Avery Removable Print or Write Color Coding Labels, Round, 0.75 Inches, Pack of 1008 (5472)

Avery Removable Print or Write Color Coding Labels,

Add some color to your life. These Removable Print or Write Color Coding Labels aid in organizing your home or workplace. The 3/4" round labels stick firmly to documents, inventory, sale items and more to draw the eye and help keep your important objects well sorted. Mark notes on the labels by hand or use the free templates available at avery website to customize the labels and print them with either your laser or inkjet printer. Removable labels let you peel them away when you no longer need them. Be bold and color your world a little brighter.

  • Color: Assorted Colors (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow)
  • Brand: Avery
  • ASIN: B000BMBU9C
  • UPC: 739197605469

RollCall Systems Member App

RollCall Systems Member

  • Brand: RollCall Systems, Inc.
  • ASIN: B07NJ33CYB

Funny Coffee Mug | Political Quote - "I Vote [Democrat, Republican] For Coffee" | Perfect for Friend, Family Member, or Co-Worker

Funny Coffee Mug | Political Quote - "I

Stop debating between democrat and republican! Vote for coffee instead! Add to your cart right now

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Vivid Ventures
  • ASIN: B079K64ZFS
  • UPC: 869319000497

Tell my Member of Congress

Tell my Member of

  • Brand: Steven Bowden
  • ASIN: B07HFW1K1C

A Well-Behaved Woman: A Novel of the Vanderbilts

A Well-Behaved Woman: A Novel of the

The riveting novel of iron-willed Alva Vanderbilt and her illustrious family as they rule Gilded-Age New York, written by Therese Anne Fowler, a New York Times bestselling author of Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald.Alva Smith, her southern family destitute after the Civil War, married into one of America’s great Gilded Age dynasties: the newly wealthy but socially shunned Vanderbilts. Ignored by New York’s old-money circles and determined to win respect, she designed and built nine mansions, hosted grand balls, and arranged for her daughter to marry a duke. But Alva also defied convention for women of her time, asserting power within her marriage and becoming a leader in the women's suffrage movement. With a nod to Jane Austen and Edith Wharton, in A Well-Behaved Woman Therese Anne Fowler paints a glittering world of enormous wealth contrasted against desperate poverty, of social ambition and social scorn, of friendship and betrayal, and an unforgettable story of a remarkable woman. Meet Alva Smith Vanderbilt Belmont, living proof that history is made by those who know the rules—and how to break them.

  • ASIN: B07B8WH8G8

Starship Troopers


  • ASIN: B008Y6TYQ8

Survivor: Redemption Island (2011)

Survivor: Redemption Island

Survivor: Redemption Island -- From the onset, contestants learn of Redemption Island, a new component that added a new level of strategy to the competition. After being voted out by their respective tribe, castaways would be taken to a secluded area where they’d live on limited food, water and shelter. At Redemption Island, they would duel another recently voted out member for a chance to return to the game. In his fourth expedition, Rob Mariano became the Sole Survivor. The Survivor: Redemption Island six-disc set includes all 13 episodes and the reunion, plus the following bonus materials: • Meet the Cast – An introduction to Survivor’s 22nd season contestants • Exit Interviews - The extended exit interviews held immediately after contestants are voted off the tribe • Early Show Interviews – Interview with this season’s winner • Sizzle Reel – Highlights of cast members’ interviews and special insight • TV Guide Network Special – With a behind-the-scenes look at the season. • Ponderosa – Features the lives of the contestants after they are eliminated and sequestered • Secret Deleted Scenes – On select episodes • Tribal Council Voting – Footage of select contestants • Additional Interviews – With select contestants

  • Brand: CBS
  • UPC: 889290150684

Cork Insoles 2 Pack: Size 12

Cork Insoles 2 Pack: Size

Cork Insoles are made from 100% natural cork. Slip these Cork Insoles into your shoes for added cushioning and shock absorption. Cork Insoles are also highly absorbent, durable and are naturally odour resistant, making them the ideal choice for any shoe. The insoles are 2.5mm thick. Available in Adult sizes 1 to 14 in men's sizing. For women's sizes, we recommend to order two sizes down, if you wear a size 9 in US women's, your best fit would be a size 7 US men's. Adjustments can be made to the insole by easily be cutting down to size using a sharp knife and short, frequent strokes.

