Cedar Grilling Planks - 12 Pack

Cedar Grilling Planks - 12

GRILLING NOTES & TIPS: --Planks should be soaked in water for 3-4 hours. --Pre-soaked planks should be placed on indirect heat. --Planks should be discarded after use. Reuse is unsanitary. --DO NOT SOAK IN OIL as recommended by other sellers. Not only will this cause your plank to catch fire, but you will also defeat the purpose of cedar planking - pure cedar smoke flavor.

  • Brand: Grill Gourmet
  • UPC: 808361000130

Realcook 8" Cold Smoke Generator, Hot or Cold Smoking on Any BBQ Grill and Smoker, Perfect for Smoked Salmon, Cheese, Pork and More, Smoke Time up to 4-7 Hours

Realcook 8" Cold Smoke Generator, Hot or Cold

Metal Type: Steel Product size: 20.5x19x4.5CM(8.07x7.48x1.77Inch) Package size: 22x19x5.5 CM (8.66x7.48x2.17Inch) G.W.of a piece: 0.3KG Package Include: Cold Smoke Generator x 1 Note: You can buy the wood dust in your local store What should you do if the wood dust keeps going out? 1. Light the wood dust with a small kitchen blowtorch. You need to burn it about 15 minutes (relighting as necessary during those time) to keep a flame going and gently blow it out. Less than 15 minutes it was not enough flame to keep going 2. If the wood dust is damp, a minute or so in the microwave can extract the moisture. 3. During cold smoking, make sure to check the food every hour by lifting the lid. This allows fresh oxygen to enter which will stimulate the smoking process. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems!

  • Brand: Realcook
  • ASIN: B077TG37C6
  • UPC: 730440065788

Wildwood Grilling - 6 Grilling Plank Variety Pack

Wildwood Grilling - 6 Grilling Plank Variety

6 Unique Flavors Smoke is nature's original seasoning. The flavor of smoldering wood has been used for thousands of years to season food naturally. Now, you can enjoy this age-old tradition right at home. This wood variety pack includes 6 grilling planks, one of each of the following flavors: Cedar Alder Cherry Hickory Maple Red Oak Each wood type can be paired with different foods to create delectable dishes. All-Natural American Timber - Completely Food-Safe Our planks are not only certified food-safe, but they are also all-natural and eco-friendly. We never add any chemicals, additives, or flavors and each of our products is inspected to ensure only the best-quality planks reach your home. These are 100% wooden planks, just as nature intended. Not Just for Smoking - Try Our Planks in Your Oven Our planks are oven-friendly! Use any of our 6 flavors when cooking in the oven for a delicious, juicy meal and unique flavor that only an oven can bring out of the wood! Oven planking produces a subtle steamed wood flavor, instead of the smoldering smokey taste you would get from the grill. Bring out the subtle flavors from each plank, give the oven a try for your next meal! Bonus: Your house will smell amazing from the wood!

  • Brand: Wildwood Grilling
  • ASIN: B00I3OM7JM
  • UPC: 758317901809

Cedar Grilling Planks 12 Pack Plus 2 Free Alder Planks Western Red Cedar 5 x 11 Inches Size for 2-4 Servings - Cook Salmon, Vegetables, Pork Chops and More

Cedar Grilling Planks 12 Pack Plus 2 Free

This bundle includes 12 of our 5" x 11" Western Red Cedar Grilling Planks + 2 Free Alder planks + a free recipe eBook. They provide delicious smoky flavor to your grilled foods. Enjoy moist and healthy entrees like salmon, chicken, pork chops, and steak! Our planks have a proven track record, and you won't be disappointed! And with a bonus 2 Free Alder Planks and an eBook full of recipes, how can you go wrong? Includes: 12 Cedar Planks 2 FREE Alder Planks Recipe eBook Product Details: These Grilling Planks will fit 2-4 servings of salmon. If you are looking to plank an entire salmon filet at once, please take a look at our other, oversized planks. These planks are sourced, manufactured and packaged in the USA in a food-safety certified facility! There are no additives and no chemicals. The wood is untreated to give you that natural Cedar smoke flavor. These Cedar Grilling Planks pair well with salmon, other seafood, vegetables and more. To add a spicy, fragrant flavor to food naturally, use these planks on the grill or in the oven. Get cooking and impress your friends and family, add our Cedar Grilling Planks to your cart today!

