Clipper Wind Repeater

Clipper Wind

The Clipper Wind Repeater has the user selectable pointer style and selectable wind speed scale of the master unit. Technical Specifications: Consumption, 10mA (25mA for display illumination max) 7 levels of display backlighting Display case size 110 x 110mm Depth behind panel 30mm Complete with 5 metre cable, 'O' ring and weather cover

  • Brand: Clipper
  • ASIN: B004OA76CM
  • UPC: 956335493768

Bellacorp TPMS Repeater

Bellacorp TPMS

This item amplifies 433.92 mhz radio signals from Bellacorp Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors. Utilizes cigarette power plug when available or cut wires to connect to 12 volt DC power from tow vehicle or trailer. IF YOU CUT THE WIRES THEN USE THE RIBBED SIDE AS THE POSITIVE WIRE. It contains no batteries and must be connected to 12 volt DC power from either the tow vehicle or the trailer. It automatically seeks out and amplifies signals from the tire pressure monitoring system. DOES NOT WORK with 2017 and earlier models.

  • Brand: Bellacorp TPMS
  • ASIN: B07FGW33TS
  • UPC: 691036935130

Sewell Direct SW-30471-2 BlastIR USB, IR Repeater 1 Receiver 2 Emitters & USB Adaptor

Sewell Direct SW-30471-2 BlastIR USB, IR Repeater 1

BlastIR USB IR repeater kit allows you to use an existing remote control to operate up to four AV components located behind in the rear the room, in a cabinet, an equipment closet, or anywhere else that is out of sight. The BlastIR's IR distribution technology allows you to conceal all of your bulky entertainment equipment, like your cable box, satellite receiver, stereo, amplifier, Blu Ray player, and more without losing the ability to control it with your remote. The BlastIR USB repeater kit is dual band, which means it will work with the most IR devices. You can power the BlastIR USB with the USB port on your HDTV, giving you a clean look and an easy install. If your TV doesn't have a USB port, simply use the included DC12V adapter. This compact BlastIR is perfect for a simple installation in which you are only hiding away one device. The BlastIR USB consists of 2 emitters, a receiver, and a USB power cable. The receiver is a small, easy to hide device that you can mount on or near your HDTV. Keep in mind that the receiver must be in the line-of-sight to wherever you will be using your remote control. The receiver picks up your remote's IR signal and transfers it over a small cable to the emitter. The emitter can be placed directly over the IR sensor on the device you wish to ...

  • Brand: Sewell Direct
  • ASIN: B0161YJVJE
  • UPC: 685289445867

Set Ø 1,00m IstaBreeze Carbon Repeller, High Speed, Wind Generator, Wind Turbine (Set Ø 1,00m Carbon Repeller)

Set Ø 1,00m IstaBreeze Carbon Repeller, High Speed,

Original IstaBreeze Pinwheel Repeller Set Ø 1,00m Very quiet rugged high speed replacement repeller blades for our small wind power wind generators i-500 / Air Speed. Made from carbon granules, the repeller blades are very durable and stable, yet at the same time unusually light for low starting torque. ARTICLE FEATURES - Repeller IstaBreeze DIAMETER: 100cm LENGTH per SHEET: 50cm WEIGHT PER LEAF: 180g MATERIAL: Carbon granules (Made in Germany) DELIVERY: Repeller: 3 pieces black HUB / HUB: 1 piece Nose cover: 1 piece

  • Brand: Ista Breeze
  • ASIN: B07L9TJK53
  • UPC: 762743838455

Diamond X510HDM Base antenna, 2m/70cm, UHF, 17ft

Diamond X510HDM Base antenna, 2m/70cm, UHF,

DualBand Base / Repeater Antenna Product Specifications: Coverage: 2M/70cm Gain: 2M: 8.3dB 70cm: 11.7dB Max Power: 2M 330watts 70cm 250 watts Length: 17' 3" Connector: SO-239

  • Brand: Diamond
  • UPC: 701630973060

Technoline MA 10660 - Pro Series Wind Sensor - White

Technoline MA 10660 - Pro Series Wind Sensor

Is the fridge still cold enough? can I leave the washing machine unwatched? are all windows Closed? in future, all these questions are answered by mobile alerts home monitoring system in a convenient App for iOS and android in combination with various wireless sensors for your home. From wireless sensors with internet connection via gateway - mobile alerts worldwide monitors all information's from your home via your smart phone. Via push notification you will be alerted immediately to any fault status. So you can avoid major damage through specific action. The easy installation allows any user in just 5 steps home-monitoring at any time: Download mobile alerts App for free in the App store. Thanks to plug & Play the installation is immediately ready. A personal registration is not required. Connect the gateway to the power adapter and to your router, then insert the batteries into the selected wireless sensors. Start the App, scan the code of the wireless sensors and you can retrieve all the data collected with your smart phone. So you can check the current status of your home - anytime, from anywhere. Wind sensor: values for wind speed, wind gust and wind direction- display of all values of the last 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days- display of all values as pie chart or history- ale...

