I GOTCHA Compact Stainless Steel Golf Ball Retriever

I GOTCHA Compact Stainless Steel Golf Ball

IGOTCHA are the #1 selling Golf Ball Retrievers in the industry. The “Made in America” patented ball retrievers are popular for their patented shafts, head designs and easy locking devices. The innovative compact collapsible stainless-steel shaft makes it easy to store the ball retriever in the golf bag.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: I GOTCHA
  • ASIN: B000WNBA4K
  • UPC: 796330003230

Fluorescent Head Golf Ball Retriever by ProActive Sports (9 ft.)

Fluorescent Head Golf Ball Retriever by ProActive Sports

The Fluorescent Head Retriever easily traps and secures golf balls with a bright visible head that can be seen under water. This golf ball retriever features an aluminum shaft and is 9 feet long, you don't have to lose your golf balls to the course hazards anymore!

  • Color: As Shown
  • Brand: ProActive Sports
  • ASIN: B0049TUEOU
  • UPC: 010027900344

Paragon Ball Retriever with Telescoping 15 Feet Range

Paragon Ball Retriever with Telescoping 15 Feet

The Paragon Retriever comes in Telescoping Aluminum Construction. Durable Scoop head for precise Pick Up. Comfortable Rubber Handle for Better Grip. Extends up to 15 ft.

  • Brand: Paragon
  • ASIN: B01BT6MMO0
  • UPC: 761038500107

Frabill 9865 Lure Retriever

Frabill 9865 Lure

Rescue prized lures from tree tops, log jams, boat docks and other obstructions with this telescoping lure retriever. The heavy-duty Cam-Look design allows you to extend the handle up to 15 feet, then locks in place for a sturdy hold. Leave no lure left behind.

  • Color: X2
  • Brand: Frabill
  • ASIN: B003ZZ71B8
  • UPC: 082271498656

Magnetic Telescoping Pick Up Tool, Preciva Magnetic Picking Tool with LED Flash Light Retriever Wand 19 to 69 CM Telescopic Magnet Stick

Magnetic Telescoping Pick Up Tool, Preciva Magnetic Picking

Preciva LED Magnetic Pickup Pick Up Tool Magnet Extendable Telescopic Magnetic Rod. This tool is great for finding those metal nuts, bolts, screws and other metal pieces that have found their way into areas otherwise inaccessible to hands and eyes. This magnetic pick-up tool is a brilliant item to have on hand in the home, garage, yard and office. The small LED on the telescope magnet makes it light enough to re-locate and release fallen screws. The lamp makes good light. Assistance when picking up metal parts up to 1 kg! Length 190 - 690 mm infinitely adjustable Useful utensil for furniture and kitchen assembly as well as for car and boat repairs

  • Brand: Preciva
  • ASIN: B07556KVCM
  • UPC: 614070469362

Performance Tool W9100 3lb Magnetic Pick-Up Tool, Extends 25"

Performance Tool W9100 3lb Magnetic Pick-Up Tool, Extends

Heavy duty magnet retrieves lost parts up to 3 lbs. From confined areas. Retriever extends to 25". handy pocket clip.

  • Brand: Performance Tool
  • ASIN: B00276MRT2
  • UPC: 039564116438

Pole 6-24 Ft. Multi Purpose Extension Pole for Duster, Paint Roller, Window Cleaning Light Bulb Changer, Hanging Christmas Lights, Gutter Cleaning, Telescoping Pole, Cleaning Tool,Professional Grade

Pole 6-24 Ft. Multi Purpose Extension Pole for

Are you tired of looking for the perfect utility pole that matches your requirements and is durable too? Rikans focus is on innovation,quality and value.A focus that is readily apparent when you will use this pole.Be it the quality, stability or durability Rikans pole will surpass your expectations; if used correctly with right attachments. How is this pole better than others in the market? Listed are few of the many countless ways this pole can be unique; **The start off length 6ft. and max 24 ft. is a great feature as it offers easy handling and storage with max. benefits all in the same price. **The rubber handle grips ensure superior performance because of better hold even at highest reach. **The easy access clamps lock and unlock in 2 simple positions & supported by screws gives quick and desired tightness not available with other poles. **The Multi-Angle tip rotates uptil 180° reaching not so easy targets making this pole one of its kind in this compatible market. **Proven and tested Aluminium made lightweight design makes this unique pole durable for a lifetime. **Rikans Pole can be used with Nearly all screw-on Attachments available in the market for indoor,outdoor needs. *Indoor as; Changing/replacing ceilings bulbs, cleaning high ceiling fans, cleaning /washing high w...

  • Brand: Rikans
  • ASIN: B0789YMR43
  • UPC: 610877944880

ProActive Sports Player Select Super-Lite Golf Ball Retriever with 9ft Lightweight Fiberglass Telescopic Shaft

ProActive Sports Player Select Super-Lite Golf Ball Retriever

The Player Select Super-Lite Retriever weighs only 7 ounces, making obtaining hard to reach balls a breeze. The push button release unlocks the shaft to allow it to extend 9 feet while the high visibility neon green head makes seeing it dark places much easier. The Player Select Super-Lite Retriever is small enough to slide into your golf bag, so it is there when you need it. Throw it in your carry bag and you won't even notice it's there.

