Image Sensors and Signal Processing for Digital Still Cameras (Optical Science and Engineering)

Image Sensors and Signal Processing for Digital Still

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Resistive, Capacitive, Inductive, and Magnetic Sensor Technologies (Series in Sensors)

Resistive, Capacitive, Inductive, and Magnetic Sensor Technologies (Series

Sensor technologies have experienced dramatic growth in recent years, making a significant impact on national security, health care, environmental improvement, energy management, food safety, construction monitoring, manufacturing and process control, and more. However, education on sensor technologies has not kept pace with this rapid development … until now. Resistive, Capacitive, Inductive, and Magnetic Sensor Technologies examines existing, new, and novel sensor technologies and―through real-world examples, sample problems, and practical exercises―illustrates how the related science and engineering principles can be applied across multiple disciplines, offering greater insight into various sensors’ operating mechanisms and practical functions. The book assists readers in understanding resistive, capacitive, inductive, and magnetic (RCIM) sensors, as well as sensors with similar design concepts, characteristics, and circuitry. Resistive, Capacitive, Inductive, and Magnetic Sensor Technologies is a complete and comprehensive overview of RCIM sensing technologies. It takes a unique approach in describing a broad range of sensing technologies and their diverse applications by first reviewing the necessary physics, and then explaining the sensors’ intrinsic mechanisms,...

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Handbook of Modern Sensors: Physics, Designs, and Applications

Handbook of Modern Sensors: Physics, Designs, and

This book presents a comprehensive and up-to-date account of the theory (physical principles), design, and practical implementations of various sensors for scientific, industrial, and consumer applications. This latest edition focuses on the sensing technologies driven by the expanding use of sensors in mobile devices. These new miniature sensors will be described, with an emphasis on smart sensors which have embedded processing systems. The chapter on chemical sensors has also been expanded to present the latest developments.Digital systems, however complex and intelligent they may be, must receive information from the outside world that is generally analog and not electrical. Sensors are interface devices between various physical values and the electronic circuits that "understand" only a language of moving electrical charges. In other words, sensors are the eyes, ears, and noses of silicon chips.Unlike other books on sensors, the Handbook of Modern Sensors is organized according to the measured variables (temperature, pressure, position, etc.). This book is a reference text for students, researchers interested in modern instrumentation (applied physicists and engineers), sensor designers, application engineers and technicians whose job it is to understand, select and/or desi...

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Fiber-Optic Rotation Sensors and Related Technologies: Proceedings of the First International Conference MIT, Cambridge, Mass., USA, November 9–11, 1981 (Springer Series in Optical Sciences)

Fiber-Optic Rotation Sensors and Related Technologies: Proceedings of

Currently there is considerable interest in the application of optical meth­ ods for the measurement of absolute rotation. Active approaches, so-called ring laser gyros, have been under serious development for at least 15 years. More recently, passive approaches using ring resonators or multi turn fiber interferometers have also demonstrated much pro~ise. The only previous conference devoted exclusively to optical rotation sensors, held in 1978 in San Diego, California, was organized by the Society of Photo-optical Instru­ mentation Engineers(S.P.I.E.J. Although the main emphasis at that conference was on ring laser gyros, a number of papers were also included that described the early development of fiber gyroscopes. Since then the field of fiber optic rotation sensors has grown so rapidly that a conference devoted primarily to this subject was needed. The First International Conference on Fiber-Optic Rotation Sensors was held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Nove~­ ber 9-11, 1981. The purpose of the conference was to bring together the ~any researchers and interested personnel from universities, industry, and govern­ ment to discuss and exchange ideas on the many recent developments in fiber­ optic rotation sensors and related technolo...

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Sensor Technology Handbook

Sensor Technology

Without sensors most electronic applications would not exist―they perform a vital function, namely providing an interface to the real world. The importance of sensors, however, contrasts with the limited information available on them. Today's smart sensors, wireless sensors, and microtechnologies are revolutionizing sensor design and applications. This volume is a comprehensive sensor reference guide to be used by engineers and scientists in industry, research, and academia to help with their sensor selection and system design. It is filled with hard-to-find information, contributed by noted engineers and companies working in the field today. The book offers guidance on selecting, specifying, and using the optimum sensor for any given application. The editor-in-chief, Jon Wilson, has years of experience in the sensor industry and leads workshops and seminars on sensor-related topics. In addition to background information on sensor technology, measurement, and data acquisition, the handbook provides detailed information on each type of sensor technology, covering:· technology fundamentals· sensor types, w/ advantages/disadvantages· manufacturers· selecting and specifying sensors· applicable standards (w/ urls of related web sites)· interfacing information, with hardware a...

