Touch of the Wolf (The Pack)

Touch of the Wolf (The

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Touch of the Wolf (Western/Victorian Werewolf Book 1)

Touch of the Wolf (Western/Victorian Werewolf Book

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Touch a Dark Wolf (The Shadowmen Book 1)

Touch a Dark Wolf (The Shadowmen Book

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Wolf Camp


"Homer the dog is off to wolf camp where he learns to hunt and howl, but maybe gets a little homesick, too. A very funny picture book perfect for dog lovers and young campers." - Seira Wilson, Amazon EditorMeet Homer, a dog who heads to camp to live like a wolf! Here’s the perfect book for the legions of kids out there who love dogs and funny books.   Homer is a dog . . . but he also secretly fancies himself part wolf. So when an invitation to attend WOLF CAMP (“Where every dog can live as a wolf for a week”) falls out of his kibble bag one morning, he’s determined to go. After his people finally agree, Homer boards the bus bound for Wolf Camp, along with fellow campers Trixie and Rex. They’re greeted on the other end by wolf counselors Fang and Grrr (“they seem nice”), and what follows is an array of wolf activities, including learning to howl, mark, and hunt. Of course, Homer’s a little homesick at times, and the food isn’t very good, but that just makes heading home all the sweeter.   Perfect for all those kids anticipating camp themselves, Zuill’s debut introduces a charmer of a dog and puts him in some laugh-out-loud scenarios.

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The Big Bad Wolf (Alex Cross Book 9)

The Big Bad Wolf (Alex Cross Book

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Wolf Soldier (Shifters of Hell's Corner Book 3)

Wolf Soldier (Shifters of Hell's Corner Book

Wolf shifter Holt Monroe has a big decision to make. Retire from the military, or re-enlist? When he meets his sister’s best friend, sassy little Sonnie Chaplan, Holt craves every inch of her milky skin and luscious curves. Succumbing to one night of passion, Sonnie swears it will never happen again. But, as soon as Holt learns she’s carrying his baby, he’ll move hell and high water to make her his.NOTE: In the late 1800’s, on a homestead in New Mexico, a female shifter named Helen Cartwright was widowed under mysterious circumstances. Helen knew there was power in the feminine bonds of sisterhood, and she provided an oasis for those like herself, female shifters who had been dealt the short end of the stick. Like magic, women have flocked to the tiny town of Helen’s Corner ever since. Although, nowadays, some call the town by another name, Hell’s Crazy Corner.WARNING: THIS BOOK IS NOT INTENDED FOR READERS UNDER AGE 18.This is the third book in the Shifters of Hell’s Corner series. This series is a spin-off of the Bears of Burden series, although each book can be read as a standalone.WOLF SOLDIER is an adult shifter romance for lovers of paranormal, urban fantasy, shapeshifters, contemporary, and, of course, spicy, sizzling, hot romance. This is a standal...

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Ace Lone Wolf and the One-Eyed Mule Skinner (Lone Wolf Howls Book 2)

Ace Lone Wolf and the One-Eyed Mule Skinner

"Part Indiana Jones, part Magnificent Seven..."Staked out on an anthill and left to die in the Mexico desert isn’t a great way to start the day.But for Ace Lone Wolf, a half-Apache gunslinger with a quick draw and a talent for getting huimself into hot water, it's business as usual.Broke again, Ace takes a job riding shotgun on a wagon delivering supplies to Dace Jackson, the richest cattle baron in the Arizona Territory. It’s just a job until Ace learns that the ruthless Jackson is trying to steal an entire town. Then it’s personal. Especially once he meets Annie, a beautiful young woman with green eyes a man could drown in.But what can one man do against an army of hired gunmen? It won’t be enough to be fast with a gun. He’ll need smarts too. And a whole lot of luck.The One-Eyed Mule Skinner is a fast-paced, action-packed adventure that mixes drama and humor with an unforgettable cast of quirky characters.Rope your copy and join the adventure today!The Lone Wolf Howls series can be read in any order.

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Wolf Kahn: Pastels

Wolf Kahn:

A collection of 100 colour plates of Kahn's pastels accompanied by essays by the artist, which offer a glimpse into the way the artist thinks.

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A Werewolf's Touch (Hunter M.D. File)

A Werewolf's Touch (Hunter M.D.

Werewolf medical cases are only for experienced doctors at the Toledo Hospital:Supernatural Division. But when a nine-foot-tall Werewolf crashes through the emergency room doors with an almost-fatal gunshot wound, resident doctor Serenity Hunter has to do what she can to save his life. His payment in exchange? Offering to solve a mystery she had long left in her past.Lazarus Hokousha didn’t intend for his inner wolf to latch onto an Elf-Kind Doctor—literally. But when he finds out her father has been missing for decades and his father may have information, he feels an urge to help her. Using his knowledge of law and the help of his human best friend Elijah Burns—a Huntsman—can he trust The Alpha inside of him to play nice long enough to find her missing father while outwitting those seeking to stop him?With her memories and his senses, combined with an unbreakable telepathic link, the two embark on a quest full of mystery and ever-looming danger to uncover the truth of her father’s disappearance. Discover the beginning of this magical bond between Serenity and Lazarus in this modern-day fantasy and medical drama in the debut novel A Werewolf’s Touch, a Hunter M.D. File.

