SureFlap Pack of Two RFID Collar Tags

SureFlap Pack of Two RFID Collar

We recommend that you use the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door or Cat Door with your pet's veterinary inserted microchip. However if your pet is not microchipped, the SureFlap RFID collar tag is available as an alternative. SureFlap RFID collar tags contain a code that is unique to your pet so that if other pets in the neighbourhood have a SureFlap collar tag, or any other type of collar tag used in selective pet doors, they will not be able to gain access through your SureFlap Microchip Pet Door or Cat Door. SureFlap RFID collar tags are compatible with all versions of the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door and with the most recent version of the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door (serial numbers higher than 1152201). One collar tag is supplied with the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door, but you may need to purchase additional collar tags if you have more than one non-microchipped pet. The SureFlap Microchip Cat Door does not come supplied with a collar tag. This pack contains two collar tags.

  • Brand: SureFlap
  • ASIN: B00B5BEK54

RFID Tag Sample Pack (UHF, Passive)

RFID Tag Sample Pack (UHF,

RFID Tag Sample Pack | Passive UHF Tags Summary The RFID Tag Sample Pack contains various passive UHF tags, so you'll be able to test a wide range of tags and ultimately choose the best one for your application. Inside the pack, you'll receive a variety of raw inlays, converted labels, durable tags, hang tags, and metal mount tags among other types of passive RFID tags. The sizes of the RFID tags typically vary between 1 inch by 1 inch to 4 inches by 4 inches. All tags in the sample pack are Class 1 Gen 2 passive RFID Tags. Information RFID tags are a crucial component of any RFID system. Choosing the right tag could be the difference between success or failure in your application. Instead of you having to purchase tags in greater quantities, we've decided to hand pick a variety of quality RFID tags sourced from our carefully selected partners. With the RFID tag sample pack, you have a cost-effective way to rigorously test a variety of tags and find the perfect one for your application. Passive RFID tags don't have batteries. Instead, they are powered by the RFID reader. The radio waves coming from the reader interact with an antenna within the passive tag and a magnetic field is created which is the source of the tag's power. The tag then sends the necessary information the read...

  • Brand: Atlas RFID Solutions
  • UPC: 633131662849

[Upgrade Version] AlleTechPlus Contactless 125khz Wholesale New RFID Proximity Id Card Token Tags Key Keyfobs (Blue, Pack of 100)

[Upgrade Version] AlleTechPlus Contactless 125khz Wholesale New RFID

Specifications: √ Read only, Can not be programmed √ Works as a regular 125KHz RFID √ Card type: TK4100 EM4100 (Can't support some encrypted cards,such as HID,Indala,Cobra,APCiK,Paradox,Radio,Honeywell,Kaba,Isonas,Infinias,etc) √ Compatible with standard EM ID access devices or ID reader √ Contactless transmission of data and supply energy √ Card material: PVC √ Detection distance: 2-10mm / 0.08-0.39in √ Color: Blue √ Operation Temperature : -40℃ to 85℃ √ Endurance: > 100,000 times √ Data Store: >10 years √ Waterproof √ Shakeproof √ Each card pre-programmed with a unique ID number, first 10 digitals are printed on the card √ Can't compatible with UHF reader and encrypted readers, for example,HID, Indala, Cobra, APCiK ,Paradox,Radio,Honeywell,Kaba,Isonas,Infinias,etc. Package included: 100 x Keyfobs (Can't been programmed)

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Generic
  • ASIN: B072QZGCB5
  • UPC: 785004975256

Low Cost Writeable RFID Tag With MRAM Memory

Low Cost Writeable RFID Tag With MRAM


WOOCH RFID Locks for Cabinets Hidden DIY Lock - Electronic Cabinet Lock, RFID Card/Tag/Wristband Entry

WOOCH RFID Locks for Cabinets Hidden DIY Lock

Note: Please read the user manual and program the RFID card/tag before installation. Feature 1.The cabinet wooden door should not exceed 1.2 inches thick 2.Multiple Unlock Mode: Single Unlock Mode, Dual Unlock Mode 3.2 x AA 1.5V batteries required 4.The sound alarm will alert when the batteries power is low 5.The batteries can last 8-12 months under normal use 6.1 management card and 10 user card can be configured on this lock kit Operation Instructions 1.Reset Install 2 x AA 1.5V Batteries, press the reset button at the backside of the lock body until a long beep. 2.Creating Management Card After reset the lock, swipe the RFID card / tag, this first card / tag will be configured as Management Card. 3.Select Unlock Mode After setting the Management Card, you should select the unlock mode. (1)Press the reset button shortly and release, if you hear one short beep and one long beep, this is for Single Mode. (2)Press the reset button shortly and release, if you hear two short beep and one long beep, this is for Dual Mode. 4.Add User Card Swipe the management card, and swipe the new cards which you want to add within the beeps. 5.Delete Cards Same as reset. Press the reset button at the backside of the lock body until a long beep, all management card and user cards will be invalid. Th...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: wooch
  • ASIN: B07J2G66Z6
  • UPC: 680580571680

