Duracell - 303/357 1.5V Silver Oxide Button Battery - long-lasting battery - 3 count

Duracell - 303/357 1.5V Silver Oxide Button Battery

Duracell Silver Oxide Button batteries have a 4-year guarantee in storage, so you can be confident these batteries will be ready when you need them. They offer long-lasting power for your specialty devices such as watches, calculators and medical devices. Duracell Silver Oxide Button batteries are crafted and infused with triple corrosion protection for battery power you can count on. And you can be assured that they’re batteries you can trust because Duracell is the #1 trusted battery brand.

  • Brand: Duracell
  • ASIN: B0031W0GZ8
  • UPC: 041333674483

Dantona Valuepaq Energy AG5 Silver Oxide Alkaline Coin Cell Batteries, 10 Pk

Dantona Valuepaq Energy AG5 Silver Oxide Alkaline Coin

Do you need an AG5 silver oxide coin cell battery? This 10 pack of valuepaq energy AG5 silver oxide alkaline coin cell batteries by Dantona is a great choice. This type AG5 non rechargeable battery is compatible with other types like the EVEREADY 193 and 393, Maxell SR754, Panasonic AG5, Rayovac 393-1 and other AG5 batteries. It meets or exceeds original manufacturer specifications.

  • Brand: Dantona
  • ASIN: B07C5XVS4R
  • UPC: 076097324541

Rayverstar LR44 AG13 1.55 Volt Alkaline, 20 Batteries. Fits: A76, GPA76, L1154F, L1154, 357A, 157, 303, 357, SR44, SR44SW, EPX76, PX76, PX76A, Hexbug, (Full List Below)

Rayverstar LR44 AG13 1.55 Volt Alkaline, 20 Batteries.

This item lists two cards, each card contains 10 AG13/LR44 batteries for 20 total batteries. Also fits: LR44, CR44, SR44, 357, SR44W, AG13, G13, A76, GPA76, A-76, PX76, 675, 1166a, LR44H, V13GA, GP76A, L1154, LR1154, L1154F, RW82B, EPX76, SR44SW, 303, 303/357, SR44, S303, S357, SP303, SR44SW and others. High Quality Alkaline Batteries. Provides excellent continuous power source for your device. For use with toys, Hexbug, Fingerlings, calculators, cameras, watches, games, key fobs, electronic lighters, remote controls, medical and security devices and other electronic devices. High energy density, long life. These batteries provide excellent stability for electronics while being lightweight and still having high energy output of 1.55 volts. Voltage remains stable even for long periods of discharge, which improves the reliability of equipment that use the battery. Superb characteristics over a wide temperature range Do not recharge or dispose of batteries in fire. Keep away from children. Nominal voltage: 1.55V PRECAUTIONS: 1. Wipe the battery with dry cloth and set properly confirming ends (+/-). 2. Do not throw battery into fire, do not recharge. 3. Store batteries in a cool and dry place. 4. Do not force-discharge. 5. Keep batteries out of children’s reach. 6. Do not store or ...

  • Color: 1
  • ASIN: B074MJBKZ8
  • UPC: 859651007032

6V Alkaline Battery

6V Alkaline

Duracell 28A Alkaline Battery

  • Color: Black brown
  • Brand: Procter & Gamble
  • ASIN: B0035H57D0
  • UPC: 041333228051

