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Radio Disney: Ultimate Jams Greatest Hits from Vol. 1 - 6

Radio Disney: Ultimate Jams Greatest Hits from Vol.

Add Ultimate Jams to the ever-mounting stack of kids' records you grudgingly admit to liking yourself. Here, you haven't got a lot of choice: right when the Village People get done coaxing you, against your good grown-up judgment, into flapping your arms wildly to form the letters "YMCA," James Brown comes along and clobbers you with "I Got You (I Feel Good)." Yes, the nearly unbearable not-so Bubblicious bubble-gum pop numbers that only an 8-year-old could love crop up too (see "Blue [Da Ba Dee]" and "The Hampster Dance Song"), but no parent under 50 should consider herself cool unless she cops to bouncing, reflexively, to at least a few of these songs. In other words, don't be a snob: cue up the Jams and cut loose with the kids. Once you're pooped--and you will be--pop in the companion DVD. Six tracks spring to metabolism-speeding life as the radio stars clamber onto the small screen. Much stuff is strutted, most of it exhilarating. --Tammy La Gorce

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Beautiful Girls (Radio Disney Version)

Beautiful Girls (Radio Disney


Radio Disney: Music Mix Studio

Radio Disney: Music Mix

good condition plays fine

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Radio Disney: Kid Jams

Radio Disney: Kid

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High School Never Ends (Radio Disney Version)

High School Never Ends (Radio Disney

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Disney's Most Notorious Film: Race, Convergence, and the Hidden Histories of Song of the South

Disney's Most Notorious Film: Race, Convergence, and the

The Walt Disney Company offers a vast universe of movies, television shows, theme parks, and merchandise, all carefully crafted to present an image of wholesome family entertainment. Yet Disney also produced one of the most infamous Hollywood films, Song of the South. Using cartoon characters and live actors to retell the stories of Joel Chandler Harris, SotS portrays a kindly black Uncle Remus who tells tales of Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and the "Tar Baby" to adoring white children. Audiences and critics alike found its depiction of African Americans condescending and outdated when the film opened in 1946, but it grew in popularity—and controversy—with subsequent releases. Although Disney has withheld the film from American audiences since the late 1980s, SotS has an enthusiastic fan following, and pieces of the film—such as the Oscar-winning "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah"—remain throughout Disney's media universe.Disney's Most Notorious Film examines the racial and convergence histories of Song of the South to offer new insights into how audiences and Disney have negotiated the film's controversies over the last seven decades. Jason Sperb skillfully traces the film's reception history, showing how audience perceptions of SotS have reflected debates over race in the larger society. He...


Be a Star

Be a

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