Heat Wave: A Novel

Heat Wave: A

Lyrical, emotional, dramatic, and packed with Nancy Thayer’s trademark warmth and wisdom, Heat Wave tells the moving story of a woman who, after her seemingly perfect life unravels, must find the strength to live and love again.   After her husband’s sudden death, Carley Winsted is determined to keep her two daughters in their beloved home on Nantucket. To ease the family’s financial strain, she decides to transform their grand, historic house into a bed-and-breakfast. Not everyone, however, thinks this plan prudent or quite respectable—especially not Carley’s mother-in-law. Further complicating a myriad of challenges, a friend forces Carley to keep a secret that, if revealed, will undo families and friendships. And her late husband’s former law partner is making Carley confront an array of mixed feelings. Then, during a late-summer heat wave, the lives of Carley and her friends and family will be forever changed in entirely unexpected ways.

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The Summer That Melted Everything: A Novel

The Summer That Melted Everything: A

The devil comes to Ohio in Tiffany McDaniel's breathtaking and heartbreaking literary debut novel, The Summer That Melted Everything.*Winner of The Guardian's 2016 "Not the Booker" Prize and the Ohioana Readers' Choice Award*Goodreads Choice Award nominee for "Best Fiction" and "Best Debut"Fielding Bliss has never forgotten the summer of 1984: the year a heat wave scorched Breathed, Ohio. The year he became friends with the devil.Sal seems to appear out of nowhere - a bruised and tattered thirteen-year-old boy claiming to be the devil himself answering an invitation. Fielding Bliss, the son of a local prosecutor, brings him home where he's welcomed into the Bliss family, assuming he's a runaway from a nearby farm town.When word spreads that the devil has come to Breathed, not everyone is happy to welcome this self-proclaimed fallen angel. Murmurs follow him and tensions rise, along with the temperatures as an unbearable heat wave rolls into town right along with him. As strange accidents start to occur, riled by the feverish heat, some in the town start to believe that Sal is exactly who he claims to be. While the Bliss family wrestles with their own personal demons, a fanatic drives the town to the brink of a catastrophe that will change this sleepy Ohio backwater forever.


Dubstep Summer Heatwave

Dubstep Summer


The Trouble with Goats and Sheep: A Novel

The Trouble with Goats and Sheep: A

“I loved this book. It's one of those books that you just want to give to everybody.” —Nancy Pearl on NPR’s Morning Edition “An astute, engaging debut” (Publishers Weekly), The Trouble with Goats and Sheep is a quirky and utterly charming tale of a community in need of reconciliation and two girls learning what it means to belong.England, 1976. Mrs. Creasy is missing and the Avenue is alive with whispers. The neighbors blame her sudden disappearance on the heat wave, but ten-year-olds Grace and Tilly aren’t convinced, and decide to take matters into their own hands. Spunky, spirited Grace and quiet, thoughtful Tilly go door to door in search of clues. The cul-de-sac starts to give up its secrets, and the amateur detectives uncover more than they ever imagined. A complicated history of deception begins to emerge—everyone on the Avenue has something to hide. During that sweltering summer, the lives of all the neighbors begin to unravel. The girls come to realize that the lies told to conceal what happened one fateful day about a decade ago are the same ones Mrs. Creasy was starting to peel back just before she disappeared... “A thoughtful tale of loyalty and friendship, family dynamics and human nature” (Kirkus Reviews), this glorious debut is part coming-of...

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Saving Me (Heat Wave Series Book 1)

Saving Me (Heat Wave Series Book


I Would Wave Back At A Heat Wave: Summer Journal - Lined Pages- For The Fun Loving Person Who Craves For Summer Activities - Suitable as Gift Item for ... Kids, Teachers, Best Friends - 125 Pages

I Would Wave Back At A Heat Wave:

This minimalist and classic summer themed, lined journal / notebook, is a wonderful multi-purpose notebook for jotting down thoughts, ideas, plans and writing notes. The notebook is made with flexible matte laminated softback cover, which helps repel liquids. It is therefore durable to withstand any adventure. Check out the specifications for more information. If you would like to see a sample of the notebook, click on the "Look Inside" feature. Specifications:Layout: LinedDimensions: 6" x 9" Soft, matte laminated paperback cover125 PagesAcid Free PaperBinding: PerfectMake sure you update your journal regularly so that you store your memories forever. If you want another type of journal, you can leave a review below, specifying what you would like to have and we would make it for you as soon as possible.

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Household Saints: A Novel

Household Saints: A

This tale of a family in Little Italy is “a minor miracle . . . documenting the madness and the grace of God in everyday life” (Newsweek).   On a 1950s September night so hot that the devout Catholics of Little Italy wonder if New York City has slipped into hell, the butcher Joseph Santangelo invites his friends to play pinochle. At the end of a long, sweaty, boozy evening, his friend Lino Falconetti, addled by wine and heat, bets the hand of his daughter, Catherine—and Santangelo wins.   Santangelo’s modern new wife clashes immediately with his superstitious, fiercely protective mother. But years later, it is Catherine who is horrified when the daughter they raise turns out to have more in common with the old world than the new.   From a New York Times–bestselling author, this story of two generations of an Italian-American family is imaginative, evocative, funny, and warm—and was made into an acclaimed film directed by Nancy Savoca, starring Tracey Ullman, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Lili Taylor.


Summertime Heat Wave

Summertime Heat

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Heat Wave (Ocean City Book 6)

Heat Wave (Ocean City Book

JUSTIN IS BACK . . . AND KATE MUST CHOOSE. KATE’s frozen heart has finally melted—for Tosh. Then Justin returns and vows to win her back. Is there room in Kate’s life for two guys? MARTA has fallen for Dominic, so she’s devastated to discover he’s responsible for the terrible event that changed her life. Can Dominic’s love make her forget her pain? CHELSEA has left Connor. Seeing him with another woman makes her realize just how much she still needs him. But has Chelsea already lost Connor forever?

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