Neewer 16 Channel Wireless Remote FM Flash Speedlite Radio Trigger with 2.5mm PC Receiver for Flash Units with Universal Hot Shoe

Neewer 16 Channel Wireless Remote FM Flash Speedlite

Specification: Operate frequency: 433MHZ Sync speed: 1/250s Work range: ≤30M Screw mount on receiver: 1/4" Battery for tramsmitter: 23A-12V mini batter (the battery included) Batery for receiver: 2x1.5V AAA battery (the batteries not included) Suitable: Canon SpeedLite 580EX II, 580EX, 550EX, 540EZ, 520EZ, 430EX, 430EZ, 420EX, 420EZ, 380EX; Nikon SpeedLight SB-800, SB-600, SB-28, SB-27, SB-26, SB-25, SB-24; Olympus FL-50, FL36; Pentax AF-540 FGZ, AF-360 FGZ, AF-400 FT, AF-240 FT; Sigma EF-500 DG Super, EF-500 DG ST, EF-430; Sunpak Auto 2000DZ, 622 Pro, 433AF, 433D, 383, 355AFm 344D, 333D; Vivitar 285HV (Older Vivitar 285/283 works only with PC sync); Other flash models with a trigger voltage of 12V or lower; Work with flash units using universal hot shoe like Nikon, Sigma, Olympus, Pentax (except SONY as they use a special hot shoe). Package Contents: 1x Transmitter (with built-in battery) 2x Receiver (AAA Batteries not included) 1x PC Sync cord for camera (2.5mm to Male)

  • Brand: Neewer
  • ASIN: B00A47U22U
  • UPC: 887662084001

TARAMP'S TA-TW-SLAVE Long Range Audio Receiver for Cars

TARAMP'S TA-TW-SLAVE Long Range Audio Receiver for

Dedicated exclusively to the Sub bass and bass responses, inside vehicles, giving ears a fantastic journey into the world of low frequencies in your favorite songs.

  • Brand: Taramp's
  • ASIN: B00O2WI0I6

Donner 1PCS DMX512 DMX Dfi DJ 2.4G Wireless Receiver with Adapter

Donner 1PCS DMX512 DMX Dfi DJ 2.4G Wireless

Specification:2.4G wireless DMX512 R/T 7 groups ID code settable, User can use 7 groups individual wireless net without any interfere. Input voltage: 5VDC 500mA MIN Communication distance: 400M (visible distance) Max transmitting power rate: 20dBm Receiver Sensitivity: -94dBm CPU: 32-bit ARM Core Modulation: GFSK DMX Signal Interface: RS485 Operating temperature: -40 ~ 85 °C,Storage Temperature: -65 ~ 150 °CAmbient Relative Humidity: 5 to 95% (non-condensing) Automatic Reboot Trigger: Built-in WDT (watchdog timer) Operating manual1. Press momentary switch above the side led indicator to indicate ID setting 2. Press again to set IC,to the color ID desired, adding 1 each time you press the switch will advance the color ID code. 3. Working condition: LED constant lit up:No DMX or wireless signal. Red LED flash:Transmitting Green LED flash:receiving 4. RF frequency 2.400 - 2.525G,total 126 channels,it's searching automatically, 5. ID Code "1-7" groups ID code,press 'KEY' for setting,it only can work under same ID code of transmitter and receiver. (Same LED Color) Establishing Communication: 1. Power on DMX512 wireless received board first and then following to power up the transmitted boards. 2. Press "Key" button to set same ID value of transmitted board and received board. Pl...

  • Color: Receiver
  • Brand: Donner
  • UPC: 612306362340

The Slave


Spartacus, leader of the slave revolt against Rome, is dead. Yet his fight goes on. Long live the Son of Spartacus! Steve Reeves, the actor who took the sword-and-sandal genre on his massive shoulders and lifted it to prominence in the 1960s, stars in this spectacle widely considered to be among the best of the handsome star's tunic tales. Reeves plays Randus, a Roman officer whose duty in the Empire's eastern territory leads him to discover he is the son of the renowned slave hero. The discovery spurs him into action. By day, he remains an officer of Julius Caesar. By night, he secretly wears the helmet and wields the sword of his father, fighting to free slaves and leaving a scrawled "S" as a message to his Roman Pursuers. "If Rome is for slavery, then I am against Rome," the heroic liberator declares. But how long before his dual life is unmasked? Is Randus destined to suffer the same tortured fate as his father?

