Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mat

Lorell Tempered Glass Chair

Tempered glass chairman features a scratch-resistant design to protect your flooring while offering a smooth surface for your chair. Its durable material safely supports up to 1, 000 lb. Easy-to-clean material wipes down quickly for simple upkeep. Chair mat is designed for any floor type including high-pile or low-profile carpet, hardwood, marble and more.

  • Brand: Lorell
  • ASIN: B07K95V7X2
  • UPC: 035255828338

Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat Non Breakable Polycarbonate Thick and Sturdy Highly Transparent Premium Quality For Low and Medium Pile Carpets 36 X 48 X 1/8 With Lip Shipped Flat

Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat Non Breakable Polycarbonate

Double √√ Products we name it and mean it we search the globe to bring the best to our customers, our products are Double √√ marked in all aspects durability quality safety and pricing. Chair damage can cause costly and irreversible damage to carpeted floors, which makes a chair mat an essential part of any office environment Don't let your chair wheels rip up your carpet protect your carpeted areas from wear and tear help keep your carpets fresh and new with our heavy duty premium quality chair mat glide with ease simply place by your desk or table to help protect your floor, whilst allowing easy gliding of your office chair.

  • Brand: DoubleCheck Products
  • ASIN: B06XG3Q65K
  • UPC: 742574375879

Thickest Hard Floor Chair Mat - 1/8" Thick 47" X 35" Rectangular Heavy Duty Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor, Anti Slip PVC Multi Purpose (Office, Home) Floor Protector

Thickest Hard Floor Chair Mat - 1/8" Thick

MuArts Chair Mat - 47in x 35in x 1/8in(L x W x H) The product is applicable to offices, homes, kitchen, pet rooms, etc. The Chair Mat protects floors from damage caused by chair legs or rolling casters. The chair mat creates a protective barrier and it won't mark or damage the hard floor. like hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, it easy to roll a chair on and off, whether rolling from a desk to a file cabinet or transitioning from one workstation to another.Rugged Construction MuArts thickest, heavier floor mats features phthalate-free PVC construction for optimal strength. The vinyl mat will not crack, curl at the edges, discolor, or pick up odors. It offers ultimate floor protection where there's chair movement, heavy foot traffic.Rectangular Shape The chair mat features a rectangular shape with rounded corners section that offers expanded coverage for under a desk. The surface can increase the frictional force and avoid slipping Superior PVC material makes it durable and reliable for long-lasting useREMINDER This chair mat is lying flat and sent to the Amazon warehouse. For nearly 40 days of transportation, chair mat will become very flat.Amazon may fold it slightly when it delivers, a few short days of delivery time does not make the chair mat to fold. So please be assured that ...

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: MuArts
  • UPC: 687345854279

Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors - Heavy Duty [Unbreakable]

Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors - Heavy

❗QUANTITY DISCOUNT FOR BUSINESS BUYERS❗ The typical floor mats for office are prone to denting & cracking, sliding around on your carpet & making office chairs impossible to move . Our 48" x 36" clear mat was engineered with tough, durable, high-quality polycarbonate that resists damage. Unlike a plastic matt, it creates a firm, smooth surface your office chair's wheels won't sink into, & its pronged base holds securely onto carpet for a no-slip grip. Our office desk chair mat for carpet won't bend like cheaper materials , which means no curved-up edges or hills to roll over. Its transparent design makes it the perfect chair mat for carpet, preserving it while letting it show through. Unlike the usual mat plastic in a plastic floor mat, polycarbonate has another big advantage-no terrible odor, which means you can use our carpeted floor mats straight out of the box! At Starcounters, it's our mission to bring you lasting, quality office decorations & tools . No cut corners or cheap materials- only products that get the job done. Our computer chair mat for carpet floors is engineered to withstand the wear & tear of your home or office work. We deliver quality products like our business & home office chair mat designed to serve your productivity. If you hav...

  • Color: Colorless
  • Brand: Starcounters

Office Chair Mat for Hard Floors 30 x 48 - Clear Hardwood Mat for Desk Chairs - Ships Flat

Office Chair Mat for Hard Floors 30 x

Tough Durable Design Our office floor mats can withstand any office chair. They're slip and scuff resistant and easy to clean if they ever get spilled on. That way they'll stay looking new and neat and your wood, tile, laminate or other hard flooring will remain 100% protected. Plus, these mats can also be used as a desk mat to protect the top of your desk. Long-Lasting Hard Floor Protection Our floor mats for office chairs are built to last. They come with an automatic one year warranty, and you can register online for a Free Lifetime Warranty. 48 x 30 Inches. 1/16 inch (1.5 mm) thick. Makes great Christmas gifts. Check out our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. We know you'll love the Ilyapa Office Floor Mat. Free shipping when you click "Add to Cart" and order today! "desk chair mat for carpet chair mats for carpeted floors floor mat for office chair plastic floor mat for office chair carpet chair mat for office chairs office floor mats for carpet chair mats for carpet plastic floor mat for office chair clear chair mat computer chair mat for carpet desk chair mats desk floor mat for carpet floor mats for office office chair mats for carpeted floor desk chair mat chair mat office office chair mat for carpet computer desk chair mat computer chair floor mat plastic floor mats"

