Magz 132 Piece Magnetic Building Set containing 84 Short Magnetic Rods and 48 Steel Balls

Magz 132 Piece Magnetic Building Set containing 84

Magz132 is a creative and fun magnetic building system consisting of 84 magnetic bars (1.2" long) and 48 steel balls (0.5" diameter). This magnetic set is strictly for ages 14 years and up. For younger children please look for MegaMagz with long rods. Magz132 comes in a canvas storage bag with Magz logo printed over. It is fun and easy to play. You become an instant builder and creator. Collect more pieces and build larger. You can build towers and high rises with Magz132.

  • Brand: Magz
  • ASIN: B0714MZJK8
  • UPC: 603625793007

Milwaukee 48-89-2331 15-Piece Cobalt Red Helix Secure Grip Drill Bit Set w/ Hard Plastic Foldout Storage Case

Milwaukee 48-89-2331 15-Piece Cobalt Red Helix Secure Grip

You never know what type of wood you’ll be drilling pilot bits through. You need to be prepared to tackle the hardest surfaces. For the best bits in the business that will take on what you’ll face on nearly any jobsite, look to Milwaukee. This kit, the 48-89-2331, has 15 cobalt red helix drill bits stored together in a sturdy plastic container. They’re collected in individually-molded rubber housings that fold out of the bin. The bits themselves are awesome in their power. Their cobalt steel material help them last up to 10 times longer than black oxide bits. On top of that, their tips are angled to keep them from walking over the work surface you happen to be on. No matter the wood, you’ll be able to drill clean, straight holes. The helix design is designed to keep chips from holding on to the bit while you push and pull through your work, reducing heat and friction to make the job go faster. With these features, you know that you’re working with the best bits Milwaukee has to offer.

  • Brand: Milwaukee
  • UPC: 045242188468

Wreath Builder Steel Die Set for Scrapbooking (DIE469W)

Wreath Builder Steel Die Set for Scrapbooking

Wreath Builder steel die set by Impression Obsession. This is a set of 9 dies. The wreath base measures 1-5/8 inches in diameter and each branch piece is approximately 5/8 x 1-1/4 inches.

  • Brand: Impression Obsession
  • ASIN: B01M62IO8M
  • UPC: 848099077974

Milwaukee 48-22-2202 3-Piece 1000V Insulated Screwdriver Set

Milwaukee 48-22-2202 3-Piece 1000V Insulated Screwdriver

As an electrician, you at risk of bodily injury on the jobsite. Someone may accidentally turn on a circuit breaker while you’re working, or you may make a mistake. Minimize your risks while you work with Milwaukee. This set of three insulated screwdrivers will complement your current tool kit, combining the Milwaukee’s power and convenience with OSHA’s standards for electrical safety. They boast two layers of insulation. Each layer is a different, highly contrasting color. This way, if they sustain damage, you’ll be able to tell right away and get a replacement. Their sustaining damage is unlikely, however. They have holes in the handle for a lanyard loop, so you can keep them safe, even outside of the tool belt. This set also features three screwdrivers, two with compact 4-inch shafts and one with a 6-inch shaft for improved reach. They have clear identification markings on the front. When you’re looking down at your tool belt, you need only read the pommel to find what you’re looking for. With a slot, Phillips, and ECX head included in this 48-22-2202 kit, you’ll have what you need to accomplish a variety of electrical jobs with confidence

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Milwaukee
  • ASIN: B00D5YLI4U
  • UPC: 045242293766

Audel Carpenters and Builders Library: Tools, Steel Square, Joinery (Carpenters & Builders Library)

Audel Carpenters and Builders Library: Tools, Steel Square,

Discusses how to use a variety of hand tools for measuring, cutting, fastening, sharpening, and performing other carpentry jobs

  • ASIN: 0025064517

Domestic Corner - 5 Piece Knife Set - Stainless Steel Blades - Multicolored

Domestic Corner - 5 Piece Knife Set -

Add a splash of color to your kitchen! Domestic Corner's 5-piece knife set is complete with a wide range of knives perfect for virtually any kitchen or food prep uses. Durable blades are stainless steel with a non-stick coating for easier, more efficient cutting. Assorted knives are perfect for slicing, dicing, mincing, and chopping. Handles are lightweight and ergonomically constructed for comfortable, sure grip. Our set is excellent for everyone from the cooking novice to the experienced sous chef. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Domestic Corner
  • ASIN: B00SM21JS0
  • UPC: 633841721713

Peterson StroboPlus HD Desktop Strobe Tuner | Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele, Harp, Brass, Woodwind, Orchestral, Pedal and Steel Guitar | Tuner Choice of Luthiers, Technicians, Builders, Manufacturers

