Secret Garden Collection: Piano/Vocal/Chords

Secret Garden Collection:

Selected works from Secret Garden's five best-selling albums. Titles are: Nocturne * Song from a Secret Garden * Serenade to Spring * Papillion * Heartstrings * Adagio * Ode to Simplicity * Hymn to Hope * Reflection * Sanctuary * In Our Tears * Divertimento * Aquarell * You Raise Me Up * The Promise * Belonging * Once in a Red Moon * Elegie * Dreamcatcher * I've Dreamed of You.

  • Brand: Alfred
  • ASIN: 0757937063
  • UPC: 654979086741

The Secret Piano: From Mao's Labor Camps to Bach's Goldberg Variations

The Secret Piano: From Mao's Labor Camps to

Zhu Xiao-Mei was born to middle-class parents in post-war China, and her musical proficiency became clear at an early age. Taught to play the piano by her mother, she developed quickly into a prodigy, immersing herself in the work of classical masters like Bach and Brahms. She was just ten years old when she began a rigorous course of study at the Beijing Conservatory, laying the groundwork for what was sure to be an extraordinary career. But in 1966, when Xiao-Mei was seventeen, the Cultural Revolution began, and life as she knew it changed forever. One by one, her family members were scattered, sentenced to prison or labor camps. By 1969, the art schools had closed, and Xiao-Mei was on her way to a work camp in Mongolia, where she would spend the next five years. Life in the camp was nearly unbearable, thanks to horrific living conditions and intensive brainwashing campaigns. Yet through it all Xiao-Mei clung to her passion for music and her sense of humor. And when the Revolution ended, it was the piano that helped her to heal. Heartbreaking and heartwarming, The Secret Piano is the incredible true story of one woman’s survival in the face of unbelievable odds—and in pursuit of a powerful dream.

  • ASIN: B0076PGFYW

Alexis Ffrench - The Secret Piano

Alexis Ffrench - The Secret

(BH Piano). 12 titles from the album by film and television composer Alexis Ffrench. The Secret Piano draws on influences as diverse as evocative classical minimalism, meditative trance and romantic lyricism. Intermediate Level.

  • ASIN: 0851626483
  • UPC: 884088667924

A Secret Music

A Secret

Winner of the 2016 Grace Irwin award, the 2016 young adult fiction award in the crossover category given by the Word Guild, silver for general young adult fiction awarded by Literary Classics.Set in 1936 Montreal, A Secret Music is the story of Lawrence Nolan, a sensitive fifteen-year-old piano prodigy who grows up in the shadow of his mother's mental illness. Forced to keep this shameful secret, he attempts to raise himself and his ten yearold brother. He counteracts the deep ache and creeping mistrust caused by his mother's emotional absence by escaping into the intense realm of Chopin and Schubert, the only language he understands. When his brother becomes ill, he is left with enormous responsibilities. At a piano competition in Montreal, Lawrence makes a climactic decision that puts his future on hold in order to salvage his family life. In A Secret Music, Susan Doherty Hannaford re-creates the Depression-Era world of Montreal and demonstrates how music can redeem a life.

  • ASIN: B00XI2OOC2

Secret Garden: Vocal Selections - Piano/Vocal

Secret Garden: Vocal Selections -

  • Brand: Alfred Music
  • UPC: 884088694333

Secret Garden -- Winter Poem: Piano/Vocal/Chords

Secret Garden -- Winter Poem:

Music makers who are fans of new instrumental duo Secret Garden will be delighted with the arrangements in this songbook, which make each track from their 2011 Winter Poem album playable on the piano. Transcriptions of key violin and vocal passages appear on additional staves above the piano part where appropriate, and chord symbols and complete lyrics are also included. The duo who brought us unforgettable songs like "You Raise Me Up" and "Nocturne" has created yet another masterpiece full of beautiful instrumental pieces and vocal features. Titles: Make a Wish * Song for a New Beginning * The Dream * Frozen in Time * Anticipation * Fionnuala's Cookie Jar * Mary's Lament * Song at the End of the Day * Lament for a Frozen Flower * Powered by Nature * Suite.