  • Brand: ProActive Sports
  • ASIN: B079RSH72M
  • UPC: 010027972525

Labor Saving Devices 53310 Lbs Mini Pocket Retriever

Labor Saving Devices 53310 Lbs Mini Pocket

This mini-scoping retriever can save you enormous time trying to hunt for that wire inside the wall. The retriever is approximately 5" long collapsed and easily can fit inside your shirt pocket with its handy pocket clip. The retriever extends out to 18" and has a hook at the end that will fit through a 1/4" hole. For the professional installer this is one of those tools, "when you need it, you really need it!"

  • Color: One Color
  • ASIN: B00013BOGA
  • UPC: 617407295368

Telescoping retriever pole

Telescoping retriever

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: F
  • ASIN: B009SNSC1O
  • UPC: 745564276316

Asunflower Retractable Reach Pole, Telescopic Pole with Hook Utility Reaching Stick

Asunflower Retractable Reach Pole, Telescopic Pole with Hook

Household Reach Pole You can use this pole to reach high in the house for all types of tasks, such as taking christmas lights off, to hang items high in the house, reach for clothes hung up high,or take the clothes off from the super high hanging rod. This is an excellent item to anyone with a tall/high ceiling closet setup. No more having to ask for help Retractable reach poles: from 31.4" to 55.11" which you can retract any ways, you can pulls it back when not in use, saving your space Small tip beside the hook for easy hanging on the rods / closet/rack Non-slip PP material handle for easy grasp when hanging clothes, take something off This is an excellent tool to anyone with a tall/high ceiling closet Great Retrieving Tool Feature: Material: Aluminum Hook + Stainless Steel Pole + Non-slip PP Material Handle Dimension:31.4 " in shortest, 55.11" in longest Net Weight: 250g(0.55 bls) Color: Blue Fantastic for reaching the higher hanging clothes in the closet, the upper shelf, the ceiling, taking Christmas lights off and so on Attention Please: It will slip down from the extended position if you do not lock into the position and tightened. Please allows 1-2 cm in error due to the manual measurement

  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Asunflower
  • ASIN: B07L1HN8T8

MAG-MATE MRT910L Telescoping Lighted Magnetic Pick-up Retreiver, 32"/22 lb

MAG-MATE MRT910L Telescoping Lighted Magnetic Pick-up Retreiver, 32"/22

Powerful permanent rare earth magnet. Telescoping retriever with stationary head. Built in LED light with batteries. Non-slip solvent-resistant comfort grip. Holding capacity: 22 Lbs.

  • Brand: Mag-Mate
  • UPC: 682241278303

Only Hangers Telescoping Retriever Pole

Only Hangers Telescoping Retriever

When creating merchandise displays, sometimes the most popular items are hung the highest to ensure optimal visibility. The hard part is getting the garments down for customers. Make it easy on yourself by using our adjustable reach hooks, which allow you to place and retrieve garments on high hangers as the hook extends to 5 feet long. Now you can make use of all of the hard to reach places in your store or home. Sold individually and available for immediate shipment. All adjustable reach hooks are in stock.

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Only Hangers
  • ASIN: B071R545JH
  • UPC: 600736194303

Avery 18ft Decoy Retriever (90318)

Avery 18ft Decoy Retriever

The Avery Outdoors 18ft Decoy Retriever was produced to be a superb item for just about any hunting adventure. In an attempt to ensure that you are hunting with the very best products available, these Hunting Accessories from Avery Outdoors are manufactured working with unbelievably resilient and consistent substances. For a number of years, Avery Outdoors has been a big component of the sporting field, and the Avery Outdoors 18ft Decoy Retriever is the outcome of their dedication to ensuring that hunters are selecting the best tools.These 18ft telescoping decoy retriever will help pick up your decoy spread in half the time. Constructed from olive drab powder coated all-aluminum telescoping sections this model will meet any waterfowler's needs. If you do not have a dog, this pole is a lifesaver in deeper water to retrieve your birds. Telescoping Decoy/Duck Retriever Pole by Avery Outdoors Greenhead Gear GHG is a great duck hunting accessory that will fit in any boat box or into your decoy bag. Product features: - Rust-proof aluminum tubing - Coated stainless snagging hook - Front/rear grips and wrist loop - Color: Green

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Avery Outdoors
  • ASIN: B001BA4OHS
  • UPC: 700905903184

Caldwell Brass Retriever with Collapsible Design and Basket Separator for Outdoor, Range, Shooting and Reloading

Caldwell Brass Retriever with Collapsible Design and Basket

Are you tired of spending more time bending over and picking up brass at the range then you do shooting? The Caldwell Brass Retriever is your answer to spending more time shooting. Now picking up spent brass is as easy as pushing a mop. The Brass Retriever can pick up rifle and pistol brass quickly and efficiently. It even helps prevent stress on your back from bending over. The retriever comes complete with a roll cage separator that allows you to dump the collected brass into a bucket quickly. It is collapsible, making it convenient to transport to and from the range. Expands from 28" up to 57" tall.

  • Brand: Caldwell
  • ASIN: B00RPAH47K
  • UPC: 661120257899
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