Russian Hill: CC Trilogy Book 1 (Abby Kane FBI Thriller 3)

Russian Hill: CC Trilogy Book 1 (Abby Kane

A serial killer. An elaborate game of death. Who’s ready to play?A killer is loose in San Francisco, and he’s collecting body parts. FBI Agent Abby Kane believes a dead hiker found ten miles north of the city is the key to solving those crimes.The more Abby digs, the more she begins to think the killer is playing an elaborate game and there’s an audience cheering him on. But to catch the monster, she’ll have to join in his twisted game.Grab Russian Hill, the first book in this fast-moving, action-packed trilogy.


Lumpini Park: CC Trilogy Book 2 (Abby Kane FBI Thriller 4)

Lumpini Park: CC Trilogy Book 2 (Abby Kane

Winning means killing. Sickos around the world are playing a deadly game, and the body count is climbing.Agent Abby Kane hunts the man behind the sadistic challenges the only way she knows how: by playing the game and moving up the bloody leaderboard herself.Abby arrives in Bangkok, Thailand, where she discovers a killer is already roaming the Big Mango looking for his next grand kill to win the game. As Abby is pulled further into the world of deadly play, the dynamics of the game suddenly change. Out of her jurisdiction and unsure of who she can trust, Abby is faced with two choices: walk away or die.The action continues in the second book of the Chasing Chinatown trilogy. Pick up this unputdownable thrill ride


The Russian Hill Murders (Sarah Woolson Mysteries)

The Russian Hill Murders (Sarah Woolson

Though her own San Francisco law firm barely tolerates her, gutsy young attorney Sarah Woolson flouts proper feminine behavior in this nineteenth-century answer to Legally Blonde. While her mother begs her to settle down, her chauvinistic boss tries to come up with ever more spiteful ways to pressure his only female associate into quitting. Naturally, Sarah digs in her heels and vows to retain her position at any cost. Besides, she has no intention of straying too far from the action. When the wife of wealthy society entrepreneur Leonard Godfrey drops dead of an apparent heart attack at a charity dinner for the new Women and Children’s Hospital, Sarah’s curiosity gets the better of her. But no one will believe in her theory that Caroline Godfrey’s death was not natural---until several more people affiliated with the hospital die of inexplicable causes. Meanwhile, when a pregnant widow whose husband has died in a sweatshop fire asks for Sarah’s help in finding the owner so that she can sue for recompense, our feisty heroine insists on taking the case against her boss’s orders. With the help of her colleague Robert Campbell and an eager young hansom cabdriver named Eddie, Sarah goes on a manhunt for Killy Doyle, the menacing head of the factory underworld. But she can't i...

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Murder on Russian Hill (Peyton Brooks' Series Book 3)

Murder on Russian Hill (Peyton Brooks' Series Book

When rock star Joshua Ravensong is accused of murder, Peyton must pit her professional reputation against a growing attraction for the legend.Although the evidence is solid against him, Peyton can’t deny this is one bad boy she wants to save.

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Russian Hill: The Summit 1853-1906 (Neighborhood History, 1)

Russian Hill: The Summit 1853-1906 (Neighborhood History,

Book by Kostura, William

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Lenin And The Russian Revolution

Lenin And The Russian

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.


Russian Hill: storm year

Russian Hill: storm

Poetry: a gift of place, mood and vision for a cold wet night, from Russian Hill, San Francisco -- "The poems start by looking outward, but as they are read the listener is taken deeper into Russian Hill's tiny byways, its history, its rumbling and grumbling cable car tracks and, ultimately, deep into the poet's mind. 'The view outward opens each mind to itself, then the hill becomes an ark of inward exploration,' Blotnick says." Sandra Ann Harris, San Francisco Chronicle

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The House on Russian Hill

The House on Russian

The past will not stay in the past. Ancient murders have ripple effects through time. Places have auras. People have memories. The house on Russian Hill brought them and their secrets all together -- the billionaire ex-con, the preservationist, the homicide cop about to retire, the Chinese oligarch who honors his ancestors, and the monster in search of an identity. The California drought exposes a riverbank and a skeleton, setting off a chain of events where murder is the preferred form of negotiation and secrets are the currency of choice in a world where no one is quite innocent and every one must confront unexpected demons.

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The Revelation Room (The Ben Whittle Investigation Series Book 1)

The Revelation Room (The Ben Whittle Investigation Series

A compelling psychological mystery Ben Whittle’s father, a private investigator, has been taken captive by a cult whilst investigating the case of a missing girl. When Ben receives a desperate call from his father asking for help he is drawn into a dark underground world. As Ben retraces the last known steps of the missing girl he discovers his only option left is to join the cult and rescue his father from the inside. The leader of the cult, Edward Ebb, is a psychopathic egocentric who uses his position to control his small group of followers in The Sons and Daughters of Salvation. When he initiates Ben into the group it soon becomes apparent how sick and twisted Ebb is.Ben must find his father and the missing girl, but the odds are stacked against him and time is running out.Can Ben rescue his father and the girl and escape with his life?And what is the gruesome secret concealed in the Revelation Room?The Revelation Room is the first in a new series of psychological mystery thrillers.Also available in your new favourite mystery series:The Eyes of The Accused Mark Tilbury is the best-selling author of The Abattoir of Dreams

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English Grammar for Students of Russian: The Study Guide for Those Learning Russian (English grammar series)

English Grammar for Students of Russian: The Study

Second edition of this popular self-study guide for students of Russian. Each chapter covers a grammar point: i.e., a part of speech (noun, verb, pronoun, adjective), a word's function in a sentence (subject, direct object, indirect object), a grammatical term (tense, conjugation, declension, gender). Each chapter is divided into two sections: 1. In English: grammar is explained as it relates to English, anticipating concepts necessary for Russian. 2. In Russian: grammar is explained as it relates to Russian, with examples and explanations of the rules applied. Points out similarities, differences, and alerts students to pitfalls. Part of the O&H Study Guide series for students of foreign languages. Experience has shown that students using the O&H Russian Study Guide improve their performance in Russian grammar thanks to a better understanding of English grammar. Teachers can devote more class time to developing communicative skills.

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