  • ASIN: B008NNY8BS
  • UPC: 883316610015

Godox 2X TT600 2.4G HSS Thinklite Camer Flash Speedlite Built in Godox X System Receiver Wireless GN60 Master/Slave Camera with Xpro-N Trigger Transmitter Compatible Nikon Camera

Godox 2X TT600 2.4G HSS Thinklite Camer Flash

FlashModel: TT600 GuideNo.(1/[email protected]): GN60(mISO100) VerticalRotateAngle: -7°-90° HorizontalRotateAngle:0-360° PowerSupply: Ni-MHbatteries(recommend)or4*LR6alkalinebatteries FullPowerflashtimes: Approx.230times(2500mANi-MHbatteriesused) RecyclingTime: Approx.0.1-2.6s(eneloopNi-MHbatteriesofPanasonicsused) Flash-readyIndicator: LEDredindicatorlightswhentheflashisreadytowork FlashDuration: 1/300s-1/20000s Colortemperature: 5600±200K WirelessFunction:SupportswirelessMaster&Slavefunction,Off Controlledslavegroup:5Groups:A,B,C,D,E Wirelesstriggerdistance:100m(2.4Gwireless) Channels: 1~32 Internalpower: 4*AAbatteries Batterylife: 100-700flashes Dimensions: 64*76*190mm NetWeight: 400g(Batterynotincluded) Package Listing 2 x Godox Thinklite TT600 Flash 2 x Protection Bag 2 x Mini Stand 2 x User Manua 1 x Xpro-N Transmitter 1 x Open Drawer Cloth 2 x 15x17cm Softbox (Gift) 2 x Diffuser (Gift) 1 x Color Filter (Gift)

  • Brand: Godox
  • ASIN: B07G9PRH59

Apollo 3600 Dual Swing Gate Opener Articulating Arm PKG 2 Includes 2 Gate Openers to work as Master / Slave, 1 receiver, 2 Remote Control will handle a gate up to 1000 lbs and 20 feet per leaf Commercial Swing Gate Operator

Apollo 3600 Dual Swing Gate Opener Articulating Arm

Recommended for gates up to 20 feet in length and 1000 lbs. each. Package #2 includes: Dual Swing Gate Operator 20 watt Solar Panel (SWZOEM20), Solar Panel Regulator (SWIL60), 2 Multi-Code Transmitters (MLT3089) and a Receiver for Multi Code Transmitters (MLTA1099). Battery Operated, Solar or AC Charged Swing Gate Operator. Open/Close Cycle Time: 12 to 20 seconds depending on installation. All standard Apollo operators are shipped with the 835/836 circuit board. BATTERY REQUIREMENTS: 12 volt car type battery. Apollo recommends a maintenance-free, deep cycle marine battery- 105 amp/hour. (not supplied)

  • Brand: Apollo
  • ASIN: B000HQ5N1S

LEDwholesalers Wireless Receiver 2.4GHz Synchronizable Slave Unit for RGB LED Strips, 3339RGB

LEDwholesalers Wireless Receiver 2.4GHz Synchronizable Slave Unit for

Along with a WiFi Controller (product code 3338, sold separately), these synchronizable wireless receiver slave units can form a powerful, flexible, and scalable solution for controlling LED lights. The types of LED lights supported are RGBW, RGB, single color, and color temperature adjustable LED strips and modules. When an installation calls for more power than the controller can handle, or when it is not feasible or desirable to physically link multiple lighting areas together with wires, this wireless slave receiver unit could be the answer. With WiFi controller (product code 3338, sold separately) acting as the "master" controller (or bridge), multiple units of these slave receiver units may be programmed to "listen" to the "master" controller, allowing all their connected LED strips/modules to operate in sync. Assigning Zone Number for Receiver Please also refer to manual of WiFi controller (product code 3338). With mobile app installed on compatible iOS or Android device and wireless connected to WiFi controller: * Press and release learn button on receiver (black color button next to power input terminals). Receiver makes a short beep. * In mobile app of smart device select zone number. Receiver makes a long beep. Cancelling Zone Number for Receiver * Press and ...