5pc Exell S28PX 6V Silver Oxide Battery 4SR44, V28PX, PX28, 544,

5pc Exell S28PX 6V Silver Oxide Battery 4SR44,

5x Exell S28PX 6V Silver Oxide Battery 4SR44, V28PX, PX28, 544, , Exell Batteries not only provide consumers with high efficiency, long-lasting performance, they also function as replacement batteries for an array of common and unique applications. Ranging from vintage camera equipment to sophisticated medical testing equipment, Exell Batteries can meet the needs of all consumers.Type: Silver Oxide Voltage: 6V. Diameter: 13.0 mm. Height: 25.2 mm.Also known as: 4SR44, V28PX, PX28, 544, KS28, RPX28, S1325S, S1325, PX28-S, 1406SOP, RFA1611, RFA-16-11, 4G13This 4SR44 or PX28-S battery is a popular silver-oxide cell are commonly used in cameras (such as the Minox 35ML, Bronica GS-1 and Canon AE-1), light meters and blood sugar testers. This 4SR44 or PX28-S battery is a popular replacement for the now discontinued PX28 mercury battery. These mercury batteries, no longer manufactured because of their toxicity, were variously known as PX28, 4MR44, V4034PX, 4H-C, 4NR44, HM-4C.This Silver Oxide 4SR44 cell has exactly the same dimensions as the alkaline 4LR44s, but has a longer battery life. You can always use this silver oxide 4SR44 battery in place of an alkaline 4LR44 for improved performance and less frequent battery changes.SpecificationsOutput Voltage: 6.0V, Chemistry: Silver Oxide, H...

  • Brand: Exell Battery
  • UPC: 819891014474

LiCB 20 Pack LR44 AG13 357 303 SR44 Battery 1.5V Button Coin Cell Batteries

LiCB 20 Pack LR44 AG13 357 303 SR44

20 PCS LR44 Button Cell 1.5V Battery

  • Brand: LiCB
  • ASIN: B075B3LB8K

10 Pack 4LR44 / 476A / PX28A / A544 / K28A / L1325 Dog Collar 6V PetStandard Brand

10 Pack 4LR44 / 476A / PX28A /

Highest Quality PetStandard Brand 4LR44 Alkaline 6V Batteries. Works for Dog Bark Collars, Dog Training Collars, Dog Fencing Collars and all other devices that requires this battery size. Equivalent to: 4LR44, PX28A, A544, 28PXA, 476A, 4G13, GP476, K28, V28, PX28AB, L1325, 1414A, V4034PX, PX28L, K28L, L544, L544BP, V28PXL, 2CR1/3N, 2CR1-3N, CR28L, 1406LC, 2CR11108

  • ASIN: B01EB6CS6M
  • UPC: 852512002405

Energizer Silver Oxide Batteries 357 - 9 ct.

Energizer Silver Oxide Batteries 357 - 9

Use in calculators, watches and a variety of small electronic items and toys

  • Brand: Energizer
  • ASIN: B001977NCQ
  • UPC: 039800039163

24 Pack LR44 AG13 Battery - [Ultra Power] Premium Alkaline 1.5 Volt Non Rechargeable Round Button Cell Batteries for Watches Clocks Remotes Games Controllers Toys & Electronic Devices - 2020 Exp Date

24 Pack LR44 AG13 Battery - [Ultra Power]

Smooth, Efficient, and Durable This ag13 lr44 battery provides smooth, efficient energy for your small electronics devices. Keep your gadgets supplied with high capacity (and low discharge) and all times for a longer-running time. With a 3 year shelf life, you can keep this battery pack fresh without ever having to worry about leaks. The AMVOLT 24 pack battery pack is designed to operate conveniently and last long so you get more value for your money. Safe, Environmentally-Friendly Button Cell Batteries Designed to keep your devices going without compromising their safety, AmVolt button cell batteries are integrated with multiple protections. The insulated packaging protects the positive polarity from negative polarity to prevent short circuiting and other common bulk battery packaging problems. This set is multi-certified by CE, UL, and RoHS, so you can keep your devices going worry free. Keep your devices - and Mother Nature - safe with this environment-friendly pack that doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. Safety Precautions 1.Wipe battery clean with dry cloth and install correctly after confirming the +/- ends. 2.Do not recharge these batteries or throw them into a fire. 3.Do not keep in environment where the temperate exceeds 185 degrees Fahrenheit (or 85 degrees Cels...

  • Brand: AmVolt
  • ASIN: B07F894S1T
  • UPC: 747916872986

100 of AG13/357A Alkaline Button Cell Watch Battery

100 of AG13/357A Alkaline Button Cell Watch

This is a new set of 100 type 357/LR44 alkaline watch batteries. These batteries are commonly used for Swatch, Fossil, Timex and Casio brands. Also used in many toys and laser pointers. Brand new & guaranteed factory fresh.

