Jimm New Genuine AC Adapter Charger 19V 3.42A 65W for ASUS A6 A7 A8 F2 F3 F9 G U5 M6 W5 Series PA-1650-78,ADP-65GD B,EXA1203YH

Jimm New Genuine AC Adapter Charger 19V 3.42A

Please make sure the DC Output & Connector size fit your laptop Before you Bid. For safety using, please contact us before you order it if the amp or voltage doesn't match your original adapter. One Power cord is included with this adapter for FREE(fit your country).Note: We'll send you the power cord with the corresponding wall plug according to your shipping address. For example,if your shipping address is in US,then the power cord will be with the US standard wall plug. If you need the different plug used in your country,please contact us immediately after you have paid .Replaces the Following Manufacturer Numbers:PA-1650-78,ADP-65GD B,ADP-65AW A,ADP-90YD B,EXA1203YH,EXA1208UH,ADP-65WH AB,ADP-65WH BB,N65W-03,PA-1650-93Fits the Following Laptop Models:For Asus A450 Series, A6 Series, A7 Series, A7C, A7D, A7F, A7G, A7J, A7Jc, A7M, A7S, A7Tc, A7V, A7Vc, A8S, a8F, a8J, a8H, Z99D, z99S, z99H, F8SG, f8sV, X81S, K40E, A8F, A8Jc, A8Jp, A8Jr, A8Js, A8M, A8Sc, F2J, F2Je, F3Ja, F3Jc, F3Jm, F3Jp, F3Jr, F3M, F3P, F3Sc, F3T, F3Tc, F9F, F9J, G1, G1S, G2, G2S, M2000, M2000N M6000N, M6700N, M6800N, M6B00N, M6N, M6V, M6VA W3N, W3, W3V, W3000, W3000V W5F, W5V U5A, U5F V1J, V1Jp W2J, W2Pc, W2V, A40, A43, A53, A41 Series, A42 Series, A52 Series, A72 Series, B43 Series, F81 Series, F83 Series, F9 S...

  • Brand: Jimm

Tanch laptop adapter for Asus PA-1900-36,EXA0904YH, ADP-90YD B,ADP-90CD DB ,ADP-90SB BB 19V,90W

Tanch laptop adapter for Asus PA-1900-36,EXA0904YH, ADP-90YD B,ADP-90CD

Charger Information: Input: AC 100~240V 50~60Hz >Output Voltage: 19V Output Current: DC 4.74APower: 90WProperty: new replacement Connector: 5.5mm*1.7mmrCompatible Part Number: For ASUS0335A1965, 04G266008920, 90-XB03N0PW00030Y, PA-1900-36, SADP-65KB B Fit Machine Models:For ASUSA2000C, A2000L, A2534H, A2H, A3000, A3000N, A3Fc, A3Hf, A4000D, A4000L, A42F, A4K, A5, A5000L, A52J, A5EB-Q018H, A6, A6000J, A6000R, A6000Vm, A6Ja, A6Km, A6Ne, A6U, A72, A8000J, A85, A8Dc, A8He, A8Jm, A8Jv, A8Tc, A95, BAMBOO, BU400, c90s, E56, F2J, F3H, F3Jr, F3M, F3Sr, F5, F50S, F5R, F5Sr, F6A, F80, F80S, F82Q, F83VD, F8Sn, F9Dc, F9SG, K40AD, K40IE, K42, K42JR, K43TA, K43TK, K45DE, K50, K50AF, K50IL, K51AC, K52F, K52f-sx074v, K52Jr, K53TK, K62, K70 Series, K70AF, K70IO, K72, K72J, K72JF, K72JO, K72JV, K72P, K73E, L3000D, L3400S, L3800C, L3H, L4000E, L4500R, L5000D, L5C, L8000Ce, L8400, L8400K, L84F, M2000, M2000Ne, M2400E, M2A, M3, M3NP, M5, M50, M500N, M50VM, M51, M51Sr, M5200N, M6000C, M6700, M6700V, M67N, M6802N, M68A, M6A, M6Ne, M70, M9J, Multi-Color, N10J, N10JB, N20A, N50VN, N61Jv, N80Vc, P50IJ, PL80, S1000, S1300A, S1N, S5000, S5000N, S5N, S6 Series, U3, U31JG, U43, U46JC, U50A, U53, U5A, U6EP, U80V, UL30 Series, UL50A, UL50Vt, UL80V, V1J, V2, V6V, VX2-Lamborghin, W1000Ga, W1G, W1V, W3000V, W5, W5F...

  • Brand: TANCH
  • ASIN: B073RFDJ9R
  • UPC: 798220361772
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