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Technoline
  • ASIN: B015WC8OUS

Onyx Peak Repeater

Onyx Peak

  • ASIN: B07F6PD1CS

New People Of The Flat Earth

New People Of The Flat

A man chases after a mysterious metal object that may not even exist — and his journey leads him on to ever-greater levels of madness, dissociation, and metaphysical conundrums.After ten years in a Zen monastery, Proteus knows it's time to leave. A troubled, solitary man, he knows what he seeks is not to be found sitting in meditation. His problem is that, during his time at the monastery, he's discovered something strange inside his mind: the ability to connect with a mysterious, silent, metallic spherical object he calls Mosquito. His connection to this possibly extraterrestrial object, which seems to dwell on an existential plane of its own, gives Proteus a flimsy sense of purpose. So when Mosquito abruptly disappears one day, Proteus can't bear the loss, and he sets off in pursuit of answers.Thus starts a surreal, philosophically maddening quest for meaning. Chasing the elusive Mosquito leads Proteus to in-between worlds where things do not quite hold together, and where the living and the dead must learn to live in and out of the boundaries of time. The further he gets from sanity, the closer he comes to something that may turn out to be wisdom.Playful but unapologetically challenging, New People of the Flat Earth is a breathtakingly original novel that defies categorisa...

  • ASIN: 191224800X

Anbee Tello WiFi Range Extender, Xiaomi WiFi Repeater 2 Amplifier Universal Wi-Fi Extender 300Mbps 802.11n Wireless WiFi Signal Extender for Tello and Tello EDU Drone

Anbee Tello WiFi Range Extender, Xiaomi WiFi Repeater

Anbee Tello WiFi Range Extender, Xiaomi WiFi Repeater 2 Amplifier Universal Wi-Fi Extender 300Mbps 802.11n Wireless WiFi Signal Extender for Tello Drone

  • Color: white
  • Brand: Anbee

USB Extension Cable 6ft, Canjoy 3 Pack Nylon Braided USB 3.0 Extender Cord Active Type A Male to Female Repeater Cord for Oculus VR,Playstation,Xbox,Printer,Keyboard,HTC Vive,USB Headset,Scanner-Gold

USB Extension Cable 6ft, Canjoy 3 Pack Nylon

Canjoy USB 3.0 High Speed Extender Cable - 6 feet cable makes you extend USB connections between your computer or Mac and USB devices offering you more space to move away from your desktop while using your USB devices; - Connecting USB devices such as Playstation, Xbox, Card Reader, USB Flash Drive, Hard Drive, Mouse, Keyboard, Printer, Scanner, Camera and most popular USB devices; - The cable features a Type Male A connector on one end that plugs into your computer and a Type Female A connector on the other that connects to the short USB cable you needextend. Key Features - Super Speed USB 3.0 data transfer rate at up to 5 Gbps, 10x faster than USB 2.0; - Corrosion resistant gold plated connectors and foil with braid shielding keeps the maximum conductivity and minimize data loss for the extension process; - The repeater cable features gold-plated connectors that resist corrosion for signal purity and durable with more than 8000 times plug. Universal Compatibility Compatible with Windows PC desktop, laptop, Windows, Mac OSX, HP Canon Dell Epson Brother printer,Playstation, Xbox, TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, gaming headset,car stereo, USB wifi adapter,both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 peripherals including hard drive, USB hub, wired & wireless mouse, keyboard, camera, flash drive, p...

  • Color: Gold Gold Gold
  • Brand: Canjoy
  • UPC: 723120086906

HUBSAN X4 AIR H501A Plus WiFi FPV Brushless with 1080P HD Camera GPS Waypoint RC Quadcopter RTF(H501A+HT011A Transmitter)

HUBSAN X4 AIR H501A Plus WiFi FPV Brushless

App Download You can search "X-HUBSAN" in the ISO or Android App Store. The H501A X4 pro has everything you need to fly to the FPV, a sturdy flying copter, a transmitter with a large display and the ability to watch aerial footage after the flight function. GPS mode: localization, return and tracking functions. New headless function to make it easier for beginners. Return Home Safety Functions. Altitude mode and accurate hovering. Description: Brand Name: Hubsan Item Name: Hubsan X4 H501A Plus RC quadcopter Frequency: 2.4G Quadcopter Size:311*311*70mm Quadcopter Weight: 410g ( include the battery) Package Size: 28.4*28*9.3cm Rotor size:185mm (7.3 inches ) Max Flight Distance:About 300m Brushless Motor: KV1650 PM1806 x4 ESC: brushless 12A x4 Color:Golden Black Capacity: 2700mAh Lipo,7.4V Flying time: About 20mins Charging time:About 210 minutes Max current: 16A Supported SD Card Types:Micro SD Max capacity: 16-32 GB. Class 10 or UHS-1 rating required Package Included: 1x H501A RC Quadcopter 1x Battery 1x Charger 8x Blade 1x HT011A R emote Control

  • Brand: HUBSAN
  • UPC: 840250108787

Timex Men's T49905 Expedition Rugged Field Chronograph Black/Brown Leather Strap Watch

Timex Men's T49905 Expedition Rugged Field Chronograph Black/Brown

The Timex Expedition Field Chrono draws design inspiration from vintage military watches. The unique dial features numerals in increments of five up to 60 and three sub-dials that track minutes, seconds, and 1/20 of a second for up to 30 minutes. An easy to operate date window is located at 4 o’clock. With the Quick Date function, you can set the date on the watch without turning the crown for every 24-hour period. Just pull the stem halfway out, and turn until desired date is reached. It also offers water resistance to 330 feet (100 meters) and a durable leather strap. The Indiglo night-light uniformly lights the surface of the watch dial using patented blue electroluminescent lighting technology. It uses less battery power than most other watch illumination systems, enabling your watch battery to last longer.

