Pool Filter Sand #20 Grade Silica Sand - 50 lbs. by Fairmount Minerals

Pool Filter Sand #20 Grade Silica Sand -

AquaQuartz pool filter sand is the worry-free, hassle-free choice to keep swimming pools clean and crystal clear. The premium pool filter sand does not stain and ensures easy maintenance at a lower cost by filtering out dust, algae, suntan lotion, oil, leaves and insects. This ecologically safe sand does not solidify and will help prevent clogging and channeling. Inert and odorless, 100% natural sand is chemical free and backwashes easily and evenly. For residential & commercial sand filters.

  • Brand: Fairmount Minerals

ZeoSand Alternative Pool Sand Filter Media - 50 Pounds by "Zeo, Inc"

ZeoSand Alternative Pool Sand Filter Media - 50

All natural ZeoSand weighs half as much as its volume in sand yet is twice as effective. The crystal structure, irregular shell, and high surface area make it a highly effective trap for fine particulates and ammonium ions compared to sand. It takes less ZeoSand to fill a filter - 50 pounds of ZeoSand replaces 100 pounds of sand and makes a far more effective filter media. ZeoSand improves your sand filters performance by trapping more dirt and particles decreasing back wash time. ZeoSand removes eye-burning chloramines so you can enjoy superior water quality while saving energy and reducing chemical usage.

  • Brand: Zeo
  • ASIN: B00EZB2K3A
  • UPC: 619159062038

HTH 67074 Pool Filter Sand, 50 lb

HTH 67074 Pool Filter Sand, 50

Sand filters play a vital role in keeping swimming pool water clean & clear. HTH pool filter sand is a superior quality filter medium for sand filtration systems. Our pool filter sand goes through a thorough washing & special grading process to provide the purest, most closely sized pool filter sand available. This product is specifically for use in all major manufacturers' sand filter systems. Follow your manufacturer's recommendations for proper application & back washing procedures. For crystal clear pool water, follow our HTH 4 step pool care program: step 1: test & adjust pool water balance, step 2: sanitize, step 3: shock treat your pool at least once a week, & step 4: add algaecide regularly.

  • Brand: HTH
  • ASIN: B00FX9S8OS
  • UPC: 073187670748

Rx Clear Radiant 24 Inch Inground Swimming Pool Sand Filter W/6-way Valve

Rx Clear Radiant 24 Inch Inground Swimming Pool

The core of these systems is the one-piece blow-molded tank that sits atop a universal base that accepts most pumps. It has set the industry standard for effectiveness, efficiency, long runs between service, and providing years of dependable, low maintenance operation. Rugged, durable construction provide year after year of trouble-free use. 3-year limited warranty (Filter hose sold separate)Includes:Top mount6-position multi-port valveFilter baseAlternative Filter Media Options:No longer is the traditional 300 lbs of grade 20 silica sand the only option for your pool filtration system. The alternatives not only work more efficiently in keeping your water safe to swim, but they will also provide you savings over time. Here are two options that would work as an alternative:RX Clear™ Luster Filter Media: Reusable, eco-friendly, non-toxic and made from 100% polyethylene, these tiny balls will last several swimming seasons. They will amazingly filter particles down to 10 microns. Lightweight and easy-to-handle, the balls have a high-dirt capacity and will not clog. *1 Bag of Luster equals 50 lbs of Sand* Zeo-Clear filters particles down to 3 microns versus traditional sand's 30-40 microns. Its unique silica formula needs only half the amount of material compared to sand, yet its f...

  • Brand: Rx Clear
  • UPC: 749318730604

RX Clear™ Luster Eco-Friendly Filter Media For Swimming Pool Sand Filters

RX Clear™ Luster Eco-Friendly Filter Media For Swimming

Replace sand with RX ClearTM Luster Filter Media in your pools sand filter. Reusable, eco-friendly and made from 100% polyethylene, these tiny balls will last several pool seasons while filtering particles down to 10 microns. 1 Box of Luster equals 50 lbs of Sand. Features: Alternative to Sand High Dirt Capacity Lowest Pressure Increase No Clogging Lowest Backwash Frequency Long Product Life Easy Disposal, Non Toxic Light Weight for Easy Handling Filters particles down to 10 microns Instructions for use: Open your filter: Empty any media/sand from the tank and clean the tank thoroughly. Fill the filter with RxClear Luster. 1 Box of Luster equals 50 lbs of Sand. Close your filter Back wash for 30 seconds Start filtering Name Value Pool Type Above Ground Pool Type Inground Brand RX ClearTM Filter Type Sand Filter Please Note: This product should not be used with swimming pool clarifiers.

