The Dark Elf War Trilogy: Books 1-3

The Dark Elf War Trilogy: Books

Magic, Monsters, and Special Forces.The secret war begins.When a secret government operation opens an inter-dimensional gateway, they unleash chaos...Reawakening the forces of magic...And letting in monsters of myth and their dark-elf masters.Now, the fate of all will fall upon two women gifted with magical powers and a veteran Special Forces soldier.If they fail, it won’t just be the end of the Dark-Elf War.It’ll be the end of all human life.***Read the complete story now! Includes:- Book 1: Starlight- Book 2: Gunz- Book 3: RangerThe Dark Elf War trilogy by former army officer William Stacey is a thrilling blend of urban fantasy and military sci-fi. You’ll love these books for their breathless pacing, believable characters, and non-stop action.Get the complete Dark Elf War Trilogy, more than 1500 pages of magic, monsters, and Special Forces action.Grab all three now!


Gunz (The Dark Elf War Book 2)

Gunz (The Dark Elf War Book

The cold war between magic and technology heats up.Magic has returned to Earth. A year ago, the dark elves breached the interstellar veil between our world and theirs. They slaughtered scores of innocents in the first battle of a war between magic and technology. Then they vanished.In the year since, Elizabeth Chambers has trained alongside Cassie “Starlight” Rogan in the Special Forces unit known as Task Force Devil. Their mission: to monitor the interstellar portal where the dark elves forced their way into our world.Elizabeth, like Cassie, is one of only two ‘magic-sensitive’ people on the planet who can control the powers of magic flowing back into our world. But whereas Cassie's magic heals, Elizabeth's kills, driving her to resist her deadly gifts. Soon, though, she will have to fight, because in a single night of fire and death the dark elves have returned.And they have sinister plans for humanity.You’ll love this second book in the urban fantasy/military sci-fi Dark Elf War series by former Army officer William Stacey because of his engaging characters, fast-paced plot, and thrilling battle scenes.Get it now.


The Rogue Elf of Urlas: Songs of Wrath (Half-Elf Chronicles Boxset Book 2)

The Rogue Elf of Urlas: Songs of Wrath

★★★★★ "...this is extremely action-packed, full of twists and just an astounding read." From the ashes of what was lost, they will forge a blade that will rip through the lands of the West... and Kealin's true power is growing. Taslun is dead and Kealin's baby brother is in a city directly in the path of the Grand Protectorate. But the companions meet a powerful new ally. A necromancer.... and she knows Alri.The survivors of the Riverlands become aligned with a force of magic forsaken and forbidden to the lands, but through this magic, they wage a war like none other... But will it be enough in the end?This boxset is the complete Songs of Wrath trilogy, the ending arc of a six-book series, and a trilogy that has earned hundreds of fives star reviews on the individual books.  This bundle contains: Necromancer's Curse Half-Elf Chronicles Book IVWrath of the Half-Elves Half-Elf Chronicles Book VThe Last Dwemahr Half-Elf Chronicles Book VI​Get it now and embrace the adventures readers have compared to R.A. Salvatore's Drizzt Do'Urden and the Forgotten Realms world!




THE PUNISHER LEADS THE CHARGE TO SHUT DOWN THE BLACK BIFROST! Deep in the swamps of Svartalfheim stands the Black Bifrost, Malekith's corrupted Rainbow Bridge and the only reliable means of travel between the realms with the true Bifrost in pieces. If the gods are going to stop Malekith's invasion, the Black Bridge must fall. With her son missing and husband injured, Lady Freyja must take up the challenge herself. But she won't go alone. Hulk (Jen Walters), the Punisher, Blade and Ghost Rider follow the All-Mother of Asgard straight into Malekith's home territory! Rated T+

  • ASIN: B07R3D7LJX

Ranger (The Dark Elf War Book 3)

Ranger (The Dark Elf War Book

The Culling, the genocide of humanity.It almost ended us.It still might.Six years ago, the dark elves murdered most of humanity. Thanks to the sacrifice of Elizabeth “Gunz” Chambers, some few survived, safe behind walled shelters. For now.Former Special Forces operator Alex Benoit is a broken man. Driven to rage by the evil of the dark elves, he and his team of rangers hunt them in the wilderness of northern Canada. No weapon is forbidden, no method too severe. But Alex has stared too long into the abyss and vengeance comes at a cost.A cost that others may have to pay.When a new gateway opens between worlds, Alex joins a desperate expedition to the dark elves’ home world. Their mission: to forge an alliance between dwarves and humanity. Only together can both races stand a chance against the might of the dark elves and their wicked queen Tuatha de Talinor.If they fail, it won’t just be the end of the Dark-Elf War.It’ll be the end of all human life.You’ll love this final book in the epic urban fantasy/military sci-fi Dark Elf War trilogy by former Army officer William Stacey because of his breathless pacing, believable characters, and non-stop action.Grab it now!