RCS Synthesis for Chipless RFID: Theory and Design (Remote Identification Beyond RFID Set)

RCS Synthesis for Chipless RFID: Theory and Design

The considerable growth of RFID is currently accompanied by the development of numerous identification technologies that complement those already available while seeking to answer new problems. Chipless RFID is one example. The goal is to both significantly reduce the price of the tag and increase the amount of information it contains, in order to compete with the barcode while retaining the benefits of a flexible reading approach based on radio communication. To solve the problem of the number of bits, this book describes the possibility of coding the information at the level of the overall shape of the RCS of the tag, which would facilitate reaching very large quantities. The design of the tags then returns to the resolution of the inverse problem of the electromagnetic signature. The proposed design methodology regularizes the problem by decomposing the signature on a basis of elementary patterns whose signature is chosen in advance. Includes a theoretical presentation of scattering phenomenon in electromagnetism, regrouping elements from classical RFID, pulse radar, and antenna theoryFeatures a new coding technique based on magnitude level that is presented and characterized for different kinds of tagsProposes, for the first time, RCS synthesis based on a physical approach fo...

  • ASIN: B0749HZJN8

Datel Action Replay PowerSaves Includes POWERTAGS for Amiibo Characters

Datel Action Replay PowerSaves Includes POWERTAGS for Amiibo

Make your gaming experience more fun and enjoyable with our vast collection of Video Games Accessories designed with reliability and performance in mind Our accessories come in variety of designs to suit individual requirementsFeatures. Restore your character to Power Tag in seconds. Use Power Tag to try out new saves for your character. Wipe Power Tag and back up a different saveSpecifications. Weight 016 lbs

  • Brand: Datel
  • ASIN: B06XVL11SF
  • UPC: 848645004874

2006 06 Toyota RAV4 3Button Remote Key Shell & Key Blank - CASE ONLY, NO CHIPS

2006 06 Toyota RAV4 3Button Remote Key Shell

  • Brand: Toyota
  • ASIN: B0075FU38W

ZEBRA- GC420d Direct Thermal Desktop Printer for Labels, Receipts, Barcodes, Tags, and Wrist Bands - Print Width of 4 in - USB, Serial, and Parallel Port Connectivity

ZEBRA- GC420d Direct Thermal Desktop Printer for Labels,

Zebra’s GC420d direct thermal desktop printer offers professional printing for any budget. This affordable, easy-to-use printer is ideal for a variety of basic labeling applications. Although value priced, this printer is still engineered for reliability and longevity. Like all G-Series printers, the GC420d has a dual-wall framed construction and all-metal printhead to reduce replacement parts and decrease printer downtime. This model connects via USB, serial, or parallel port making set up a breeze. For additional support visit for all manuals, how-to-videos, and drivers. Download ZEBRA UTILITIES for simple printer set up and configuration. Also available on is ZEBRA DESIGNER which allows you to use premade label and barcode templates as well as create your own custom labels. GC420-200510-000: Standard GC420 printer with direct thermal print mode. System Requirements: UPOS specification: v1.14, .NET framework: 4.52, Microsoft POS for .NET v1.14. OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7.

  • Color: N/A
  • Brand: ZEBRA
  • ASIN: B00EUN8F82
  • UPC: 084690843383

Waterfly Small Crossbody Sling Backpack Anti Theft Backpack for Traveling Chest Bags for Men&Women Multipurpose Casual Daypack Hiking Shoulder Bag (Gray)

