Mori and Mugi, the Sumo Stable Cats (English and Japanese Edition)

Mori and Mugi, the Sumo Stable Cats (English

The Arashio-Beya Sumo Stable in Tokyo is home to twelve wrestlers and two cats. Using a narrative thread woven together by endearing photographs, this book tells the story of how the cats Moru and Mugi came to live there. It tells of the daily routine of the stable through the eyes of both its human and feline occupants. The cats personalities are also described, with one being more outgoing and comfortable with the loud sounds of the training room, while the other is more reserved and rarely leaves the sleeping quarters. Not to be forgotten, the book also includes portraits and short biographies of the wrestlers, who share their dedication to the sport with their animal friends.

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mini tote bag inside pocket TOKYO SUMO CATS natural NarumiKK Narumi

mini tote bag inside pocket TOKYO SUMO CATS

This time it is a dual purpose bag with a soft tote canvas big tote and shoulder. Inside pocket with a smartphone entering.

  • Brand: Friendshill
  • ASIN: B076DC2CCK


Watch out, mice! This cat is a sumo champion!A stray kitty gets a job in a sumo stable, chasing mice in exchange for food. But when eating like a sumo wrestler slows our feline hero down, he realizes he must train like a wrestler, too. Through hard work and perseverance--and with a little help from a big buddy--SumoKitty is born! A funny and heartwarming story inspired by the Japanese saying "Fall down seven times, stand up eight."

  • ASIN: 1580896820

The Mark (Chi Warriors Book 1)

The Mark (Chi Warriors Book

Wong is a chi warrior and a master of weapons. While his skill and focus are unrivaled, a recent revelation has him shaken to the core. Demons and beasts roam the forests. They come with teeth, claws, masks, and swords. Wong is outnumbered and terribly outmatched. What can he do in the face of such odds? He can slay them. And he can bring a few friends along the way.This is a story of Shaolin warriors, monks, ninjas, sumos, and dark creatures of the night. They are bound by conflict, friendship, secrets, and an ancient prophecy that will change everything.Rich fight sequences permeate every fiber of this tale and intensifies as the story unfolds—with manga-like action in novel form.

  • ASIN: B00LV7HIK6

Demon Hunters (Chi Warriors Book 2)

Demon Hunters (Chi Warriors Book

The masked demons have come—creatures born of nightmares that will strike when least expected. They are maniacal and cunning, unrelenting in their attack, with long limbs for reach and bodies that can withstand most punishment.Shaolin is compromised. The warriors are dismayed and broken. Perhaps help can come from the samurais, but a more aggressive approach is put in play when two of their most powerful heroes venture into enemy land. Their goal is simple—kill a demon—but what they will find along the way is far more than anyone expected.

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Dynamic Sumo (Bushido--The Way of the Warrior)

Dynamic Sumo (Bushido--The Way of the

Finally, a down-to-earth introduction to sumo that also provides the kind of intriguing little-known facts sure to satisfy the most demanding enthusiast. Each chapter contains a wealth of practical information on the sport as we know it today and insights into its history. It is all here starting from the basics, including the rules of competition, daily life in a sumo stable, and the rituals that mark each transition point in a wrestler's career, from the welcoming ceremony for new recruits through the emotional hair-cutting that celebrates the retirement of those who have reached sumo's highest rank, yokozuna. And there's much more--a concise history of every stable, an in-depth look at refereeing as a career, details on just how the ring is constructed, explanations of each of the seventy techniques that may be used to win a match. Sumo's history is treated in depth, as is the rise of several of today's most prominent wrestlers. Language students will also welcome the comprehensive glossary of sumo-related terms at the back. Striking full-color photographs illustrate the text throughout and are a pleasure in themselves. They offer close-up views of the action in the ring and rare glimpses into the stables. Whether you're a die-hard fan or an armchair spectator, Dynamic Sumo de...

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Solar Toys Sumo wrestler Yokozuna Mini figures Figurine

Solar Toys Sumo wrestler Yokozuna Mini figures

Package Size: height 99mm × width 73mm × depth 58mm. Japanese traditional Sumo wrestler figure

  • Brand: Santa
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War (Chi Warriors Book 3)

War (Chi Warriors Book

The demon horde is on the move. They will challenge the Great Wall’s defenses, surge deep into forests, and threaten cities. The entirety of their forces has been laid bare—including spirits, masked demons, and elite ninjas—all united on a common goal: the destruction of mankind.The Shaolin warriors must scramble along multiple fronts to combat the threat and everyone must rise to the occasion—both new heroes and old—to take the necessary risks and turn back the enemy . . . or war will doom them all.

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Conceited Palazzo Pants with Pockets in Several Colors and Printed Designs (Solid Black)

Conceited Palazzo Pants with Pockets in Several Colors

For a hint of retro decadence, throw on a pair of these ultra light palazzo pants. Perfect for those warm summer nights, these comfortable women's pants offer true statement style. With an elastic waistband, these effortless pants will adjust with you from cocktail chic through the end of the dinner party. Our stylists love putting them with the Halter-Inspired Everyday Cami, a gold chunky costume jewelry necklace and a killer pair of heels! To complete your perfect trending '70s inspired look, these light pants include pockets on the sides where you can keep your phone handy to capture your #ootd via selfie.In an incredibly soft fabric, these palazzo pants are going to become your new summer staple. For even more adaptability, turn these high waisted pants into mid rise pants with a simple fold-over of the adjustable waistband. With a wide range of colors and prints available, your closet can work for you once again!Women's Palazzo pants in a variety of fun and fashionable colors and prints. One size fits most. Great for most occasions or just to lounge in. Available in solid and beautiful and fun prints! Limited quantities on a limited run, get yours before they are gone!

  • Color: Solid Black
  • Brand: Conceited
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Sumo Cat (2011) ISBN: 486263964X [Japanese Import]

Sumo Cat (2011) ISBN: 486263964X [Japanese

  • ASIN: 486263964X
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