  • Brand: The Felt Store
  • ASIN: B0043X90KQ
  • UPC: 826155000456

Never Have I Ever - This is a Party Game About The Poor Life Decisions That You and Your Friends Have Made - NSFW

Never Have I Ever - This is a

This is a Card Game for endless fun Every game of Never Have I Ever presents a chance to relive life's funny, embarrassing and awkward moments with your friends and family members. Well, don't worry, all your poor life decision-making has finally paid off. We've thought of hundreds of things you may or may not want to admit, and added rules to spice things up. Game Overview Everyone gets 10 Play Cards to start and takes a turn reading a Red Rule Card. During each round players have a chance to admit whether they're 'guilty' or 'not guilty' of a Play Card. If you're guilty, you have to keep the card. If you're not guilty, you have to discard it. The first person to collect 10 Play Cards wins (or losses depending on how you look at life). To Play Each round, a new person will pick a Red Rule Card from the pile, read the directions aloud, and place it face up on the table. Then, all the players (including the player that drew the rule card) does what the card says. For example: One rule card is called "Awkward Moment," which reads: "Everyone passes a play card to you. Once you have everyone's play card, you must answer them all. If you are guilty of the play card, you have to keep it. If you are not guilty of the play card, you discard it." Original game: Includes 550 Ca...

  • Color: Red and White
  • Brand: Never Have I Ever
  • ASIN: B00N36C6BE
  • UPC: 885890446127

Home Brew Ohio Brewer's Best House Select Raspberry Lime Cider Kit

Home Brew Ohio Brewer's Best House Select Raspberry

Complete with everything you need to craft your best cider, this 6 gallon recipe is deliciously packed full of flavor and perfect for any level of brewing experience. Starts off with bold flavors of fresh raspberries on the pallet finishing with a twist of lime. Wonderfully thirst quenching! You will need to add 2 lbs. of dextrose to this recipe. Brewer's Best Cider House Select Raspberry Lime Cider Kit, Country of origin - United States, Manufacturer name - Home Brew Ohio.

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Brand: Home Brew Ohio
  • UPC: 888690011809

Profiles in Courage: Deluxe Modern Classic (Harper Perennial Modern Classics)

Profiles in Courage: Deluxe Modern Classic (Harper Perennial

The Pulitzer Prize winning classic by President John F. Kennedy, with an introduction by Caroline Kennedy and a foreword by Robert F. Kennedy.Written in 1955 by the then junior senator from the state of Massachusetts, John F. Kennedy's Profiles in Courage serves as a clarion call to every American. In this book Kennedy chose eight of his historical colleagues to profile for their acts of astounding integrity in the face of overwhelming opposition. These heroes, coming from different junctures in our nation’s history, include John Quincy Adams, Daniel Webster, Thomas Hart Benton, and Robert A. Taft.Now, a half-century later, the book remains a moving, powerful, and relevant testament to the indomitable national spirit and an unparalleled celebration of that most noble of human virtues. It resounds with timeless lessons on the most cherished of virtues and is a powerful reminder of the strength of the human spirit. Profiles in Courage is as Robert Kennedy states in the foreword: “not just stories of the past but a book of hope and confidence for the future. What happens to the country, to the world, depends on what we do with what others have left us."Along with vintage photographs and an extensive author biography, this book features Kennedy's correspondence about the writin...

  • Brand: Harper Perennial

DEMOCRACY 2.0: Rules of Order for Everyday Democrats: The Voting Member's Handbook

DEMOCRACY 2.0: Rules of Order for Everyday Democrats:

The Keep-It-Simple-Stupid alternative to Robert’s Rules of Order, for practical use by ordinary people facing everyday realities.**FEATURING EXTENSIVE INTERNAL HYPERLINKS**Published by The Solon Academywww.TheSolonAcademy.comEXCERPT FROM THE PREFACE:Our society is losing the art of participatory democracy. Strata councils, volunteer clubs, non-profit societies, corporate boards, unions, NGOs, co-ops, parent advisory councils, service clubs, charities; all of these are suffering with the same general malaise. We, as a society, as a body of individual citizens, have forgotten how to do democracy.In our busy lives no one has time to read the 700+ pages of Robert’s Rules of Order just so they can attend their strata condo AGM. Most people haven’t even heard of Robert’s Rules, yet “Bob’s Book” is the overwhelmingly dominant rules system. Alienated and disenfranchised from the process, many just stay home. In that vacuum our democracy is floundering.Recently some have tried with noble intent to reverse this slide. Experiments in “consensus” models by the Occupy movement and others, while laudable, have suffered from the fatal naiveté of idealism divorced from pragmatic experience. By abandoning the principle of Majority Rule their attempted surgery to save democracy ...