  • Brand: Alkaline
  • ASIN: B0015R7GMC
  • UPC: 811617013259

Maxell SR626SW 377 Silver Oxide Watch Battery 5 Pack

Maxell SR626SW 377 Silver Oxide Watch Battery 5

Maxell 377/SR626SW Silver Oxide Watch Battery 1.55V Five Strip.

  • Brand: Maxell
  • ASIN: B002S49V24
  • UPC: 704740102146

10 pack Loopacell 357 AG13 LR44 button cell Silver Oxide batteries

10 pack Loopacell 357 AG13 LR44 button cell

  • ASIN: B0756Q4H2Q
  • UPC: 608938174833

Sony Battery 377 (SR626SW) Silver Oxide 1.55V (5 Batteries Per Pack)

Sony Battery 377 (SR626SW) Silver Oxide 1.55V (5

Sony 377 (SR626SW) Silver Oxide 0%Hg Mercury Free 1.55 volts batteries. Sony was the first Corporation to provide the first mercury free silver oxide battery to consumers. Silver oxide batteries are primary cells that have a high energy/weight ratio. Silver oxide is used as the positive electrode (cathode) while zinc is used as the negative electrode (anode) with an alkaline electrolyte. Sony silver oxide batteries provide an extremely high quality, compact battery for the high performance devices today. Sony also ensure consistent reliability and performance in every cell. While Silver Oxide batteries are known for mainly wrist watches the application usage due to the high energy density and discharge characteristics have given the cells a broad range of application usage. Applications: Insulin Pump, Watches, Calculators, Electronic Clinical Thermometers, Remote Controllers, Portable Gaming Systems, Keyless Car Remotes, Radios, Bike Lights, Portable GPS Systems/Bike Computers, Computer/Communication Equipment, camera's and many other devices. Please read and observe the following precautions thoroughly.Improper battery handling may cause leakage, heating, explosion of the battery, which may lead to injury or product failure. Never charge the battery. Charging the battery may cau...

  • Brand: Sony
  • UPC: 076665880349

5pc 10pk SR44 Silver Oxide 1.55V Watch Battery Replaces SR445W SR1154 USA Ship

5pc 10pk SR44 Silver Oxide 1.55V Watch Battery

5pc 10pk Exell EB-SR44 Silver Oxide 1.55V Watch Battery Replaces SR1154 357EB-SR44 SR1154 Silver Oxide watch cell battery is normally used in watches, with a shelf life of 5+ years. Other applications may include calculators, film cameras, medical instruments, cash registers, or FA instruments (measuring instruments, onboard microcomputers, sensors). This is a "W" battery. batteries are for applications with a continuous, low power consumption and occasional high peaks: Analog and digital watches with extra functions (backlight, alarm), pocket calculators, electronic games, cameras, etc. This is in comparison to low drain batteries, which are best used in devices that use a small amount of power over a long time: Analog watches, TV remotes, alarm clocks, etc.EB-SR44 Watch Cell Battery SpecificationsVoltage: 1.55V, Chemistry: Silver Oxide, Diameter: 0.46in (11.6mm), Height: 0.21in (5.4mm), Terminal Type: Watch/Button Cell, 10pcs Card, Exell EB-SR44 Silver Oxide Watch Cell Battery Also Known As: 10 L 14/D 357, 1128MP, 1130SO, 1131SO, 1166A, 157, 228, 280-08, 280-62, 280-8, 303, 357, 357BP, 4276, 541, 675, A, A-76, A76, A76-1, AG-13, AG13, CR44, D303, D303/357, D357, D357/303, D357H, D76A, EPX76, G13, G13A, GP76A, GPA7, GPA76, GS13, GS14, J, KA, KS76, L 1154, L1154, LR1154, LR-44, L...

  • Brand: Exell Battery

Energizer 357/303 Battery

Energizer 357/303

The Energizer brand goes beyond basic battery sizes to bring you the right silver oxide batteries for the job. The Energizer 357/303 silver oxide battery offers dependable performance in household electronics like keyless entry, electronic books and glucose monitors.

  • Color: Multi
  • Brand: Energizer
  • ASIN: B0002DSVOW
  • UPC: 885781030831
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