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Unknown Evil - A Noah Wolf Thriller

Unknown Evil - A Noah Wolf

Noah and the Team take some well-deserved time off at the Manor in England, but that always seems to be when things go crazy. The Queen's Ambassador, Catherine Potts, suddenly calls Noah to tell him that there is a single terrorist in the country who has the power to wipe us out, but he's an unknown. MI6 has been unable to break through the secrecy around him to track him down, so the Queen has asked for Camelot's help.They've got less than thirty-six hours before disaster happens, and only a handful of clues that don't seem to fit together.This will be a race against time, and in the end it may not just be civilians that Noah and his team must end up saving.

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Every Dead Thing: A Charlie Parker Thriller

Every Dead Thing: A Charlie Parker

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An Earl in Wolf's Clothing (Rules of the Rogue Book 1)

An Earl in Wolf's Clothing (Rules of the

A pursuit is underway...From the hallowed halls of London's Almack's to the unkempt taverns of Drury Lane, from whispered words in glittering theatres to seductive kisses at Vauxhall Gardens - an earl must pursue his lady.Propriety be damned. Anything is allowed. But for success, the Earl of Kelmarsh may have to enact the Rules of the Rogue...A resolute lady.Miss Sophie Beckford escaped to Ireland after her almost betrothed broke her heart. Now a year later, she's back in London - stronger, better attired, armed with her cousin and determined not to fall for the blackguard's wiles again.A desperate gentleman.What's an earl to do when his almost betrothed refuses to speak to him, hear him out or even look at him after a misunderstanding of gargantuan proportions?With dubious assistance from a roguish marquess, a strait-laced duke, and even the occasional poet and famous actor throwing in their sixpence, the earl will try any ruse, any rule in the book to recapture Sophie's heart.Failure is not an option.Sensual Regency romance with warmth and wit. These books can be read stand-alone or as part of the Rules of the Rogue Series.1 - An Earl in Wolf's Clothing1.5 - Merry Christmas, my Viscount (Christmas novella)2 - Let Sleeping Dukes Lie3 - Marquess to a Flame - OUT...

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ORE International K320 Glass Wolf Scene Touch Lamp, Satin Nickel

ORE International K320 Glass Wolf Scene Touch Lamp,

Three way reliable touch sensor control. Requires one 40 watt bulb. Low, medium, high and off paces. Polarized plug for added safety. Tinted glass shade. Antique brass base. 30 days warranty. 9 in. Dia. x 14.25 in. H (4 lbs.). Add a touch of light to your living spaces with this 3-way touch lamp. Adjust the light you need with just a touch of your hand. No more trying to find the switch in a dark room, this lamp is always ready for your touch. Simply touch any metal surface and you will put this lamp through its paces. Use a single level light bulb, no need to use a 3-way bulb.

  • Color: Satin Nickel
  • Brand: ORE
  • ASIN: B003N9DOHG
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Player in a Suit (Cockiest Suits Book 3)

Player in a Suit (Cockiest Suits Book

I never got over Jenna, my first love and ex-fiance. Years later, when she walks into my office, asking me to handle her divorce, I know I should send her away after she broke my heart.What starts out as a wicked sensual game of revenge and seduction, changes my world forever.Can I get over the past and find a way to love Jenna again?Cockiest Suits SeriesDevil in a SuitPlayboy in a SuitPlayer in a SuitRebel in a Suit


The Alpha's Touch: Lost Omegas Book One: A M/M Shifter Romance

The Alpha's Touch: Lost Omegas Book One: A

It's been sixty years since the last Omega died. Pack alliances have crumbled and rogue wolves are at an all time high.Robert, an outcast in his Pack, is delivered to Glenoak Pack for execution in retribution for a murder he had no hand in. But Sebastian, their strong, kind Alpha, has other plans. And though Robert tells himself he's not worthy of the Alpha's attention, there's no denying that there's something between them.Sebastian, under pressure to continue his Pack's Alpha line, is reluctantly considering a marriage of convenience. Until fate quite literally throws Robert at his feet. There's something different about Robert, underneath all the fear and mistrust, that draws Sebastian to him. Then Sebastian catches sight of a mark Robert bears. A mark not seen in generations. And everything changes.The Alpha's Touch is a 31,000 word paranormal romance novella with a happy ending and no cliffhangers. It includes some intimate scenes not suitable for readers under eighteen. The premise of male pregnancy or mpreg forms part of this story.

  • ASIN: B01N0IT4A6
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