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Evolution of Silicon Sensor Technology in Particle Physics (Springer Tracts in Modern Physics)

Evolution of Silicon Sensor Technology in Particle Physics

This informative monograph describes the technological evolution of silicon detectors and their impact on high energy particle physics. The author here marshals his own first-hand experience in the development and also the realization of the DELPHI, CDF II and the CMS tracking detector. The basic principles of small strip- and pixel-detectors are presented and also the final large-scale applications. The Evolution of Silicon Detector Technology acquaints readers with the manifold challenges involving the design of sensors and pushing this technology to the limits. The expert will find critical information that is so far only available in various slide presentation scattered over the world wide web. This practical introduction of silicon sensor technology and its day to day life in the lab also offers many examples to illustrate problems and their solutions over several detector generations.The new edition gives a detailed overview of the silicon sensor technology used at the LHC, from basic principles to actual implementation to lessons learned.

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Handbook of Sensor Networking: Advanced Technologies and Applications

Handbook of Sensor Networking: Advanced Technologies and

The Most Complete and Up-to-Date Account of Advanced Sensor Networking Technologies Handbook of Sensor Networking: Advanced Technologies and Applications provides a complete professional reference and practitioner’s guide to today’s advanced sensor networking technologies. The handbook focuses on both established and recent sensor networking theory, technology, and practice. Specialists at the forefront of the field address immediate and long-term challenges in their respective areas of expertise and explore practical solutions to a wide range of sensor networking issues. This comprehensive handbook is suitable for a range of readers, including researchers and practitioners, upper-division undergraduate and graduate students, sensor networking technologists and engineers, and security, law enforcement, and governmental agencies. The book gives readers a thorough understanding of the hardware of sensor networks, wireless communication protocols, sensor networks software and architectures, wireless information networks, data manipulation, signal processing, localization, and object tracking through sensor networks.

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MEMS and Nanotechnology for Gas Sensors

MEMS and Nanotechnology for Gas

How Can We Lower the Power Consumption of Gas Sensors? There is a growing demand for low-power, high-density gas sensor arrays that can overcome problems relative to high power consumption. Low power consumption is a prerequisite for any type of sensor system to operate at optimum efficiency. Focused on fabrication-friendly microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and other areas of sensor technology, MEMS and Nanotechnology for Gas Sensors explores the distinct advantages of using MEMS in low power consumption, and provides extensive coverage of the MEMS/nanotechnology platform for gas sensor applications. This book outlines the microfabrication technology needed to fabricate a gas sensor on a MEMS platform. It discusses semiconductors, graphene, nanocrystalline ZnO-based microfabricated sensors, and nanostructures for volatile organic compounds. It also includes performance parameters for the state of the art of sensors, and the applications of MEMS and nanotechnology in different areas relevant to the sensor domain. In addition, the book includes: An introduction to MEMS for MEMS materials, and a historical background of MEMS A concept for cleanroom technology The substrate materials used for MEMS Two types of deposition techniques, including chemical vapour deposition (CVD) T...

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Automotive Sensors (Sensors Technology)

Automotive Sensors (Sensors

Sensors are the eyes, ears, and more, of the modern engineered product or system. The modern automobile would not be what it is today without an entire battery of sensors that monitor, and control, everything from engine performance to passenger safety and comfort. This authoritative reference work, part of Momentum Press's Sensors Technology series, edited by Dr. Joe Watson, offers a complete review of all sensors and their associated controls systems typically found in the modern automotive vehicle. Readers will find invaluable data and guidance on: --Automotive 'telematics' --Both on-vehicle sensors as well as outdoor highway sensors for traffic control --Power train, ignition control, fuel control, emission control, suspension control, braking and traction control --Use of capacitive sensors for proximity monitoring

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Sensor Technologies: Healthcare, Wellness and Environmental Applications (Expert's Voice in Networked Technologies)

Sensor Technologies: Healthcare, Wellness and Environmental Applications (Expert's

Sensor Technologies: Healthcare, Wellness and Environmental Applications explores the key aspects of sensor technologies, covering wired, wireless, and discrete sensors for the specific application domains of healthcare, wellness and environmental sensing.  It discusses the social, regulatory, and design considerations specific to these domains. The book provides an application-based approach using real-world examples to illustrate the application of sensor technologies in a practical and experiential manner. The book  guides the reader from the formulation of the research question, through the design and validation process, to the deployment and management phase of sensor applications.  The processes and examples used in the book are primarily based on research carried out by Intel or joint academic research programs. “Sensor Technologies: Healthcare, Wellness and Environmental Applications provides an extensive overview of sensing technologies and their applications in healthcare, wellness, and environmental monitoring. From sensor hardware to system applications and case studies, this book gives readers an in-depth understanding of the technologies and how they can be applied. I would highly recommend it to students or researchers who are interested in wireless sensing ...