  • Color: Brown/Black
  • Brand: Timex
  • ASIN: B0083XFHIG
  • UPC: 753048642205

LUCY STORE Small Desktop Clip Mini Fan 360° Rotation Portable USB Repeater Fan Child Bedside Cool (Color : Pink)

LUCY STORE Small Desktop Clip Mini Fan 360°

Product weight: 460gThe table fan has a clip for easy fixing and blowing;Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery;When the battery is lower than 3.2V, the indicator of the current gear will flash, and it will automatically shut down after 60 seconds.Main switch: left is open, right is off.Tips:Please keep out of reach of children.Do not disassemble or modify this product;Do not wash with water;Do not pour foreign matter such as liquid or metal into the inside of the fan;Do not store in direct sunlight, hot or humid places, or near flammable materials;When removing the power cord, press and hold the plug to pull it out, and pull the power cord uncomfortable;If the product is not used for a long time, please keep the USB plug away from the power supply.

  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: LUCY STORE
  • ASIN: B07V9GXP4X

ammoon Stereo Looper Pedal Electric Guitar Effect Pedal 10 Independent Loops Max. 10 minutes Recording Time Unlimited Overdubbing

ammoon Stereo Looper Pedal Electric Guitar Effect Pedal

Features: High quality uncompressed audio: 24-bit A/D/A, 44.1KHz sample rate and unlimited overdubbing. 10 selectable, independent loops, and each loop's recording time is up to 10 minutes. True stereo connections allow looping of 2 separate instruments simultaneously. Reverse, 1/2 speed, undo/redo and fadeout effects all easily controlled via the dual footswitches. A 3rd footswitch can be added via the ext input for even more hands free control. Perfect for practice and live performance.LOOP footswitch for activating RECORD, DUB(record and add an extra layer to you loop) and PLAYBACK operations;STOP/FX footswitch for stop, clear and FX functions;REVERSE--playback your loop in reverse;1/2 SPEED--playback your loop at half the speed it was recorded.Specifications: Brand: ammoon Max. Loops: 10 independent loops Each Loop's recording Time: max. 10 minutes Sampling Frequency: 44.1KHz/ 24bit Input Jacks: 2 * 1/4" TRS jacks(L & R), 1 * 1/4" TRS Jack(for external foot controller) Output Jacks: 2 * 1/4" TRS jacks(L & R) Power Supply: DC 9V 140mA (center minus) Fade Out Time: 0(stop immediately), 1(1s), 2(2s), 3(3s), 4(5s), 5(10s), 6(15s), 7(20s), 8(25s), 9(30s) Item Size: 9.5 * 12 * 4cm / 3.7 * 4.7 * 1.6in Item Weight: 386g / 13.6oz Package Size: 13 * 12 * 6.5cm / 5.1 * 4.7 * 2.6in Packa...

  • Brand: ammoon
  • ASIN: B074BNDD19
  • UPC: 728619877935

[2019 Updated] Solar Power Battery Powered 1080P WiFi Security IP Camera with Starlight Night Vision 260ft, P2P Peer-to-Peer Wireless, Enlarged Li-ion Battery Built-in 16G SD Card

[2019 Updated] Solar Power Battery Powered 1080P WiFi

Important Tips: 1. It support 2.4GHz only, please set WPA2-PSK(AES) / WPA-PSK(AES) as Encryption. 2. WiFi name(SSID) & password, login password should not contain special character like:~, !, @, #, ^, % ... password is no longer than 20 characters. Camera support two ways to connect: By AP function, peer-to-peer connect to cellphone directly, the AP distance from camera to phone is about 100ft without any obstacle. By WiFi router, wireless distance from camera to WiFi router is about 490ft, connect into Internet, with built-in Lithium batteries, you can view it anytime anywhere even if there is no power. First Stream: 1080P(1920x1080). Second Stream: 960P(1280x960),720P(1280x720),VGA(640x352). Image Frame Rate: 50Hz:25fps / 60Hz:30fps (1920x1080). Support OS: Microsoft XP/Win7/Win8/Win10/Mac OS. Full compatible with IE browser, Support Firefox, Google browser to view. Support standard Onvif 2.1 protocol. Working humidity: 95% RH; Working temperature: -10~70°C. Power: DC 5V/2~3A, power jack size: 1.35 x 3.5mm Software and user manual, please download at:

  • Brand: Funxwe
  • ASIN: B078L1LNBD
  • UPC: 712383790880
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