X10 XPMT4 LCD 64-Event Mini Timer (PRO Version of MT13A)

X10 XPMT4 LCD 64-Event Mini Timer (PRO Version

  • Brand: X10
  • ASIN: B001Q4BXFU
  • UPC: 099081830064

X10 PRO XPT4-W-NS PRO 4-Button Keypad Plus Transmitter Base Kit

X10 PRO XPT4-W-NS PRO 4-Button Keypad Plus Transmitter

Conveniently control four X10 receiver modules with an X10 wall switch by installing the X10 PRO 4-Button Keypad Plus Transmitter Base Kit. The in-wall keypad enables manual control for four X10 receivers on the powerline. Hit one side of a rocker switch to turn its corresponding receiver on, and hit the other side to turn it off! The "behind-the-scenes" transmitter base mounts in a single-gang wall box and connects to Hot and Neutral wires. The included keypad attaches to the face of the transmitter, providing a clean, elegant appearance. How It Works: The transmitter base can control multiple X10 receivers by running the Unit Number Addresses in sequential order. In other words, if you have the dials on the transmitter base set to House Code B and Unit Code 4, the keypad's four buttons will control the X10 receivers set to House Code B and Unit Codes 4, 5, 6 and 7. The top button will control Unit Code 4, the next button below will control Unit Code 5, and so on. CONTENTS: Wall Transmitter Base Module, 4-Button Keypad. NOTES: 1. Wallplate not included. 2. Due to X10 Product changes, these Transmitter Bases are not compatible with Transmitter Bases sold before July 2007.

  • Brand: X10
  • ASIN: B004UBBV0I
  • UPC: 099081510188

X10 MC10A Plug-in Mini Controller, White

X10 MC10A Plug-in Mini Controller,

Control up to 8 different groups of X10 compatible receivers (lamp and appliance modules wall switches and universal modules)Dim/bright control and an all-lights-on/all-lights-off buttonCompact design

  • Color: White
  • Brand: X10
  • ASIN: B000W7OSYK
  • UPC: 099081131031

X10 MT14A 64-Event LCD Mini Timer with new LCD display (NEW MT13A)

X10 MT14A 64-Event LCD Mini Timer with new

Adding this simple & powerful device to your X10 home automation setup will allow you to easily set up timed events like turning lights & appliances on and off. With the 64-Event X10 Mini Timer, you'll be able to schedule up to eight lights to turn on and off automatically. Awaken to lights and sound in the morning, set your house lights to switch off automatically after you leave for work to save energy and have then turn on again when you are due back so you won't have to arrive home to a dark house. The possibilities are limitless with this intelligent little timer and your array of X10 appliance & light modules. You can even select the "security" mode and have lights turn on and off at different times of the day to simulate an occupied home when you are away. Timer will control up to eight (8) X10 lights and appliances. Security mode turns lights on and off at random times within a time frame for a more lived-in look

  • Brand: X10 MT14A
  • UPC: 099081830200

X10 PRO PAT03 16 Channel Transceiver

X10 PRO PAT03 16 Channel

NEW DESIGN! This is the new version of the PAT01 and has been dramatically improved! We now have a new amplifier in the units internals which boosts the regular X10 signal sent by the PAT03 to up to 10 TIMES the power as before. This means a more powerful and reliable X10 signal. With longer distance and less fuss with electrical noise, the PAT03 is a worthy upgrade for any X10 system! In addition to a boosted signal, this unit has AGC (Automatic Gain Control). This essentially reduces the noise surrounding the unit, also adding to a more reliable X10 signal through your home! Add RF Remote Control to Your X10 Devices Converts Radio Frequency signals from X10 PRO wireless controllers such as the PHR04 , PHW04D, and PHR03 to X10 control signals. Now you can easily control lights and appliances from up to 100ft away - even through walls - with this X10 PRO Transceiver Module. This powerful module works with handheld wireless remote controllers such as the X-10 PRO 16-Plus Remote (PHR03) to control its built-in switched outlet and up to15 additional X10 modules via the powerline. You can also control the Transceiver Module by other X10 powerline controllers such as the X-10 PRO Mini Controller (PMC01).

  • Brand: X10 PRO
  • UPC: 099081830224

X10 MT10A Mini-timer

X10 MT10A


  • Brand: X10
  • ASIN: B0002472RI
  • UPC: 099081131017

X10 Wireless Base Transceiver Module (RR501)

X10 Wireless Base Transceiver Module

If you want to control X10 modules with a wireless controller, plug in the X10 RR501 Wireless Base Transceiver Module. Unlike the TM751 transceiver, this RR501 model responds to both X10 and RF signals (not just RF), giving you versatile control over the transceiver's built-in appliance module, as well as your other X10 modules. The RR501 transceiver module picks up radio frequency (RF) signals from X10 wireless remotes and then converts those signals into X10 commands, which are sent over your power lines. In addition to signaling other X10 receivers, the Base Transceiver Module provides a built-in appliance module, which responds to Unit Codes 1 to 9. Plug an appliance or light into the module's outlet to enable wireless control. The module can be controlled by various X10 remotes, such as the X10 PRO 16-Plus Remote (PHR03) or the X10 PRO Mini Controller (PHC01). RR501 vs TM751 X10 Transceivers: As a two-way transceiver, the RR501 offers advanced features over the TM751. The TM751's built-in appliance module can only be controlled by RF. This RR501 model also receives X10 powerline signals, allowing you to control the built-in module over the powerline, and receive status reports. Additionally, the RR501 has a switch that lets you choose from Unit Codes 1-9 for the appliance mo...

