Comfort's Home Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Brushes Stainless Steel Soap

Comfort's Home Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Brushes Stainless

Size: 3.93 lenght x 1.18 wide x 0.6 heigh Inches (10 x 3 x 1.2cm)

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Home Comforts
  • UPC: 701086374763

Stainless Steel Soap Eliminator Ashero Fishy Garlic Odor Remover Soap with Hand-washing Brush for Vegetable Fish-scale Seafood Shellfish also Helpful for Smoker

Stainless Steel Soap Eliminator Ashero Fishy Garlic Odor

Feature&Package List Color: Silver Dimension: 10cm (L) x3.5cm (W) x3.5cm (H) (brush 1cm included) Weight: 70.5g Package included: 1pc stainless steel soap brush Unique Feature 1: Made from light-weight stainless steel 2: The molecules in the steel bind with the sulfur molecules on your hands, thus transferring the molecules, along with the smell, to the metal and off from your hands. Easily Remove Unwanted Odors Unlike the traditional soap or the scented hand sanitizer to cover the odor, this magic soap can literally wipes the odor off your hand and skin due to the antibacterial nature of the steel. It has been widely used in the kitchen. Rubbing the steel bar can effectively remove the odor with garlic, onions, fish, or the smell after peeling shrimp cling onto your hands. It's also helpful for smoker since it can entirely wipe the stench away.

  • Brand: Ashero
  • ASIN: B07HFWL4S8
  • UPC: 713923635449

Adjustable Mandoline Slicer with Free Cut-Resistant Gloves and Brushes Stainless Steel Slicer Vegetable Potato Onion Food Slicer for Kitchen by Vinipiak

Adjustable Mandoline Slicer with Free Cut-Resistant Gloves and

It is complex to cut vegetable into different shapes. Some people needs thin slices, some people needs thick slices. Vinipiak adjustable mandoline slicer will help you cut the vegetables easily. No matter 0mm-9mm slices or julienne, just a small case for it.  What is the size of the Mandoline Slicer with the package?  Length : 19 inches Width : 17 inches Height : 14.5 inches It is a time saving & safe Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer. The blades are build-in design. There is no need to change the blades  What can you get? 1. The mandoline slicer 2. A pair of Vinipiak cut resistant glove 3. Small cleaning brush. 4. Hand protective holder 5. White blade cover 6. An introduction book So do not hesitate any more ! Enjoy the food, enjoy the life.

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Vinipiak
  • UPC: 712424995311

FYD Peeler Dual Julienne Peeler & Vegetable Peeler Stainless Steel Ultra Sharp Ergonomic Peeler With Cleaning Brush, Comfortable Handle

FYD Peeler Dual Julienne Peeler & Vegetable Peeler

Top Benefits ✓ The razor-sharp serrated blade cut through any vegetables. ✓ Creates delicious-looking dishes for picky eaters. ✓ Best quality stainless steel that presents as a beautiful brushed metal. ✓ Quick and easy to clean

  • Brand: FYD
  • ASIN: B07PY6NS48
  • UPC: 010725981676

Adjustable Mandoline Slicer by Chef's INSPIRATIONS. Best For Slicing Food, Fruit and Vegetables. Professional Grade Julienne Slicer. With Cleaning Brush. Stainless Steel

Adjustable Mandoline Slicer by Chef's INSPIRATIONS. Best For

Your Search For The Best Mandoline Slicer Is Finally Over. Now You Can Cut Your Food Preparation Time by Up To 50% With the Chef's Inspirations Adjustable Stainless Steel Mandoline slicer. The Chef's Inspirations Adjustable Mandoline Food Slicer is designed so you can quickly and easily prepare your food. You will find the Chef's Inspirations Mandoline Slicer easy to use and can cut your food preparation time by up to 50%. The results you'll get are simply amazing too. The Chef's INSPIRATIONS Adjustable Mandoline Slicer is designed with the cook in mind! Premium quality stainless steel that is strong and durable unlike other mandolin slicers made of cheap plastic. This heavy duty mandoline slicer is really designed to last a lifetime.Ultra-sharp stainless steel blades that will slice your food effortlessly, just like a hot knife through butter.Non slip rubber feet and slicing guard makes this mandoline slicer safe to use.Easy to clean. Simply rinse under running water after use.Fold away feet for easy storage. What's Included with your Chef's INSPIRATIONS Mandoline Slicer: - Heavy duty stainless steel mandoline base- Adjustable settings: 1.0mm to 9mm slices, 4.5 Julienne and 9mm Julienne- Slicing hand guard- Cleaning brush- Bonus recipe eBooks. Sent via email Don't decide n...

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Chef's INSPIRATIONS
  • ASIN: B01LYMX1S1

Evriholder Sophisti-Clean Stainless Steel Dishwashing Brush, Silver w/Grey

Evriholder Sophisti-Clean Stainless Steel Dishwashing Brush, Silver

Upgrade your cleaning tools with the sophisticated look of stainless steel. The stiff yet flexible bristles on the dish brush are ideal for scrubbing pots, plates, and silverware. Even baked- or stuck-on foods are no match for this brush. Stores easily and conveniently with the hang hole in the handle.