  • Brand: Alfred
  • ASIN: 0739088408
  • UPC: 038081437866

Piano Chords & Chord Progressions: The Secret Back Door To Exciting Piano Playing!

Piano Chords & Chord Progressions: The Secret Back

Learn piano chords galore -- how they are formed and what to do with them with this great piano book. Learn to link chords together into chord progressions. Illustrations of each chord on a piano keyboard make it easy to understand and use. Learn to play piano using these piano lessons in a music book! Learn music chords including major, minor, diminished, augmented, 6th, 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th chords, plus suspensions and alterations. Read music faster and understand music theory!

  • ASIN: B0076OUGDE

Hal Leonard Pride And Prejudice - Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack Piano Solo book

Hal Leonard Pride And Prejudice - Music From

Pride And Prejudice - Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack Piano Solo book. 12 piano pieces from the 2006 Oscar-nominated film, including: Another Dance · Darcy's Letter · Georgiana · Leaving Netherfield · Liz on Top of the World · Meryton Townhall · The Secret Life of Daydreams · Stars and Butterflies · and more.

  • Color: Original Version
  • Brand: Hal Leonard
  • ASIN: B000K66A80
  • UPC: 884088069070

The Secret Garden: Vocal Selections

The Secret Garden: Vocal

(Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook). 12 vocal selections from the haunting Broadway musical based on the beloved children's novel. Includes: A Bit of Earth * The Girl I Mean to Be * Hold On * How Could I Ever Know? * If I Had a Fine White Horse * Where in the World * Winter's on the Wing * and more.

  • Brand: Alfred Publishing
  • ASIN: 0943351685
  • UPC: 723188617920

Gospel Piano: Hal Leonard Keyboard Style Series

Gospel Piano: Hal Leonard Keyboard Style

(Keyboard Instruction). This comprehensive book with audio provides you with the tools you need to play in a variety of authentic gospel styles, through a study of rhythmic devices, grooves, melodic and harmonic techniques, and formal design. The accompanying online audio features over 90 tracks, including piano examples as well as the full gospel band to help capture the true flavor of the style.

  • Brand: Hal Leonard
  • ASIN: 1423412494
  • UPC: 884088076849

Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version Piano Sheet Music

Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version Piano Sheet


  • ASIN: 4810826554

Reader's Digest Family Songbook of Faith and Joy: 129 All-Time Inspirational Favorites

Reader's Digest Family Songbook of Faith and Joy:

1975: Editor- William L. Simon - Music arranged and edited by Dan Fox.

  • ASIN: 0888500467

The Beatles Classic Hits (Big Note Piano)

The Beatles Classic Hits (Big Note

(Big Note Personality). This great collection features big-note piano arrangements of 26 top Beatles hits, including: Come Together * Do You Want to Know a Secret? * The Fool on the Hill * Here Comes the Sun * Hey Jude * I'll Follow the Sun * If I Fell * In My Life * Lady Madonna * Let It Be * Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds * Penny Lane * Revolution * Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band * She Loves You * Twist and Shout * Yesterday * and many more!

  • Brand: Hal Leonard
  • ASIN: 0634025732
  • UPC: 073999063929

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets: Selected Themes from the Motion Picture (Easy Piano)

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets: Selected

Titles: The Chamber of Secrets * Dobby the House Elf * Fawkes the Phoenix * The Flying Car * Gilderoy Lockhart * Harry's Wondrous World * Hedwig's Theme * Moaning Myrtle * Nimbus 2000. Includes numerous full-color photos from the motion picture as well as a souvenir poster.

  • Brand: Alfred
  • ASIN: 0757910920
  • UPC: 654979055853

The Best of Yanni

The Best of

(Piano Solo Personality). Solo arrangements of 11 songs: Almost a Whisper * First Touch * Marching Season * The Mermaid * Nostalgia * The Rain Must Fall * Reflections of Passion * Secret Vows * Swept Away * True Nature * A Word in Private.

  • Brand: Hal Leonard
  • ASIN: 0793517095
  • UPC: 073999081459
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