  • ASIN: B00QXFN8V4

VBRANDED Men's American Flag Side Split Running Shorts Large Red/White/Blue

VBRANDED Men's American Flag Side Split Running Shorts

Produced in wide spectrum of colors so anybody would choose his own. Not to forget very popular special US Flag edition, now available in red and blue as well as in black and white. There is no better way to show which side you are standing on. There is no wonder these running shorts have become very popular, especially in running community and amongst military members. Shorts are manufactured with special care combining all desired attributes for running or any outdoor activity. Features include as superior comfort touch for skin, performance stretch fabric technology giving shorts extreme flexibility, durability and light weight for complete comfort wet or dry, dry-fit fabric that helps move sweat from the body, ultraviolet protection, not to forget wrinkle resistant feature as well as inside liner for protection with small utility pocket. Every item has its own measurement description in bullet point.

  • Color: Red / Blue / White
  • Brand: VBRANDED

Matrix2.0, Peanut Butter Cookie, 2 Pounds

Matrix2.0, Peanut Butter Cookie, 2

THE PROBLEM: Protein powders that are low in quality, contain fat-inducing maltodextrin, taste horribly, require a blender to mix properly and contain only one very fast-acting protein. No doubt that most of these products are cheap, but who wants to gag something down day after day that's neither convenient nor beneficial? THE SOLUTION: Matrix protein powders. Taking years to properly formulate, Matrix solves all of the problems currently afflicting those other low-grade protein powders. Most importantly, we completely stayed away from cheap, inferior protein sources, such as denatured sodium and calcium caseinate. We knew that to be the best, we had to use only the highest-quality protein sources, such as ultrafiltered whey protein, ultrafiltered milk protein, native egg albumin and glutamine peptides. The costs are much higher, but the rewards are significant. These proteins not only taste great, but they are unmatched in their ability to improve overall health as well as build critical bodily tissues and processes. Completing our solution to the problem, Matrix is thoroughly instantized so that every scoop dissolves perfectly in your favorite beverage. No more disgusting clumps or blenders that dirty your kitchen . . . with Matrix, you only need a spoon!

  • Color: Peanut Butter Cookie
  • Brand: Syntrax
  • UPC: 785923542515

Wireless Karaoke Microphone, Kids Microphone with Bluetooth Speaker, Karaoke Mic Portable Karaoke Player Machine for Girls Boys Home Party Music Singing Playing

Wireless Karaoke Microphone, Kids Microphone with Bluetooth Speaker,

Wireless karaoke microphone,a wonderful gift for the 2+ years old kids and adults. Specifications: Charing Supply: DC5V Output : 10mW(earphone output), 3W(speaker output) Battery: Built-in Polymer Lithium Battery Battery Capacity: 1000mAh Battery Working Time: 3-5 Hours Battery Charging Time: 2.5 Hours Transmission Distance: 10m LED Power: 0.4W Compatibility: Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Smart phones(Android & iOS system, such as all iPhone,Samsung HTC,Sony, Nokia, LG, HUAWEI, Blackberry, etc.)iPod, iPad, Mac, PCs tablets,laptops, TVs and all MP3 players, CD players KTV effect Two-channel stereo microphone with breathtaking KTV live sound and clearly identifiable music rhythm. The microphone can adjust the microphone volume itself. Echo Hall Powerful echo with adjustable echo length. Channel Turn the lower knob to select the left or right stereo channel for the music when using the microphone in accompaniment mode. Charge You can charge the microphone to any USB port. Flexible use Connect the speaker and use the microphone to sing or listen to music. Use it for karaoke singing, or to play music from your smart phone. Just as you like it. Load instructions 1.When the computer is turned on, the microphone can be connected to a free USB port. Charge the microphon...

  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: Tencoz
  • UPC: 675663935329
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