  • Color: Cedar
  • Brand: Wood Fire Grilling Co.
  • ASIN: B00NPC78Y6
  • UPC: 758317902264

8 Cedar LONG Grilling Planks (10 PACK - 8 + 2 BONUS Short planks!) - Perfect for SALMON, FISH, STEAK, VEGGIES and more. MADE IN USA! Re-use several times. FAST soaking.

8 Cedar LONG Grilling Planks (10 PACK -

What are Grilling Planks? - They are used to cook juicier, more flavorful meats and vegetables - Soaked in water prior to grilling, then placed directly on grill, and food is cooked directly on the planks - Cedar Grilling Planks are commonly used with both gas and charcoal grills - As they are heated they release a one-of-a-kind spicy, smokey flavor into the food above What are people saying about Cedar Grilling Planks? - They're really easy to cook with and the smoky flavor is an excellent addition to the flavor of the food - Cooking on wood will make anything you cook taste like it was prepared by a gourmet chef - Be sure to soak them long enough and keep the lid closed for extra flavor How our Western Cedar Grilling Planks stand out from the rest. - Our All-Natural Cedar Grilling Planks are not too thick and they're not too thin (too thin and they'll burn up, too thick and your food cooks too slowly) - Our Planks are harvested, milled, packaged, and sold in the U.S.A. - 100% of the wood used for our Cedar Grilling Planks are harvested from a forest managed for sustained yield. - They get you grilling faster! In a controlled 3 minute test, our planks soaked up twice as much water as a competitor's plank. This saves you prep time, and gets you grilling sooner! These grilling...

  • Color: Natural Red Cedar
  • Brand: Western Cedar Grilling
  • ASIN: B00L6H5T5W
  • UPC: 701936080554

Rub with Love Salmon Rub Seasoning (16 oz.) All-Natural Herbs and Spices | Classic Dry Rub for Fish, Chicken, Pork, or Steak | Rich, Smoky Flavor

Rub with Love Salmon Rub Seasoning (16 oz.)

Etta's Salmon 6 salmon filets - 7 oz each 4 tablespoons Rub with Love Salmon Rub 2 tablespoons olive oil Coat each fillet with 2 teaspoons for Rub with Love Salmon Rub. For stove-top cooking: Heat olive oil in a sauté pan. Cook salmon on both sides over medium heat. Watch carefully so rub does not burn. Reduce heat if necessary. Cook 6-9 minutes until done to your liking. For charcoal grilling: Brush a little olive oil over the spice rubbed salmon. Grill covered over medium heat. Approximately 3-4 minutes each side. Watch carefully so that sugars in the rub do not burn. 6 servings

  • Brand: Rub with Love
  • ASIN: B00439TSUC
  • UPC: 656103006779

Western Premium BBQ Products Hickory BBQ Smoking Chips, 180 cu in

Western Premium BBQ Products Hickory BBQ Smoking Chips,

Enjoy the distinct hickory smoke flavor from Western Premium BBQ Products. Take your cookout to the next level with Western Premium BBQ Products Hickory BBQ Smoking Chips. They are made from real heat-treated hickory wood to deliver a robust flavor to every meal. Hickory smoke can give your smoked meats a bold new layer of flavor. Smoking chips are a great way to add depth to the taste of your next barbequed meal. Kudos to you, fellow grill master. You got this far by adding some wood smoking chips to your grill to infuse your meats with a hickory flavor. Western Premium BBQ Products Hickory BBQ Smoking Chips are easy to use and they work on gas grills, charcoal grills, and electric smokers. The next time you’re thinking of making smoked meat for the family, add some Western Premium BBQ Products Hickory BBQ Smoking Chips to the grilling process. Be the cookout hero your friends and family deserve! If you’re using wood chips for smoking your meats on a gas or charcoal grill, place dry wood chips in a foil pack or a smoke box and place them over the heat. Let the hickory chips start smoking, and then move them to one side of your grill. Place your meat on the grill and close the lid. Cook to time or temperature you normally would, keeping the lid closed as much as possible. If ...

