Strontium Sr Profi Test Kit, 25 Tests

Strontium Sr Profi Test Kit, 25

Salifert test kits are the epitome of accuracy and precision. Their wide range of available tests have all been designed to detect the smallest traces of certain elements, without interference from other chemicals within the water. Simply put, these are the best test kits you can buy- hands down. The sharp, contrasting color changes make results easy to read so there's no second guessing. Trust your aquarium to Salifert. This test kit will measure ionically free strontium and complex, important for the accelerated growth of corals. THIS ITEM IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR BACKORDERS

  • Brand: ASM
  • ASIN: B001KWVMO0

The Science Company, NC-12053, Flame Test Chemical Kit

The Science Company, NC-12053, Flame Test Chemical

Contains 10 grams of: • Strontium Chloride • Sodium Carbonate • Cupric Sulfate • Potassium Chloride • Cupric Chloride Our flame test kit is an inexpensive way to visually determine the identity and presence of a metal or metalloid ion based on the color the chemical sample turns when placed in a flame. The sample chemicals are packaged in screw top jars.. To perform the test, wet a nichrome wire loop, as in an inoculating loop in pure alcohol (not included in this kit), pick up a small sample of one of the chemicals. Place the loop with the chemical in the hottest portion of a flame from a burner. Notice the color of the flame as the chemical sample burns. Note that the wire should be well cleaned by dipping in alcohol between samples so no dust etc. interferes with the true color in the test sample flame. Stainless steel spatulas can also be used. SAFETY: Wear chemical splash goggles, a lab chemical apron and youths should perform under supervision. STORAGE OF CHEMICALS: Some of these chemicals are hygroscopic (i.e. they will absorb moisture from the air). Keep cap well sealed when not in use. If a chemical becomes slushy, try storing vial in a sealed container along with some desiccant such as a silica gel packet to remove the excess moisture. To test an unknown miner...

  • Brand: The Science Company®
  • ASIN: B01LZ8LOC0

10 Color Glow In The Dark Pigment Powder with UV Lamp - Epoxy Resin Luminous Powder for Slime Kit,Skin Safe Long Lasting Self Glowing Dye for DIY Nail Art,Acrylic Paint,Fine Art, 0.7oz Each(Total 7oz)

10 Color Glow In The Dark Pigment Powder

Whether you are working on your own projects or you would like to really get the kids excited, you will enjoy working with these fine powdered pigments. Whatever you do with pigments, you will get amazing results with no fuss. Click 'Add to Cart' now and brighten your life! Using Condition(Recommended) : With all Colorless, Clear Coating, Transparent Medium. Such as Slime, Epoxy Resin, Nail Polish, Ink Category, Transparent Glue, Paint, Plastic Resin, Silicone Rubber, Ceramics, Glass etc. Specifically selected 10 color: Orange, Red, Kelly, Lemon, Gold, Teal, Blue, Kiwi, Sky Blue, Violet Note: Add Medium to powder, not powder to medium. Use a white,or light color as a background for best results. The more powder or higher the percentage used, the brighter and longer the glow will last. Do not grind the Glow Powder, it will destroy the crystal structure and therefore decrease luminosity.

  • Brand: DecorRom
  • UPC: 646690136713

Mystical Fire Flame Colorant Vibrant Long-Lasting Pulsating Flame Color Changer for Indoor or Outdoor Use 0.882 oz Packets 12 Pack

Mystical Fire Flame Colorant Vibrant Long-Lasting Pulsating Flame

The Mystical Fire Flame Colorant produces brilliant and captivating colors! It can be used for your indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit. Try the fire flame colorants once, and you will be sure to reorder whenever you plan to have fun again. A must-have for Summer or Winter holiday fun! Whether it's Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, the Mystical Fire flame color changer is ideal for campfires, bonfires, fireplaces, and backyard fire pits. Basically, any wood burning fire has the potential to become amazing by simply adding the Mystical Fire flame colorant! Toss an unopened pouch and enjoy long-lasting rainbow color changing amusement. Use 3-5 fire color changing packets for best effect. With the color and the magical effect, they create, the flame color changers are vibrant & uniquely satisfying. Besides the deep orange, there will be gorgeous hues of green, blue, yellow, and purple. Perfect for all ages, family, friends, camping, hiking, outdoor events, road trips. Basically, anyone who wants to add excitement and a thrill to their leisure time.

  • Color: Mystical Fire
  • Brand: Mystical Fire
  • ASIN: B008LM32QS
  • UPC: 885374736089

neon nights 100g Phosphorescent Glow Pigment - Self Luminous Pigments - Neon Glow in The Dark Pigment Powder - Blue Colored Neon Pigment

neon nights 100g Phosphorescent Glow Pigment - Self

neon nights Glow in the Dark Pigment Powder - Make Any Paint Glow in the Dark! Have you been looking for ways to make your art more unique? Are you trying to find fun and interesting ways to excite your kids with arts and crafts? If so, then neon night's self-luminous pigment is just what you've been looking for! Our neon pigments have been designed to perfectly mix with most paints and binders in order to give many of your art projects a brilliant and long-lasting glow when it's dark out. We ensure that each pack of blue glow pigment powder we sell is rigorously tested to ensure they meet or high-quality standards. Some of the things we test for are how vibrantly the pigment glows, how easily and thoroughly it mixes, and how long the glow lasts once fully charged. Make your next art project one to remember with neon nights' fluorescent pigment! Blue Glow PigmentOur glow in the dark pigment is perfect for making your next DIY arts and crafts project a little more unique and colorful. Just adding this glowing pigment powder into one of your favorite paints or binders can make a world of difference to how your next piece turns out. Each package of glowing pigments comes in 100 grams. A Variety of ApplicationsWe've made it so that you can add our pigment to all different types ...

