans, and that the relationship between two souls who are meant for each other never really comes to an end. Every now and then I’m lucky enough to read a novel I can’t stop thinking about: this is one of them.” —Jodi Picoult “It’s impossible not to love Enzo.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune “This old soul of a dog has much to teach us about being human. I loved this book.” —Sara Gruen

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Serene Gardens: Creating Japanese Design and Detail in the Western Garden

Serene Gardens: Creating Japanese Design and Detail in

With their superbly shaped trees and shrubs, subtly colored foliage, and emphasis on nature in its pure state, Japanese Zen gardens are spaces of beauty and tranquility. Serene Gardens is an exquisitely illustrated introduction to the style and its traditions—and the only book that explains how to use western plants and materials to achieve the minimalist look beloved by Japanese garden designers. Gardeners will find plant lists; climate zone maps; instructions for selecting readily available flora, wood, bamboo, rocks, and pebbles; and gorgeous color photographs showcasing gardens from around the world.  

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The Garden of Evening Mists

The Garden of Evening



Raina Telgemeier's #1 New York Times bestselling, Eisner Award-winning graphic memoir based on her childhood! Raina just wants to be a normal sixth grader. But one night after Girl Scouts she trips and falls, severely injuring her two front teeth. What follows is a long and frustrating journey with on-again, off-again braces, surgery, embarrassing headgear, and even a retainer with fake teeth attached. And on top of all that, there's still more to deal with: a major earthquake, boy confusion, and friends who turn out to be not so friendly.  

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The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow

The award-winning book about a beautiful fish who finds friendship and happiness when he learns to share is now available in a board book edition for the youngest child.

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Better Homes and Gardens Water Gardening (Better Homes and Gardens Gardening)

Better Homes and Gardens Water Gardening (Better Homes

The complete guide to water gardens, from ponds and pools to streams, fountains, waterfalls, rain gardens, bog gardens, and more There's nothing more calming than a beautiful, tranquil water garden and now, it's easier than ever to plan and create your own water garden at home. Better Homes and Gardens® Water Gardening gives you dozens of projects, complete with handy shopping lists, plant-by-number plans, and easy-to-follow instructions to guide you from inspiration to completion. You'll find comprehensive chapters covering all the basics of water gardening, including tips on selecting materials, simple installation techniques, basic maintenance steps, and much more. Includes more than 325 gorgeous color photos throughout, including step-by-step photos to guide you through the critical steps in projectsIncludes helpful seasonal-care charts and an encyclopedic listing of water garden and companion plants to help you easily identify where they grow best and how to care for themFeatures an entire chapter of plant-by-number water garden plans that are easy and simple to make, as well as tips from the Better Homes and Gardens Garden Doctor throughoutWith this comprehensive, easy-to-use guide, creating your own beautiful, soothing water garden at home has never been easier.

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