Sterling Silver Salt & Pepper Dish [Chased Design with casting oranments]

Sterling Silver Salt & Pepper Dish [Chased Design

"IMPERIAL STERLING" introduces the Ultimate Genuine 925 Sterling silver from the Antik Silver Company! Now available in assorted ornate designs & sizes. Quality, This beautifully designed 925 Sterling Silver Salt and Pepper Dish is meticulously hand crafted and perfected to the finest details by the makers of high end quality sterling, Ideal for ... For Bride or Groom gifts, Parties, Wedding showers, Ceremonies, Religious Gatherings, Shabbat and Holiday table setting, Guests, Etc. Dimensions: Width of Dish 6 cm. Height 14.5 cm. Length 15.5 cm Weight: 200 gr. Package also includes: 2 glass protective insert

  • Color: Sterling Silver
  • Brand: Antik Sterling
  • ASIN: B0786WLBYV
  • UPC: 726670235268

Vagabond House Pewter Row Boat Salt/Pepper Cellar with Pewter Oar Spoons 3.75" Long

Vagabond House Pewter Row Boat Salt/Pepper Cellar with

Imaginative Divided Rowboat Salt cellar is a perfect finishing touch for your creative tablespaces. Designed to hold two spices, the luxury grade pewter boat comes with two miniature spoons imagined as the rowboat oars. The spoons clip into the oarlocks so they are not easily lost when not use.At sea or on shore, you will find products that delight in the Vagabond House Sea and Shore collection. From mighty kraken style octopi to delicately detailed sea turtles and romantic sail boats, this collection spans marine life and water adventures from sea to shore.

  • Color: Pewter
  • Brand: Vagabond House
  • ASIN: B077PBB2PB
  • UPC: 848324029266

All Metal Cream Polish & Cleaner:Multi Purpose Metal Polisher Cleans & Protects Copper, Sterling Silver, Brass and Stainless Steel-Rust & Tarnish Remover-Includes Sponge Applicator-6 oz

All Metal Cream Polish & Cleaner:Multi Purpose Metal

INSTANT RESULTS Do you have an antique or another product that is heavily tarnished or has rust, smudges or some other residue all over it? Grandma Sophie's Crazy All-Metal Cleaner goes to work instantly to reveal the object's original beauty that you thought was lost. Just put a small dab of the cream on the sponge and with a little bit of elbow grease, you can make your item look like new again! CLEANS MOST SURFACES Grandma Sophie was an innovator ahead of her time. As the original designer of the copper mugs now famously used for Moscow Mule cocktails, she created the formula 100 years ago to keep her barware clean. Her secret recipe was solely used for copper until its powerful cleaning and polishing abilities were discovered to work on virtually all metals and many other surfaces, including acrylic, aluminum, brass, bronze, ceramic, chrome, crystal, fiberglass, formica, glass, gold, linoleum, marble, nickel, platinum, porcelain, silver, sterling, tin, and titanium. RESTORES SHINE Grandma Sophie passed down her recipe to us, and we want you to pass down treasures to your own family members. This cream can take old family heirlooms from dull and tarnished to shiny and smooth. LONG LASTING PROTECTION The solution not only cleans and polishes to a perfect shine, it als...

  • Brand: Grandma Sophie's Crazy All-Metal Cleaner
  • ASIN: B074NY5HV9
  • UPC: 653020708465

Vagabond House Wood Acorn Salt Cellar with Pewter spoon 3.5" Long x 2" Wide

Vagabond House Wood Acorn Salt Cellar with Pewter

Openly display the salt in this attractive acorn cellar from Vagabond House. Artfully crafted in the shape of an acorn, this piece features a pure-pewter cupule, leaf and stem on top of a dark, wooden nut. Fashioned from rich acacia, the base houses the salt in a round hole that stretches up to the metal top. The cupule's pointy edges signify its rough texture, while heavy lines also define the leaf and stem.

  • Color: Pewter
  • Brand: Vagabond House
  • ASIN: B077PHBCP3
  • UPC: 848324026623

Vagabond House Pewter Pomegranate Spice Box 3" Wide x 4" Tall

Vagabond House Pewter Pomegranate Spice Box 3" Wide

A life-size pomegranate functions as a spice box in this pure-pewter design from Vagabond House. The figural fruit reveals its detailed seeds through a slit in its shell, while another line divides the statuette through the middle. Leafy branches form the piece's base, while the pomegranate's crown-shaped stem creates a convenient handle on the lid.

