Rainforest Home Remedies: The Maya Way To Heal Your Body and Replenish Your Soul

Rainforest Home Remedies: The Maya Way To Heal

Rainforest Healing from Your Home and Garden Find alternatives to chemical anti-depressants and painkillers in your spice rack. Learn about natural anti-itch salves for insect bites. Soothe and relieve envy, grief, sadness, and fear the Maya way. Rid your house of negative energy with a Maya cleansing ritual. Try the easy-to-make bronchitis remedy.

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Rainforest Remedies: 100 Healing Herbs of Belize: One Hundred Healing Herbs of Belize

Rainforest Remedies: 100 Healing Herbs of Belize: One

Timely book on rainforest herbology and traditional healing. Authors work with Central American healers to compile herbal lore.

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The Oracle of Ix Chel

The Oracle of Ix

Set in the ancient Maya city of Chichen, The Oracle of Ix Chel tells the story of Jade Skirt, Oracle and High Priestess of the Goddess Ix Chel during a critical time in history when the Maya are turning away from peaceful worship of the goddess and embracing the brutal practice of human sacrifice. Jade Skirt must set herself against the bloodthirsty priests of the War God to save her beloved granddaughter, a young girl destined to continue the sacred lineage and one day rule Ix Chel’s women’s sanctuary, Cuzamil Island. With the help of her spirit guide, her deep knowledge of rainforest plant lore and a staunch ally who is her forbidden love, Jade Skirt sets off on a tense adventure that will change the course of Maya history forever.

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Sacred Masturbation: Sensual Self Smarts & Sexual Healing Affirmations

Sacred Masturbation: Sensual Self Smarts & Sexual Healing

Sacred Masturbation puts you back on the road to Self-Love and wholeness. It is an enticing, smart, sensually arousing guide and erotic resource.; a navigator for solo or group healing journeys and a couple’s enlightener. It offers heart stirring daily reflections and visuals. The activities and affirmations rock and uproot old sexual psychological barriers, activating sacred space within and the desire to cuddle up with your whole Self! This book is a redemption of Self- Worth, a return to Whole Love, an initiation of Self-Mastery!

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The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs: A Guide to Understanding and Using Herbal Medicinals

The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs: A Guide

Rainforests contain an amazing abundance of plant life―over half of the planet’s vegetation. For centuries, tribal shamans have successfully used these botanicals as remedies for various health disorders. Now, scientists have begun to uncover the medicinal qualities of these plants, which offer new approaches to health and healing. The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs is a unique guide to these herbs and their uses.Detailing more than seventy rainforest botanicals, this book presents the history of the herbs’ uses by indigenous peoples and describes current usage by natural health practitioners throughout the world. Discover Amazon healers’ traditional knowledge, as well as the clinical studies that support what shamans have known for ages. Essential dosage and preparation methods are provided, while at-a-glance tables help you locate the best botanicals for each disorder. Here is a unique book that offers a blend of ancient and modern knowledge in an accessible reference format.

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Food of the Gods:Vegetarian Cooking in Belize

Food of the Gods:Vegetarian Cooking in

Whatever the meal, the recipes in this wonderful new cookbook will show you how to blend Belizean vegetables, grains, fruits, and spices in innovative ways to create healthy and appetizing dishes to suit every occasion and satisfy every taste bud. Arvigo has collected these recipes over a lifetime of experimental and conscientious eating. They take into account the importance of healthy eating as well as the need to satisfy our yearning for delicious foods that stimulate our senses and nourish our bodies and our spirits. Illustrated by Joseph Chiang -

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Panti Maya Medicine Trail Field Guide

Panti Maya Medicine Trail Field

A field guide to the medicinal plants of Belize. Each has an illustration and description.

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The Island of Women

The Island of

The exciting sequel to The Oracle of Ix Chel! Pursued by the bloodthirsty priests of the War God, Jade Skirt and her granddaughter, Nine Macaw, must make their way in secret to Cuzamil. The girl is destined to inherit the Rainbow Throne of the sacred Island of Women beloved by the Goddess Ix Chel. Caught in a web of political intrigue, prophesies and visions, it is up to Jade Skirt to protect the holy sanctuary for women and secure a peaceful future for the Maya people. She finds unexpected allies on the road, but will she be betrayed by the ones closest to her?


