Intelligent Music Teaching: Essays on the Core Principles of Effective Instruction

Intelligent Music Teaching: Essays on the Core Principles

In this collection of insightful essays, the author describes fundamental principles of human learning in the context of teaching music. Written in an engaging, conversational style, the individual essays outline the elements of intelligent, creative teaching. Duke effectively explains how teachers can meet the needs of individual students from a wide range of abilities by understanding more deeply how people learn. Teachers and interested parents alike will benefit from this informative and highly readable book.

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Compassionate Music Teaching: A Framework for Motivation and Engagement in the 21st Century

Compassionate Music Teaching: A Framework for Motivation and

Compassionate Music Teaching provides a framework for music teaching in the 21st century by outlining qualities, skills, and approaches to meet the needs of a unique and increasingly diverse generation of students. The text focuses on how six qualities of compassion (trust, empathy, patience, inclusion, community, and authentic connection) have made an impact in human lives, and how these qualities might relate to the practices of caring and committed music teachers. This book bridges the worlds of research and practice, discussing cutting-edge topics while also offering practical strategies that can be used immediately in music studios and classrooms. Each chapter is addressed from multiple perspectives, including: research in music, education, psychology, sociology, and related fields; insights from various students and teachers across the United States; and an in-depth study of five music teachers who represent a broad range of genres, student ages, and pedagogical approaches. The book is dedicated to exploring those conditions that help students not only to learn, but also to grow, thrive, and freely express—and become compassionate musicians, teachers, performers, and people as well.

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Teaching Music to Children

Teaching Music to

This valuable resource is designed to give elementary teachers with no formal music training all the tools they need to help their students develop an understanding of and appreciation for music. This book includes lessons, reproducible games, worksheets and puzzles. Also included is a mixed-media CD that features over 60 minutes of music and a complete PowerPoint presentation. The book follows a well-sequenced curriculum based on the National Standards for Music Education in the United States and the Ontario Curriculum for the Arts in Canada.

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The Music Teaching Artist's Bible: Becoming a Virtuoso Educator

The Music Teaching Artist's Bible: Becoming a Virtuoso

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Classroom Management for Art, Music, and PE Teachers

Classroom Management for Art, Music, and PE

Teaching 400-600 students every week presents the ultimate classroom management challenge, one that if you’re unprepared for can bury you in a mountain of stress and misbehavior. Classroom Management for Art, Music, and PE Teachers is a proven solution that will transform even the most difficult group of students into the peaceful, well-behaved class you really want. It provides the tools, tips, and strategies you need to simply and effectively manage any classroom, no matter how unruly or out of control, so you can focus on teaching, inspiring, and making an impact that lasts a lifetime.

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Teaching Little Fingers to Play: A Book for the Earliest Beginner (John Thompsons Modern Course for The Piano)

Teaching Little Fingers to Play: A Book for

(Willis). A book for the early beginner combining rote and note approach. The melodies are written with careful thought and are kept as simple as possible, yet they are refreshingly delightful. All the music lies within the grasp of the child's small hands. A best-seller around the world! Teacher accompaniments are available in a separate book - Teaching Little Fingers to Play Ensemble (412228). NOTE: The latest reprint (2017) features fewer fingerings and refreshed images.

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Teaching General Music: Approaches, Issues, and Viewpoints

Teaching General Music: Approaches, Issues, and

General music is informed by a variety of teaching approaches and methods. These pedagogical frameworks guide teachers in planning and implementing instruction. Established approaches to teaching general music must be understood, critically examined, and possibly re-imagined for their potential in school and community music education programs.Teaching General Music brings together the top scholars and practitioners in general music education to create a panoramic view of general music pedagogy and to provide critical lenses through which to view these frameworks. The collection includes an examination of the most prevalent approaches to teaching general music, including Dalcroze, Informal Learning, Interdisciplinary, Kodály, Music Learning Theory, Orff Schulwerk, Social Constructivism, and World Music Pedagogy. In addition, it provides critical analyses of general music and teaching systems, in light of the ways children around the world experience music in their lives. Rather than promoting or advocating for any single approach to teaching music, this book presents the various approaches in conversation with one another. Highlighting the perceived and documented benefits, limits, challenges, and potentials of each, Teaching General Music offers myriad lenses through which to re...

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Instrumental Music Education

Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music Education: Teaching with the Musical and Practical in Harmony, 2nd Edition is intended for college instrumental music education majors studying to be band and orchestra directors at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels. This textbook presents a research-based look at the topics vital to running a successful instrumental music program, while balancing musical, theoretical, and practical approaches. A central theme is the compelling parallel between language and music, including "sound-to-symbol" pedagogies. Understanding this connection improves the teaching of melody, rhythm, composition, and improvisation. The companion website contains over 120 pedagogy videos for wind, string, and percussion instruments, performed by professional players and teachers, over 50 rehearsal videos, rhythm flashcards, and two additional chapters, "The Rehearsal Toolkit," and "Job Search and Interview."  It also includes over 50 tracks of acoustically pure drones and demonstration exercises for use in rehearsals, sectionals and lessons. New to this edition: • Alternative, non-traditional ensembles: How to offer culturally relevant opportunities for more students, including mariachi, African drumming, and steel pans. • More learning and assessment strategies ...