Starlight (The Dark Elf War Book 1)

Starlight (The Dark Elf War Book

Magic is returning.And the secret war begins.When University drop-out Cassie returns to her small rural town, she's certain she will spend the rest of her failed life in the remote wilderness of northern British Columbia. No future, no hope.But her world changes in one storm-filled night.For the first time in centuries, real magic is flowing back into our world and Cassie can manipulate its flows. But are her new powers a gift or a beacon that marks her for death?Alex is Special Forces. Highly trained and superbly motivated he’s part of a secret unit tasked with inter-dimensional travel to another world—a deadly world filled with monsters of myth and magic. But to keep that secret, he’s been ordered to use his skills against the very people he’s sworn an oath to protect. But he has a far greater problem: Alex and his team have opened doors they should have left closed.And something has followed them back to our world.Now, in the primeval forests of northern British Columbia, Cassie and Alex will fight alongside an elite Special Forces unit hunting mythical beasts with supernatural powers in an undeclared war they can’t afford to lose.The fight is just beginning.But will they see the true threat in time?Featuring thrilling battles, non-stop action, and chilling monsters,...

  • ASIN: B014LPT62C

Civil War: A litRPG Adventure (The Rogue Dungeon Book 2)

Civil War: A litRPG Adventure (The Rogue Dungeon

Build. Evolve. Conquer. Welcome to the Civil War...Roark von Graf—former noble and hedge-mage, current mid-level mob in a MMORPG—has his sights set on taking down the tyrannical Dungeon Lord. But the reigning Troll despot is nearly as devious as Roark, and his followers are much higher level.With forever-death on the line, civil war breaks out in the Citadel, pitting Roark’s new regime against Azibek’s horde of loyalists. To survive, Roark will have to outfox the Dungeon Lord, forge new, dirtier weapons and shady alliances, and above all, Evolve …But while the Trolls are entrenched in their civil war, an outside threat is growing. Eyes from the IRL world are beginning to turn toward the Citadel. There’s something strange about this Roark, and they intend to find out what.From James A. Hunter, author of the litRPG epic Viridian Gate Online, and eden Hudson, author of Path of the Thunderbird and the Jubal Van Zandt Series, comes an exciting new litRPG, dungeon-core adventure you won’t want to put down!

  • ASIN: B07K56G2T9

Shadow Rising (Shadow Wars Book 1)

Shadow Rising (Shadow Wars Book

So, let me fill you in on a few things...There are two types of magicals - the Sun class, and the Moon class. After the vicious Shadow War a hundred years before, they signed a peace treaty. Sun magicals agreed to roam the daylight hours, and let the Moon magicals walk the streets at night.I am an Elkie.Technically Sun class, but with my pointed ears, and badass bow, I was born to run and hunt in the woods of upstate New York. I'm a country gal, at heart. I don't give two craps about Sun/Moon politics, or the Big Apple. But then, everything changed. My dad died, and my mom found a new guy to love, William Geiser - the Sun Mayor of New York City...Now they're sending me to Zenith Academy, a supernatural school for Sun class magicals - Celestials, Mages, the elite of the elite. By night, the school becomes Eclipse, an Academy for vampires, and the creatures that own the night.But everything isn't as it first seems. I've stumbled across a plot to reignite the Shadow Wars all over again, and I think my soon-to-be stepdad is right in the middle of it.Proving it, though, will be another question entirely...


Kings Of War - Elf - Spearman Regiment

Kings Of War - Elf - Spearman

Number of Miniatures: 20 Product Type: Plastic Miniatures Unit Type: Infantry Spearmen form the backbone of the Elven cohorts, and they are its true strength. Only those of noble birth are eligible to fight within their ranks, and all are hardened veterans, having honed their killing arts to perfection over many centuries of warfare. Highly disciplined and utterly deadly, they form the bodyguard and core of the armies of the Elven kings.

  • Brand: Kings of War
  • ASIN: B002RS9XLA

Dragons of Autumn Twilight: Chronicles, Volume One (Dragonlance Chronicles Book 1)

Dragons of Autumn Twilight: Chronicles, Volume One (Dragonlance

  • Brand: Unknown
  • ASIN: B004G606K8
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