  • Color: Hickory
  • Brand: WESTERN
  • ASIN: B006OD885G
  • UPC: 078342780751

Project Smoke: Seven Steps to Smoked Food Nirvana, Plus 100 Irresistible Recipes from Classic (Slam-Dunk Brisket) to Adventurous (Smoked Bacon-Bourbon Apple Crisp)

Project Smoke: Seven Steps to Smoked Food Nirvana,

The Barbecue Bible for Smoking Meats A complete, step-by-step guide to mastering the art and craft of smoking, plus 100 recipes—every one a game-changer –for smoked food that roars off your plate with flavor. Here’s how to choose the right smoker (or turn the grill you have into an effective smoking machine). Understand the different tools, fuels, and smoking woods. Master all the essential techniques: hot-smoking, cold-smoking, rotisserie-smoking, even smoking with tea and hay—try it with fresh mozzarella. USA Today says, “Where there’s smoke, there’s Steven Raichlen.” Steven Raichlen says, “Where there’s brisket, ribs, pork belly, salmon, turkey, even cocktails and dessert, there will be smoke.” And Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue says, “Nothin’ but great techniques and recipes. I am especially excited about the smoked cheesecake.” Time to go forth and smoke. “If your version of heaven has smoked meats waiting beyond the pearly gates, then PROJECT SMOKE is your bible.” —Tom Colicchio “Steven Raichlen really nails everything you need to know. Even I found new ground covered in this smart, accessible book.” —Myron Dixon

  • Brand: Workman Publishing Company
  • ASIN: B015X2PGFI

TMKEFFC Smoker Gun Smoke Infuser Food Smoker Meat Salmon Sausage Meat Smoker Hand-held Portable +Smoking Wood Chips for Smoking Food on BBQ

TMKEFFC Smoker Gun Smoke Infuser Food Smoker Meat

Natural Aroma Wood Infusion Smoker, With NO Artificial Flavor! How about an Apple-wood smoked Bloody Mary? Or a piece of Hickory Flavour Beef? Just get our electric portable smoking gun and Get ready to enjoy smokehouse flavours food or drinks which will make you salivate. The electric portable smoking gun is the perfect companion to both your creativity and presentation skills in the kitchen or home bar. The electric smoke gun allows you to infuse a variety of foods and drinks with natural smoky flavours like apple-wood, hickory, teas, spices or dried flowers etc. without adding any heat. Simply load our cocktail handheld smoker with wood chips, light and blow smoke into a coved container of any kind, allow it to infuse a few minutes, then start enjoying the creative smoking food or drinks with you friends and families! You can even try smoking foods twice for a deepet smoked flavour. Specifications: - Material: Stainless steel and plastic - Size: 6.6" x 3" x 2.9" - Power Source: 2 x AA batteries required (NOT included) Tips and Notice: - Children are not allowed to use this electric smoker gun - Always use this smoke infuser in an upright position - Never operate this electric tiny smoke machine without the stainless steel mesh - When refill woods or clean the smoker please b...

  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: TMKEFFC

I'd Smoke That: Salmon, Fish - BBQ, Barbecue T-shirt

I'd Smoke That: Salmon, Fish - BBQ, Barbecue

I'd Smoke That: Salmon, Fish - BBQ, Barbecue T-shirt. It's the perfect t-shirt for any meat eater, grill guru, barbecue fanatic, or smoker enthusiast. It's a fun way to break the ice at any barbecue, party, or backyard get together.

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: BBQ, Smoke, and Grill Tees
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