  • Brand: X10
  • ASIN: B0002M5NPI
  • UPC: 099081120011

X-10 Pro Inline Dimming Fixture Module - Model XPDF

X-10 Pro Inline Dimming Fixture Module - Model

Whether your recessed and out-of-the-way home fixtures give your home stylish environmental lighting, or illuminate important areas and work spaces, you can control these lights with your X10 system and the XPDF X10 Pro Inline Dimmable Receiver Module. Now even ambiance lighting and canned fixtures can respond to the On/Off, All Lights On, Dim, Brighten, and All Units Off commands. This small module receives signals from your X10 system through your existing home wiring, via plug-in controllers and radio frequency wireless X10 remotes, like the HR12A X10 PalmPad Wireless Remote Control Module. Softly and discretely light any room by remote control and set just the mood you're looking for with a controller you can keep in your pocket. Or, shut off all your house lights with a handy PMC01 X10 Pro Plug-in Mini Controller in the bedroom or kitchen, and avoid the hassle of locating every light switch at bedtime. You can save on your energy bills and stubbed toes when switching off lights is this convenient. There's no need to come home and stumble around a dark house with your hands full, in search of a light switch. With the KR19A Wireless Keychain Remote, switch on your house lights before you're even in the door. No more fumbling, just instant lighting when you need it. The X...

  • Brand: X10
  • ASIN: B0041X30XQ
  • UPC: 099081000214

X-10 Pro Security/Home Automation Remote Control - Model PHR03

X-10 Pro Security/Home Automation Remote Control - Model

WIRELESS X10 CONTROL OF YOUR HOME! X10 WIRELESS REMOTE Issue X10 commands from your couch, kitchen, back yard or anywhere within 100-feet of a plug-in Base Transceiver with this 8 button RF Wireless Remote by X10. Simply plug in the Base Transceiver (sold separately) and YOU HAVE CONTROL! Both the Handheld Remote and Base Transceiver work together to control unit numbers 1-16. An unlimited number of remotes may be used with a single Base Transceiver (XPPAT01). The XPPHR03 requires 4 AAA batteries.

  • Brand: X10
  • ASIN: B001AWW9YC
  • UPC: 099081818031

X10 HR12A PalmPad Remote Control

X10 HR12A PalmPad Remote

Controls up to 16 devices using X10 base receiversDims incandescent lightingTransmits through walls floors and ceilings using RF technology

  • Brand: X10
  • ASIN: B00022OCC8
  • UPC: 099081081213

X-10 Mini Powerhorn Security Siren (X-10 Pro PSH02, X-10 Powerhouse SH10A)

X-10 Mini Powerhorn Security Siren (X-10 Pro PSH02,

A compact 105dB siren (about half the size of the Powerhorn 110 Decibel Siren) for use with any of the X10 security systems and personal assistance systems such as the DS7000 and DC8700. If you want to control the SH10A from other types of X10 controllers, set the Unit Code dial on the SH10A to any unused number between 1 & 16. Plug the SH10A into any unused AC outlet (not one that is controlled by a wall switch, in case the switch accidentally gets turned off). To test the SH10A, trip your alarm system. The SH10A will sound for as long as the alarm in the security system console sounds, and then shut off a few seconds after you disarm the alarm. Note: If you have a DC8700 security system it might be set to flash lights set to Unit Code 13. If that is the case set the SH10A to Unit Code 13.

  • Brand: X10 Powerhouse
  • UPC: 099081332025

X10 LM465 Lamp Control Module

X10 LM465 Lamp Control

Outlet control module for lamps or appliancesDimming control for setting the proper lightingEasy installation300 watts

  • Color: White
  • Brand: X10
  • ASIN: B00022OCCI
  • UPC: 099081004656

X10 SR227 SuperSocket Receptacle

X10 SR227 SuperSocket

Feature(s): Wall receptacle with an appliance module built in. Can turn devices plugged in to the module on or off.

  • Brand: X10
  • ASIN: B00022OCEQ
  • UPC: 099081002270

X10 XCam Universal 8-inch Mini Tripod

X10 XCam Universal 8-inch Mini

What a great little tripod! Perfect for setting up cameras in awkward places or getting that shot and location just right. The compact design also makes traveling with the tripod simple. Just tuck it in your camera back so you have it when you need it.

  • Brand: X10
  • ASIN: B008BM3RI6
  • UPC: 099081353334

DURAGADGET Comfortable in Ear Design Headphones in Black - Suitable for Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, Xperia S, X10 Mini & Xperia X10 Mini Pro

DURAGADGET Comfortable in Ear Design Headphones in Black

DURAGADGET's bestselling, premium quality in-ear earphones in black offer a comfortable fit, making them ideal for all-purpose use and the perfect accessory for your new device.Featuring gold connectors and oxygen-free copper (OFC) cables, these earphones produce a full range of powerful sounds, including lower notes and bass.Plug: 3.5mm jackCable length: 1.1MWarranty: DURAGADGET's 2 year policy

  • ASIN: B071F8LSTZ
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