  • Brand: LEDwholesalers
  • ASIN: B015I98YZK
  • UPC: 609207160335

FrSky S8R 8/16 Channel Receiver with 3-axis Stabilization

FrSky S8R 8/16 Channel Receiver with 3-axis

The S8R is a FrSky X-series receiver with built in 3-axis stabilization. For conventional Fixed Wing and Glider Models it will support stabilization, automatic level, hover and Knife-edge flight modes, for Delta Wings or flying wings and V-tail models it supports stabilization and automatic level flight modes. You can edit the type of model and manipulate all these features via the S8R.Config or S8R.lua. The S8R can also be used as a standard 8 channel X series receiver if it is required. Tip: Use the S8R with 3-axis stabilization as a slave receiver with the RB-10 to give you that extra peace of mind by buying you precious time to bring your model home. Specification:   Dimension: 46.47×26.78×14.12 mm (L×W×H)   Weight: 14g   Number of Channels: 8/16CH (1-8ch from conventional channel outputs, 1-16ch from SBUS output)   With RSSI PWM output on board: PWM voltage output(0-3.3V), 100Hz, 1500±500us   Operating Current: [email protected]   Operating Voltage Range: 4.0-10V   Operating Range: full range   Gyroscope Measurement Range: ±2000dps   Accelerometer Measurement Range: ±4g   Firmware Upgradeable   Compatibility: FrSky Taranis X9D Plus/X9E/X7/Horus X12S/XJT in D16 mode (PS: S8R-EU only works with FrSky Taranis X9D Plus/X9E/X7/Horus X12S/XJT in D16-EU mode)

  • Brand: FrSky
  • ASIN: B0725WC9NS

HC-05 HC05 Wireless Module for Arduino Serial 6 Pin Bluetooth RF Receiver Transceiver Module RS232 Master Slave 3.3V 150mA Board

HC-05 HC05 Wireless Module for Arduino Serial 6

Note:It's HC-05 Bluetooth module Slaveand master two in one module this module can be set to a transmitter or receiver, transmitter could pairing with receiver , receiver and receiver or transmitter and transmitter can't communication between, receiver could pairing with computers and cell phone bluetooth , when buying, the default for receiver. 1. It is HC-05. 2. Use the CSR mainstream bluetooth chip, bluetooth V2.0 protocol standards. 3. Module working voltage 3.3 V. 4. Potter default rate of 9600, the user can be set up. 5. The core module size : 28 mm x 15 mm x 2.35 mm. 6. Working current: matching for 30 MA, matching the communication for 8 MA. 7. Dormancy current: no dormancy. 8. Used for GPS navigation system, water and electricity gas meter reading system. 9. With computer and bluetooth bluetooth adapter, PDA, seamless connection equipment Commercial Series: Bluetooth module board Series With LED indicator light, use 150mA and 3.3V regulation chip. With VCC.GND.TXD.RXD foot for the Bluetooth With "Re-seach" button(ON/OFF/WAKE foot for it , external MCU outinput "High level" can control module to re-seach) Compatible with bluetooth master module".slave module"or master-slave(whole) module. Input voltage: 3.3~6V Size: 1.55cm*...