Peterson StroboPlus HD Desktop Strobe Tuner | Guitar,

Optional Body Beat metronome features: Audio, Visual or Tactile tempo delivery modes Feel the beat from the optional vibration clip 4 different audio choices, Rims hot, Clave, Wood Block and Beep Feel or hear a variety of subdivisions and accent patterns 10 to 280 BPM tempo range with tap tempo input feature Independently selectable time signature components Wide variety of subdivisions displayed in notation format Meter-based accent patterns (additive meters) Store up to 99 presets of all settings Encoder dial for quick entry of values Practice patterns for Latin music and dance steps Note: The Strobilus will not feature the wireless synchronizing capability of the Body Beat Sync. Peterson Connect Peterson Connect is a new way to configure your Peterson products and program your own tunings. Simply download the free Peterson Connect program and register your tuner. Each time you connect your tuner to your computer, it will check to see if there are any firmware updates that are needed for your product and also find any configuration changes, new tunings, or sweeteners that you have added to the profile for your product. The Peterson Connect tool allows you to easily alter the settings you want to appear on your tuner. You can create your own tunings and sweeteners as well as syn...

  • Color: Multi-Colored
  • Brand: Peterson
  • UPC: 805265500568

The Memory Building Company Unicorn Music Box & Little Girls Jewelry Set - 3 Unicorn Gifts for Girls

The Memory Building Company Unicorn Music Box &

✔VALUE FOR MONEY  - Not just a girls jewelry box, the musical boxes contains unicorn jewelry sets, making it the 3-in-1 choice for Unicorn gifts for girls, offering more value than others.✔SPACIOUS - You'll be surprised how much childrens jewelry the box will hold. Includes a special compartment for those unicorn earrings and rings and a additional drawer to keep those secrets safe!✔BUILT TO LAST- A kids jewelry box should be built to last and grow with them and so we make our box with Medium Density Fibre (MDF) from pine trees instead of cardboard as do others. The kids jewelry is made of Nickel free stainless steel that wont tarnish or leave green marks on the skin- perfect for sensitive skins.✔WOW FACTOR - You'll love the reaction you get when your little one opens one of these music boxes for the first time and gets lost in a magical world of unicorns and the timeless classic 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' tune.✔BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - Designed by an artist in Maryland, our music boxes come with an exclusive rainbow unicorn design backed by soft blues, pinks and gold glitter layers. Little ones will love the sparkly girls' bracelets and the 3mm soft white pearl cute necklace with inspirational 'She Believed She Could so She Did' message.✔3 year old girl toys gifts for 5...

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: The Memory Building Company

My First Tool Set - PINK by DIY Jr. – Real Tool Set for Kids Pink Tools for Girls Toolbelt Child-sized Tools Complete Tool Set for Girls Tools for Small Hands

My First Tool Set - PINK by DIY

My First Tool Set - PINK by DIY Jr. Legit tools for legit little helpers. Real Tools for Girls Enjoy quality bonding time with your little lady while teaching her valuable skills around the home. My First Tool Set - PINK is a REAL, steel-forged tool set specially designed for little hands! We've spent years carefully developing each piece of this set to be a fully functional implement that your daughter or granddaughter will be able to use at your side, with your guidance. From the spacious, pink DIY Jr. tool bag and tool belt, to the professional grade tools themselves, any lucky girl will be proud to have a set of real tools that are made just for her. As parents, we know how much our kids want to help us with projects, and how frustrating it is to work with cumbersome adult-sized tools. Watching our own children struggle with tools that were too heavy and large inspired our mission to give all kids the genuine tools they need to help. Now, your girls can put on their very own child-sized, adjustable toolbelts and learn to build, repair, and create at the side of the best teacher around ... YOU! 11 Piece PINK Steel Forged Tool Set Includes: -Professional Grade Child's Hammer -6" Combination Pliers -6" Crescent Wrench -10' Tape Measure -6" Needle Nose Pliers -1.5" Phillip...

  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: DIY Jr.
  • UPC: 663481465029

Anezus Nail Polish Remover Clips Set Includes 20 Pack Toe and Finger Gel Nail Polish Remover, A Cuticle Pusher and 500 Pack Cotton Pads for Gel Polish Removal

