Single Daddy Dragons Box Set

Single Daddy Dragons Box

The women of Oceanside have desires that cannot be spoken. The men have secrets and sins that would breathe fire into any relationship.Drawn in by temptation, a flame is ignited that's too hot to blow out. Sharing a bed with a hard bodied, mysterious shifter is off limits. When scandal erupts, how far will they go to protect their mates?Featured Books in this Collection:The Shifter's Fake EngagementThe Shifter's Secret BabyThe Shifter's NannyThe Shifter's Second Chance (The Series Finale Exclusive to this box set)This is a box-set is packed with stand-alone paranormal romance stories with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a HEA! For those who love dominant alpha shifters, heart-fluttering twists, and spine tingling adventure. Story contains mature themes and language, and is intended for 18+ readers only.


The Shifter's Nanny (Single Daddy Dragons Book 3)

The Shifter's Nanny (Single Daddy Dragons Book

In another life, they’d be perfect for each other.Nora Robertson is desperate, but she's not hopeless.She can't live with her brother Cameron forever. Big dreams require big changes.When Nora's work hours are cut, fate presents her with a hot opportunity.Elijah Thomas is breathtakingly sexy dragon shifter and busy architect who could use some help around the house with his two cute twins, Annabelle and Ashton. Too bad it's only temporary...The city of Oceanside, California has only given Elijah heartbreak. He plans to move where his children can freely hone their shifter skills and escape painful memories of his past.When Nora meets Elijah, sparks fly- and the kids love her, too. But he'll be gone soon.. why would he get involved with their nanny? This life has too many complications for them to have a happily ever after- drama, danger, and ghosts from their pasts.. Can they prove to each other (and themselves) that love is greater than all of their obstacles?Steamy, Fun Standalone romance with a HEA. Contains mature themes, adult language, and sexy shifters. 18+ Readers Only!

  • ASIN: B07R4PG1PK

Freeing his Mate: Single Shifters: Wolf (sexy version) (Shifter World®: Shifter Affairs series Book 1)

Freeing his Mate: Single Shifters: Wolf (sexy version)

Shifter cop. Hot Romance. Killer Action. And a chance to be a dad.Rick's seen it all, tried everything once, and lived to tell about it. At least he thought he's experienced everything life has to offer. Returning to his late mate's pack to solve a cold murder reminds him of the one thing he's missed out on - a family. Life as a shifter female is hard. Mya knows this better than most. Forced into a bond for the babies she conceive, she's nothing more than an incubator. Mya wants more for her daughters and herself. But with the law on her breeding partner's side, she won't ever be free to experience love. And once she delivers a son, hers might be the next murder Rick investigates.The skittish shifter female who awakens his primal side can give Rick everything...if he can free Mya from the criminal who trapped her. And if Rick dies in the process, so be it. A true mate will risk everything for love.Rick and Mya's story is a shifter-style handmaid's tale with a happily ever after.Step into the Shifter World® with the first Shifter Affairs agent who will go above and beyond to fight for his true mate...and love.This is the sexy version of Rick by Dana Archer.

  • ASIN: B077F43XJK

The Shifter's Fake Engagement (Single Daddy Dragons Book 1)

The Shifter's Fake Engagement (Single Daddy Dragons Book

Lucy Kensington has had her heart broken one too many times. After a dramatic fall out with the man she thought she would marry, she decides to take life into her own hands. After accepting a new library job, she feels pulled towards a strong, charming energy. It's at that moment she meets Grayson Nichols.Grayson is a single dad dragon shifter (not to mention dreamboat) who just wants to give his young daughter Delilah the best life. He’s determined to inherit the family estate, but can’t until he’s married.There’s an instant attraction and a passion that burns hotter than the fire Grayson breathes. Lucy, however, has already made the decision to focus on herself, and Grayson could never date a human after what happened last time. Then, Grayson has a crazy idea. He’ll pay for Lucy to go to grad school if she poses as his fiance just until the house belongs to him. As real feelings for each other begin to surface, will they have shot at a happy ending or will it all crash and burn?Steamy, Fun Standalone romance with a HEA. Contains mature themes, adult language, and sexy shifters. 18+ Readers Only!