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Teaching Music with Passion: Conducting, Rehearsing and Inspiring

Teaching Music with Passion: Conducting, Rehearsing and

(Meredith Music Resource). Teaching Music with Passion is a one-of-a-kind, collective masterpiece of thoughts, ideas and suggestions about the noble profession of music education. Both inspirational and instructional, it will surely change the way you teach (and think) about music. Filled with personal experiences, anecdotes and wonderful quotations, this book is an easy-to-read, essential treasure! "One of the most 'real' writings I have read during my 35 years in music education." Mel Clayton, President, MENC: The National Association for Music Education Click here for a YouTube video on Teaching Music with Passion

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Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs: A Label-Free Approach

Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs: A

The Second Edition of Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs offers updated accounts of music educators' experiences, featured as vignettes throughout the book. An accompanying Practical Resource includes lesson plans, worksheets, and games for classroom use. As a practical guide and reference manual, Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs, Second Edition addresses special needs in the broadest possible sense to equip teachers with proven, research-based curricular strategies that are grounded in both best practice and current special education law. Chapters address the full range of topics and issues music educators face, including parental involvement, student anxiety, field trips and performances, and assessment strategies. The book concludes with an updated list of resources, building upon the First Edition's recommendations.

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Teaching Music through Performance in Band, Vol. 1 (Second Edition) /G4484

Teaching Music through Performance in Band, Vol. 1

Newly revised and expanded Second Edition! By Larry Blocher, Eugene Migliaro Corporon, Ray Cramer, Tim Lautzenheiser, Edward S. Lisk, Richard Miles. Compiled and edited by Richard Miles. Freshly revised and completely rewritten, the landmark book that broke new ground now contains more theoretical, practical, and analytical insights than ever. This greatly expanded Second Edition takes full advantage of the experience gained from creating seven volumes devoted to all aspects of the band profession. This new edition provides band directors with the tools they need to help performers move beyond the printed page to musical awareness and understanding. Every chapter is updated to reflect the most recent developments in the wind band genre and community. Each enhanced Teacher Resource Guide provides practical, detailed reference to 100 of the best-known and foundational band compositions, Grades 2 6, and their composers. The chapters in Part I examine the same topics as the first edition, but the writing is both richer and deeper, thanks to the more than seventy additional years of combined experience. The expanded Teacher Resource Guides provide greater detail, more insight, and far more practical guidance for streamlining and energizing rehearsals. Each Teacher Resource Guide now a...

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Complete Color Coded Flash Cards for All Beginning Music Students

Complete Color Coded Flash Cards for All Beginning

Includes all notes, symbols, and terms needed for the first two years of study on any musical instrument. Cards are color-coded by category and are numbered on the back.

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Teaching Music through Performance in Band, Vol. 11

Teaching Music through Performance in Band, Vol.

With the publication of Volume 11 of the landmark Teaching Music through Performance in Band series, this 1,144-page volume builds on a twenty-year tradition of providing essential and innovative information for wind band conductors.Like its predecessors, this volume includes Teacher Resource Guides for 100 significant works published for Grades 2 through 6, including works by Steven Bryant, Michael Daugherty, Julie Giroux, John Mackey, Dana Wilson, Philip Sparke, Jack Stamp, and many others.Each Teacher Resource Guide includes information about the composer, the work, historical perspectives, technical considerations, stylistic considerations, the musical elements of the work, a form and structure analysis, suggested listening, and additional references information designed to enhance the musicianship of any performance. Indexes to all 1100 works covered in this series round out this important volume. With the publication of Volume 11, the Teaching Music series continues to be a significant and indispensable resource for the wind band profession.

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The Artistry of Teaching and Making Music

The Artistry of Teaching and Making

With more than fifty years of experience, Richard Floyd is a highly distinguished teacher and conductor in Texas and across the United States. Over the years, he kept a journal to document rehearsal strategies that not only improve technique within the ensemble but also achieve artistic, musical results.The book is a look into the precious pages of Floyd s journal. Each chapter contains inspiration for the conductor and simple, unique exercises designed to achieve artistry in every rehearsal.

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Teaching Music in Higher Education

Teaching Music in Higher

Graduate students already know what to teach when they begin teaching undergraduates, but often find they lack the knowledge of how to teach it. Teaching Music in Higher Education is the only book designed specifically to help graduate students in music teach undergraduates (both music- and non-music majors). Covering all aspects of the process--from the first class taught through obtaining tenure and promotion--this book effectively answers a host of questions that beginning instructors are likely to have. The authors emphasize innovation and learner-centered pedagogy, stressing a teaching style tailored to meet individual student needs. Beginning music instructors learn how to organize and explain materials in ways appropriate to students' abilities; create an environment for learning; help students become autonomous self-regulated learners; and reflect upon and evaluate their own teaching. This book shows graduate students how to accomplish all of these goals and more. Features *Materials for organizing a course, including a course preparation guide with sample syllabi, an outline of a typical course sequence for a music major, sample performance assessment tools, and sample forms for student midterms and final evaluations *Vignettes written by undergraduate music majors and...

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