  • Brand: Rx Clear
  • ASIN: B01N7HW2VE
  • UPC: 646492837139

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 16-inch, 110-120V with GFCI

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above

  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Intex
  • UPC: 078257306541

Hayward SandMaster Sand Filter Tank W/ Valve (21 Inch Tank)

Hayward SandMaster Sand Filter Tank W/ Valve (21

Superior filtration from the inside out. Cost-effective and convenient, Hayward Sandmaster Series Pool Sand Filters offer the ideal combination of energy efficiency and durability. Enjoy outstanding water clarify with the value promise that Hayward delivers. The filter base is made of rugged ABS and the tanks are molded of colorfast material for long lasting, all weather performance. It also features a 7 position PermaGlassTM XL Vari-FloTM valve. 1 year limited warranty on all tanks.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Sand master
  • ASIN: B00RD8O7X8

Mystic White II Swimming Pool Filter Sand - 50lb Bag

Mystic White II Swimming Pool Filter Sand -

Mystic White II is the descriptive name chosen to identify this exceptionally high quality swimming pool filter sand. It's a special grade of pure white quartz sand that meets and exceeds the most exacting recommendations and specifications of major sand filter manufacturers. Larger diameter than play sand and has a mixture of white and off-white granules. Angular shaped grains entrap contaminants, increase the flow rate and clean easily during back wash. Filters everything from dirt, dust, leaves and aglae, to small stones, oil, cosmetics and hair. Carefully screened and graded to prevent clogging. Permits even flow-rate with no balling, packing or channeling. Ecologically safe, odorless and chemically inert. Will not stain or corrode filter equipment. Designed for use with residential above ground and inground pools, and commercial inground pools. Made in the USA Weight: 50 lb bag

  • Color: white
  • Brand: Pool Central
  • UPC: 049111282219

Pool Silt Net - ProTuff 100% Forever Guarantee - Heavy Duty Fine Mesh Silt & Sand Swimming Pool Skimmer Cleans Above Ground or Inground Faster than Vacuum - Nearly 18 inch Leaf Rake Bag (17 Inch)

Pool Silt Net - ProTuff 100% Forever Guarantee

POLE *NOT* INCLUDED BUT MOST ARE COMPATIBLEYou'll need a pool pole with 1 1/8" inner diameter (standard size) & holes to attach via butterfly/v-clip (also pretty standard)MEDIUM DRAG FINE MESH POOL BAG MAKES THE JOB FAST & EASYOur fine mesh swimming pool debris catcher grabs tiny particles & insects from the swimming pool bottom & surface, but the tight weave will "push" the water, meaning more muscle strain for you AND more difficulty catching large debris like leaves. Using our medium mesh net first to grab everything except silt & sand results in less physical strain for you & less stress on your silt rake.STURDY FINE MESH POOL NET RESISTS TEARINGAlthough not as strong as our heavy duty black nylon leaf net, it is designed to resist tearing as much as possible. It is still recommended to use our medium mesh nylon pool rake first, then follow with the silt rake.ROCK SOLID ALUMINUM ALLOY FRAME & PROTECTIVE PLASTIC COATINGAn aluminum frame pool leaf catcher is slightly heavier than plastic, but handles more weight. So, you empty the net less frequently, meaning less time using pool cleaning equipment. It costs more, but you get what you pay for.STRAIGHT EDGES SAFELY SCRAPE POOL SIDES & BOTTOMCurved sides won't scrape debris from the pool-side very well. Straight sides ride flush ...

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: ProTuff
  • ASIN: B01FSRNT66
  • UPC: 601577457336

HTH 61308 Pool Filter Sand, 50-Pound

HTH 61308 Pool Filter Sand,

50 lb, hth pool filter sand, for use in all sand filters, active ingredient crystalline silica, quartz 87-99. 9percent , bag.

  • Brand: Arch Chemical
  • ASIN: B000BO585W
  • UPC: 073187613080
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