  • ASIN: B07Q5KM16R

The Shifter's Secret Child (Single Daddy Dragons Book 2)

The Shifter's Secret Child (Single Daddy Dragons Book

The Oceanside Inquirer’s newest staff writer Brynn Martin is thrilled to leave behind a terrible ex and follow her dreams. Her first night in town, she has a wildly sexy one-night stand with Hudson Wright, the most drop-dead-gorgeous man she’s ever laid eyes on. It seems like life in Oceanside is set to be pretty sweet- until her first day at work when she meets her boss, none other than Hudson Wright himself. Hudson is a single dad, a dragon shifter, and editor-in-chief of The Oceanside Inquirer. The last thing he needs is to catch feelings for any human, especially his newest employee. The paper faces unforeseen financial issues and Hudson is determined to keep it afloat. The answer may lie in Brynn Martin, and as the two work closely together, the heat cranks all the way up.To add to the drama, Brynn finds out she’s pregnant with Hudson’s baby. They both harbor secrets from each other, fearing the truth could threaten their chances at a happily ever after. Will they risk it all for love or is their future destined to fall apart? Steamy, Fun Standalone romance with a HEA. Contains mature themes, adult language, and sexy shifters. 18+ Readers Only!


Firefighter Griffin (Fire & Rescue Shifters Book 3)

Firefighter Griffin (Fire & Rescue Shifters Book

Half lion. Half eagle. All hero.Griff used to save lives as part of an elite firefighting crew. Now he answers telephones. A shifter who can’t shift is doomed to a slow, agonising fate… and even though he has two inner animals, Griff has never been able to shift. Forced to retire by his degenerative condition, Griff struggles to be content working as a dispatcher… until he takes a call that will change his life.When your little boy turns into a lion cub and shoots up a tree, who do you call for help? Single mom Hayley thought that the fire department would think she was a prank caller…but instead, a gorgeous Scotsman with golden eyes turns up at her door. One touch, and he sets her heart on fire...When Griff meets Hayley, both his lion and his eagle instantly recognize her as their one true mate. But how can he ask her to risk her heart on a dying man? And when Hayley’s absent ex reappears with a horrifying demand, how can a shifter who can’t shift protect his mate and cub?What paranormal romance fans are saying about this addictive series:★★★★★ 'I only wish I could give more stars. I cried and held my breath, laughed with joy, then cried more.'★★★★★ 'This story just leaves your heart feeling full! Such a great HEA.'★★★★★ 'A joy from begi...


Uflex USA Inc. B183 Single Lever Side-Mount Control

Uflex USA Inc. B183 Single Lever Side-Mount

Single lever dual action control to operate both throttle and shift. Suitable for any type of boats with Outboard, inboard or I/o power plants. B183 - 38945 b provided with a positive Lock-In neutral.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: uflex
  • ASIN: B001PRTX8M
  • UPC: 702755007357

Skunk2 628-05-0100 Single-Bend Short Shifter for Honda Civic/CR-X

Skunk2 628-05-0100 Single-Bend Short Shifter for Honda

Skunk2's Single-Bend Short Shifter for the '88-'00 Civic, CRX, del Sol, and '90-'93 Integra is manufactured from high-strength steel alloy and precision CNC machined for a precise fit and to help promote smoother, more positive shifting, suitable for all forms of racing and street applications.

  • Brand: Skunk2 Racing
  • ASIN: B0017LJIRW
  • UPC: 873265002344

Bearista (Bodyguard Shifters Book 1)

Bearista (Bodyguard Shifters Book

A tough bear shifter bodyguard undercover in a coffee shop + a curvy barista with an adorable 5-year-old + a deadly shifter assassin = a scorching thrill ride of a romance!Tough as nails and hard as steel, Derek Ruger has spent his life in dangerous parts of the world, and has the scars (emotional and physical) to show for it. But this is his most difficult assignment yet: going undercover in a coffee shop to protect a curvy witness, who happens to be his fated mate!Single mom Gaby Diaz is just trying to make ends meet, working as a coffee shop barista while taking night classes, caring for her 5-year-old son, and supporting her widowed mother. Then she witnesses an armed robbery, and now she's being hunted by an assassin and protected by a hot, gruff bodyguard who just might be able to coax Gaby into opening up the heart she's been sheltering for years.Hot as a fresh cup of coffee, Bearista is a standalone BBW paranormal romance with a Latina heroine and a protective bear shifter hero. No cliffhangers!