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Ilyapa
  • ASIN: B01IC0U84M

Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors, Studded Desk Floor Mat, Clear Heavy Duty for Low and Medium Pile, Beveled Edge with Lip Large 36" X 48" Thick 5/32" (0.145cm) Shipped Flat by Mastermat

Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors, Studded Desk

Mastermat™ Office Chair Mats for carpted floors provide industry leading clarity, superior wear resistance and a surface that allows chairs to move freely. Replacing or repairing carpet floors can be expensive! Protect your investment with a durable Mastermat™ Chair Mat that is engineered to protect your floor from wear due to the wheels of your office chair rolling back and forth over time. THE REASONS WHY TO CHOOSE MASTERMAT™ ● Beveled Edge ● Unbreakable ● Does Not Crack ● Does Not Dimple ● 5/32" (0.145) Thick ● Highly Transparent ● 1 Year Warranty ● No Curled Edge ● Ships Flat ● Gripper backing ● Made in U.S.A ● Smooth usage ● Wear tested Choose the Right Mat for Your Floor Is your floor carpet or hard surface? Office Chair mats for carpeted floors are designed with a "gripper" backing that holds the mat in place. What is your carpet pile depth? Understanding your carpet pile depth is critically important to the performance of your chair mat. To determine the thickness of your carpet pile, place a penny on it's edge down in the carpet pile (like measuring a tire tread). Example: If Lincoln's chin is above the carpet pile, your carpet is 1/4″ or less. Up to 1/4″ Thick is Low pile, up to 3/8" Thick is Medium pile, more than 3/8" Thick is cons...

  • Color: 36" X 48" With Lip
  • Brand: Mastermat
  • ASIN: B07JHX9F2P
  • UPC: 099654255584

Cleartex Ultimat Chair Mat, Polycarbonate, for Plush Pile Carpets Over 1/2", Rectangular, 48" x 60" (FR1115227ER)

Cleartex Ultimat Chair Mat, Polycarbonate, for Plush Pile

Cleartex Ultimat chair mat is the ultimate in quality and durability. This clear rectangular mat for longer, plush pile carpet flooring is made from sturdy polycarbonate, which has double the strength of PVC – and the added benefits that it won’t scratch, crack, buckle, curl at the edges, or discolor and it has no odor. The Ultimat has ergonomic benefits for chair users and allows an easy glide movement which can reduce leg fatigue. Ultimat is environmentally safe, free from PVC and free from toxic chemicals, is 100% recyclable and is a good choice for people with allergies. Cleartex polycarbonate mats lie perfectly flat and can be used immediately. Compatible with floor heating systems

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Floortex
  • ASIN: B003XR480U
  • UPC: 806791976681

Marvelux 48" x 60" Polycarbonate (PC) Rectangular Chair Mat for Low, Standard and Medium Pile Carpets | Transparent Carpet Protector | Multiple Sizes

Marvelux 48" x 60" Polycarbonate (PC) Rectangular Chair

Our heavy duty durable Marvelux polycarbonate chair mat is designed to provide protection to low, standard and medium pile carpets. At Chair Mats Ltd we have all of your surface protection requirements covered and are dedicated to helping you find the right chairmat for your needs.The studded back on this durable chair mat will keep it in place whilst helping to prevent wear and tear to your carpet caused by office chair casters or wheels. Whether your chair mat is for the home or office, at Chair Mats Ltd we are dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest quality surface protection to make your everyday tasks that bit easier. Proven to reduce leg fatigue, our chair mats are ergonomically designed with a smooth glide surface to provide easy movement, taking the strain off your legs.We recommend periodically adjusting your chair mat position to prevent the build-up of trapped dust and moisture which can occur in certain environments.Key Features:- High impact strength for ergonomic gliding- Smooth easy glide surface- Reduces leg fatigue- For home or office use- Sound absorbent- Easy to clean- Effective carpet protection- Suitable for underfloor heating- Odor free- Multi-use carpet protector - can be used for many applications- Studded back to effectively keep the chair m...

  • Color: Transparent
  • Brand: Marvelux
  • ASIN: B01N4R2RH2

Floortex Polycarbonate Chair Mat for Carpets to 1/2" Thick, 60" x 48", Rectangular, Clear (AFRREM48060)

Floortex Polycarbonate Chair Mat for Carpets to 1/2"

Floortex Ultimat Polycarbonate provides the ultimate in quality, clarity and durability. Utimat Chair Mats provide ergonomic benefits for the chair user by providing easy-glide movement and reduced leg fatigue. No cracking, no curling, no dimpling, no yellowing, no smelling. Environmentally safe - PVC free and free of toxic chemicals. Polycarbonate mats can be used immediately, unlike PVC there is no need to wait for the product to lie flat. Floortex brand products protect like no other. An unrivalled range of products offers the enduring quality to safeguard every floor, chair, door, and desk, keeping high traffic areas cleaner and safer, for longer.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Floortex
  • UPC: 874951007209

Chair Mat for Carpet Floors with Lip 48 x 36 inches- FEZIBO Office Floor Mats for Pile Low, Standard Carpets, Desk Chairs 1/8 inches (3MM)

Chair Mat for Carpet Floors with Lip 48

This FEZIBO brandnew PVC Carpet floor chair Mat is designed to provide great value protection to carpet tiles and very low pile carpets in both the home and office.

  • Color: White
  • Brand: FEZIBO
  • ASIN: B07G35VMFT
  • UPC: 713440838866
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