  • Brand: ElectronicNova
  • ASIN: B07RYG9LB7

Neewer 16 Channels Wireless Radio Flash Speedlite Studio Trigger Set, Including (1) Transmitter and (3) Receivers, Fit for Canon Nikon Pentax Olympus Panasonic DSLR Cameras (CT-16)

Neewer 16 Channels Wireless Radio Flash Speedlite Studio

PLEASE NOTE: Camera, flash, soft umbrella, hot shoe base mount, AA batteries for receiver are not included. Description: CT-16 Wireless Transmitter and Reveiver Kit: Includes (1) Transmitter; (3) Receiver; (3) Sync Cable; (3)Convert Adapter This set is designed for photographic studio and on-location work to trigger various flash lights. The transmitter is attached on the hot shoe of the camera while the receiver is plugged into the studio flash. Each receiver works with one studio flash. It is compatible with most cameras such as Canon Nikon Pentax Olympus DSLR Cameras. It has 16 channels and the transmit frequency of 433MHz can secure fast response and stable transmission. The receiver has an on/off switch, and an LED to indicate triggering. Energy-saving design with 12V 23A battery for transmitter and two AA batteries (not included) for receiver. With an umbrella input holder, the trigger can connect with soft umbrella (flash and soft umbrella not included). Specifications: Channel: 16 Transmit Frequency: 433MHz wireless remote system Transmitter Power: 12V 23A lithium battery Receiver Power: 2 x 1.5V AA Battery (Not Included) Synchronous speed: Max. 1/250sec Outdoor Operation Distance: Up to 30 meters (Open fields, no fraise) Indoor Operation Distance: Up to 20 meters Dimensi...

  • Color: Wireless charger-271
  • Brand: Neewer
  • ASIN: B074PR5HL1
  • UPC: 191073022836

DSD TECH SH-HC-08 Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Slave Module to UART Transceiver for Arduino Compatible with iOS

DSD TECH SH-HC-08 Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Slave Module

If you need to use iphone or ipad to control your arduino project, sh-hc-08 4.0 ble slave module with 6pin baseboard may be a good choice. Fully compatible with ios7.0 or later and iPhone 4s / 5 / 5s 6 / 6s. Also compatible with Android 4.3 or later. Please note: if the version of the Android os is less than 4.3. it is not compatible. This module only supports bluetooth 4.0 ble mode. Not compatible with any classic Bluetooth 2.0 device About UUID: Service uuid : FFE0 Write,Read, Notify char uuid: FFE1 Features: 1,Core module uses SH-HC-08, leads from the module interface includes VCC, GND, TXD, RXD, LED status output pin. 2, led indicate Bluetooth connection status, flashing Bluetooth connectivity, lit the Bluetooth connection and open a port Backplane 3, 3.3V LDO input voltage 3.6 ~6V, the input voltage to prohibit more than 7V! 4, the interface level 3.3V, can be directly connected the various SCM (51, AVR, PIC, ARM, MSP430, etc.), the 5V MCU also can be connected directly. 5, open to the effective distance of 10 meters, over 10 meters is also possible, but not of this the quality of the connection of the distance do to ensure 6, after the pair when full-duplex serial port to use, do not need to know anything about the Bluetooth protocol, but only supports 8 data bits, 1 s...

  • Brand: DSD TECH
  • ASIN: B01N4P7T0H
  • UPC: 710219132200

Kitzen Dog Training Collar,Rechargeable Dog Training Collar Slave Shock with Remote,100% Waterproof Safe for Small Medium Large Dogs

Kitzen Dog Training Collar,Rechargeable Dog Training Collar Slave

The dog shock collar with remote designed for outdoor sports consists of a receiver, a transmitter and a collar. The device is rechargeable & waterproof, safe & adjustable, you can cut out the collar in accordance with the size of you dog, then the battery has a long-lasting life. On a fine day, take your beloved dog outdoors to do more intellectual exercises to make it develop in an all-around way and become more charming.Specification:Remote Distance: Up to 300 meters (without obstacles and interference)Mode: Static shock/vibration/beepStatic shock & Vibration & Beep Level: 1-5Collar Circumference (adjustable): 60cmCollar Receiver Charge Voltage: DC5VTransmitter Charge Voltage: DC5VCollar Receiver Battery Capacity: 300mAhTransmitter Battery Capacity: 300mAhTraining Advices:1. Click the button of beep to warn your dog that its behavior is not allowed.2. Do not use high frequency vibration firstly.3. Use static shock occasionally, low strength firstly and do not turn up when it works.4. Attention please, dog hairs are unable to conduct electricity. Thus make sure the belt is tightened and the electric poles touch dog's skin.