  • Color: Pewter
  • Brand: Vagabond House
  • UPC: 848324067114

Stainless Steel Soap Wash Your Hands to Remove Odors. Restore The Original Taste,Deodorant Metal soap

Stainless Steel Soap Wash Your Hands to Remove

The deodorization principle of stainless steel soap is basically decomposed. When the stainless steel alloy is in contact with both air and water molecules, catalysis occurs and the molecular structure of the odor is decomposed and "reduced" into an odorless state. The stainless steel material rubs against the object through a specially polished frosted surface, and the released iron ions combine with the odor molecules to achieve a convergence effect. Stainless steel soap is usually "half immersed in water and half exposed to the air". When you use it for the first time, it takes 5 hours - 6 hours waiting for normal work. Effective use can last for 3 to 5 years. It can also be used as a foot stone, which has a certain effect on reducing foot odor.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: szdbs
  • UPC: 738598990679

2 lb Stainless Steel Tumbling Media Pins - 0.047" Diameter, 0.255" Length

2 lb Stainless Steel Tumbling Media Pins -

Stainless steel pins never wear out and will last a lifetime. These are perfect for use in a wet tumbler for polishing brass, steel, aluminum, or titanium. Most commonly used for brass cartridge cleaning, the .047" diameter prevents the pins from getting stuck side by side in flash holes but they will pass through all flash holes one at a time. Fill your tumbler with pins and brass but be sure to leave space to allow tumbling action. Add clean hot water until the tumbler is nearly full. Cold water will work just fine but hot water cleans faster. Add approximately ½ tablespoon Dawn liquid dish detergent (or comparable brand) per 1 lb of brass. The amount of detergent used is not critical but must be enough to ensure good suds remain at the end of the cycle. Run until clean which is typically between 30 minutes and 2 hours. When first starting out check every 15 minutes to see if additional cleaning is necessary. If you don't see suds after you open your tumbler either you are not using enough soap or the soap is breaking down from running too long. Optional: To achieve the best possible shine add a tablespoon of Lemi Shine dishwasher detergent powder per 1 quart of water. The active ingredient in Lemi Shine is citric acid which dissolves zinc. Remove, rinse, and separate the bras...

  • Brand: BC Precision
  • ASIN: B077DPQR7M
  • UPC: 688938517434

Vagabond House Pewter Song Bird Nest Salt Cellar 4" Long

Vagabond House Pewter Song Bird Nest Salt Cellar

Small in size but big in detail Vagabond House's Song Bird Salt Cellar is a study in miniature pewter art. A petite pewter nest rests on an oak branch with tiny acorns at the end. Cozied next to it rests a sweet songbird. Fill the stoneware cellar with salt or spice and place into the nest and the artwork is ready for your table.Inspired by a flock of song sparrows that nest near our foothill headquarters in California, Vagabond House's Song Bird Collection captures their playful, carefree spirit as they sing to us each morning.

  • Color: Pewter
  • Brand: Vagabond House
  • UPC: 848324029679

6 Piece Sugar Spoon 5.2-inch Stainless Steel Service for 6 Spoons Table Dinner Flatware Set Table Silverware Dishwasher Safe (Black)

6 Piece Sugar Spoon 5.2-inch Stainless Steel Service

Classic and sturdy design for a modern and eye-catching appearance, this black sugar spoon looks deluxe and elegant, adds a sense of class and sparkle to your table and make your table settings a bit more unique. A Decent Flatware Set With High Quality Made of superior quality stainless steel which is safe, sturdy, durable, rust proof, heat resistant, dishwasher safe. Smooth edges that ensure the safety of your lips and it's suitable for eating with. Easy to maintain. Your proper care will keep the silverware always as good as new. Ergonomic Design This set of tableware is not only incredibly good-looking, but they have proper shape and weight, and the grips are nice, ensure good touch feeling at your fingertips. This cutlery will bring you a wonderful dining experience. Suitable For Any Occasion The flatware set is ideal for home daily use, wedding, party, hotel, restaurant, camping, travelling, picnic and more. You can take these utensils wherever you go and use with them whenever you want to have dinner. Comes with a nice box package, also a good choice as a gift for your families and friends. 6-piece Sugar Spoon including: 6 x Sugar Spoon - Length: 5.24 inches, Weight: 0.71 oz. / pcs . Warm Prompt: 1. Before use, clean the cutlery with warm soapy water. 2. Afte...

  • Color: Black Sugar Spoon
  • Brand: ROYDOM
  • ASIN: B07C95V3X1
  • UPC: 663274207966

Vagabond House Pewter Metal Alligator Salt and Pepper Shaker Set - 3" Tall

Vagabond House Pewter Metal Alligator Salt and Pepper

Vagabond House's intricately detailed, cast pewter alligator salt and pepper set will be the talk of your tropical table. Serve salt in the head and pepper in the tail; your guests will be delighted with every shake.The set is realistically detailed, cast in pure Vagabond House pewter and hand-finished for excellent quality.

  • Color: Pewter
  • Brand: Vagabond House
  • UPC: 848324012336
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