Anezus Nail Polish Remover Clips Set Includes 20

Anezus nail polish remover clips set includes 20 pack nail cap clips for finger nails and toe nails, a cuticle pusher and 500 pack cotton pads that are great for gel polish removal. They made the task of removing nail polish much easier than trying to clumsily fold foils over my nails and no damage to your nails. Nail Polish Remover for Finger Nails: Material: plastic Colors: pink Quantity: 10 pieces Sizes: approx. 2" x 1" x 5/8" Nail Polish Remover for Toe Nails: Material: plastic Colors: purple Quantity: 10 pieces Sizes: approx. 2 1/8" x 1 1/4" x 3/4"; 1 7/8" x 7/8" x 5/8" Cuticle Pusher: Colors: silver Quantity: 1 pack Material: Stainless steel Sizes: 5 1/2" x 1/4" Nail Wipe Cotton Pads: Colors: white Quantity: 500 pack Material: cotton Sizes: 2 7/8" x 1 5/8" How To Use: Step 1: Soak the pads with professional nail remover Step 2: Wrap up your artificial nails with the soaked pads Step 3: Use the clips to clamp your wrapped nails Step 4: Remove the nail clips and pads after 10-15 minutes Step 5: Use the cuticle remover tool to remove gel polish along the forefront of nails Step 6: Use the cotton pads to remove the residue, then your nail surface will be smooth as before Package Includes: - 10 * Nail polish remover for finger nails - 10 * Nail ...

  • Brand: anezus
  • ASIN: B07G2DFD1S

Titanic Blood & Steel [Blu-ray]

Titanic Blood & Steel

Belfast, 1909. The Harland and Wolff shipyard has been handed the greatest project in its history. It will build a great, unsinkable ship. And it will be called the RMS Titanic. "Titanic: Blood & Steel" is the untold story of the building of a legend, and the many lives it affected during its 3-year construction. To its wealthy investors, it was a dream. To the middle class who oversaw the project, it was a challenge. But to the working class who built it, Titanic was the start of a revolution. With Ireland under British rule, and the Protestant and Catholic struggle intensifying, Titanic was more than a was a symbol of ambition, hope and unity.

  • Color: color
  • Brand: LIONSGATE
  • UPC: 031398161745

Wera Stainless 3950 PKL/9 Ball-point Metric Hex-Plus Ergonomic L-Key Set with Two-Component Storage Clip, 9-Piece

Wera Stainless 3950 PKL/9 Ball-point Metric Hex-Plus Ergonomic

Wera 9 Piece 3950 PKL/9 Stainless Metric Hex Key set is designed to keep rust at bay. Wera’s Stainless tool line is manufactured from 100% Stainless steel, preventing extraneous rust caused by use of conventional tools contaminating stainless fasteners. Wera’s unique vacuum ice-hardened process gives the necessary hardness for industrial applications. Wera Hex-Plus technology prevents the rounding of screws caused by sharp edges of conventional tools gradually wearing the screw head. Hex-Plus tools provide more surface contact transferring up to 20% more torque. Features ballpoint on long-arm of L-key to insert the tool quickly into screw and work at an angle in confined spaces. Wera’s non-wearing material ensures L-keys stay fixed even after frequent removal. Handy fold-over clip with sliding switch opens easy for quick insert and removal of tools. Each L-key is laser engraved with the size of each tool for easy locating. Limited Life Time Warranty. Set contains 9 Hex-Plus Stainless L-keys - 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm. Wera – The Best Tools For The Job!

  • Color: MULTI
  • Brand: Wera
  • ASIN: B000VCZQ74

Stanley 10-099 6 in Classic 99 Retractable Utility Knife, 1-Pack

Stanley 10-099 6 in Classic 99 Retractable Utility

  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Stanley
  • ASIN: B00002X204
  • UPC: 151903397572

Magnetic Padlock Keyed Alike, Set of 5 [920KA-5] Locks Do Not Have a Key Hole but a Magnetic Strip That Open Each Other- Candado Magnetico

Magnetic Padlock Keyed Alike, Set of 5 [920KA-5]

Magnetic Padlock WITHOUT KEYHOLE Keyed Alike, Set of 5 [920KA-5] , - Candado Magnetico Abre con Llave Magnetica. Ocupa Casilleros 40 mm Keyless Padlock

  • Brand: MADOL
  • UPC: 730051009225

Warrior to Dreadnought: Warship Design and Development 1860-1905

Warrior to Dreadnought: Warship Design and Development

In the 50 years that separated Warrior from Dreadnought there occurred a revolution in warship design quite unparalleled in naval history; a period that began with the fully-rigged broadside ironclads and ended with the emergence of the great battleships and battlecruisers that were to fight in the First World War.The author explains how ninetheenth-century designers responded to developments in engine technology, armour protection and armament in their attempts to develop the best possible fighting ships. He details the development of more efficient engines that brought about the demise of the sailing warship, and the competition between armour and armament, with every increase in the power of guns stimulating the development of ever more sophisticated methods of protection. Importantly, he explains that the Victorian Royal Navy, far from being the reactionary body it is so often depicted as, was, in fact, at the forefront of technological change, for example in the employment of torpedoes and the development of countermeasures to them.Full accounts are given of the significant naval events and battles of the period, making the book a fine narrative history as well as a brilliant work of warship reference.D K BROWN was a distinguished naval architect who retired in 1988 as Deput...

  • ASIN: B00V6P9PV8
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