Shonen Jump Manga Starter Pack (Manga 101)

Shonen Jump Manga Starter Pack (Manga

Catch the biggest manga titles from the pages of the world famous Shonen Jump Magazine. Enjoy some of manga's most classic titles including Naruto, Bleach and One Piece.  These three titles are staples for any manga reader and will introduce you two three amazing stories fresh from Japan's biggest creators.  Follow that up with some dramatic culinary comedy and toss in a bit of post apocalyptic anarchy and you will have begun your manga lesson. Enjoy these five free titles.

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Weekly Shonen Jump Vol. 319: 03/26/2018

Weekly Shonen Jump Vol. 319:

In My Hero Academia, Deku gets a chance to test his recent training in a real battle when he faces Gentle! Will he be able to control his Quirk without hurting himself? And in Boruto, the epic conclusion of the fight against Ao! Plus, more world-shattering duels in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V!

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Weekly Shonen Jump Vol. 321: 04/09/2018

Weekly Shonen Jump Vol. 321:

Introducing Inishie no Horobimon, a special one-shot from Hiroshi Shiibashi, the creator of Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan. Arama's got the passion for exorcising spirits, it's the skill he lacks. Can he become a real ghostbuster? Then light and darkness clash in a battle-filled chapter of Seraph of the End! Plus, a huge Eiichiro Oda interview!

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Dragon Ball, Vol. 1: The Monkey King (Dragon Ball: Shonen Jump Graphic Novel)

Dragon Ball, Vol. 1: The Monkey King (Dragon

Before there was Dragon Ball Z, there was Akira Toriyama's action epic Dragon Ball, starring the younger version of Son Goku and all the other Dragon Ball Z heroes! Meet a naive young monkey-tailed boy named Goku, whose quiet life changes when he meets Bulma, a girl who is on a quest to collect seven "Dragon Balls." If she gathers them all, an incredibly powerful dragon will appear and grant her one wish. But the precious orbs are scattered all over the world, and Bulma needs Goku's help (and his super-strength)! With a magic staff for a weapon and a flying cloud for a ride, Goku sets out on the adventure of a lifetime...


Black Cat, Vol. 1

Black Cat, Vol.

Two years ago, Train, a high-level assassin known as Number XIII in Chronos, left the secret society to live by his own rules. Since then, Train has been a sweeper, a bounty hunter, catching criminals and bringing them in alive. But his main mission is to find a former Chronos member who killed his best friend.

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Bleach, Vol. 38: Fear for Fight

Bleach, Vol. 38: Fear for

A paranormal action-adventure about sword-wielding guardians of the afterlife.Reads R to L (Japanese Style), for audiences T. Ichigo Kurosaki never asked for the ability to see ghosts--he was born with the gift. When his family is attacked by a Hollow--a malevolent lost soul--Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper, dedicating his life to protecting the innocent and helping the tortured spirits themselves find peace. Find out why Tite Kubo's Bleach has become an international manga smash-hit! Fear for Fight The Soul Reapers must guard the four pillars that are protecting Karakura Town from destruction at the hands of Aizen's minions. Standing guard are assistant captains Yumichika, Kira, Hisagi and Ikkaku! But when Ikkaku goes down, will Karakura Town fall with him...?!

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One Piece: East Blue 1-2-3

One Piece: East Blue

High jinx on the high seas! Buy three volumes of One Piece for the price of two!R to L (Japanese Style). High jinx on the high seas! Buy three volumes of One Piece for the price of two! As a child, Monkey D. Luffy dreamed of becoming the King of the Pirates. But his life changed when he accidentally gained the power to stretch like rubber…at the cost of never being able to swim again! Now Luffy, with the help of a motley collection of pirate wannabes, is setting off in search of the "One Piece," said to be the greatest treasure in the world! Vivi's Adventure: With all the Officer Agents defeated, only Crocodile and his final plan to destroy the palace stands in the way of peace. While Luffy battles it out with the evil Croc in the royal tombs, Vivi and the rest of the Straw Hats have to find the bomb before it blows up the capital--with everyone in it!

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Weekly Shonen Jump Vol. 320: 04/02/2018

Weekly Shonen Jump Vol. 320:

All aboard the S.S. Shonen Jump for another crazy chapter of One Piece! And we do mean crazy as Big Mom finally gets to eat her cake! Will she like it?! And in Ziga, Ko finds out more about the destructive monster that turned his life upside down! Plus, the fight between Deku and Gentle takes a wild turn in My Hero Academia!

  • ASIN: B079VFNN9G

Naruto, Vol. 2: The Worst Client

Naruto, Vol. 2: The Worst

After Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura pass the test to become junior ninjas, they are tasked with guarding Tazuna, a cranky old bridgebuilder who is the target of Zabuza, a deadly ninja.

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Shonen Jump : The World's Most Popular Manga (Volume 1, Issue 1, January, 2003)

Shonen Jump : The World's Most Popular Manga

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