Waterfly Small Crossbody Sling Backpack Anti Theft Backpack

WATERFLY ENJOY YOUR LIFE We focus on outdoor products. We are devoted to quality. Description WATERFLY Mini Sling Bag ?Made of superior cotton linen material, water repellent, easy to clean and anti-friction, effectively prevent it from tearing, wetting and ripping. ?The special sided hidden earphone hole allows you to enjoy music easily. ?Multiple compartments keep all your stuffs in order. ?Equipped with special burglarproof zipper and buckle, easy and convenient to operate. ?There is a back hidden zippered pocket, you can store some valuables like wallet, bank card, passport, etc. ?Perfectly works as a shoulder pack, chest bag, crossbody backpack and travelling bag, always keeps your hands free. ?Modern fashion style and exquisite details make it durable and fit for all ages. Specifications Size: 16.1 x 7.1 x 2.4" / 41 x 18 x 6cm (H x L x W) Weight: 1.01lb. / 458g Optional Colors: Black, blue, gray Warranty If you have any issues with our products, please feel free to contact us. Package Included 1 x WATERFLY Sling Chest Bag

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Waterfly
  • ASIN: B01N9NH4L9
  • UPC: 707409948703

CNATTAGS Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags Dog Tags Personalized Front and Back Engraving (Bone)

CNATTAGS Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags Dog Tags

Permanent Real Engraving With LIFETIME WARRANTY Exclusively by CNATTAGS DO NO SETTLE For cheap Engraving that fades over time, Our Permanent Engraving last for a lifetime backed by LIFETIME WARRANTY

  • Brand: CNATTAGS
  • ASIN: B01B0BSN0G
  • UPC: 617561290667

RapidRadio High Frequency 13.56 MHz RFID NFC NTag Sticker NTAG213 Pack of 100

RapidRadio High Frequency 13.56 MHz RFID NFC NTag

What is RFID?⋄ Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) is a next generation of Auto Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) technology which helps you automate business processes.⋄ RFID is an auto-identification technology which is used for tracking items with a tag on it which sends data to readers through radio waves. These tags make the item to speak about its identity, activity, location, and data stored inside through readers and finally to the application software to make the information useful.⋄ This automation can provide accurate and timely information without any human intervention. Access to such information where you can individually identify each one of the tagged items uniquely and helps in improving your processes and also to make an informed decision.⋄ The tag is made up of a microchip with the unique identification number and the antenna to be able to transmit this data to the reader wirelessly. ⋄ RFID tags have high data capacity and can include manufacturer, batch no., ownership, destination, history etc. depending on the application needs.⋄ The amount of storage available on the tag ranges from 16 bits to as high as several thousand bits.Active and Passive tagsPassive tags are batteryless and transmit data only when energized by t...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: RapidRadio
  • ASIN: B07MM1RS22

OPTEXX® RFID/NFC Blocking Sleeve Fred Silver Credit- / Debit Card Protector Id Theft Protection Case with OPTEXX® Protection; Made in Germany

OPTEXX® RFID/NFC Blocking Sleeve Fred Silver Credit- /

For debit- and credit cards, MasterCard® PayPassTM, Visa® PayWaveTM ,AmericanExpress® ExpressPayTM, OysterTM Card, ID cards, US Passport Cards, Enhanced Driver's Licenses such as Washington, Michigan, New York, and Vermont, Many transit cards such as the DC Metro and Boston CharlieTM card, TWICTM (Transportation Worker Identification Credential), HID iClass, HID MIFARE®, HID FlexSmart, DESFire, Indala FlexSmart, All MIFARE® and DESFire compatible cards, sQuid cards used in Europe, Military CAC (Common Acess Cards), New Government PIV (Personal Identity Verification) cards such as the Linc-Pass, New long range RFID EPC Gen1/Gen2 cards etc. Contactless debit- or credit cards are main targets for data theft. Your RFID / NFC equipped credit and insurance, key, Identity document or e-ticket cards are protected within these sleeve from hidden scanners and fraudulent use. Fits all cards in ISO-format (credit card size), fits easily in wallet card slot. Hard plastic case with invisible on both sides shielding material to ensure maximum security. Shielding Frequency: 125/134 kHz 13.56 MHz 433 MHz 868MHz 915 MHz 2.4GHz Material: hard PVC, moisture resistant and protective. Slot in the front and insertion slide-in. Color: Silver Dimensions: (outside): 3.54 inches ...

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: OPTEXX®

Low Cost Writable RFID Tag with MRAM Memory

Low Cost Writable RFID Tag with MRAM


Tile Combo Pack - Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder (1 Tile Sport and 1 Tile Style) - 2 Pack

Tile Combo Pack - Key Finder. Phone Finder.

Find your things anytime and with style. Tile Style and Sport Combo pack includes a sleek and elegant Tile Style and a reliable and durable Tile Sport. Tile attaches to anything you don’t want to lose and helps you find it, fast.

  • Color: Graphite/Gold
  • Brand: Tile
  • UPC: 819039020053
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