Solar and Heat Pump Systems for Residential Buildings (Solar Heating and Cooling)

Solar and Heat Pump Systems for Residential Buildings

The combination of heat pumps and solar components is a recent development and has great potential for improving the energy efficiency of house and hot water heating systems. As a consequence, it can enhance the energy footprint of a building substantially. This work compares different systems, analyses their performance and illustrates monitoring techniques. It helps the reader to design, simulate and assess solar and heat pump systems. Good examples of built systems are discussed in detail and advice is given on how to design the most efficient system. This book is the first one about this combination of components and presents the state of the art of this technology. It is based on a joint research project of two programmes of the International Energy Agency: the Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (SHC) and the Heat Pump Programme. More than 50 experts from 13 countries have participated in this research.

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Manual D Residential Duct Systems

Manual D Residential Duct

The ANSI recognized national standard for residential HVAC duct design will help you design a duct system in less time. The popular and accurate procedure has been revised to include updated and expanded VAV guidance, with detailed examples; impacts of excess length, sag and compression in flexible ducts; and new equivalent length values for flex duct junction boxes. Manual D, from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), provides a single set of ANSI recognized duct sizing principles and calculations that apply to all duct materials.

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Residential Geothermal Systems: Heating and Cooling Using the Ground Below

Residential Geothermal Systems: Heating and Cooling Using the

NEW EXPANDED EDITION with color illustrations and spacious 8.5 x 8.5 format adds detailed descriptions of the components of the heat pump, open loops systems and important decisions that the homeowner must make. Interest in residential geothermal systems has grown as more people realize they can replace their fossil-fuel heating system with one that is three to five times more efficient and doesn't require a chimney to exhaust noxious fumes. Currently in the USA there is a federal 30% tax credit that applies to the total installation cost. These newer, safer systems provide heating as well as cooling simply by transferring heat between the home and the ground or a nearby body of water. Since this is a relatively new technology, the number of experienced installers is limited, but growing. Therefore, there is a burden on homeowners interested in installing one of these systems to absorb as much information about residential geothermal systems as possible. This book was written specifically to meet that need as well as to help HVAC professionals who are new to residential geothermal systems. Readers will learn how heat pumps are able to extract heat from relatively low temperature water circulating in ground loops and raise it to a temperature high enough to heat a home. They wil...

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DEWALT 2018 Residential Construction Codes: Complete Handbook (DEWALT Series)

DEWALT 2018 Residential Construction Codes: Complete Handbook (DEWALT

The DEWALT Residential Construction Codes Complete Handbook uses the 2018 International Residential Code to cover the most common code requirements for building one-family or two-family dwellings, and presents them to users in an easy to navigate and easy to understand format. Sections cover the wide range of residential construction topics that must meet IRC mandates, including building, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical installations, with high-dimensional illustrations to help explain code application. This title is a must-have resource for anyone working on a residential construction project. Its comprehensive coverage includes: administrative standards, definitions of terms, building planning, foundations, floors, walls and wall coverings, roofs and roof coverings, chimneys and fireplaces, and energy efficiency. Mechanical topics include: installation, heating and cooling equipment, exhaust and duct systems, combustion air, boilers, piping, appliances, solar systems, and fuel gas. Plumbing topics include: connections, inspections, design considerations and materials, systems, water heaters, supply, and distribution. Electrical topics include: inspections, equipment, services, branch circuits, wiring methods, power and lighting, devices and luminaires, appliances, and swim...

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The Solar House: Passive Heating and Cooling

The Solar House: Passive Heating and

Passive solar heating and passive cooling—approaches known as natural conditioning—provide comfort throughout the year by reducing, or eliminating, the need for fossil fuel. Yet while heat from sunlight and ventilation from breezes is free for the taking, few modern architects or builders really understand the principles involved. Now Dan Chiras, author of the popular book The Natural House, brings those principles up to date for a new generation of solar enthusiasts. The techniques required to heat and cool a building passively have been used for thousands of years. Early societies such as the Native American Anasazis and the ancient Greeks perfected designs that effectively exploited these natural processes. The Greeks considered anyone who didn't use passive solar to heat a home to be a barbarian! In the United States, passive solar architecture experienced a major resurgence of interest in the 1970s in response to crippling oil embargoes. With grand enthusiasm but with scant knowledge (and sometimes little common sense), architects and builders created a wide variety of solar homes. Some worked pretty well, but looked more like laboratories than houses. Others performed poorly, overheating in the summer because of excessive or misplaced windows and skylights, and growing ...