  • Color: Sky - Blue
  • Brand: neon nights
  • ASIN: B00H4SPSU8

Seachem Reef Status Strontium Test Kit

Seachem Reef Status Strontium Test

The first and only 10 minute strontium test! The test involves separation of strontium from the sample by a highly selective extraction technique, followed by a sensitive titration in 0.5 mg/L increments. Each kit runs 50 tests.

  • Brand: Seachem
  • ASIN: B0002A5XF0
  • UPC: 000116092203

PETTIT Alumaprotect Strontium Chromate Epoxy Primer 2 Gal Kit 14400/1440016

PETTIT Alumaprotect Strontium Chromate Epoxy Primer 2 Gal

Aluma Protect 4400/4401 is a 2 part strontium chromate primer designed to form the ideal barrier coat over roughed bare aluminum. This is the appropriate epoxy to use when aluminum has been sandblasted, sanded or ground so that a tooth is present. For smooth aluminum, choose Pettit Metal Primer 6455/044. AlumaProtect provides maximum resistance to fresh or salt water, thus eliminating corrosion. This complete coating system resists water, industrial chemical fumes, and very humid environments. Intended to be used as a primary coat over bare aluminum hulls and outdrives. AlumaProtect 4400,4401 will chalk if not topcoated. Two coats are recommended over sandblasted aluminum. Then overcoat with Pettit Protect 4700/4701 for optimum results before finishing antifouling paint.Easy to Mix and ApplyEpoxy Primer for Aluminum Strontium Chromate for Maximum Corrosion ControlSmooth finish provides an excellent bonding surface for additional primers or topcoats MFG# 14400/1440016 144001440016 UPC# 725469023246

  • ASIN: B0039003XC
  • UPC: 725469023246

Rockville RWS12CA Slim 1200 Watt 12" Powered Car Subwoofer Enclosure + Wire Kit

Rockville RWS12CA Slim 1200 Watt 12" Powered Car

Rockville has developed and perfected a smart, integrated solution for adding bass to any vehicle's audio system. The Rockville slim powered subwoofer combine subwoofers with matching enclosures and amplifiers for optimal bass performance. Features: Rockville RWS12CA Slim 1200 Watt 12" Amplified Powered Car Subwoofer Enclosure 3D Molded Acrylic Dust Cap Expanded & Rolled Steal Basket High Density Laminated Foam Surround Vented Core Magnet Motor Structure 2" High Temperature Aluminum Voice Coil 8mm Washer & Yoke Plates 13.6mm Peak-to-Peak X-Max 70oz. Magnet Motor Structure Super Slim Sealed MDF Enclosure Design Aviation Grade Black Tweet Carpet with Embroidered Logo Black Texture Synthetic Leather Front Panel Dimensions: 24" Length x 15" Height 4.37" Top Depth x 6.65" Bottom depth Rockville RWK81 8 Gauge 2 Channel Car Amplifier Wiring Installation Kit (1) 17 High Grade Twisted Pair of 100% Copper RCA Cable Gold Plated AGU Heat Resistant Fuse Holder 60 Amp AGU Gold Plated Fuse 7 Split Tube Loom Accessories Included: Wire Ties, Ring Terminals, Butt Connectors, Spades, and Grommets Soft abrasion proof insulating jacket allows for 100% improved flexibility PVC outer jacket can with-stand an extreme temperature range of -40 to 220 degrees F

  • Brand: Rockville
  • UPC: 613816016785

Biorepair Oralcare Intensive Night Repair 75ml by COSWELL SpA

Biorepair Oralcare Intensive Night Repair 75ml by COSWELL

Biorepair® is the toothpaste that actually repairs tooth enamel! Although on the surface most teeth look healthy, daily wear and tear causes hundreds of tiny flaws to appear in tooth enamel. Over time, plaque and bacteria can form in these flaws and can lead to more serious damage such as tooth decay and sensitivity. Biorepair® works to repair tooth enamel, prevent decay and reduce sensitivity by filling in the tiny cracks and binding to the structure of the enamel. Due to its formula rich in microRepair®, Biorepair® Dentifricio per la notte (Intensive Night Repair) repairs the surface of the enamel during the night forming a protective barrier that allows prolonged release against acids and bacteria. Wake up with fresher breath. EFFECTS: - fights tooth decay - fights plaque - fights and prevents tartar build-up - protects the oral cavity to wake up to fresher breath - repairs enamel and dentin microscratches IMPORTANT: children under six years of age can use Biorepair® without adult supervision due to the absence of Fluoride.

  • Brand: Coswell S.p.A.
  • ASIN: B00I98BAAE
  • UPC: 764442835179

Strontium NITRO PLUS UHS-1 U3 64GB R95 / W85 MicroSD Card Mobility Kit 4K Ready SRP64GTFU1C

Strontium NITRO PLUS UHS-1 U3 64GB R95 /

  • Brand: Strontium
  • ASIN: B019QH8BMQ
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