A Warrior's Heart

A Warrior's

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The Warrior's Heart: Becoming a Man of Compassion and Courage

The Warrior's Heart: Becoming a Man of Compassion

In this adaptation of his best-selling book, The Heart and the Fist, Eric speaks directly to teens, interweaving memoir and intimate second-person narratives that ask readers to put themselves in the shoes of himself and others. Readers will share in Eric’s evolution from average kid to humanitarian to warrior, training and serving with the most elite military outfit in the world. Along the way, they’ll be asked to consider the power of choices, of making the decision each and every day to act with courage and compassion so that they grow to be tomorrow’s heroes.

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A Warrior's Heart

A Warrior's

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The Heart of a Warrior: Before You Can Become the Warrior, You Must Become the Beloved Son

The Heart of a Warrior: Before You Can

Nothing to Hide! Nothing to Prove! Nothing to Fear! Men have a glorious and significant role in God's larger Story. They also are the target of a special warfare aimed continually and ruthlessly at the center of their being... their masculine hearts. Naivety and ignorance keep many men running in circles while misinformation and poor training keep many more in bondage. Men are wounded and being crushed under the weight of criticism and expectations. The attempted solutions of recent years have been through mere education; tell men what they are doing wrong and give them a list to memorize. What if we are setting men up for failure rather than helping them find freedom?This is a book about being a Beloved Son, "receiving love" from God and the affect that will have in settling a man's heart. Then, and only then is the foundation set for a man to enter the Battle. Thompson shares why he wrote the book: "I hope to one day see the hearts of men so foundationally settled, so well-trained, so well-equipped, and so well-engaged that when evil dare raise its head, Beloved Sons/Warrior men will know what to do and will do it well." Join Michael Thompson, as he invites men to a place of training and orientation that will ensure both a settled heart and a fierce courage. A man cannot enter ...

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The Warriors Way

The Warriors

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A Heart Warrior's Beauty Marks

A Heart Warrior's Beauty

The heroine of A Heart Warrior’s Beauty Marks is a precious baby named Lillian. Her body is covered in surgical scars, which the author/baby’s mother fittingly refers to as “beauty marks,” hence the title. This children’s nonfiction book shows young readers everything Lillian and other heart warriors (children who have had heart surgery) must courageously endure to survive and explains how they received these beauty marks. The catchy rhyme and simple language, along with the colorful illustrations, should appeal to the young audience for which the book is intended. Readers will easily connect with the heroine and cheer her on to the end of her beautiful story of survival.

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1500 Steps


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Warrior's Heart: A Dark Ages Scottish Romance (The Pict Wars Book 1)

Warrior's Heart: A Dark Ages Scottish Romance (The

Love and hate are but different sides of the same blade.Fina is a fierce Pict warrior of The Eagle tribe upon Dark Ages Isle of Skye. Strong-willed and lethal with a knife or a long-bow, she kneels to no man ... until the day she falls in battle and finds herself captive of the enemy.Varar mac Urcal is the arrogant, ruthless chieftain of The Boar tribe. Although his father had held the peace with the neighboring tribe, relations have swiftly deteriorated since his death. When Varar takes the only enemy survivor of a violent skirmish prisoner, he intends to use Fina as a weapon to keep his enemies in check. Only, his strong attraction to his fiery captive risks complicating his ambitions.But the conflict between the two tribes isn't the only threat to peace. When a group of invaders cross from the mainland intent on taking The Winged Isle as their own, the four tribes of the island must make a decision. Do they continue their feuding and risk annihilation, or do they band together against the invaders?Fina and Varar must also make a choice. Love or hate—they have to decide.WARRIOR’S HEART is Book #1 in The Pict Wars series set in ancient Isle of Skye, Scotland. Readers who enjoy Diana Gabaldon, Hazel Hunter, and Kathryn Le Veque will love this high-action, emotional Scottish H...

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Megan Leavey


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TWO HEARTS UNDER FIRE (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Book 8)

TWO HEARTS UNDER FIRE (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior

While On The Run, Can Two Wounded Hearts Under Fire Survive Love?Three years ago, members of Airman Russ Quinlan’s team were targeted and captured during transport in Iraq. When Russ discovers the only other survivor was left for dead after a brutal assault by insurgents, he realizes his covert mission had resulted in deadly consequences, and someone was trying to frame him.When Russ decides to enlist help from AFOSI Agent Brand Reardon, he finds Claire Ellis instead. A close friend of Brand’s fiancé Sarah, Claire’s staying at Brand’s Quantico apartment temporarily, hiding out from an abusive ex-husband who she’s sure is trying to kill her. When an assassin attempts to gun them both down, Russ is able to avert the attack, turning the weapon on the killer. But who was the intended target? Russ figures their only option is to run, heading to Crystal Rock, Wisconsin, to enlist Brand and Sarah’s help. While on the run, something crazy happens along the way. Can two wounded hearts under fire survive love?Despite their serious subject matter, the Two Hearts Wounded Warrior stories are all about hope, with happily-ever-after endings. This #1 bestselling series has won 17 combined awards, including the Readers' Favorite BRONZE (2018), SILVER (2016) and GOLD (2018) MEDALS in ...


The Warrior's Mission: A Celtic Historical Romance (The Warriors of Eriu Book 3)

The Warrior's Mission: A Celtic Historical Romance (The

****2019 InD’Tale Magazine RONE Award Finalist****Growing up under the threat of constant attack, Flynn knows that remaining vigilant is the only way to survive. When one enemy falls, another rises. As his king’s best informant, his days are spent traveling in dangerous territory. His life is one of duty. There is no time for women or love, even if a particularly bonny healer continues to catch his eye.Growing up surrounded by violent men, Maggie fears them all. Though a talented healer, being around the warriors of the village terrifies her, making her duties more than difficult. Only Flynn Mac Greine has ever made her question her fears, but no matter what, she must avoid him… even if he is the first man to make her feel something more. He is still a warrior, and therefore prone to violence. But, when word arrives that Flynn is mortally wounded and stranded alone in the woods, Maggie must face her fears and risk all to save him, but he may not be the only one to be saved. "The pacing is engaging, the main characters are well-thought out and likable, and the ending is powerful! There is a hint of mysticism in the Celtic origins of this tale, which adds interest and intrigue. This is an original story with wonderful characters!" - InD'Tale MagazineRated 18+ due to adult c...

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That Others May Live

That Others May

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Warriors of the Heart

Warriors of the

A resource for anyone facing great change. In this book, Danaan Parry addresses the process of change, and goes beyond that to focus on how to prepare yourself -- personally and professionally -- to be someone who brings change to your life and your organization. "Warriors of the Heart" do not make war, so there can be intervals of peace. Warriors are strong enough to bring ongoing change, so that an ongoing, self-refreshing state of operation for your life, family or organization can ensue. Anyone facing a job change, career overhaul, family life crisis will benefit from this book. Better yet, those willing to get out ahead of these crises and drive change -- so they will never happen -- will find great wisdom in its pages.

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