The Thunder Keeper (A Wind River Mystery Book 7)

The Thunder Keeper (A Wind River Mystery Book

The apparent suicide of a young Arapaho on sacred ground shocks the populace of the Wind River Reservation. But strange events following the death lead Vicky Holden and Father John O'Malley to suspect foul play.

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The Thunder Keeper. [Wind River Reservation Mystery Novel, and the Arapaho Indians].

The Thunder Keeper. [Wind River Reservation Mystery Novel,


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Distant Thunder (Skull Keepers series)

Distant Thunder (Skull Keepers

In the first full length novel of Elissa Wilds' new Skull Keepers series, two lovers are drawn together to protect a town of psychics and mediums at the center of a battle between otherworldly beings both good and evil. Raye Pierson is living a quiet, peaceful life in the infamous Spiritualist town of Shambhala, GA, the perfect place to blend in and keep her own magical abilities under wraps. But peace is shattered when her ex-boyfriend shows up demanding to spend time with the daughter he abandoned 15-years prior and her neighbors start behaving in ways that make their psychic abilities seem downright boring. As if that weren't enough to keep her up at night, Raye’s teaching job is threatened when she's linked to a student's tragic accident. Enter Drake Mitchell, the new School Administrator. Their connection is immediate and intense. But how can she think about romance when her whole world is topsy turvy? And then there’s the matter of the ancient crystal skull buried in her backyard. A skull which is much more than just a beautiful and ancient object. This skull has a soul. A soul who insists it's up to Raye and Drake to protect it at all costs from the powerful forces who wish to destroy it, the town, and ultimately, humankind.

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Silversword (de Lohr Dynasty Book 5)

Silversword (de Lohr Dynasty Book

Christopher de Lohr's grandson is a tour de force in this politically-charged romantic epic!1266 A.D. – Chadwick “Chad” de Lohr, son of Daniel de Lohr (SHADOWMOOR) is a hero at the Battle of Evesham. Saving the hostage Henry III from Simon de Montfort, he is riding high on a wave of royal praise at the conclusion of the battle. But that favor with the king is short-lived. Henry, once again in power after the death of de Montfort, is determined to rid his country of the de Montfort-supporting rebels once and for all. This includes a campaign of harassment against the nobles who supported de Montfort through the years, namely, the House of de Shera (THE LORDS OF THUNDER TRILOGY). The House of the de Lohr and the House of de Shera are linked by blood, and when Henry orders that a de Shera heiress be removed from Newington Priory and placed in Henry’s custody as a hostage to ensure the House of de Shera’s behavior, Chad races to Newington to remove his distant cousin from the abbey before Henry can take her hostage. Chad’s noble act to save Alessandria de Shera is the first step in a chain of events that sees the House of de Lohr increasingly turned against the king. He is determined to take Alessandria back to Isenhall Castle where she can be protected by her warlord cou...

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The Thunder Keeper (A Wind River Reservation Myste) by Margaret Coel (2002-08-06)

The Thunder Keeper (A Wind River Reservation Myste)


A Dawn Like Thunder: The True Story of Torpedo Squadron Eight

A Dawn Like Thunder: The True Story of

One of the great untold stories of World War II finally comes to light in this thrilling account of Torpedo Squadron Eight and their heroic efforts in helping an outmatched U.S. fleet win critical victories at Midway and Guadalcanal. These 35 American men--many flying outmoded aircraft--changed the course of history, going on to become the war's most decorated naval air squadron, while suffering the heaviest losses in U.S. naval aviation history.Mrazek paints moving portraits of the men in the squadron, and exposes a shocking cover-up that cost many lives. Filled with thrilling scenes of battle, betrayal, and sacrifice, A DAWN LIKE THUNDER is destined to become a classic in the literature of World War II.

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The Lightkeeper's Daughters: A Novel

The Lightkeeper's Daughters: A

"Jean Pendziwol’s beautifully written novel captured me from the very first page. Its descriptions of the windswept lightkeeper’s station of Elizabeth’s and Emily’s youth are so crisply rendered I felt I was standing on its shores watching the great ships cross the stormy waters of Lake Superior. Even more than its vivid evocation of a unique time and place, The LightKeeper's Daughters is a sensitive and moving examination of the nature of identity, the importance of family, and the possibility of second chances."—Heather Young, author of The Lose GirlsWith the haunting atmosphere and emotional power of The Language of Flowers, Orphan Train, and The Light Between Oceans, critically acclaimed children’s author Jean E. Pendziwol’s adult debut is an affecting story of family, identity, and art that involves a decades-old mystery.Though her mind is still sharp, Elizabeth’s eyes have failed. No longer able to linger over her beloved books or gaze at the paintings that move her spirit, she fills the void with music and memories of her family, especially her beloved twin sister, Emily. When her late father’s journals are discovered after an accident, the past suddenly becomes all too present.With the help of Morgan, a delinquent teenager performing community service at...

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The Bazaar of Bad Dreams: Stories

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams:

Includes the story “Premium Harmony”—set in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine The masterful #1 New York Times bestselling story collection from O. Henry Prize winner Stephen King that includes twenty-one iconic stories with accompanying autobiographical comments on when, why and how he came to write (or rewrite) each one.For more than thirty-five years, Stephen King has dazzled readers with his genius as a writer of short fiction. In this new collection he introduces each story with a passage about its origins or his motivations for writing it. As Entertainment Weekly said about this collection: “Bazaar of Bad Dreams is bursting with classic King terror, but what we love most are the thoughtful introductions he gives to each tale that explain what was going on in his life as he wrote it." There are thrilling connections between stories; themes of morality, the afterlife, guilt, what we would do differently if we could see into the future or correct the mistakes of the past. In “Afterlife,” a man who died of colon cancer keeps reliving the same life, repeating his mistakes over and over again. Several stories feature characters at the end of life, revisiting their crimes and misdemeanors. Others address what happens when someone discovers that he has supernatur...

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Thunder's Keeper


In his first novel, Adam Smith takes us to Jones Chapel - a small town in southern Kentucky - the site of multiple grisly murders on a fateful day decades earlier. By all accounts, the drowning of nine year old Jacob Bailey that same day was ruled unrelated and accidental. But things in Jones Chapel are rarely what they seem... Joined by his daughter and ex-wife, Brig Bailey returns home to the family farm, only to find himself faced with the death of his father and the management of his estate. While there, long forgotten unearthly forces reveal a terrifying hidden past and the possibility of a cataclysmic future. Fate rests in the hands of Brig's five year old daughter, Kaitlyn who must harness paranormal abilities within herself that have yet to be awakened in order to confront the menace plaguing Jones Chapel and fulfill a destiny handed down through her bloodline for ages.

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THE THUNDER KEEPER (Unabridged CD), by Margaret Coel, (Father O'Malley Mystery Series, Book 7), Read by Stephanie Brush

THE THUNDER KEEPER (Unabridged CD), by Margaret Coel,

THE THUNDER KEEPER, (Father O'Malley Mystery Series, Book 7) Because she believes that her feelings for Father John O'Malley, a Jesuit priest, are inappropriate, Vickie Holden leaves her home on the Wind River Reservation and takes a job in Denver. She receives a call from Vince Lewis, V. P. for Balder Industries, who has information to give her regarding the reservation. Vince is killed by a hit and run driver before he can give Vickie the information. Back on the reservation, Father John is aware of another man who he believes is murdered. What is it about the Wind River Reservation that killers are trying to keep secret?

  • ASIN: 1581163150
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