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Design and operation of a solar heating and cooling system for a residential size building

Design and operation of a solar heating and

The first year of operation of solar house is discussed. Selected design information, together with a brief system description is included. The house was equipped with an integrated solar heating and cooling system which uses fully automated state-of-the art. Evaluation of the data indicate that the solar house heating and cooling system is capable of supplying nearly 100 percent of the thermal energy required for heating and approximately 50 percent of the thermal energy required to operate the absorption cycle air conditioner. Littles, J. W. and Humphries, W. R. and Cody, J. C. Marshall Space Flight Center NASA-TM-78169 AIR CONDITIONING; BUILDINGS; OPERATIONAL PROBLEMS; SOLAR ENERGY CONVERSION; SOLAR HEATING; ENERGY; ENERGY POLICY; HEAT EXCHANGERS; REQUIREMENTS; SYSTEMS ENGINEERING

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HVAC and Refrigeration Systems

HVAC and Refrigeration

HVAC and Refrigeration Systems covers all aspects of residential and light commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems including their effects on indoor air quality. The textbook also includes heating and refrigeration basics, thermodynamics, combustion and fuels, psychrometrics, mechanical devices, and system controls. The main focus of the textbook is to provide an understanding of the procedures for installing, servicing, and troubleshooting all residential and light commercial HVAC systems. Systems covered include forced-air, forced-air split, hydronic, steam, air and water heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, packaged rooftop units, and chillers.The HVAC and Refrigeration Systems DVD provides an in-depth look at the operation and troubleshooting of all residential and light commercial HVAC systems using 3D graphics, interactive animations, and interactive simulations. Step-by-step procedures using 3D graphics provide a clear understanding of the skills required to install, service, and troubleshoot all residential and light commercial systems.

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Residential Construction Academy HVAC

Residential Construction Academy

HVAC Installers; HVAC Technicians might be interested in this introduction to the field.

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Introduction to Residential HVAC Systems - HVAC 1.0 (HVAC 1.0) by Russell King M.E. (2013-08-02)

Introduction to Residential HVAC Systems - HVAC 1.0

Introduction to Residential HVAC Systems, HVAC 1.0 --- Finally, an HVAC reference book for everyone, with easy-to-understand diagrams and examples that help cut through the confusing technical jargon. It's filled with just the basics, but even a seasoned contractor could learn from this book. An excellent introduction and overview for people who have little or no experience with HVAC, such as people going into the construction industry, HVAC sales, architecture, HERS testing, building performance, code enforcement, utility programs and energy consulting. This Book is... Well suited for support and management personnel working in these fields who may not deal with HVAC systems on a day-to-day basis. Ideal for people who need to feel comfortable talking about and working around HVAC systems without actually working on them. Intended to put you on a more level playing field when dealing with people who know a lot about HVAC . . . or think they know a lot. Perfect preparation material for HERS rater and building performance certification training. Written in an entertaining, down-to-earth style, with a bit of humor thrown it. Life is short. Learning should be fun.

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System integration of marketable subsystems. [for residential solar heating and cooling]

System integration of marketable subsystems. [for residential solar

Progress is reported in the following areas: systems integration of marketable subsystems; development, design, and building of site data acquisition subsystems; development and operation of the central data processing system; operation of the MSFC Solar Test Facility; and systems analysis. Unspecified Center NASA-CR-161104 NAS8-32036 SOLAR COOLING; SOLAR HEATING; SOLAR HOUSES; SYSTEMS ANALYSIS; CLIMATE; COST EFFECTIVENESS; DATA ACQUISITION; HEAT PUMPS; PERFORMANCE PREDICTION; SITES; TEST FACILITIES

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