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Accessory to War: The Unspoken Alliance Between Astrophysics and the Military

Accessory to War: The Unspoken Alliance Between Astrophysics

An exploration of the age-old complicity between skywatchers and warfighters, from the best-selling author of Astrophysics for People in a Hurry.In this fascinating foray into the centuries-old relationship between science and military power, acclaimed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and writer-researcher Avis Lang examine how the methods and tools of astrophysics have been enlisted in the service of war. "The overlap is strong, and the knowledge flows in both directions," say the authors, because astrophysicists and military planners care about many of the same things: multi-spectral detection, ranging, tracking, imaging, high ground, nuclear fusion, and access to space. Tyson and Lang call it a "curiously complicit" alliance. "The universe is both the ultimate frontier and the highest of high grounds," they write. "Shared by both space scientists and space warriors, it’s a laboratory for one and a battlefield for the other. The explorer wants to understand it; the soldier wants to dominate it. But without the right technology—which is more or less the same technology for both parties—nobody can get to it, operate in it, scrutinize it, dominate it, or use it to their advantage and someone else’s disadvantage."Spanning early celestial navigation to satellite-enabled wa...

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Optical Fiber Sensor Technology: Advanced Applications - Bragg Gratings and Distributed Sensors

Optical Fiber Sensor Technology: Advanced Applications - Bragg

Optical Fiber Sensor Technology, Advanced Applications - Bragg Gratings and Distributed Sensors, builds upon the foundations of the subject in the preceding four volumes of this series, concentrating as they do upon both applications and the technology of advanced optical fiber sensors. Previous volumes have covered the fundamentals of the field, devices and systems and chemical and environmental monitoring. This volume deals with a range of highly topical sensor devices and commercial systems, with considerable emphasis upon one of the most important areas, Bragg gratings in fibers, their fabrication and applications in advanced sensor systems and the principles and use of distributed fiber optic sensors. The volume is well illustrated and referenced, pointing to hundreds of key publications accessible in the open literature. It draws upon a group of authors with an international reputation for their work in the area, carefully edited into a coherent and logical text by the editors, based on their considerable experience in the field. This book series will provide an invaluable source for researchers, engineers and advanced students in the field of optical fibers, optoelectronics and measurement and sensing.

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  • ASIN: 0792379462

Aerospace Sensors (Sensors Technology)

Aerospace Sensors (Sensors

Aerospace craft operate in three dimensional space, and thus must control for complex motions and dynamics. They also have challenging communication, navigation, and automation requirements. For these reason, sensors are absolutely critical to proper aerospace fight and function. This authoritative survey of all major classes of sensors used in aerospace vehicles and support systems will quickly bring the reader up to date on the most recent advances in types of sensors, their uses, and how they can be integrated with one another for total system controls. "Aerospace Sensors" offers invaluable guidance to both practicing aerospace engineers as well as engineering students in aerospace, mechanical electronics, and systems engineering. The reader will find valuable guidance on: principles of operation, design and performance for major classes of aerospace sensors - from gyroscopic inertial navigational systems to accelerometers, to electronic compasses; coverage on radio-altimeters and other autonomous radio sensors for motional parameters; an introduction satellite navigation systems and their aerospace applications, including GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO; and designing for sensor integration, including important facets of sensor system choice, integrated measuring system optimization...

  • ASIN: 1606500597

Exploring multi-touch interaction: An overview of the history, HCI issues and sensor technology of multi-touch appliances

Exploring multi-touch interaction: An overview of the history,

The work establishes a departure point for HCI researchers to explore the rich opportunities offered by multi-touch interaction. The viability of multi-touch interaction as a technique in HCI is outlined by discussing the role of touch surfaces from the perspective of current trends in HCI such as experiential design and user-centric approaches, as well as by drawing a link to established theoretical frameworks such as activity theory. A summary of the state of the art of multi-touch research is presented with a focus both on aspects of hardware sensor and software technology as well as proposed interaction paradigms and metaphors. In order to enable the exploration of multi-touch interaction on large surfaces and screens, simple camera-based hardware setups suitable for assembly without a technological background are presented with the goal of providing designers with a prototyping platform for their endeavors. Finally, Touché is introduced, a vision-based tracking application for use in conjunction with the aforementioned self-assembled hardware, providing designers with both hardware and software technologies to explore multi-touch interaction on affordable setups.

  • ASIN: 3639247949

Modern Sensing Technologies (Smart Sensors, Measurement and Instrumentation)

Modern Sensing Technologies (Smart Sensors, Measurement and

This book provides an overview of modern sensing technologies and reflects the remarkable advances that have been made in the field of intelligent and smart sensors, environmental monitoring, health monitoring, and many other sensing and monitoring contexts in today’s world. It addresses a broad range of aspects, from human health monitoring to the monitoring of environmental conditions, from wireless sensor networks and the Internet of Things to structural health monitoring. Given its breadth of scope, the book will benefit researchers, practitioners, technologists and graduate students involved in the monitoring of systems within the human body, functions and activities, healthcare technologies and services, the environment, etc.

  • ASIN: 3319995391
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