Shifter - Single

Shifter -

  • ASIN: B079BTXR8H

Ebtech LLS-8 Line Level Shifter 8-Channel Single Space Rack

Ebtech LLS-8 Line Level Shifter 8-Channel Single Space

Increase or decrease signal voltage (-10dBV and +4dBu) and eliminate ground loop hum simultaneously. Converts between balanced and unbalanced signals. 8 channel single space rack unit.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: EBTECH
  • ASIN: B0002E59LY
  • UPC: 614859058046

The Billionaire Shifter's Curvy Match: (Billionaire Shifters Club #1)

The Billionaire Shifter's Curvy Match: (Billionaire Shifters

When Lilah Murphy started serving drinks at the exclusive Platinum Club, she never expected she would be on the menu.Biotech billionaire Gavin Stanton had one taste of the new, curvy server and his craving could never be satisfied until he had her fully. Completely.Eternally.Fate brought them together, but a centuries-old secret could tear them apart, for the Stanton family holds a shifter legacy that no human has ever threatened.Until now.Gavin Stanton is the billionaire CEO of a Boston biotech firm. He’s also a werewolf, the son of a large, ancient family with roots in the British aristocracy. His work is his life. But then he feels the Beat—an irresistible urge to mate with Lilah, a beautiful human who inflames his passions like no other—and he abandons everything he thought he knew in his need to claim her.Lilah Murphy is broke and desperate. All she wants is a job to support herself, her sister, and her ailing mother. The last thing she needs is to get involved with a rich, powerful guy who would discard her after a few hot nights together and get her fired at her new, high-paying job. But she, too, feels the Beat. She hears him in her mind, feels him in her soul, and the urge to answer the ancient call is undeniable. Is she strong enough to embrace his secrets—and h...


Weiss Schwarz Singles - Dead Count Shapeshifter Sieg - APO/S53-E020 - C - Fate/Apocrypha

Weiss Schwarz Singles - Dead Count Shapeshifter Sieg

Relive the Masters' Command Spells or the Servants' Noble Phantasms through various abilities and Climax Combos. Cards from this booster strengthen the prowess of cards from the simultaneously released Trial Deck+! Weiss Schwarz: Fate/Apocrypha Booster Box.

  • Brand: Weiss Schwarz Singles

GTR Simulator - GT Model with Real Racing Seat, Driving Racing Simulator Cockpit with Gear Shifter Mount and Single Monitor Mount

GTR Simulator - GT Model with Real Racing

Racer shouldn't be confined to racetracks At 10,000 RPM, you don't know if that sound is coming from the game or from you. Introducing the completely redesigned GT racing simulator with fixed bucket racing seat and lower profile. The GT Racing simulator's sculpted good looks is just scratching the surface. Dig deeper and find F-1 inspiration, GT Racing Simulator redefined the way any car racing games should be played. GT Racing simulator comes optionally equipped with the Side Gear shift mount for the professional racer. Using those clutches and heel and toes, you can proof to your friend what can be done. The power of GT racing simulator has a whole new look. When it comes to design, we don't think in lines and surface, we think in straights and bends. If a racing simulator is going to have the pulse-pounding heart of a GT simulator, it need a driver that's equipped to handle it. From the front pedal holder to the signature GT Bucket racing seat, this racing simulator has GT written all over it. 6-speed Logitech sports gear shifter(not included) paired with the latest Gran Turismo or Formula racing game, racers can be sure to get their hearts pumping during every second of the game. Nothing but the best for the all-new GT Racing Simulator. Your standards are high. That's why our...

  • Color: Silver, Black
  • Brand: GTR Simulator
  • ASIN: B005CLU138
  • UPC: 123498530009

BATIGE Square Single Port USB 3.0 Panel Flush Mount Extension Cable with Buckle for Car Truck Boat Motorcycle Dashboard 3ft

BATIGE Square Single Port USB 3.0 Panel Flush

BATIGE Square USB 3.0 Panel Flush Mount Extension Cable With Buckle for Car Truck Boat Motorcycle Dashboard 3ft This batige handy mountable USB 3.0 extension can be used to either provide a flush mounted USB 3.0 input on your dash or other surface. Use this batige USB 3.0 car mount cable to extend your USB ports to vehicle's dashboard, center console or other location. Features: Works with vehicles with USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 Designed for in car but can be used for any application. Use an existing hole or cut a hole in your dashboard and clip in the socket to flush mount it to your vehicle's dash. With buckles, easy to snap firm in your car's dashboard. Can use for charge and data transfer. Package include: 1 x BATIGE square USB 3.0 male to female car mount cable

  • Brand: BATIGE
  • UPC: 723980551620
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