Sastun: My Apprenticeship with a Maya Healer

Sastun: My Apprenticeship with a Maya

The compelling drama of American herbologist Rosita Arvigo's quest to preserve the knowledge of Don Elijio Panti, one of the last surviving and most respected traditional healers in the rainforest of Belize.

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Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice: An Ethnobotanist Searches for New Medicines in the Amazon Rain Forest

Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice: An Ethnobotanist Searches

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Into the Forest: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness

Into the Forest: How Trees Can Help You

Humans are increasingly becoming an indoor species. We spend 90 per cent of our life indoors. And, on average, we dedicate eight hours a day looking at screens. Our increasingly domestic lives are having huge consequences to our health. In Into the Forest, Immunologist and Forest Medicine expert, Dr Qing Li, examines the unprecedented benefits of the world's largest natural health resource: the great outdoors.Applying cutting-edge research and emerging science, Dr Li explores the inherent connection between nature and improved wellbeing. This practical guide will help you overcome some of life's most problematic health issues, including how to: · reduce blood pressure; · lower stress;· improve energy levels;· and boost the immune system. From mindful strolls in your local park to listening to the wind, from watching the sunset to walking barefoot in the grass, Dr Li reveals the life-improving advantages of spending time around trees, for a healthier and happier you.

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Medicine Of The Rain Forest: Ancient Medicine From The Amazon Rain Forest (Rainforest Medicine - Herbal Remedies - Natural Cures - Spiritual Healing)

Medicine Of The Rain Forest: Ancient Medicine From

Discover All You Need To Know About The Ancient Medicine From The Amazon Rain Forest BONUS - Get Your Free 10,000 Word Report on 55 Power Habits Find Out Why The Rainforest Medicinal Plants Important? The rainforest has a wealth of medicinal plants and remedies that are just waiting to be used again. They were discovered centuries ago, and they can help to make sure to treat a variety of ailments from a headache to arthritis, which is a chronic condition. It can even help you to control these chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure and even chronic fatigue. The plants in the rainforest can be used in different ways, from tinctures to teas. It all depends on what you’re trying to use the medicinal plant for. If you are trying to use it for a wound, you’ll usually need to use it topically. However, there are many of these remedies that need to be used internally. From drinking teas to washing with the tea, there are different ways to use these plants, and each of them comes from the environmental wealth that the rainforest has to offer. 7 Reasons to Buy This Book: 1. This book will teach you about rainforest medicinal plants and how they’re actually being used by drug companies. 2. In this book you’ll learn about how to use medicinal rainforest plants to help get ri...

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Spiritual Bathing: Healing Rituals and Traditions from Around the World

Spiritual Bathing: Healing Rituals and Traditions from Around

For centuries, people have used a combination of water, prayer, meditation and herbs to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.  In Spiritual Bathing, Rosita Arvigo and Nadine Epstein explore traditions—many lost or forgotten—that have been intertwined with religion, spirituality and culture since ancient and medieval times. From baptism to mikvahs to charity baths, these traditions can serve as a way to reconnect with nature or God; rejuvenate the mind, body and soul; and help relieve anxiety, insomnia and depression. Encompassing knowledge from 15 world traditions, this beautifully illustrated guide features detailed instructions to create nurturing and restorative spiritual bathing rituals both at home and elsewhere.   

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Messages from the Gods: A Guide to the Useful Plants of Belize

Messages from the Gods: A Guide to the

Despite its small size, Belize is one of the most ecologically and culturally diverse nations in Central America. Over 3,400 species of plants can be found here, within a diversity of ecological habitats. Because of this, Belize is paradise for ecotourists, hosting over 900,000 visitors annually, who enjoy the natural habitat and friendly people of this nation. Many of the plants of Belize have a long history of being "useful," with properties that have served traditional herbal healers of the region as well as those who use plants as food, forage, fiber, ornament, in construction and ritual, along with many other purposes.With Messages from the Gods: A Guide to the Useful Plants of Belize, Drs. Michael Balick and Rosita Arvigo give us the definitive resource on the many species of plants in Belize and their folklore, as well as the natural history of the region and a detailed discussion of "bush" uses of plants, including for traditional healing and life in the forest, past and present. Both Balick and Arvigo bring important perspectives to the project, Balick as ethnobotanical scientist from The New York Botanical Garden, and Arvigo as a former apprentice to a Belizean healer and an experienced physician. The book has been decades in the making, a culmination of a biodiversity ...

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Boom Boom, Loopy and the Rainforest Remedy

Boom Boom, Loopy and the Rainforest

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