  • Brand: Kitzen
  • ASIN: B07T3D15NK

GODOX XPro-C E-TTL 2.4G Wireless High Speed Sync 1/8000s X system High-speed Flash Trigger For Canon EOS Cameras+GODOX X1C TTL Wireless Receiver for Canon EOS series cameras (X1C-R)

GODOX XPro-C E-TTL 2.4G Wireless High Speed Sync

Feautures: FE lock 11 Customizable Functions Manual Flash 1/1 - 1/256 Power Modeling Light Status Control Adjusts the Flash Zoom Coverage for Each Group Selective Transmission of Data Conserves Energy and Battery Life Magnification Function Displays Details of Each Group Settings Global Adjustments to Exposure Values for Multi-Group in M Mode 5 Group Buttons and 4 Function Buttons Offer Convenient Manipulation Support Type-C USB Firmware Upgrade and Wireless Triggering by 2.5mm Sync Cord Jack Compatible Camera: Canon EOS Cameras (E-TTL II Autoflash) Support for the cameras that have PC sync socket. Flash Exposure Control TTL Autoflash: Canon E-TTL II Manual flash mode: Yes Multi (Stroboscopic) flash mode: Yes Function HSS (High-speed sync): Yes Second-Curtain Sync: Yes Flash exposure compensation: Yes,±3 Stops in 1/3 stop increments Flash exposure lock: Yes Auto Focus Assist: Yes Modeling Lamp Control: Control the modeling lamp by the flash trigger Beeper: Control the sound of the flash trigger Wireless Setting: The receiver end can control the camera shooting through the 2.5mm sync cord jack ZOOM setting: Adjust the ZOOM coverage value from the transmitter TCM function: Transforms the TTL shooting value into the output value in M mode Firmware upgrade: Upgrade through the Ty...

  • Brand: Godox
  • UPC: 712383669599

LEDwholesalers RF Remote for 2.4GHz Wireless Receiver RGBW Slave Unit, 3354RMT

LEDwholesalers RF Remote for 2.4GHz Wireless Receiver RGBW

This RGBW wireless RF remote is a great companion for the 3339RGBW controller/receiver slave unit, especially when a master controller/receiver is not present in the setup. It is very simple to use, with dedicated keys for precise control of the 4 color channels (Red, Green, Blue, and White). Up to 4 favorite colors or modes may be saved to dedicated keys for easy access. A wall-mount holder for wireless remote is included. Note: While multiple receivers may be programmed to be operated by a single remote, the receivers will slowly drift off from one another in auto-color-changing modes. As such, use of multiple receivers should be avoided unless only static colors are to be used. Programming Controller/Receiver (sold separately): To synchronize/learn: Press "ADDRESS SETTING" button on controller/receiver. Press any key on remote; connected LED light flashes to indicate success. To desynchronize/unlearn: Press and hold "ADDRESS SETTING" button on controller/receiver for more than 5 seconds until connected LED light flashes. Specifications * Compatible Receiver: 3339RGB * Max. Control Distance: 100ft (30m) * Operating Temperatures: -4~120℉ (-20~50℃) * Batteries Required: 1x CR2032 (included) * Operating Frequency: RF 2.4GHz * Number of Preset Modes: 10 ...

  • Brand: LEDwholesalers
  • UPC: 609207169529

#shackle - Stainless Steel Hashtag 20oz Road Ready Water Bottle, Silver

#shackle - Stainless Steel Hashtag 20oz Road Ready

When you are feeling saucy and you need something to say it without saying it, grab this water bottle and fill it with your favorite liquid. It should be alcohol but if that is not your fancy, do as you please.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Molandra Products
  • ASIN: B07GN8CZ64
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