  • Color: Silver W/ Grey
  • Brand: Evriholder
  • UPC: 714415201500

Yukon Glory Set of 3 Professional Barbecue Grilling Baskets Heavy Duty Stainless Steel BBQ Basket, Great Gift for Grillers

Yukon Glory Set of 3 Professional Barbecue Grilling

For all those who love grilling, it’s time to fire up the grill! It’s all about tasting the smoked meat and experiencing the greatness of grilling on the weekend. But plain old grilling is not enough…At Yukon Glory, we want you to be able to grill as much as you want at once! With the three different baskets, your grilling experience will be even more exciting.The Yukon Glory 3-Piece Mini BBQ Accessory Set includes a flat pan, a vegetable basket, and a circular grill pan. Each of these pans are ideal for grilling vegetables, scallops, shrimp, diced chicken, and any small foods that precariously perch on a standard grill rack. The flat pan is perfect for cooking pan fries or fish, vegetables, and even fruit. The square vegetable basket is compact enough to be placed on the grill next to the main entree while spacious enough to accommodate a plethora of vegetables. The circular grill pan is good for small or delicate foods and can be used in place of a wok to grill diced chicken, pork, or beef. This 3-Piece Mini BBQ Accessory Set by Yukon Glory is a must have accessory if you like grilling your veggies. Grilled veggies are delicious, however it's hard to enjoy when it gets eaten up by the grill, instead of you. The Yukon Glory 3-Piece Mini BBQ Accessory Set makes cooking smal...

  • Color: Stainless
  • Brand: Yukon Glory
  • UPC: 723175636040

WOWSTAR Portable 304 Stainless Steel BBQ Grilling Basket for Fish,Vegetables,Steak,Shrimp,Chops and Many Other Food.with Two Bonus Brushes.

WOWSTAR Portable 304 Stainless Steel BBQ Grilling Basket

* RELAX TO THE SOUND OF YOUR FOOD SIZZLING. Nothing says a good day, like grilling with a beer in your hand, tunes playing, and bringing your friends and family together to enjoy a real American meal.*EXPERIENCE THE WEEKEND ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. Our BBQ tools are designed to make grilling easier so you can fire up your grill after a long day of work, any day of the week. Now you can grill that shrimp, vegetables, and diced meat without FOLG (Fear Of Losing to Grill)!*ONLY FOR THE TRUE WOWSTAR. Let's be honest...everything tastes better on the grill. A true WOWSTAR knows that smokey delicious flavor makes any meal. Grill what you otherwise couldn't with our stainless steel grill basket and get that coveted smokey flavor.*MAN DISCOVERD FIRE, WOWSTAR MASTERED ITS USE. Grilling is an art. And when you've mastered that art...your friends double in numbers. Just like a sculptor needs his chisel, a true WOWSTAR needs a vegetable grill basket. The perfect companion for your Weber, Traeger, ot Big Green Egg gill.*EXPERIENCE THE WOWSTAR PROMISE. You are making a very wise decision doing business with our company. We know a TRUE WOWSTAR like you deserves only the best, which is why we back our grill accessories with a LIFETIME money back guarantee. Add your grill basket to your cart and expe...

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: WOWSTAR
  • ASIN: B07JX8Y26D
  • UPC: 733810102007

Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor, Cold Press Juicer Machine, Quiet Motor, Reverse Function, High Nutrient Fruit and Vegetable Juice with Juice Jug & Brush for Cleaning (Bright Stainless Steel)

Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor, Cold Press Juicer

Wide-mouth Chute This is a maticating juicer is equipped with a 80mm (3.15inch) wide-mouth chute to fit large fruits and vegetables easily,thus,shortenning the preparation and minimizing the oxidation of ingredients Nutritional The Aobosi slow masticating juicer is a slow masticating juicer extractor, or cold press juicer, meaning that unlike traditional juicing appliances that extracts at speeds of over 1500 rpm, the Aobosi big mouth juicer slowly twists each piece at less than 47-60 RMP / min. This crucial action prevents the ingredients from oxidizing, preserving higher nutrition,more vitamins, enzymes,and minerals in juice. Quality Guarantee With dual security systems, the juicer masticating will not start until all parts are correctly installed or assembled. Backward function to avoid getting stuck. Quality guarantee for 2 year, ETL qualified Box Contains: 1 x 200W Aobosi masticating juicer extractor 1 x Juice glass 1 x Pulp glass 1 x Juicer glass 1 x Brush 1 x User manual

  • Color: Bright Stainless Steel
  • Brand: AAOBOSI
  • ASIN: B07PWZ46KP
  • UPC: 755431961191

UberChef UC-JP101 Erg Premium Ultra Sharp Julienne Peeler & Vegetable Stainless Steel Ergonomic, Potato Apple Peeler-Cleaning Brush In, Silver

UberChef UC-JP101 Erg Premium Ultra Sharp Julienne Peeler

"this peeler is awesome!! It is made of strong, durable metal and looks like it will last a lifetime" -Cheri "Why are you still reading this? You should buy it and see for yourself how great it is!" -Elaine "This is the best vegetable peeler I have ever used." -Linda Professional Chef-Approved Julienne Peeler - A Must-Have For Every Kitchen Transform your dishes & save time with this super sharp stainless steel Julienne & Vegetable Peeler Our Peelers have been designed with professional chefs in mind. We have the sharpest blade available that will shred anything. Check out what our customers have said: "The Julienne makes even, perfect friction or drag. I was surprised by how quickly (and professionally) I was able to make garnish" -Mike (Top 50 Reviewer) "Peels veggies smoothly and effortlessly!" -Kelly Let's face it: few have the time to prepare regularly prepare meals that require intricate cutting and slicing. And slicing one fine piece of carrot, zucchini, or other vegetable after another is terribly boring and tedious. That changes now with your new UberChef Julienne Peeler. Glide the Julienne blade down your vegetable and do in seconds what used to take several minutes. Those healthy vegetarian, vegan, paleo or side dishes or cheese are now easy and quick to make...

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: UberChef
  • ASIN: B00KEVG4L4
  • UPC: 784672281584
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